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Tazz (Abington) 10/31 - Evening Walks

I really enjoy my evening walks.  So many smells and things to see! - Tazz


Kobe (Coach Kobe): 10/31 - What a Week!

Happy Saturday, friends! I wanted to share a few of the highlights from my week! 

I went on a field trip last week, and on the way, I got to stand (and pee) in this spiky bush.  It was very exciting. 

I also went on fantastic walkies with my foster siblings. They’ve taught me how to walk nicely on a leash, that squirrels aren’t really the enemy, and how to politely sniff new doggo friends. I love meeting new people at the park.

I’m exhausted from all of that hard work this week, so I’m ready to relax all weekend long.
💤 💤 💤 

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 10/27 - School Has Started!

 Hi Everyone! It's me, Eyes, again - but this week I've become Super Scholar Eyes!

One day this weekend at lunchtime my food dish disappeared. Wait, WHAT?? That can't be good, right? 👀
Uncle Chris then appears with some kibble in his closed fist, puts said fist on the floor and gently says, "Down." I gave him a confused look but started sniffing and nose bumping his hand. He said something about learning (I'm not sure. I wasn't really paying attention - he had my lunch!). I kept bumping and sniffing. Finally, I got frustrated and just plopped down on my belly. His hand magically opened, and he said, "Yes!" and I got to eat. Huh? We repeated this a couple more times until my lunch was finished. After a couple meals of this, I got the concept - I'm learning!! I can do Down now!

And I'm pretty darned good at it if I do say so myself!

How about a couple of quick pics you can share with your friends to show them how cute and awesome I am??

I am the greyhound and the greyhound is me...

I love meeting new people. I hung out with my new friend Mr. Rob all weekend!

And I love walkies! Here are me and Auntie Kate on one of our walks.

Okay then - I'll see you next time, okay?

Love and Nose Bumps,

Tazz (Abington): 10/24 - Basking in the Sunshine

Tazz here!  I love a good bask in the sunshine.

Here I am with Foster Brother Tommy, soaking up the rays! 

Mika (Mac’s Tamika): 10/23 - Loving the Fall Weather!

Mika here!  I am enjoying my walk on a beautiful fall day! My foster mom says I walk great on a leash! 

And I love to chill by the fireplace after my walk!

Pillow fail!! I got too comfortable and rolled right off! 😂

Yes - my foster mom says I love to play, but I also love to just chill with my foster family.❤️

Bailey (Super C Bailey): 10/23 - Lounging Around

Hi, it's me, Bailey, again! I'm just lounging around the house and thought I'd show you how seriously I take retirement. 

 My foster sister took the bed I normally sleep on at night... so I'll just rest my weary head here instead.

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 10/23 - New Digs

Hi Everyone! It's me, Eyes! 

I've moved to Maryland, and let me tell you - this Annapolis living is the thing! I've come to stay for a while with my new friends, Uncle Chris and Auntie Kate.  They seem pretty nice so far. I'd like to say a big thank you to my buddy, David, for being my best pal for the past couple of months.


So far, I'm settling in really nicely. They have comfy beds and lots of fun toys, which are awesome!, and good snacks.

Can't wait until they turn this fireplace thingy on.

This Auntie Kate person seems okay.

Uncle Chris says I'm a people pup, and I guess he's right. I might follow my friends around the house a little. And prefer that we're in physical contact...

Must be touching. That's an Eyes rule.

That's it for now, okay? I'll see you around soon.
And watch this space - I've got a very important question for you coming up!

Kobe (Coach Kobe): 10/22 - Quality Time

My love language is Quality Time. I am happiest when I am close to my foster parents and siblings, even if it means having to share. 🙄 
(I’m the most handsome boy wearing a collar.)

Mildred (Oakland Destroy): 10/22 - I Love to Snuggle

Hi, it's Mildred. I love snuggling with my foster sister Candy.  That's me on the right 🤩

Gene (Superior Genie): 10/22 - Retirement Life

Hi there, Gene here!

I am learning a LOT about retirement from my foster sister, Selene, and I think I am getting the hang of it! Take a look at all of our matching poses and tell me who you think did it better?

Selene's also taught me how to properly take the stairs, make puppy eyes for treats, walk on a leash around the city, listen to foster mom when she says "no!", and embrace all of the delightful pets and love I get from foster mom! Being retired is the absolute BEST!


Kitty (WW Unakite): 10/20 - Driving Ms. Kitty.


Hi, it's Kitty the dog here. Turns out, I love car rides. I take up most of the back seat, and my foster sister gets a little squished, but she doesn't seem to mind. I like watching the world go by and having my own personal driver. 

When I'm not being driven around, I love going for walks around the neighborhood. My foster parents say I'm pretty "lively" on the leash, particularly at the start of our walks. So I think my forever home will need to keep working on that, but I'm sure my leash manners will get much better over time.

The reward will be that my forever home will have the best looking dog on the block, and we can have all sorts of fun adventures together!

Well, it's that time again, and there is only one thing I like more than car rides and walks...

- Kitty

Tazz (Abington): 10/20 - Beautiful Fur!

I really enjoy that warm sun!  Look how glossy it makes my beautiful fur look! - Tazz

Bennett (B's Bennetti): 10/19 - Food!

 Will I eat it?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!!!

Keep an eye on your fries because I'm happy to help you eat them.

I also love candy corn!

Pasta? Yes, please!

That weird coconut milk "ice cream?" Absolutely!

I may be a little shy, but not around food. If you need a snack buddy, I'm your man! 

- Bennett

Tazz (Abington): 10/19 - Bow Ears

 "I was running so fast it made my ears turn inside out!  Now I look like I have a pink bow!" - Tazz


Mildred (Oakland Destroy): 10/19 - Beauty Shots

Hi, Mildred here, and I'm giving you my beauty shots.  
Here is my pretty face.

And my cute curly tail. ❤

Mika (Mac’s Tamika): 10/14 - Beautiful Day for a Walk!

Today was a beautiful day for a walk! We walked down to the water where I saw strange looking birds in the water. I was very curious about them and just stood there and watched them. My Foster mom said they thought we had food for them... that was why they were swimming up to us!  


I was lucky enough to get a second walk later on with my foster brother and foster sister! We are watching another dog walk by want to check out!