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Felicity: 11/29 - Look what I can do!

Hey everyone just a quick post to show you what I've been practicing with Foster Mom! She says I'm real smart and you might want to see just how good I'm doing!

Foster Mom says down is just the beginning. Now that I understand that following directions like that will get me treats I can learn to do all kinds of neat things. Are there tricks you would like to teach me? I would love to learn them, especially if you have treats!! Love, Felicity

Cookie: 11/29 - walks

FM took us 4-leggers for a walk yesterday afternoon. It was a bit chilly out so Olive and I wore coats. I didn’t mind them since it meant we were able to spend a few extra minutes outside letting me sniff around. There was so much to sniff!

Until next time!


Felicity: 11/28 - Howly-day Time!

Hi everyone, it's Felicity and I learned another new thing that happens when you live in a house with a people family. They have special days they call howly-days. Nobody really howled so I'm not sure why they call them that but they sure are fun anyway. Last week I got to celebrate my first howly-day with my foster family. The people called it Thanksgiving, the resident hounds said they just call it super-duper food day. My foster parents were so busy in the kitchen making all sorts of tempting smells all day long.Then they started putting food on the big table in that room they almost never use. Then they put more food on the table and more and more until the whole table was full of food. They even moved our dog beds in that room so we could be close to them. And then the most awesome thing ever happened-- they put some of that special yummy people food on a plate and GAVE IT TO ME!! Really, I promise, I know I'm not supposed to take food from their plates but they set it right down in front of me where I was laying and told me it was all for me! I wasn't quite sure about this until I saw my foster sister got a plate too and she was eating hers so I dug into mine! I got turkey and potatoes and my favorite thing was the mac-and-cheese! Have I told you how much I love cheese? This was like the cheese jack-pot!

Well, after all that yummy food I was ready for a rest. Here's me and my foster sister both catching a good nap!

I hope you had a good food day too. My foster siblings tell me the next howly-day will be Christmas and that's when some guy called Santa Paws comes to your house while you're sleeping and brings treats and toys for all the good pets. Will Santa Paws be coming to your house? If you adopt me to be your pet I promise I'll be trying hard to be a good girl so Santa Paws will bring me lots of goodies! Until next time, Felicity

Denise: 11/27 - Loving Life

Hey it's Denise,

I've been pretty busy since Thanksgiving.  Oma has been giving us turkey and it is awesome.  Also enjoyed more leash walks and I love it.  I have a nice little coat too because it's kind of chilly outside.  I have been pretty good about the Christmas tree and haven't tried to take any ornaments off.  Really like figuring stuff out.

A foster family says I'm really smart and also really sweet.  I love neck rubs and just all over really.  I'm a dog you know can you blame me?  Speaking of being dog I really like to hang around the kitchen because that's where the food comes from but I also like to hang out of my crate, it's my safe place.

Am I foster home I sleep in the bedroom with my foster brother and sister Greyhound and my foster mom and dad.  I don't Pace I just find my spot and lay there.  My foster parents say I'm really chill whatever that means.

I heard I'll be meeting some new families this weekend I'm really excited about it.  I love to meet people you know.

Well that's all for now I'll check back later. 

Love,  Denise

Artex Oyster: 11/27 - Feeling Good!

Hi loyal fans!

It's me, Oyster. I'm so excited because foster mom says I might be finding my forever family really soon. I'm finally done with all of my medications and I'm more energetic and playful than ever. Foster mom says she can see a change in me...for the better (as if that was possible). I got some toys out today and chewed a bone...I haven't done either for a long time. I even tried to play bow with foster mom and came real close to trying a zoomie. It made foster mom so happy to see me acting like a young dog again. These past 4 months have been tough, but I know it's all been for the best so I could meet the people that are going to love and care for me forever.

So...here's my Christmas list:

1) toys, bones and yummy treats (plain milk bones are my favorite)

2) A family to call my own

See! Short and sweet. I don't ask for much, just all the love you can give. I promise, I'll return it ten fold.

Hope to see you soon forever family. I know you're out there waiting for me!


Mac's Montcriefe: 11/27 - In Love with being Loved

Hello everybody! Mac's Montcriefe is my name, loving is my game 💓
I go by Monty, but if you ask Foster Mom I have a hundred other names; Mont-amour, Montenegro, Monte Carlo, Mont Blanc, Montesquieu... I think she thinks she's cultured. Really dude, we live in Maryland. Monty will be just fine, thank you! Ain't I the cutest!?
Life in retirement is super awesome. I get to stay with three other furry foster siblings! They were totally loving on me all the time when I got here; I was totally cool with that. They're really laid back just like me! My foster sister lets me sleep on her bed sometimes. I know she doesn't love it, but she is always so nice to me.
To be honest though, this is how we spend most of our time. My human foster brother thinks he's a dog. Honestly, he loves on us so much that he might as well be one.
These are the adventures of me, and I'm getting really good at being retired. I sleep a lot. I am so good on the stairs, and the vacuum doesn't faze me at all (FM says that's super important). 
I like my foster siblings, but I REALLY love my humans. Like, a lot. I love to follow FM wherever she goes from the second she gets home just to be near her. Snuggling is the best and I will never turn down some pets and kisses.
Oh wait, you know what I forgot? BACON. Bacon is the best, then snuggles. See that pleading sad face? I'm an expert. It works, and I'm amazing at it. FM is a mush.
I love my stuffies and will take absolutely any left lying around the house to snuggle in my bed. I'm too inclusive for favorites...I'll even take a sock if you let me! Everyone and everything deserves to feel loved, and I am just the pup to do it!

I am sweet, snuggly, and soft. I am a master of all squishy things. I will help you eat your bacon when you can't muster the strength. I will lean on you until you tell me the pets are over or we both topple. I will smother you with smiles, chatters, and kisses when you return from 30 seconds away. I love you already. Who wants to love me??! 

I can't wait to meet you! I just know a gorgeous guy like me is on your holiday list!

Monty 💋

Rebel 11/27

Just some super cuteness from Rebel.  He is doing really well in foster care.  He sleeps thru the night, goes to the door when he has to go outside, loves his meals and really gets alone well with the other dogs.  He's affectionate and lovable.  He'd love a family who will give him lots of love and praise, all he wants to do is please his people.

Rebel knows exactly where the food is prepared and patiently waits for it's arrival.  Sometimes he barks at us while we are making his meals.  He loves his food and is happy to tell us so.

Rebel has learned what door leads to the potty area and will go to that door when he wants to go outside. I couldn't catch him waiting/looking out the door but when I walked up behind him he was so happy he started bouncing, you can see his tail happily wagging. He also knows he has to wear his muzzle when he goes outside with any other dog.

Just chillin' which is his second favorite thing to do other than eating.

Smiling in his sleep!

Goofy dog!

Goober falling asleep making a silly face.  He likes to sleep in the same spot every night.  

Cookie: 11/27 - visitor

FM is working from home this afternoon, and she still had the dog walker, Ms. Rose, come by and take us 4-leggers out. I loved going out for our walk and exploring everything. There were workmen outside that I said hello to, but otherwise it was quiet. Ms. Rose told FM that I did well, and that I’m the cutest little thing. Seems I may have heard that once or twice from FM. 

Hey FM. Can you ask Ms. Rose to come back or maybe leave that work alone and come take us back outside?

Until next time!


Norman: 11/26 - I'm So Tall......

Hi everyone, Norman here.

I'm just laying around thinking about the struggles I have with being so tall. I thought I should share a few with you.

I'm so tall....

That on my first night in foster mom's house I could only lay down in the crate. I'm simply too tall for a standard greyhound kennel!  Thankfully FM hasn't made me go into a crate since. We're both ok with that.

I'm so tall....

That I could just eat the carrots that go in my food right from the counter.  I don't though because FM says that's not polite.  I've learned to lay quietly just outside the kitchen so I can supervise every meal preparation.  Can't be too careful when it comes to the food.

I'm so tall....

That the raised feeder isn't tall enough for me.  FM got creative and set it on a storage bin.  Now my food is just my height.

I'm so tall....

That in order to look out the window, FM had to raise the window blinds.  Otherwise all could see was the slats.  That's no fun.

I'm so tall....

That I couldn't give my foster brother a reassuring hug at the vet. He's too short.  I made up for it by staying close  and trying to distract the vet when he started doing the exam.  Everyone there said I was a great foster brother.

Now that I think about it....

Being tall isn't so bad. I'm tall enough that when we walk, my head fits right in your hand and you can pet me the whole time. I don't have to jump on the bed for lovin, I can just lay my head on your bed and check to see if you're awake. Yep you pretty much have to be in the middle of the bed for my cold nose not to reach you.

If you would love to have a handsome, tall fella to walk beside you and be your cold nose alarm, I'm your guy.  I hope you will consider adding me to your family.

Until then, I'm going to sleep.


Obi: 11/25 - Hey Lady

Hey Lady, what are you doing in here.  It's Obi and I need to know why everyone pushes their way into this room first thing in the morning.  You doing something special in here, is there some food?  I'm just going to stand here and watch you. I'm also keeping my eye on the black dog in the mirror. Yep I see you waving at me.

Ok I guess I was in the way.  Foster mom made me come lay on a bed instead. I'm trying out my sad face to see if she'll let me come back in there.

Do you have one of those special rooms you go into where us pups get to follow? I'd like to follow you in there and see whatcha doin.

Save me a spot. I'll meet ya there.


Cookie: 11/25 - Deer!

There were a total of 5 deer in the neighbors yard yesterday! 

FM wouldn’t let us 4-leggers out until they were out of sight, but once she did, Olive and I let them know we were here. 

Until next time!


Orson Krennic: 11/24 - My New Career

Hi I'm Orson,

I'm a three year old retired racer from AL. I really enjoyed running but I hurt my neck and had to stop. No worries, it's all fixed up and I'm ready for my very own sofa, I mean family.  How about a family with a sofa. Yeah, that will work.

I'm hanging out in a foster home with a  couple of other foster brothers and a sister. I really like it so far. My foster mom is cool except she keeps telling me I can't get on the sofa yet. I don't understand why since it's empty most of the time

Foster mom says I need to focus on my new career. She says I'm the perfect dog model.  When I first arrived at her house she just kept taking pictures of me.  I would walk up for pets and she would snap another picture.

I can't be certain, but I think she takes my picture when I'm asleep. Weird right?  Hard being so good looking. Sure hope foster mom can put down the camera to make my dinner. I like eating as much as I like sofas.

I'll be back. Going back to sleep and dream about food and sofas.

See ya later

Kay's Copper: 11/24 - Nobody panic, but we have roaches!

Okay before anyone is like "eeeewwww" - hear me out. These are not that "AHHHH! ROACHES! *GAG*" no! These are the "AWWWW! ROACHES! *SWOON*!"

In case you still have not an earthly idea of what I'm talking about, a "roach" in a greyhound is when the pooch lays on his/her back with paws in the air like they just don't care. Ya know... like a roach who has seen better days, probably.

Us greyhounds O N L Y roach when we are 9000% comfortable with our environment and everyone in it. (That might have been a slight exaggeration of statistics, but we do like to be content.)

Anyway, Thanksgiving was a hoot! Lots of family time and lots of good-smelling food just out of reach. I could've surfed that counter, but I'm working on being a good boy for my future family.

Speaking of good boys, guess who has no thumbs and hasn't pooped or peeped in the house since Day 2? * T H I S  G U Y*

Anywho, I'm off to take my midday nap. Gotta rest up for dinner! Happy Howlidays, folks!


Denise: 11/24 - Happy Thanksgiving, nails and trees

Hi everybody it's Denise!

I'm here to tell you that turkey day is where it's at.  I got a yummy treat of some turkey for the first time and oh boy it was awesome.  I got some extra Lovin too from my foster grandparents who thought I was the sweetest thing. 

We put up the tree yesterday and I thought it was cool so I tried to explore it by sticking my head directly in the center.  To my surprise I was told no so I had to just sit there and watch.  it's called a Christmas tree whatever that is with a bunch of dangly things on it that I thought I might try to put in my mouth again I was told no. 

also had a manicure today had my nails ground down and my foster parents were real careful with my leg that was broken in my last race.  It didn't hurt but as a consolation they gave me some peanut butter and I was okay.

I'm really digging the retired life and I can't wait to meet my future family.

Talk to you all soon!

Love, Denise

Cookie: 11/24 - brushing chews

Hey everyone! FM and FD have this greyt habit of giving us 4-leggers a brushing chew every night. This was the scene last night when FD was passing them out. 

As you can tell from my wagging tail, I LOVE this time of day. Paws crossed my furever family continues this tradition. 

Until next time!


Artex Oyster: 11/23 - Black (Dog) Friday!

Hi everyone!

I just thought I'd hop on to say I had a wonderful first Thanksgiving and that I really dig the holidays. So many visitors and people to pet me, plus I got another dog to hang out with! Her name is Charlie and she's a lab mix who belongs to foster dad's brother. She's super fun, but I distracted her with my toys so I could get all the cuddles. See me holding on to him? I got his number.

Speaking of black dogs... FM says today was Black Friday. Apparently, this is when the humans get to wake up crazy early and fight each other for bargains. As for me, I'd just as soon sleep in and keep you cozy and warm in these chilly cold months. Let's call it Black DOG Friday and just stay in and snuggle. Cool? Cool.

Did you know statistically speaking, black coated animals are less likely to be chosen for adoption? I know that can't be true because I'm the most awesome dog there is. There's no way someone would look past me. So make sure when I show up at an adoption event with GEGR, you give me a second look, because my handsome face deserves a warm and loving home for the holidays.

Yours truly,


Kelsos Outbound: 11/22 - Starting Retirement

Hi there, I'm Kelso Outbound.  That's a lot to say so my friends call me Obi. I'm a handsome 3 year old boy and I came into retirement a couple of weeks ago. I have a great foster home with a really cool foster brother named Darwin.  He's filling me in on everything I need to know about retirement.

My foster parents are on vacation so I'm staying at auntie Carroll's house. She's got a couple of foster boys too so I'm right at home for a few days.

My foster parents said I was doing so well that they took me for an outing to a place called Williamsburg.  It was loaded with so many new sights and sounds and smells.  Foster mom said I took it all in like a champ. She said I seemed right at home and was impressed at how well I behaved.  She said auntie Carroll could show off these pictures of me from that day.

Ok so I may have gotten tired and took a little break but it was a lot to take in.

I hope we get to go on more fun outings like that.  Maybe my furever family can take me out for long walks to new places. I'd like that.

I'll check in later to see if you've gotten your walking shoes on.

Bye for now.

Flying Hemsworth: 11/22 - I'll Have You At Hello

Norman here and it's high time I said 'Hello'.  My foster mom says that's all I need to say when I meet people.  She says I'm a tall, handsome boy and once you see me you will just swoon. I don't know what any of that means.  I think I can do a better job.

My name is Flying Hemsworth but you can call me Norman.  I'll be four years old next month and ran 126 races in WV. Then I found out I was being retired and it was time to find my very own family. I'm so excited about that.  I've been hanging out with foster mom while I learn the ropes of retirement.  She said there's a lot to learn about being in a house especially when you're as tall as I am. I have lots of foster brothers and one foster sister.  Guess who's the tallest......that's right, Me!

That's me standing with foster mom's son. He's the tallest human in the house. We hang out a lot together.  Something about tall fellas and sticking together.

I can't wait to share with you all about my life in a foster home.  Right now Im going to check out the kitchen and see if anyone is making my food.

Felicity: 11/21 - Field Trips and Food Treats!

Hi Everyone, Felicity here with some exciting stuff! The foster parents took me on a field trip. They said we were going to the "home depot." I thought I was shopping for a home but turns out just getting some stuff for the foster home and meeting a few people along the way. That's okay though because I learned some things. First I learned little humans are greyt! I met a few and foster mom had her hands full handing the big people GEGR contact cards and didn't get a picture but she said I should tell you that even when I was swarmed with three little humans all wanting to pet me and hug me I was like a rock star! I just loved all the attention. If you have little humans who want to hug me and love me I am A-Okay with that! I also learned that I love shopping. I enjoyed my field trip a lot. If you like to shop at dog-friendly stores you and I were just made for each other! Here I am as we were waiting to check out.

Here's another thing I am enjoying, special treats! Foster mom says it is good for me to learn some people house rules. I already know that we only go potty outside and when the lights go out at night we stay quiet and rest until foster parents get up in the morning. Foster mom says now it's time I learn some important words. The first word I am learning is "down."  Down means I should lay on the floor or a bed. Foster mom is so proud of me when I do the right thing I get very special treats. This chicken is DELICIOUS!

I'm going to practice down some more and maybe even learn some more words so I can get more yummy treats. Tail wags til next time, Felicity!