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Starz (SJ's Starz Man): 6/30 - Picture Perfect

Starz here again! Look how nice I look standing here. I briefly considered modeling as a second career, but then I realized that's too much work. I'm taking retirement seriously!

Callie (Turbo Callie): 6/29 - First I Walk; Now I Nap

Hi Callie here!

I'm taking my mid-morning snooze after I walked and ate. I also cleaned my foster brother's ear❤️.

Busy day.

Starz (SJ's Starz Man): 6/29 - Work-Life Balance

Starz here!  I am mastering the whole work-life balance thing.  Check me out here with my Foster Dad.  I helped him send emails, and then I rested.  Don't tell anyone, but I like the resting part best!

Jep (Lee Smith): 6/28 - Nap Time

Hey there, Jep here! Foster mom says it is too hot today to go outside and play and take a long walk. She suggested that I take a rest day, and that is exactly what I did.  I am a very go-with-the-flow type guy. Hopefully it won’t be so hot tomorrow because I love walking with the humans!

Starz (SJ's Starz Man): 6/26 - Tag, You're It!

Starz here again!  Did I tell you that I love playing tag?  Here I am being chased.  It's so much fun!  Wouldn't you love playing with me?

Jep (Lee Smith): 6/24 - I‘m Baaaccckkk!

Sorry guys, it's me, Jep. It’s been a while since you have seen my handsome face! My foster parents have been keeping me pretty busy!!!

My foster mother says I am the sweetest thing in the whole world. I like to follow her everywhere she goes. I also get so happy whenever anyone come home or come over to visit. I love to get all the attention and all of the pets.

I love being the first one up every morning to greet you with a big smooch. However as soon as I do my business outside and eat my breakfast I go back to my comfy bed.

If you like to walk, I am your guy. My foster father says I am amazing at walking on my lead. He secretly tells me that he wishes the other dogs were as good as me.

Looking forward to meeting my furever family. Talk to you all soon!!!

Starz (SJ Starz Man): 6/24 - Sun Love

Hi, Starz here!

It was a beautiful day today.  Bring on more sun!

Callie (Turbo Callie): 6/24 - I'm Still Here!

Hi, it's Callie!

I'm enjoying my summer here.  Every day starts with a walk. Next is my after-breakfast nap.  Around lunch I enjoy chewing on a knuckle bone.  Here I am chewing on one now.

Wish (PJ Climatechange): 6/18 - Snorkle Girl

Hi! Wish here again!  I wanted to show you a special talent. I like to snorkle when I drink!  Don't judge. 

Wish (PJ Climatechange): 6/17 - Nature Lover and Friend

Hi, Wish here!

I had a mini holiday over the weekend. I love the water and I can swim! I helped dig holes for planting or maybe it was a pond to swim in. I found humming birds and ducks. The ducks were good for a short sprint.  Of course, I did a lot of sun bathing and laying around being pet.

Starz (SJ's Starz Man): 6/14 - Sunny Spot and Cuteness!

Starz learned to share the sunny spot with his foster sister.

Starz is also learning to scratch his own itches.

Woody (CBJ Woody): 6/9 - Making Friends

Hi, it’s Woody here. This week I’ve done two things: napped in the garden and made friends with a dog that looks like a tiny, tiny version of myself.

I’ve never met such a small dog, but after some serious sniffs we got along just fine. We even chased squirrels away from the yard together!

It has been warm this week so we haven’t gone on many long walks. I’m happy to just go around the block a couple of times a day then relax at home. It doesn’t take me long though to get ready for some more attention and cuddles!

- Woody

Callie (Turbo Callie): 6/9- I'm So Cute

Hi, it's Callie.

I've been spending my days enjoying retirement.  I love all the walks and all the time with the humans.  I'm a really good girl and super lovey.  Hope I can meet my new family soon. Until then, enjoy your summer.

Woody (CBJ Woody): 6/3 - Great Outdoors

Hi, it’s Woody here! I’ve been spending lots of time outside, enjoying the nice weather.

When I first started my retired life I wasn’t too sure about going for walks, but now I really love it! I get really excited before heading out and my big waggle tail goes all over the place.

Although apparently there are some places dogs are not allowed. Even handsome ones like me!

Ok then, until next time!

- Woody