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Dallas (Drink to That): 12/28 - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! FoMa gave me these spiffy antlers and said I'm a GREYndeer. FoMa has issues. 

Santa brought me a brand new squeaky toy! FoMa said it's chew- proof. Challenge accepted! 

I'm off to play with my new Christmas presents.  



Porter (Arkansportrhouse): 12/22 - Dating Profile

Helloooo beautiful people!

Looks - 10/10.

Personality - 10/10. 

Fashun sense - 10/10.

You can just call me the perfect 10! I know I have a lot to give if I can find the perfect match. 😉 Seeking someone who will appreciate my need to nap in a comfy spot, to go for long walks in the park in stylish sweaters, and to eat all the peanut butter treats. Must love cuddles, kisses on your nose, and petting my ears. Swipe right. You know you want to. 💋 


Love, Porter

Dallas (Drink to That): 12/21 - Tada!

 Tada! Look what I learned to do! 

And they said greyhounds can't sit. Psh! Shows what they know! I have also learned to wait to come out of my crate, and I'm learning "stay."  FoMa says I'm a very good boy, and I just want to please.

Here's one more of my awesome sits. On tile, no less. Be impressed!



Porter (Arkansportrhouse): 12/19 - Snow Way!

Ugh. Did your Foster Mom make you go outside in the freezing snow this week? Mine totally did. So rude! 

It’s a good thing I am such a smart and gentle and forgiving boy and was able to recover from the trauma of cold toes by curling up in my warm sweater. 

I forgave Foster Mom, by the way. (Told ya I was a good boy!) I even brought her my favorite toy and gave her kisses to make her feel better about being the meanest.

❤️ I have cold toes but a warm heart! ❤️
Love, Porter

Gem (Centex Gemstone): 12/18 - Pack Walk!

Hello loves!

I had the absolute pleasure of going on a pack walk with a group of greyhounds here in Baltimore!

There were FOUR other dogs that looked just like me (not all are pictured). Can you BELIEVE it?! I really like walking on the leash next to foster mom through the park. We went really far! I was so excited, I couldn't keep my tongue in my mouth:

Afterward, foster sister, Selene and I were exhausted, and got to lounge out together! I love having other friends around to snuggle with :)

xoxo Gem xoxo

Gem (Centex Gemstone): 12/17 - I'm Ready for Fashion Week!

 Hello loving fans! As the weather gets chilly, I'm here to show you what high fashion in the winter looks like:

And of course, I am working on my blue steel to STEAL your heart away.

xoxo Gem xoxo

Sunny (Kaias Sunkissed): 12/17 - I Could Be Your Gift!


Hi! Sunny here! I’ve been retired for just over one week now, and I am relishing it! 

What a gift ;) it has been to join such a wonderful pack! 

Guys! They have a lot of cool, fun toys to play with here, and even though I am amongst my foster brothers, Oberon and Raif, and foster sister, Rya, I love entertaining myself. FoMa giggles at me a lot. She thinks I’m super fun! :D

After my third day here, my FoFamily recognized and helped me celebrate my 3rd birthday! We had a treat after dinner! I love treats! 

Ok, more later. I am cozied up in my warm coat and bed for now. See? 

Dallas (Drink to That): 12/16 - All I Want for Christmas is You

Dear Santa Paws, 

I've been a very good boy this year. FoMa says I'm a lovebug. I get along with everyone, I walk well on a leash. I test the toys for squeakiness.  I let her know when someone is at the door.  I even keep the backyard squirrel-free! 

So Santa, I would really really like it if you could bring me toys, ear skritches, toys, and most of all, a furever home. And toys. Did I mention toys? 

Thank you Santa!

Love, kisses, and belly rubs, 


Porter (Arkansportrhouse): 12/16 - Retired Life

Hi friends!
My retired life is so exciting. I’m with my new foster family and I’m having the BEST time. I get to sleep as much as I want 💤 (I prefer being close to the Christmas tree because I’m bursting with Holiday spirit!), I get to go up and down stairs all day long 🏃‍♂️, I get to eat dessert every day 🍨 (yogurt to help with my surgery antibiotics), and I have two foster siblings to play with! 🐕 🐕 🐕 
I like being close to my foster mom, helping my foster dad with tasks around the house, and looking out the window at all of the interesting people going by.

Dallas (Drink to That): 12/15 - Siiiiinging in the Rain

Dallas here! It's pouring outside and I was chilling by the fireplace when FoMa said I had to go out. IN THE RAIN! Can you believe her? 

I went outside yesterday, but I was not happy about it. FoMa says I found my voice cause I barked at the puddles. A true gentleman does not want to get his feet wet! 

Foster brother Bodie helped me dry off afterward while I pouted. I'm the stunningly gorgeous one on the right. 

I shall be spending the rest of the afternoon by the fireplace, waiting for the sun to come out.  



Gem (Centex Gemstone): 12/13 - A Precious Gem

 Good morning soon-to-be adoring fans,

I am Gem, and as my name suggests, I am a true Gem.

I am a little timid and cautious, but I love exploring the apartment with my foster sister, Selene.

And by that, I mostly mean snoozing, but occasionally we like to run around! I'm terrified of my foster brother, who hisses at me...but that's probably for the best; he's scary.

I love to play with toys! And rest on them...

I also like exploring Baltimore City out on the leash! It's a little scary with all of the loud noises, but I love walking next to foster mom on the leash, and she keeps me safe!

She told me that soon, I'll be adopted by my forever family, but that first, I need to interview with some families to make sure it's a good fit...I am dressed up and ready for my interviews!!!

I can't wait to meet my forever family!!

xoxo Gem xoxo

Porter (Arkansportrhouse): 12/12 - Ready for the Weekend

Hi, Porter here!

I know you feel like I do, and you're ready for the weekend. I've been doing lots of things this week.  Before my surgery, I went on several long walks, explored around a big yard and a neighborhood.  Now I'm really tuckered out!

I'm getting used to retirement life, as you can see.

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 12/11 - Blankets, Sensitive Toes, and a Status Change!

Hi again everybody!! It's me, Eyes, here to wish you a happy weekend! Right, let's get down to the important stuff you came to see, shall we??

Goodness gracious, has it ever gotten COLD out. You have to remember, I'm an Alabama dog - and us southern boys aren't used to this ridiculous freezing weather. Coats? Blankets? Pajamas - seriously people?

Seriously? It's even too cold for the ducks 🙄

If you've been watching the GEGR facebook page, you've been seeing lots of greyhounds and their blankets lately. And I'm not immune - if you've been checking out my posts, you've seen me pretty covered up with blankies, too.

Comfy blankies for only $10 at one of those membership discount stores!

Right, cuteness alert - I have sensitive toes! Since it has turned so cold out, I don't like walking on really rough sidewalks on my daily excursions. But being the genius dog that I am, I have found a solution. I walk in the gutter for a bit to avoid the sidewalk, then I walk a balance beam on the curb for a portion, then it's safe to walk on the sidewalk again! Am I smart or what?

And big news! If you go to the "Available Dogs" section of the GEGR website? You will likely notice that my portrait is now taking up new real estate in the Pending Adoptions section!! That's right - I'm getting adopted! Isn't that awesome? I'm so excited: I'd like to begin by thanking the academy, and my family who have always been so supportive... wait - wrong speech.

So here's my suggestion for you - go to the Available Dogs page on the website and find one of those awesome pups who is still looking for a home. I bet if you check out their blogs you'll find some super cute pictures that will melt your heart 💖.

All-righty then, time for me to go. I haven't napped in the last 10 minutes or so... Okay fine, one last cute picture before I go.
I have mentioned before that me and my Kitty toy have a special relationship.

Love and snoozy weekends,

Porter (Arkansportrhouse): 12/10 - Fast Learner

My name is Porter and I'm a big loving boy.  I love my humans, adore affection,  treats rubs, walks and kisses.  I just had surgery today (teeth and neuter) and I'm doing so well my temporary foster parents wondered if the vet actually did anything to me 🤩.

I'm really good at stairs too, so I learn really fast.  I'm getting used to life off the track and I do love the big beds I get to sleep on now.  I can't wait to meet some families.   

Dallas (Drink to That): 12/11 - Oh Christmas Tree!

 Dallas here! I spent the evening helping FoMa decorate for Christmas.  Don't I do good work? 

Well, I'm off to help with the rest of the house!



Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 12/7 - Meeting New Friends!

Oh. My. Gosh. Guess what?? I love meeting new friends!!

So even though I can be a little shy sometimes meeting new people? I had a great opportunity this past weekend. I got to meet new friends and it was so amazing. Check it out...

First, maybe some snuggles with my new friend, Miss Sam.

Well yes, as a matter of fact - I am a bit of a love bug.

We had a great visit. 

Which might involve a few more cuddles.

But, alas, all good things come to an end sometime.

Wait! You can't leave me here all alone with that weirdo Uncle Chris!

And then I was sad...

So depressed.

But not to worry - I think everything will be okay in the end. Because how awesome is it that I have a new friend!! 😀

Though it wasn't a perfect day. Before I met my new friends? It was Bath Time. Oh man, that was not really on my list of things to do on the weekend. Sheesh.

Pro Tip: If you get forced to take a bath, pout afterward by looking sad on your blankie in your crate.

If you want to meet a super snuggly new friend like me? You should contact the awesome people at Greyt Expectations!

Love and Super Snuggles,

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 12/1 - Snuggles and Fun

Goooooooood Morning Greyhound Pals!!! 

It's me, Eyes, again! How are ya? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Yeah? Mine was pretty quiet, as you might have seen from this post, but I certainly appreciate you asking. It was a bit of a snoozefest. I think that's what you're supposed to do on Thanksgiving, though, right? I'm still learning since this was my first one 🙂.

Today's post is all about the cuteness that could be yours if you decided to be my Forever Family! So let's get right down to brass tacks, shall we? (wait, that sounds ouchy. maybe we should get down to memory foam nuggets, instead?)

First up? Uncle Chris was at the store the other day and they had super soft looking blankies - so he got me one! Check it out...

I might just have to put a blankie on my requirement list.

Don't you think?

Now if I could just get Uncle Chris to stop being such a Scrooge McDuck about turning on that nice fireplace, I'd be all set.

Hey, we've talked before about how much I like snuggling and cuddles and hugs, right? How about a little photo evidence?

Am I a cutie pie puppy or what?

Don't mind all the junk in Auntie Kate's office - she's workin' on it.

You want more? I think I just heard a cheer for more!

Cute puppy with floppy ears and an soft blanket. Very Norman Rockwell.

And a warm nosie.

One thing we haven't really touched on in these posts is how much fun I am outside. I love to play with my toys and run around in the yard. Unfortunately, UC doesn't have a yard 😕. But? My super cool friends, Mr. Derek and Miss Sigrun have one, and they told me right away I have an open invitation to go visit. It's fantastic!

And there's this one...

All right - that's it for me today. I'll chat with ya later this week, okay? If you think you might want to meet me, just talk to the nice people at GEGR and they'll get it set up!

Don't forget to take a look at my other blog posts by clicking here.

Love and warm blankie snuggles,