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Kong’s excited for tomorrow!

Hi friends! My foster people tell me tomorrow is a big day. I get to go to an “adoption event” where I might meet my forever family!

Being part of a family these last couple of weeks has been awesome. I’ve learned so much. I know that I like long walks, my soft bed, my bear stuffed toy, sniffing things with my foster sister, and mealtime! I am getting really good at walking on the leash and being respectful of people’s space. (I do still want cuddles sometimes!)

These last couple of days I’ve been recovering from a little skin condition. I’m on the mend though and my foster people say I’m going to be good as new soon. I think I’ve looked super handsome this whole time. 

Well, I need to get my beauty sleep for my big day tomorrow. I’m excited to meet you! Love, Kong 

Jet and Adoption Day

Well tonight kinda like Christmas Eve,  both for the adopters and foster families.   Oh how very cool.  A lot of lives are going to change tomorrow.

I’ve made the trip to Grey Hound Central (GHC,) probably a couple hundred times.  But adoption day is always the best.  Adoption day in the spring is even better.  Just wait you’ll see.

If tomorrow’s your first trip to GHC, enjoy the whole trip.  The final 2 miles to GHC is some of the most beautiful country on the east coast.  The closer you get the better it is.  Doug and Lisa’s home overlooks Helen’s creek, just off the Patuxent River.  While your day will be hectic, take in the view, take in the vib.  “Amazing”. 

Your life is going to change, tomorrow and that beautiful hound in foster care tonight will be riding home with you tomorrow.  In the future you may look back on tomorrow as one of the best memories.  Enjoy the experience the volunteers of Greyt Expectations will take good care of you.

Jet is looking forward to tomorrow.  He’s been practicing his wild tail gyrations.   His famous I’m the cutest dog on the planet look, and of course the regal stance.  All in an effort to catch your eye.  Of course he just may play the shy, quiet guy routine.  Don’t be fooled there is a goofy happy go lucky hound inside them bones.  

Enjoy tomorrow it’s definitely a one of a kind.

Kong, hello!

Kong here! I’ve been a busy boy getting used to domestic life and trying new things. I think my favorite thing so far is going to the dog store to check out all the treats! I’ve also been getting along great with my foster beagle-sister and I’m really calm when I meet other dogs on our walks.

I think I have a really special personality (dogonality? 🐶) that makes me such a lovable greyhound. I can be a little reserved and I don’t roll around wanting belly rubs, but I show my affection in other ways. I’ll lean my head against your side so you can give it a little scratch, or I’ll make excited little sounds when you’re getting ready to take me for a walk.

The thing about me is that I’m super curious. Going to get something from the fridge? I want to see that. Going upstairs to the bathroom? I’ll wait here until you come back. Taking the trash out? I’ll press my nose against the back door. I just want to be part of the action!

I think I’d love to be part of a family that is happy to let me take a little time to come out of my shell, and is able to take me on nice walks and the occasional adventure!


So we’re getting close to an adopt-a-thon.  I’m not sure if all fosters feel the conflict of will my charge find his own family this weekend or do I get to enjoy them for a little while longer.  Regardless I know between four and seven of these magnificent goofy hounds are going to start a new life with their very own family this weekend and continue their life’s adventure.  

Many many volunteers have worked long hard hours to bring these dogs to this point.  Not all are fosters parents but each have pitched in, in so many different ways to make it happen.  If you’re coming to the adopt-a-thon take a little bit to look and see all the volunteers and how their leaning in to help these hounds find your home.

My friend Jet wants to thank all the people at GERG. I’m almost there.

To my future family Oh Boy......  Oh Boy......Oh Boy.....My tail is already wagging......  I just can’t wait to meet you.  This is gonna be Greyt.....

Turbo Hale

Hi again! It's me, Turbo. Foster mom has officially awarded me the "most chill" and the "most affectionate". My awards were given in lots of pets and kisses, which I LOVE!
I just LOVE humans!!
Getting my toes stepped on occasionally is the small price I have to pay for following foster mom around EVERYWHERE she goes, I just love my humans so much. I love to lean on them and get as many pets as possible. Look at me and foster mom just sharing the love!

I also LOVE to lounge around with foster sister, Selene, and foster brother, Milo. At first I didn't understand what "retirement" meant, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

I also discovered "squeaky toys". Whoa.
Too excited to pose for a non-blurry picture.
And "dental treats". So yummy, I couldn't even wait to lie down properly to eat it right up.
When I'm not giving foster mom lots of love, I am going on relaxing walks through the city. Big noises and other dog friends don't bother me one bit! I just love walking right by foster mom's side.

Well time to lounge some more. I can't wait to find my forever family to give all my big hugs and love to!



Jet had a rough week.  He was scheduled to be neutered Wednesday, however because his boy parts weren’t visible.  The surgeon needed to go fishing.  If you’ve ever had abdominal surgery it kinda feels like you did several rounds with Iron Mike Tyson.  They kept Jet over for pain control, and hydration.  Cindy is an absolute rock star dealing with sick, injured, or recovering hounds.  Cindy’s skills have helped him to recovered and he’s back to being that sweet lovable hound again.  

I know you guys want to hear about his personality but honestly Jet’s kinda that perfect dog.  He wants to be with his peeps and is never farther then a few steps away.  He very pleasant to be around.  I would recommend just sit down in the grass and enjoy his company.  He’ll make you feel good about yourself just by being in his presence.

Jet is not a hard dog to look at, in fact he is the antithesis of a stunning greyhound.  Sometimes he’ll unknowingly strike a pose, in the yard with his head up and you’d swear when the artist painted that classic regal looking Greyhound Jet was the model.  Just an incredible site.

One of the biggest benefits of volunteering with GEGR is to meet so many hounds.  Sometimes I’ll just open their create and spend a few minutes with them while they’re waiting for the next thing to happen.  For me meeting a hound is just such an honor.  

While you’re at the adopt-a-thon meet and enjoy as many of these hounds as you can, even if they’re not on your list as a potential friend they’re a one of a kind, and oh so special in their own right.

Happy weekend! Love, Kong

Happy Saturday! This whole “weekend” thing is pretty great. My foster people are around all day, and I am enjoying alternating between laying in the sun on the porch and my soft bed inside. It should be Saturday every day, because my favorite thing is hanging with the pack.

I’ve been really busy this week, learning and trying new things. We went to a “restaurant” where we sat outside and had dinner. It was hard to sit still at first, but I got the hang of it. I think I’m pretty sparkling dinner company. I am also getting the hang of “stairs” - still not sure about climbing the huge mountain to the second floor but I am fine with the few steps to the yard and out the front door. It’s weird how you have to put one paw up and then the other and the other and the other but foster people promise it’s a good skill to learn. Guess I’ll keep working on it.

Man, have you ever seen a squirrel?? They are incredible. Such amazing tails and they are so fast. I want to follow them up the trees but turns out I can’t really climb. Because I’m a “dog.”

Whew! Saturday’s are exhausting. I’m going to nap with my bear toy and get ready for a big walk this afternoon. Hope you’re having a nice weekend! 

Good morning it’s Kong!

Good morning! Kong here. I’ve been learning what it’s like to get in to a routine where Monday to Friday my foster parents go to work in the morning, then come back in the afternoon (!!!). It turns out I’m pretty good at it.

Someone called a ‘dog walker’ let’s my foster sister and I out in the back yard for a potty break around lunch time...then it’s back to sleep. While I am good at patiently waiting for my foster parents to get home, when they do arrive, I am SUPER ready for some attention and a walk! I think I’m a pretty adaptable boy! I do have a couple of little quirks, but I’ll tell you about them next time : )

It’s me, Kong!

I’ve been settling in to my new foster home and learning how to be part of a family. What you need to know about me is that I absolutely LOVE going for walks. Exploring the neighborhood, meeting new pups and people, taking in sights and smells is my favorite thing to do. Of course my next favorite thing to do is sleep it off when we get home. True to our reputation, I’m a greyhound that needs a quiet place to rest and recharge my batteries!

I’m still learning how to do dog things, like stairs and peeing without getting it all over my front paws. Im getting along great with my foster sister who is a little beagle mix. I sometimes bump in to her without realizing but she doesn’t seem to mind. I’m ok with being left in my crate overnight when it’s bed time, but when my foster parents get up in the morning I’m full of feelings and happy sounds!

Even though I’m a big sweet (and handsome!) boy, underneath it all I’m a sensitive soul. I do think I’ll take some time to adjust to my forever family...but I can’t wait to meet them.


Trash Can Teddy: 5/22 - It's About Time We Met

Hi folks.
My name is Trash Can Teddy. Please just call me Teddy. No need to talk about trash cans, peeing on trash cans, the turning over of trash cans, or eating out of trash cans. I don't do any of those things.(any more)

I'm big handsome brindle boy and I just turned 2 at the end of March.  I've been hanging out at my foster mom's place with her 3 pups. One of them is young like me and we have lots of fun together.  Foster mom says I was a bit immature when I first came. She kept calling me a puppy head. She told me I was going to have to graduate from greyhound boot camp in order to be ready for my furever family.

Challenge accepted foma. This cool dude is ready for school. Right after my nap.  What? My brain needs to rest before all of that learning.

Turbo Hale

Hi all you superstars!! My name is Turbo Hale (or Turbo) and I am FULL of love that I want to share with everybody!
I'm so Turbo fast that foster mom has a hard time getting a clear photo of me!

Foster mom lives in a city called Baltimore, which means I get to meet LOTS of new friends, most importantly my foster sister, Selene, and my foster brother, Milo - he's a cat...what's up with cats???
Here's some pictures of me and my fosters siblings hanging out. We loooove to hang out.

We also went for a walk in the park where we met ANOTHER dog that looked just like me! Foster mom says I'm really good walking on the leash in the city. She even asked if I could teach Selene a thing or two about it!

Our new friend, Zuma!
Foster mom says I'm so loving and gentle. I can't wait to find my forever family to share my love with! Signing out for now!


Coastal: “I’m finally home!”

Hey everyone!  It’s Coastal here.  I’ve got some fantastic news!  My fo-fam took me to what they call “ Greyhound Spring Break”  which is this mega awesome picnic with so many greyhounds running around...a real free for all!  I was chilling in a place called “the foster pen” and guess what?  I met my new REAL mom and  dad!  They came just to check me out and take me to my furever home!  Mama  Pam and Papa Ray have welcomed me into their family and I’m so excited to be their Coastie with he mostie!  I’m so blessed to have new parents to love and be loved by!  Thank you to all the greyt folks at GEGR that rescued me, took care of me, and found me furever family!

Kong the Silly

Kong the Silly

As Kong has become more comfortable we’re seeing the silly side.  The other day I noticed the toy basket was empty,  but there wasn’t any toys on the floor.  What the.....  maybe Cindy thinned out the basket.  As I cruised by the creates, OMG Kong had put a bunch of toys in his create.  And Several of Cindy’s socks.  Soon I started to see two specific toys appearing on the dog bed in my office.  Well no matter how many times I put them away Kong the Silly has decided that’s we’re those things belonged even if he was uncomfortable to lay on them that’s where they were supposed to be.  Ahh so if you see two beat up old toys in Kong’s Go Bag.. ....  well somethings have to stay with the dog.

This is Kong

So Kong is about to move to his next adventure.  In the last post I really wanted to prep you for when you meet Kong.  Kong doesn’t seek much attention. In fact it was probably 3or 4 days before he actually stopped by for a little ear rubbing.  He just wanted a little reassurance it was all ok.  

Kong is a very sensitive fellow that really does not care for loud noises.  In fact hearing the vacuum for the first time was pretty traumatic.  Learning the ropes of being a family member is hard work.  Any new family pet has to learn the rules of the house.  Like learning not to put your feet on the counter to get to that ribeye steak, that is also pretty traumatic.  In the foster world we call it the VOG (Voice of God). Mostly used to stop a dog in his tracks, from like eating the cat, sticking his nose on the hot end of the stove grabbing your dinner, you know things like that.  If you do use need to use the VOG or if he gets startled, please calmly find Kong and gives him a few reassuring words and a few strokes so he can recover.  You’ll find those kind gestures are very effective training for him and will build your relationship very quickly with a deep respect from our friend Kong.

I am not a terribly affectionate type so all that rubbing behind the ears, and chin and face isn’t up my alley.  But I so enjoy the quiet calm proximity of a friend lying close to me.  In the past 10 days or so, since Kong has arrived I can’t remember him not coming into my office and plopping down next to me and hearing this deep sigh of satisfaction.  Sometimes He’ll stop by nudge my arm to accept a few strokes then on his spot to enjoy my company.  These are the things Kong enjoys.
This is Kong, calm, quiet, and cool hand.

White Line Fever: 5/17 - This Crazy Life

What's up everyone! Linus here, wondering desperately how I can update you all on the craziness that has been my last two weeks in a blog post. But here goes...
Okay, one minute, I was running! A few days later, I'm on a hauler with my buds enroute to Maryland. I got the pampering session of my life here. These GEGR volunteers don't play...

Matchy-match! That's me on the floor!
Foster Mom took me home to stay with three other furry friends...two of them look just like me! I think she planned it...kind of like she's a collector. I like them well enough, but I love my people. I'm a HUGE snuggler, so a cuddles-for-days home is a must. Luckily, my human foster brother is more than happy to comply. Foster sister Allie is always trying to sneak in on my cuddling action!

It took me a few days to learn that the beds are for me too, but once I did...WOWZA! These things are great! I am always very polite and never try to steal the beds from my foster siblings, and wait patiently for my turn. Then, it's Greyhound sleepy time. I can see myself getting very used to this...I mastered the first try with a cute pose to boot!

I go nicely to my crate at mealtime, and have no trouble with potty manners...I go right to the door! Foster Mom made sure that I knew very well where the potty place is, and I have no trouble complying. I try so hard to be the best boy. I really want to please my humans!

Foster Mom showed me what she calls the 'Foster Duck'...I guess that's because it is AWESOME, just like me! I'm a vicious beast, but gentle enough to not injure Sir Duckie. I'd like him to be around for a while.
Whatcha want, Allie?
I'm loving this retirement thing. I get to relax, get all the pets, have fun toys and squishy beds. I'm doing great at it, and even Sonny, the resident Roomba, will not deter me from living my best life.

Sweep away, I care not!
I'm ready for my forever home. Foster Mom says I am going to be super greyt for a family that loves walks and snuggles...my two favorite things! I listen very well, and I am developing very nice house manners. I don't mind hard floors and I'm really good at stairs! I'll only ask that you keep one thing under consideration...Linus does on the couch? Please?! I want to sooooo bad!

Remember this sweet face on adoption day! I'm coming for ya!

Lots of love and kisses (yes, I'm a kisser)

Kiowa P Teejet “Jet”

Kiowa P Teejet “Jet”
So as you can tell Jet is the classic flashy spotted white dog, with Beautiful brown brindle patches.  While his web picture makes him look regal and serious, he is a totally in your face pet me, pet me, pet me fun dog.  
Coming home from work is interesting with a total of three grey hounds vying for attention Jet takes no prisoners in getting to the front of the line.  Even if another hound sneaks in he’ll squirm his way back into the front of the line.  I gotta tell you I have never seen a dog’s tail helicopter, swing and sway and go up and down so quickly, add to his hips and feet are moving independently from his tail.  Sometimes I just laugh at his antics.

Jet should really try out for the local roller derby team.  Walk anywhere in the house he’ll sneak up from behind and give you a solid hip check when he closes in on your legs.  Cindy has been knocked sideways from his physical displays of affection.  I swear sometimes I think I hear him snicker after a good bump.  It really is his version of “I Lov Ya Man”

The one word I think of with Jett is sweet.  Sit or stand for very long and you’ll find your hand filled with Jet’s face or neck.  He just really wants to be “Your dog”.  

More on Jet later

PJ Mud Duck AKA “Kong”

You have got to meet the wonderful hound.  Even if your matcher says he isn’t on your selection list please make the effort to meet him.  Ask to meet him.  

So we’ve foster quite a few hounds over the years.  I’ve learned to guard against Greyhound Heart Thief.  That being said, Kong from the start coming off the hauler has been working me.  Kong isn’t the over the top Mr Personality, jock, movie star, party on kinda guy.  He an average size  dog that plays he has an average personality.  Not so, but here’s the thing.  Like a good gambler guarding his cards, Kong holds his personality very close to the vest.

Many dogs you’ll meet at adoption day will bowl you over with look at me, lick your face, pick me.....pick me kinda thing.   Kong is more like “Cool Hand Luke” With a quick Whaz-Up acknowledgement to see if you wanna work at knowing him.  He’s that dog that’s going to make you channel your inner Cesar Milan to “get it”.  Take a minute and take a knee look straight in those almond eyes and rub under his chin.  I’ll bet he’ll give you a quick flash of who he is.  Be careful he’ll suck you in.

Kong is that deep soulful guy that will take a lifetime to really know but he’s so worth it.  He’ll pay you back....with a deep affection that will last your lifetime.

More later about my friend Kong.

Coastal sends Mother’s Day wishes

Hello to all you beautiful mothers out there!  It’s me...Costal!  I got all dressed up today in honor of you fantastic ladies that care for two legged AND four legged pups!  I truly hope you all have a very special day!  Maybe one of you had a need to take on another bundle of joy.  If so, I’m your pup!  Although my fo-mom is awesome, I really want a furever mom to snuggle up with!  I’ll be here waiting for you!  Until then, I hope your day is wonderful!