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Bailey (Super C Bailey): 9/28 - Field Trip!

This past weekend Bailey went to Salisbury University to meet his human foster sister who attends college there. She really wanted to see for herself how awesome this boy really is, and Bailey did not disappoint!  Bailey was perfect in the car for the 2-hour each-way trip.  He didn't make a single sound (even when his greyhound foster sister grumbled at him for being in HER space) and slept most of the way there and home.  He loves car rides and really hopes he'll be taking his next adventure with his forever family.

                                  Jem (foster sister) and Bailey posing with Sammy the Seagull!

Bailey loved being the big dog on campus!

Mildred (Oakland Destroy): 9/28 - I Love Beds!

Hi, I'm Mildred,

I want to tell you that I love retirement.  It's full of comfy beds and ear rubs.  I'm learning all new things like TVs and stairs.  My favorite thing to do is sleep on these beds.  I like my foster brother and sister but they are wondering if I'm here to stayπŸ˜„.  My foster mom and dad said only for a little while then other people will meet me and fall in love with my sweet nature.  Here I am resting now.

And I love squeeky toys ❤️

Fundraising for GEGR


Dearest GEGR family and supporters,

As a non-profit, volunteer-only organization, Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue (GEGR) relies on donations to cover the costs of all greyhounds in our care. This year COVID-19 prevented us from completing our normal fundraising opportunities through our annual picnic, spring 50/50 raffle, and monthly meet and greets throughout our adoption areas. Nevertheless, we adjusted our adoption process to be able to continue working with potential adopters to find homes for our retired racers. 

On average, it costs GEGR between $450 to $500 to get your future family member from the track to being the fastest couch potato in your home. This covers the haul fee, monthly preventatives, and all standard pre-adoption veterinary work. Even with special rates that most veterinarians provide to animal adoption organizations, a standard veterinary procedure can exceed $500.  When a hound comes in with an unexpected medical condition, GEGR will do whatever is possible to provide medical care for the hound in need. Unfortunately, these types of situations can run up vet bills that are thousands of dollars and there have been several unfortunate situations this year.

To offset the fundraising we could not do this year, the adoption fee was raised to $375 and the multiple dog/repeat adopter discounts were eliminated.  It does not take a math wizard to see that GEGR loses money on every dog that is adopted, even with raising the adoption fee.

We continue to be blessed with folks that regularly donate, initiate fundraisers on Facebook, bid on auction items, enter our raffles, and nominate us for matching at their workplaces. If you would like to help (which is tax deductible!), we welcome all donations big or small and we are greytful for all of you!

GEGR Board of Directors

P.S. Donations can be made:
-By check (payable to GEGR) and mailed to:
PO Box 1225
Lusby, MD 20657 

-By PayPal (Friends and Family option to info@greytexpectations.org) or PayPal Giving Fund.

-In person at volunteer events (coordinated on the GEGR Forums)!


Kobe (Coach Kobe): 9/22 - Waiting

Just waiting patiently for dinner. Kobe is always ready for treats, meals, and snacks! 

Mika (Mac’s Tamika): 9/22 - Did Someone Say 'Treat'?!?

Did someone say “Treat”?? My Foster mom said that I am so sweet and behave... so I get a TREAT!! ( I am the pretty girl on the right and that is my Foster families Greyhound- Jake !)

Lil (TMC'S Lucky Lil): 9/22 - Couch, Pleeeease?

Manners are important. In my foster home, there is a no-foster-dogs-on-the-couch rule. I understand that. I respect that. But...I NEEDS TO SNUGGLE! What's a girl to do when all the humans are on the couch? Huh?

I do my cutest, sweetest, snuggliest Lily-bean and just ease right into it. This is okay?

How bout dis? I just needs lovins...I'm not on the couch, see?

See??!! I'll wait here for pets. No shame in my game.

This is all I needed.

I have the best manners here in my foster home. My Foster Mom is always saying no Lil, I can't keep you, I can't...right honey? (Foster Dad thinks she's hilarious). 

I guess I'll hang out here while I wait for my forever family and keep my poor Foster Mom company. My foster sisters don't give her the same quality snuggles as I do. They do a lot of this, which I'm pretty masterful at...

That's me on the right! Roach skills!

So while I wait for my forever family, I'll keep practicing the snuggles, sleeps, and sweet faces. Keep this face in your mind, I'm coming for your heart...and your couch...❤

Kisses and warm hugs,
❤ Lil 

Bennett (B’s Bennnetti) 9/17 - Bennett’s Big Adventure

Bennett had a big adventure! We hopped in the car and took a ride to George Washington’s Mount Vernon, to check out our first president’s house. 
The walk up to the house is nice!

And here it is. Fancy!

I could go for a carriage ride.

Corn as high as an elephant’s eye.

Give me a turn in the treading barn!

After a long walk, a long nap is Greyt!

Bailey (Super C Bailey): 9/15 - Walks, Sniffs, Toys and Cheese

Bailey enjoys every aspect of retirement but toys, smelling all the wonderful scents on walks and cheese are his absolute favorite things!  He sure hopes his forever home will have all 3 for him!

Bailey taking in the scenery and dreaming of his forever family during a walk!

Bailey and foster sister Jem taking in the glorious scents.

Bailey in a post toy-a-thon coma.  Hugging his beloved asparagus, of course!

Kobe (Coach Kobe): 9/15 - All the Naps

Kobe has been settling into retired life by napping, taking naps, and napping some more. He does not discriminate against comfy items (blankets, beds, pillows, toys, etc.) on which to lounge, and appreciates a good tummy rub while roaching. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Mika (Mac's Tamika): 9/15 - I love being outside!

I just love soaking in the sun ☀️ and relaxing in my foster family's back yard. 
I ❤️ retired life!

Mika (Mac's Tamika): 9/12 - Dreaming of Forever Home

Mika here... I am just laying here in the grass wondering if I will find my forever home soon...

Kobe (Coach Kobe): 9/10 - Sweet Kobe

Kobe is such a SWEET boy. He loves being close to his people, he appreciates companionship with his foster siblings, he is curious about everything, and he is fascinated by his reflection in the mirror. We often find him standing in front of our full-length mirror, ogling his handsome self. πŸ˜‚ He appreciates a quiet and relaxing afternoon of doing nothing and snuggling toys, but also loves a good zoom around the backyard. We are so happy to have him stay with us. 🧑 

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 9/10 - Before vs After a Walk

Excited dog before a walk


Sleepy boy after a 15-minute walk

Blue (Slaytex Doyle): 9/10 - Exploring the Greyt City

I’m doing great in the city! My foster mom likes to show how handsome I am. Here are some pictures she’s taken along our walks.

This is me looking out onto the pier.

This is me walking on cobblestone.

Kobe (Coach Kobe): 9/9 - Stair Master

Kobe is a master of our hardwood stairs! πŸŽ‰ Like a toddler, he is SO proud of his new skill that he practices over and over all day long. He is such a brave boy!