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Pinjara: 6/29 - busy body

Yes that's what FM calls me...a busy body.  I'm so busy she hasn't been able to take pictures of me.  I'm always checking out everything and alternating between being her shadow or velcro dog.  Every once in awhile I stop to take a nap, and then she's able to take my picture.

Don't worry FM.  I won't pull the curtains down.

I see you taking my picture.  Can't a guy nap in peace around here?


Timpe: 6/28 - Outing

On Saturday, foster mom and dad took the resident greyhound and I back to the flea market.  Foster mom said I showed a lot of improvement on this outing.  I didn't hesitate at all while we walked through the busy stalls.  Plus when I saw the chickens, I was very interested but I was willing to walk away when foster mom said it was time to go.

Sunday, we just lazed around.  I'm really good at that.  But on Monday, it was time for foster mom to go back to work. I didn't want her to go so I gave her my best eyes to show her how much I wanted her to stay.  How can you say no to these eyes?

Whitman: 6/27 - This foster life

I've been busy learning all about this foster life, and my Foster Mom says I'm going Greyt! I learned how to do stairs, to go potty only outside, and how to do dishes. I love doing dishes, especially on pot roast night!

I'm also learning how to walk nicely on leash, and leave all of the squirrels alone. That's not as much fun as chasing them, though. Bet you can't guess which one is me, and which one is my Foster Brother, Trent. (Hint: I have the cute curly tail.) Does Fo Ma love that thing, or what??

Tubby: 6/27 - Sunbathing

Today is a lovely day.  Tubby has decided to work on his tan.  He's such a sweet fella.  A bit shy at first but warms up really fast to gentle loving and food!!  You can be his best friend for a piece of a cookie!

Mac: 6/27 - has new duties

Hello everyone,

I am learning so much here in my foster home.  I now know how to tell my FM that I want to go out or that I want to go to bed or that I am hungry.  The last one is the most important to me.  I love to eat.  At first I wasn't too sure about getting treats from my FM's hand.  Now I know how much fun that is.

I am also learning about toys.  Who would have thought they could be so much fun.  I carry them around the house, shake them and throw them in the air.  The most fun is moving the dog beds around the house.  They are big and sometimes it is hard to get them down small areas like hallways, but I am determined and it is a lot of fun.  FM tells me NO (which means I am not supposed to do what I am doing) but she is also laughing, so she must like it.

When I was at the track, I didn't get a lot of "soft" loving.  I learned to jump on people and bump into them.  My FM is teaching me to get soft loving.  I stand near her and she hugs me and rubs my back and tummy and gives me kisses.  I really, really like that.  I am learning that is a better way to get attention.

I have a new duty here at my foster home.  When my FM goes in the kitchen, I have to go with her and protect her.  The kitchen has slick floors and some things are hot and some are NO things.  I am afraid FM will get hurt so I lay on the floor to protect her.  I am also there to catch anything that might fall on the floor.  This helps FM keep the kitchen clean. 😇

Here are some pictures of me enjoying my retirement.

I like it here at my foster home, but I am still looking for my forever home.  If you think I might be a good addition to your home, talk to the folks at GEGR.  They know how wonderful I am.

Bye for now,

Whitman: 6/26 - my curly tail

FoMa LOVES my curly tail! It's soooo curly!
Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!

Jiggy: 6/22 - playing

Here's the video my Foster Momma took of me playing.  I hope maybe my furever family has a fur sister or brother for me to play with!

Mac: 6/21 - new here

Hello everyone,

I have just come from the race track in Alabama and I am here to tell you that life in my new foster home is nothing like my life at the track.  There are so many new things I need to learn about.

One of the first things I learned was there is this thing called glass.  You can see through it, but if you try to walk through it, BAM you get knocked in your head.  It only took one time for me to learn that lesson.  Now I just look through the glass.

I like the regular meals here at my foster home.  The food is yummy and sometime I get a treat or two.  I also like the soft beds here.  There are beds in every room so I can always be with my foster mom (FM) and foster greyhound brother (FB).

My FB is an older guy so I watch him and follow his lead.  He knows the ropes, and I am learning a lot from him.  One thing I have already learned is that I can get nice kisses, rubs and scratches from my FM if I just stand near her and be still.  I like the touching and the kisses.  I am going to work on getting more of those.

I hope sometime soon I can find my very own forever home.  If you think that you might be that forever home, talk to the good folks at GEGR.  They can tell you all about me.

That is about all I have to say for now.  I think it is probably nap time.  I need to rest up so I can be ready to go to bed when it is time.

Until next time,

Jiggy: 6/21 - Hello....

Hi y’all. My name is Jiggy, sorry I have not blogged yet but my Foster Momma has been super busy with the end of school. She said something about cleaning up her band room. I am not sure what that means but she does make some weird noises sometimes with these shiny things!

So a little about me, my Foster Momma says I am the perfect dog! I am fully housebroken, stay in the downstairs with my foster sister, Star, during the day. I can do 7-8 hours in the house and don’t make a mess. When I have to go outside, I tell my Foster Momma by going to the back door.

I also have been living with these things called cats and they are weird but I know not to mess with them either, they have sharp claws and those things hurt. I am just content to let them sleep next to me.

If you want to meet me, just know that I am pretty shy at first. My Foster Momma said it took about a week in her house for my personality to really start showing. But now I greet her at the door and give her kisses. Give me a chance and I will be your best friend!

The other day my foster sister and I started playing and Foster Momma was so excited to see it. She got a small video and I hope she posts it for you. I would LOVE to have a fur sister or brother in my forever home.

Are you my new family?

Lindsey: 6/21 - "Begins with 'S' "

Hi everyone! My blog post theme today is beginning with the letter S. So "Smile!" because you're in for a treat of my cute "snapshots"! (See what I did there?)  The first S word I would like to share is  SLEEP. Foster mom says it's so SILLY when I sleep like this with my head hanging off the bed.

The next S word is SUNBEAM! There was only a little bit of one this day but I made sure to SOAK up that SWEET SOLAR power.

There is one S word that I don't like very much and that is STORM. There was some thunder and rain this night but my foster SISTER told me she likes to hide from storms in the bathroom, and you know what? I found that spot was cozy enough that I could curl up and feel a better S word--- SAFE!

That reminds me of another nice S word-- SIBLINGS. Right now I really enjoy the company of my foster siblings and I hope my forever family will include siblings of my own, maybe even one who will let me SNUGGLE with them. The boys here aren't really into snuggling but they did let me in on a little SECRET! Sometimes when it's mom's turn to cook and dad has to clean he lets them lick the bowl and they SHARED with me!

The last S word for today is SQUEAKY, because that's the kind of toys I like!

I hope you enjoyed my STORY today and I hope to SEE you at an adoption day SOON! Until next time, Lindsey

Whitman: 06/21 - This Retirement Thing

Hi All,

I'm Whitman, and I'm here to tell you all about retirement. See, I used to be a racing Greyhound, but I'm retired now. Here I am providing support to my buddy at his vet check - I gave him a hug so he wouldn't be scared.
My foster home is like a forest!

I'm learning about dog beds. They're soft and comfortable! I could get used to this.

Tubby: 6/21

Tubby has come back to GEGR.  He was adopted out about a year ago but it just wasn't the best fit so his family made the difficult decision to return him and allow him to find a home that is better suited to his likes.

Tubby is a fun boy, he enjoys toys and food, and he loves people and food, and he enjoys a yard and food, and don't let me forget to tell you he loves food.

While in our care he has been the perfect gentleman.  It did take him a few days to figure out how to signal to us that he had to go outside but now he runs right to the back door when he has to go.  His previous family would leash walk him but he much prefers to use his own yard.  Did I mention he loves food?

Tubby is looking for a forever home with a stable family who just will allow him to be a dog.  He needs a home with no small dogs or cats.  He would also prefer a home with no small children, teenagers are fine.  He prefers a fenced in yard to leash walking, although, short outings occasionally are okay.  Finally, he's much prefer a home with a family who may have a work from home person, or are retired, or work only part time.  He also wants me to tell you that he doesn't need a crate, in fact, being crated for long hours makes him a bit stressed out.  He's okay eating in his crate but would prefer to otherwise not be crated.  He also wants me to remind you he loves food and treats!! (Are you getting the idea yet?)

At our house Tubby in only crated while he eats, he likes his mealtime space and feels comfy in the crate and can eat at his leisure.  When we go out he is allowed to be out but we only give him roam of the kitchen and sunroom.  Otherwise he paces around looking for us.  We muzzle him because he is left out with two of our other dogs.  He does great with his muzzle on and has no problems wearing it.  In the mornings he is super loving and enjoys hopping up on the big bed with us for snuggles.  He is wiggly and happy and will gladly roll right over and show us his belly for rubbing.  You can actually see him smiling during these morning happy times.

Tubby is simply looking for a home that will allow him to be a part of the family but not put a lot of expectations on him.  He is most happy in his home with his people.  He will do best with another Greyhound as he loves his greyhound buddies and understands the fun and unique quirks about Greyhounds.

I realize that Tubby may be asking for a lot in his forever home but he's worth it and he will gladly open up and give you all his trust and silliness once he gets used to his environment.  He is the first to come when called and is always up for leaning in for a good rubbing.

PS - He's ooooooooober handsome and is highly food motivated!!

Pinjara: 6/21 - Hello out there!

Hello everyone!  I'm Pinjara, and I'm fresh off the track from Alabama.  I arrived Friday night in Fredericksburg, VA, and was checked out Saturday morning.  The Greyhound Express took me to meet my FM in Bel Alton, MD.  FM was volunteering at the lunch stop for a 200 mile cycling event.  Even though I didn't arrive until the end of the event, I was able to meet a couple of cyclists and the greyt guys that run the event.  They even made me internet famous!

Once we got home, I met the resident 4-leggers and the visiting 4-leggers, and we called it a night.  Sunday was spent checking out the house, the yard, and learning all the new things I've never experienced before.  After some help, I even figured out how to play with the toys.

Check out my shorts.  All the cool kids are wearing them this summer.

At bed time, it takes me a little bit to figure out where to lay down.  FM took this pic Sunday night when I sat down and looked at her.  See that pitiful look I'm giving her? 

Well let me just tell you that after that look, she got out of bed and went to get another dog bed so that I could lay next to her.  She thought that maybe I wanted something more comfy.  Nope.  After she had it set up for me, I went and laid down somewhere else.  After all that, she told me that at some point I'll figure out how nice the dog beds are.  We'll see.

More pics and posts to come as I figure out this retirement thing!


Victoria: 6/20 - I love the rain

Hi everyone,
Remember that horrendous thunderstorm yesterday?  Well, when everyone else was scared and hiding, i was looking out the sliding glass doors begging to go outside.  That's right, I love the rain.  Foster mom finally conceeded and let me go out when it was only sprinkling.  I stayed out for a while, then she couldn't take seeing me out there getting so wet so she called me inside to dry me off.
Yes, I know it seems strange, but I am just so fascinated by the rain.   Foster mom says it's a lovable part of my curious nature.
I cant wait to see what new surprises retirement has in store for me next.
Love, Victoria

Timpe: 6/20 - Speaks her mind

I'm very good at letting you know when I'm happy or need something.  I just "roo".  Foster mom's been trying to catch me "rooing" on video for a while, but either she's too late or the resident terrier jumps in and speaks over me.  She was able to catch me today when we were getting ready to go for a walk.  I was very excited and was trying to tell her to hurry up, but instead she grabbed her phone and took video instead. Here's the link to hear me speak.

Foster mom threw in a few extra pictures too just so you could see what a nice profile I have.

Lindsey: 6/19 - Field Trip!

Hey everyone, guess what? Foster mom took me on a field trip! She left all the resident hounds back at the house and just took me for a ride to the store. I guess I'm pretty special! We went to the pet store and I had a greyt time! First I made friends with a lady who works there. She even offered me a cookie but I was too excited smellin all the smells and checking everything out to even take that cookie.

I kept hearing these strange chirpy noises and I asked foster mom what was that sound so she took me to a little clear box and when I looked in there were birds! Foster mom said they are called parakeets. I really wanted to play with them but she said that probably wasn't a good idea. I can't imagine why not? They were hopping around making squeaks, they all looked like so much fun!

Then it got even better, there was this one whole row of toys! Lots of toys! I found one I really liked and foster mom said if I carried it for her she would let me bring it back to the house. Sure enough we brought that toy back and I even shared it with my foster siblings so they wouldn't be sad that I got to go to the store without them.

That's all for now, until next time--- Lindsey

Victoria: 6/16 - I'm still here

Hi it's Victoria,
I wanted to let you know that I'm still here and waiting for my forever family. In the meantime I've been learning more about retired life.  My foster parents I have gone on a couple weekend trips and I've had to spend more time away from them.  They have a friend come over to let me out and then they return later that evening.  They give me this thing called at Kong filled with peanut butter to keep me busy. I really like it and helps me while they're gone.
I'm also learning to be more patient in the morning waiting for my foster parents to get up on the weekends.  You see I like to eat at 6 o'clock in the morning and they like to sleep in until 7:30. 
I'm having lots of fun learning all these new things.  I hope you're having fun reading my blogs and learning about me.
Love,  Victoria

Timpe: 6/14 - I'm a people dog

One of the things I love most (aside from food) is people.  I love people! Big people and little people. When I first meet people, I'm happy to just let you pet me and get to know me. But once I get to know you, I will smother you with kisses!

Lindsey: 6/12 - Hi, I'm Lindsey!

Hey everyone, my name is Lindsey and I am looking for a new place to call home. I was adopted before but my family had some things come up and made the difficult decision to return me. My family was very sad because they love me very much and will miss me but they want me to be happy so I am back at GEGR to find a new home. For now I am hanging out with a foster family where I have three foster greyhound siblings and I'm having a pretty good time.

Here I am taking a stroll with the resident teenager and my foster sister.

The walk was fun but it was really hot out so then I needed a nap!

Well, it's dinner time here and that's one of my favorite times of day so I don't want to miss it! Until next time, Lindsey

Sally: 6/10 - Today might be my day!

Guess what today is?!  Today is the adoptathon at GEGR, and I might find my furever family!  Boy I certainly hope I do because today is also my birthday!

I'm two years old now Momma P.  Does that mean I can join you on the couch?

I've been busy the last week that I've been with Momma P.  Here's a few pics from my adventures.

We went to the Animal Relief Fund event at the Tiki Bar.  I was all about getting lovin and seeing all the new things.  Of particular interest was the family that sat beside us.  They were all nice to us pups and gave us treats while they were there. 

One afternoon we went for a walk and did some exploring.  I walked on the leash really well for Momma P.  I may have gotten extra kisses from her for that.

It's so bright Momma P.  Where are my sunglasses?

That's Olive with me and her little sister Zoey.

I met the neighbors, and they have a greyhound named Charger and little Chihuahua named Princess.  I didn't mind Princess at all.  I was more interested in playing with the toys and adding to the mess that Charger made.
 That's Princess trying to figure out why I play with the toys in this position.

In case you were wondering, Charger made that mess.  Not me.  #BlameItOnTheBoy

And then this week I demonstrated to Momma P how to lay on the dog beds.

I don't see why she was giggling at me all the time.  Isn't it normal to leave your backside on the floor?  I also didn't want to lay on the toys that I'd brought over to the bed.

Hope everyone else had a good week too.  Paws crossed that I find my furever family today!