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8.31.17 PISTOL

Pistol has been doing great.  She has been working very hard on walking up and down the steps and oh how she loves the high value treats (chicken).

She walks on a leash (does all her business) even in the rain and also in our fenced in yard on her own.  Pistol is a very confident walker and nothing seems to startle her...so far.

Pistol continues to sleep overnight with no issues.  She must need the rest.  She is very curious so we have to keep our eyes on her so she doesn't get into mischief.   If she does need to be redirected she responds very well to being corrected.  She may even pout.
She is beginning to show more affection and wants more from us which we are happy to do.

Oh and I am definitely cat safe!

More later...

Lazy K De Hart

Hi everyone. DeHart here. I'm having a good time with my foster family. My foster Mom keeps telling I'm such a good boy. I love wagging my tail. I'm happy when I go to bed and wake up the same way. If you sit down I'll be there to put my head in your lap. I love hugs and kisses. Everyone tells me I'm handsome and well mannered. I don't jump up on you but I loved to meet you at the door. I just love everyone. I love car rides. We go to the bank and there are always treats that come out of the tube.
Well enough for today dinner time is almost here and I love that.

Whitman - 08/29/17 - Happy birthday to me!

So, my birthday was LAST Sunday, and Foster Mom is just now getting around to posting photos... I got some blueberry pound cake with yummy whipped cream!

My cake was soo delicious!

I ate it all!

Foster Mom gave me a toy bunny, but she says I have to play with it in my kennel, because Foster Brother Zeus is a toy shredder, and I don't want him to shred MY toy.

Coach Ursala - 8/28 - Sunday Funday (One Day Later)

Hi everyone:

two greyhounds stand in front of a woman seated on a bench
I got excited about the beautiful weather and
forgot to look at the camera. Oops!
Hope you had a great weekend. This week continued my streak of Sunday Fundays. Yesterday, we started out the morning with another trip to the National Arboretum. L and J stopped to get bagels on the way there. I liked getting to meet everyone in line, but for some reason, they forgot to get us bagels. Anyway, we went for a walk and we got to meet lots of kids and dogs, plus we posed for our portrait with L.

black greyhound lying on purple flowers
So comfy!
After that we went to meet some of L and J's friends at a brewery. There were lots of dogs and people there. I made friends with the people at the table next to us and tried to convince them to take me home. I think I might have been able to convince the husband, but L told me I have to wait for adoption day. Oh well. After that, I decided it would be good to lie down and relax, and there was a convenient flower bed right there, which was perfect because Mr. G was hogging our blanket.

Black greyhoud standing on a concrete patio with empty table in background
Checking out the digs.
We ended our day by going out to dinner. There was a nice dog-friendly patio. It was pretty quiet, but that was all right because it meant that everyone who walked by had time and room to pet us. We had lots of admirers. Several people sat down at the nearby tables to talk to us and pet us. Once again, L and J forgot to share any of their dinner with us, but once we realized that they weren't going to, we settled down. (Please note: Mr. G is still a blanket hog, but I'm a good sport.)

At the end of a long day, we headed home for our own dinner and a quiet evening. I can't wait for another adventure soon. Want to go with me next time? Don't forget to fill out your adoption application!

Bye for now!

Lazy K Dehart

This is Dehart here. I arrived at foster Moms Sat evening. I had a very long day so I was ready to relax. I had a good dinner spent time outside with my foster brother and sister. I got to wander all around the yard.Wasn't sure about laying on these big objects on the floor but I caught on. I slept all thru the night and was woke up very early to go potty. Then I got to go back to sleep. So far I'm liking this life.

8.27.17 Pistol (Pack a Pistol) First full day

Pistol has settled in quite well.  She traveled home with a foster buddy yesterday as well as with her foster brother today and did a fantastic job.  She did a greyt job overnight and stayed on her bed the whole night.  Pistol will go potty on a leash easily as well as in our fenced-in backyard.

Today she went to a Petsmart Meet & Greet with her foster brother Tyler and was not shy at all.  She walked up to people with no apprehension.  She was great with people and loved meeting the other greyhounds.

Pistol does well going into her crate when she needs/ wants some quite time.  She has also shown interest in our stuffies and other toys.  There are so many new things to experience.  When she came home she took a really good nap in the crate!

She has also done well with being on a dog bed next to her foster brother.  It has been quite a whirlwind for her the last 24-48 hours and she is tired.  Good thing she is retired now - she can have all the rest she wants (and deserves).

We have been working on going up and down the steps which is a very new experience and she has already made such wonderful progress.  We are so proud of her.

until next time...

Date 8/27/17 My first day

Hi I'm Date!

I know, what a name I was given.  It's an unusual name, but I like to think I'm a one of a kind girl.   You know, the kind that gives you hugs and kisses and we've only just met. 😍😘

My birthday is coming up next month and I will be five.  I'm getting used to retirement though. I spent a lot of time checking things out in my temporary home.  I'm staying with two other greyhounds and a little white dog.   I get along well with everybody. 

The only thing really challenging is the stairs.  I am getting more confident in them I just need more practice.  I will be getting plenty of that in this house.  I am eating well and learning to relax.  Check out my relaxation technique here.

I'll check back soon!

Love Date

Mac (Snake Eyes) 8/27/2017

My FM has been trying to get some pictures of me, but I am not really fond of the process.  I much rather she just rub my tummy or give me a cookie or play tuggies with me.  Anyway, she kept at it and here is the result.  Besides being really handsome, I am also kinda silly.

Oh no.  Here she comes with the camera.

If I don't look at her, Maybe she will go away.

This is all so boring.

OK.  One shot.  Is that enough?

Now she is following me around the house.

FM give me a break.

I will lay down here so she can't get to me.

Why does she keep doing that?

Let me duck out of the picture.

If I close me eyes will she go away?

Now I am tired.  She is still taking my picture.  But I do look kinda cute here.

Oh, Maybe I can take a nap.

Sometimes FM and I hold hands.

This is my serious look.

OK now it is fun.  We have a toy.

I have a toy and you don't.

Wow she is still taking pictures.

How long is this going to last?

Maybe I can hide behind the toy.

You may have one more and then I am finished.

OK.  All done!  Now it is time for my nap.

Thanks for checking me out.

Love, Mac

Liberty gets a check up 8/27/17

Liberty had a check ups last Thursday and Friday.  The Thursday one was with his regular vet overseeing his care.  She is awesome with him and he loves going to visit her office.  If I let him go in the waiting room, he'd wander to everyone in the entire place to visit and smooch.  He is extremely social and eternally happy.  While with Dr. Grissom he had a sonogram treatment on both legs, some laser therapy on his hips and acupuncture on all four legs.  These are not extensive treatments, just short sessions to keep him moving in the right direction.  Everything is focused on keeping his muscles loose and flexible.  I kind of equate it to a gymnast who needs to stretch out and flex before practice or competition. 

Showing off his PT skills in the waiting room.

Getting some laser therapy.

Friday was canine blood donor night at our house (Liberty is not a blood donor, but in the future he can certainly be tested to become one if his forever family was interested in pursuing this life saving gift).  The vet that comes to our home, Dr. V. Latchford is using Liberty for a case study for a physical therapy certification.  She measured all his muscles and flexibility.  She also gives him a physical exam as well as watches him walk, trot and run.  She has been guiding us thru specific exercise sequences that will help him most. She was REALLY happy with what she saw.  His flexibility in BOTH back legs has increase quite a bit but especially in his rear left which was tighter than the right.  She was delighted to see him break into a nice run across the back yard when retching a toy, he was coordinated and efficient.  He was happy to show off his mad fetching skills.  We are going to move into some more advanced exercises which will also be more fun, continue our short but regular walks and see her again in 6 weeks.  The changes are slow so we don't see them as much as she did because she sees him every 6 weeks.  I was delighted to hear how happy she was with how he's doing.  

Liberty WILL be available for adoption at some point.  We just cannot say when, but we're committed to his PT and giving him every opportunity for a great, long life.  He'll be looking for a home who doesn't mind taking him for a short walk once or twice a day.  A back yard would be nice as well, but not required as that walking is going to be a long term activity which will keep him fit and flexed.  Liberty is a very social dog. He would love a family who will include him in their activities that are not a challenge for his abilities.  He may not be a mountain climbing dog but he'd love to browse the farmers market, take a trip to the pet store or participate in local meet and greets. Don't let his limitation fool you, he is a dog packet full of personality, friendliness and affection. 

Just wanted to share the latest update and leave you with some photos of his favorite things. 

Tubby 8/27/17

Tubby says everyday should be Sunday! Chillin with his toys, Tubby hopes everyone is having a great day.

Liberty 8/23/17 Out and About

Part of Liberty's physical therapy is we take him for 2 short walks per day.  We started just going to the mailbox and back, down the two steps to the driveway then back up the two steps back into the house.  He quickly let me know that he wanted longer walks so we walked about 2 houses down then back.  Over the weeks his stamina has increased and so has his love of a walk.  He's up to about half a mile a day but if it's too hot I don't take him out walking. He loves to sniff everything and leave lots of "pee mail".  I often take him with one of our resident dogs because...hey...it's a walk and my gang certainly enjoys a good walk too.  Days like today when the weather is great with little humidity I fear he could walk longer than I can.
"Take me to the hill lady...and hurry it up"
"Was that a rabbit? I think it was a rabbit! Maybe a squirrel...no definitely a rabbit"

Tomorrow he has a check up and we'll get a progress report and probably some additional exercises for him to do.  My main focus is really strengthening those back legs, which will take time but I feel he will get there sooner rather than later.  He loves our vet and really makes himself at home in her office. 

He's not quite ready for the treadmill but when he is, I see him having no problem getting used to it.

"I very much enjoyed that laser treatment and acupuncture...more please."

Meet Liberty and follow his journey 8/22/17

Liberty came to us from the breeding farm in Kansas.  Our group learned about him because his mom came to us when her brood mom career was over.  My husband and I adopted his mom, and when we learned about Liberty and his condition we wanted him to come to us for physical therapy and wellness.  I'm going to blog and hope you will follow along on his journey.

Liberty is a super sweet dog.  He is cuddly and funny and just super super mellow for an 18 month old greyhound.  He is social and lovely with our other greyhounds. He loves to roach, loves his toys and treats and naps on comfy beds.  There is something unique about him because every single dog in my house or that comes to visit wants to lie next to him. Even some of my own dogs who don't share their space are drawn to him and can be found getting comfy next to him on his bed.  He is a master at bed fails and tongue out snoozing.  

He has an issue with his hind end that is making it difficult for him to stand up from a lying down or a sitting position (yes he sits, not on command, but he does sit all the time).  We don't know how long he has had this issue or when it was discovered.  We know it is what prevented him from schooling and ultimately racing.  He can walk and run, and fetch (he loves to fetch), but he is weak in the hind end and has an odd gait. We have xrayed his entire body.  He has had no breaks or fractures and everything is where it is supposed to be anatomically.  We know he was treated on the farm with massage, medication and a bit of other physical therapies.  

GEGR is currently working with, not one, but two vets to figure out his issue and do what's best to give him an independent quality of life.  We are confident we will get him there. Both vets feel the muscles in his hind end are very tight and weak.  He's getting various treatments to loosen these muscles.  He is doing really well with his PT and is increasingly getting up on his own more and more as each week passes.  Our hope is that once he is managing unassisted he will be available for adoption.  We don't have specifics about what would be the best home for him at this time, but as he grows in strength I am certain we will advise about the aspects of his perfect home. 

So between now and then, please join us as he grows in strength and independence.  Along the way it is my hope you will learn about is quirky, silly ways and laugh out loud like he makes me laugh every single day.  This boy has an overload of character and charm.   

"Hi, I'm Liberty...my foster mom stole my ears"

"It's my bed(s) and I'll snooze how I want to."

"I do like my toys"

"I sleep like this because I can"

"Anyone for a little bit of "skinny" dipping?  See what I did there, "skinny", I'm a greyhound, people think we're skinny.  Hence skinny dipping...sometimes I tickle myself!"