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Wish (PJ Climatechange): 4/30 - Favorite game

Wish here!

I thought I would share a game I play every morning with foster Mom. I stand at the bed and do a little noise and if she doesn't move I take one slipper to the living room. I go back and I put my nose under the blanket trying to touch her. If that doesn't work I take the other slipper to the living room. I go back and now all three of us stand there and put our noses under the blanket to get her up. I do my little happy dance and my tail is wagging the whole time. I'm just the happiest little girl.

Callie (Turbo Callie): 4/30 - Goodbye April, hello May

Hi everyone it's Callie,

The time had flown by in retirement!  I'm so comfortable in retirement o am a real snuggle bug.  Here I am with my foster brother.

Woody (CBJ Woody): 4/30 - Walkin’ and nappin’

Hi, Woody here! This is me getting ready to go for a hike in the rain. Can you tell that I’m not really too sure about the idea?!

Well the good news is that after a slow start, I had a great time! We got to walk around in the forest and I got my paws muddy. I had to be rinsed off when we got home, but I didn’t mind that at all. 

The best thing though was that I had a really good reason to have naps and to lie around awkwardly! I passed out and had a long sleep while my foster parents watched tv. 

Followed by more naps...

I may not be the bravest greyhound, but I’m learning more and more each day, and I’m gradually getting more confident. I hope I can find a forever family that lets me have quiet long naps, but also encourages me to do scary things like stairs and walks in the forest!

- Woody

Kennedi (KS Kennedi): 4/29 - Real sweet girl

Kennedi continues to make friends with everyone she meets. She has conquered going up and down all steps and is walking on a leash so nicely. She enjoys her food immensely and looks forward to meals so much. She kind and obedient and a real sweet girl.

This beautiful girl likes to stop and smell the roses as a part of her daily routine 

Flash (CBJ Hot Flash): 4/29 - I'm walkin' and lovin' it!

Hi everyone! 

I’m walkin’, yes, indeed! HEEYYY, everybody!!! I went for a walk today! It was so nice outside!!

This one photo is kind of embarrassing though. Foster Mom got me doing my business but it’s cool because that’s what I’m supposed to do, right?! Anyways, she was happy about it. I don’t get it but it’s cool.

I like to walk right next to Foster Mom and take in the sights and sounds. Anyways, everybody enjoy their day!

As always, stay tuned for more Flash Life!

Jaelyn (PJ Stickysticker): 4/28 - Working from home

Foster mom works from home all the time these days. That's great for me as I get to check in on her  from time to time to see what she is doing.  I usually give her a kiss and she gives me a hug.

Hey foster mom are you working ?

How about a kiss?

I'm waiting for my obligatory hug. 

Ok back to work foster mom, don't be a slacker!

Kennedi (KS Kennedi): 4/28 - Cute ears and a curly tail

Kennedi wants everyone to know that yes her ears really are this cute and yes is has a really distinctive curly tail.

Wish (Climatechange): 4/27 - Earsies!

You just have to love my ears!

- Wish

Harley (K's Harley): 4/27 - Rooing in the rain

Hi all! Harley here. Hope you're doing well.

It's been raining a lot, so I've mainly been been hanging out inside.

When I do go out though, I like to show off my Greyt leash skills:

Then I come back inside and stick my tongue off to cool off. My foster parents think I'm funny when I do this:

I continue to enjoy laying in the sun when it does come out:

And of course, I'm practicing for my new modeling career:

 See you next time, friends!

Lively (Mohican Lively): 4/26 - New here!

Hey everyone!  It’s me Lively.  I’m new to retired life and thought I’d stop by and say a quick hello.  Check back regularly for pictures of my adventures with my foster mom, dad, and sighthound siblings.

Headed to FoMa and FoDa’s house.

Ohhh I think I like these nice bed they have!

Hanging out in the office while FoMa works from home.

Until next time!


Flash (CBJ Hot Flash): 4/26 - Settling in nicely to retired life

GUYZ! Flash here. Foster Mom lets me go without my muzzle in the house when she is in it with us! I mostly lounge and chew on my duck. :) 

When she leaves the house for a little bit foster brother and sister remain out (I can stay out of my crate!) so long as we are muzzled (foster brother and I).We just relax in our dog beds until she comes back home.

And at bedtime she sets up ALL the dog beds in her room and closes the door and I settle down in the bed just for me and we all sleeps nice and cozy through the nighttime.

But as soon as Foster Mom rises from bed I notice and I get so excited to see she is awakened that I bolt upright, stretch and wag my tail to show her I am ready for the day!!!

Anyways, thanx for catching up with me! Stay tuned for more Flash Life this week!

Jaelyn (PJ Stickysticker): 4/25 - Loving retired life!

Howdy folks,  I am enjoying my retired life and my foster home.

I love walks with my Foster Brothers,  That's me in the middle.
I like solo walks as well
I am enjoying the dog beds and I feel upside down it best!

I love my pink bunny 💓

Again with the camera Foster Mom, shish !
practicing alone time, I just call it napping 

oops I licked some of foster mom's coffee

Wish (PJ Climatechange): 4/25 - So much love to give

Wish has settled into retirement very well. This little girl surprises me everyday. She has so much love to give and can make you laugh even if you don't want to and that is a good thing these days.  That's me on the right!

Callie (Turbo Callie): 4/25 - Look at how cute I am

Happy Saturday everyone!

My foster parents think I'm really cute. I love to get hugs and snuggle. I hope you can meet me soon.

Here I am cuddling with my foster sister Candy

Starz (SJ Starz Man): 4/22 - Loves pets

Starz enjoyed some nice weather over the weekend.

After a run around, he took some time to relax in the grass.

Starz always comes for more pets.

Woody (CBJ Woody): 4/21 - Out and about

Hi, Woody here! I’ve been getting used to lots of ‘normal dog’ things like going for walks in the morning and sniffing all the sniffs in the neighborhood.

At the moment I like to go for slow walks so I can take everything in. I like to stop and look at stuff every so often, and don’t see a need to go fast anymore.

I am clearly a smart boy though, as the steps and hardwood floors, which were initially terrifying, are no longer a problem! In fact, sometimes I do a little jump up to show off how good I am now.

Better watch out though, as I will demand cuddles and scratches for my efforts...and like to play ‘my face on your face’. 

After all the activity though, it’s time for a nap. Maybe in my comfy bed, but just as likely you’ll find me stretched out awkwardly on the floor. 

- Woody

Harley (K's Harley): 4/20 - I had a greyt weekend

Hi fans! Harley here. I had a greyt weekend.

I played with toys:

 I sunbathed with my foster sister:


I went on a walk with my foster siblings (my foster mom says my leash skills are coming along great!):

I showed off my tricks:

 I took a nap:

Life is good! My foster parents say that I'm a very sweet and smart girl. Thanks for checking in on me!