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Brownie- 2/22/19: Just the Best!

Hi everyone! Brownie's foster mom here!

I had to hop on to brag about this amazing boy. He is just the best! Here's my check list for why he'd be a great addition to your home...

1) He's sooooo sweet. This is the most go with the flow dog I've ever met. He is confident in every situation we've thrown at him and incredibly friendly with everyone he meets, including children.

2) He's an easy eater. This boy loves his food and isn't picky about it in the slightest. He will always there to monitor the cooking activities in the kitchen and happily pick up any spills, but he also knows it's not appropriate to grab anything off the counter...though he really might want to. He even loves to eat his veggies. Baby carrots are his favorite!

3) He loves to ride in the car. He still needs help hopping in and out while his leg recovers, but he will relax and rack out in the back the whole time. He will even calmly sleep in the car while you run errands, as long as you leave the AC running or it's a chilly day:-) Obviously, he'd never want to hang out in a hot car. He would be a great companion on car trips and would enjoy exploring new places with you too.

4) He's very playful.  He goes from a sleeping couch potato to red alert when he hears a squeaker in 0.5 seconds. He will fetch a toy and bring it back to be thrown again. He REALLY loves to chase anything that goes flying through the air or on the ground. So definitely no kitties or small fluffy pups around this guy. But, he's so much fun to play with and he prefers a good game of fetch with his humans to rough housing with other dogs.

5) He's been house trained from day 1. While all dogs should be given a transition period to learn about a new home, Brownie took to it almost instantly. He's never had an accident in the house and is happy to be in his crate when unattended. He has on occasion enjoyed chewing a rubber toy to shreds...even if it belongs to the kids, but he's learning what he can and can't chew. He'd love his forever family to give him bones to chew and stuffies to chase.

6) He enjoys the company of other dogs, but is also independent enough to be an only I think. As long as he gets a good amount of quality time with his family, he'll be the best friend and loyal companion

Sound too good to be true? It's not. Brownie is waiting patiently to choose his new family once his rehab for his leg is complete. Will it be you?

Feb 20th--Buttercup: "I gots ta be me!"

Well helllloooo! I's trying a classier new me, but its not goin so gud. I not very classy and Foster Mama sez I super-silly. O wellz, I gots to be who I gots ta be, and I gots ta be me!! So, today there wuz snow. FM sez I a little princessy wen it comes to bad weather, buts I walked in the dangrous stuffs cause I super brave! No greyhounds were hurted by the cold, white stuffs. I played in it a littles and then showed FM that I's able to have a sit when I feelz like it...parently, that's not regular in the greyhounds wurld which makes me a Super StarZ!!!! I awesome, admit its. Anywhooooos, I's really hopin to meets my new famly on Saturday! Just looks for the classy, black dog that's super gud lookin and awesomes!! See yous soon! I love yous!
Why's FM takin embarrassing photos of my snuggle game?!

One of my talents "towel warmer!" Told yous I's awesome!

Trashcan Teddy-2/19/19- Optimal Cuteness

Hi Teddy here,

It's been a pretty relaxing week for me.  I've mastered the "bed fail", introduction to toys and looking really really cute.

I'm getting better going outside and on my own.  My foster mom has a backyard but I also love to be walked.  Will you be the one to walk me or give me toys to play with?  I can't wait to find out!

Talk to you soon, love Teddy

Sous Chef

     Hi again, it's Monday, and Foster Dad was at work all day. but I would not let him leave until I came and saw him. FM let me out of the crate and I came running. FD took me out to potty, and FM fed us, all before 7 AM!
     I love the kitchen.
I really want to be helpful. So when my foster parents are cooking I try to get involved. I really don't know why they don't let me help more, I just want to taste the food to make sure it is good. FD says I am a bit stealthy, I just appear at his elbow without making a sound.

I am learning more everyday. I would love to explore a new forever home. Maybe soon.

Until tomorrow

Penny 2/17 - Deer and Deer

Hi, its Penny again. 

This weekend has rushed by, and we have been busy, as usual.

     This weekend All that nasty snow was gone, so I was happy to go for several walks. I am still learning how to walk on a leash, it is still so new to me. I keep having to stop and look around, and if the leash gets tight I stop for that as well. But when my foster parents are patient I usually will follow along.
     In the woods behind our house there are often deer. I saw them yesterday, but they ran into the woods when they saw me. I did not chase them, but oh the smells! I had to sniff everything along the edge of the woods where they ran. Hoof prints and mud, it was so amazing.
     My foster parents and I have a consistent feeding and potty schedule. It is working well, and we are all enjoying life more.
     My foster dad calls me a deer. I love being with my foster parents, but I am looking forward to being with my forever parents.

Talk to you soon. 

Feb 17th. Buddacup sayin' Hi!

Hidy Ho Peeples! 

It’s me Buttercup checkin in ta let yous knows how I’s doin’! Phew. Ma furst week at da new foster home wuz very exciting! I’s been gettin to know the new dogs. Theys purty nice ands been showin me the ropes.  The catz anuther story. Yesterday, alls I wanted was a gud sniff of her butt and she hissed at me and scared me bad! Shes mean. Anyways, FM says I’s gonna have a home soon! I cants wait to meets ma new famly! I’s gots lots of lovins saved up for my future peeples. See yous soon new famly!

You likes walks? I likes walks too!. I gud at walks.

You likes exercisin'? I likes exercisin' too! I gud at exercisin'. 

P.S. I's real gud at stairs now too!

Penny 2/16 - long day

Big day today.
This morning when my foster brother and sister went out with my foster parents I WENT WITH THEM. Normally I go out with them but they walk far ahead, that snow stuff was just too cold to walk in; but today I kept up with my brother and sister, I even took lead for awhile. They take long walks, I didn't want to go that far. And I didn't really want to go home either. Eventually I took FD back to the house.

I love the toys in the house.

I like to go to the toy box and choose my own. I can play with them for a long time. I also like to supervise the cooking at night. FD and FM  wanted a good picture, but when ever they almost got a picture I almost took the food. A good cook needs to taste the food to make sure it tastes good, right?
But now it is late, and I really need to sleep. Good night everyone from (Pocket) Penny. 

Flip: 2/15 - snuggle and pjs

Let's talk about snuggles.  I kind of like them, and I'll go back for them over and over and over even when there's another pup in line waiting for snuggles.

Then there are the pjs.  I love being toasty when it gets chilly out.  Wearing pjs works, and I even like being tucked in under a blanket.

Whatcha cooking up there?
Hold on!  I'm getting the crumbs as quick as I can!

Until next time!


2/14/19 - Mandrill - muddy feet

Hey, Mandy, how did that muddy mark get all over the wall, right where you happen to be looking so cute? You wouldn’t have had anything to do with that, would you?
“Uhhh, nope, got no idea where that came from... Maybe the cat did it?”
“We don’t have a cat, Mandy.”
“Oh, oops! Am I still cute?”
“Yes, yes you are.”

Flip: 2/14 - little people

I got to meet some little people, and I kind of like the littlest one.  Want to know why?  It might be because I can follow her around and pick up any crumbs she leaves behind.

 That's the spot.  Pet me right there.

Yes she's petting me.  Let her finish please.  She got my favorite spot! 

 Let's see what's going on in here little one.
What is this?  This thing makes noises!

Can you tell me what these things do?

So if we push this button it sounds like a bell?

Until next time!


Buttercup checkin in with my future family!!

Hi every peeples! I’s in a new foster home cuz I had da surgery and is doin real gud! Da new place has two dogs and a cat! I likes the dogs fine, but I doesn’t know what the catz problems is…I don’t think she likes me. Oh well, her loss cuz I's so awesome. I just ignore her. I duzn’t care anyway cuz I’s all about the hoomans. Oh. My. Gosh. I just luvs them all! Even if I duzn’t knows you, I’m purty sure yous my very best fren ever!! I follows them all places…even the baffrum…they duzn’t likes that much. Privacy…puhleez. Anyways , I sleeps the whole night long in ma bed without wakin the hoomans. FM covers me with da blanket and I likes it. I eats real gud, I potties real gud, I sleeps real gud, I do stairs kinda gud…itz not purty but I gets up and down them ok! Sheesh, I cants be purfect at everthin. I still learnin all kinda thins. I cants wait to meet my new peeples! Foster Ma and Pa sezs they gonna luv me cause I real nice and sweet. I’s so excited! Buttercup out!
My favorite toy
Where you goes, I goes...

Penny: 2/6 - bundled and ready

Hey, Penny here. The sun is out today and we are all so excited to get outside. FD and FD got us all bundled up, it is good to feel like part of the pack.  I went outside with out coaxing. My foster brother and sister went ahead; they know the ropes, you know. and I followed, slowly. I went done those long steps with some hesitation, there is still a little ice and snow about. but once we got down the steps I kept up with my brother and sister! They went for a longer walk than I did, because it was still pretty icy where they were going. 

I had a big serving of Kibble today, and I loved it. 

 This is me in the Blue hat.
Back home now in my big puffy bed.

I am going for a ride in the back of the big car today to see the Vet. But it is OK, FM will be with me.

Talk to you later.

Flip: 2/13 - naps and ears

Flip here checking in again.  Thought I'd show off my mad napping skills and amazing ears.

Once I settled in with FM, I quickly found the favorite bed.  Thankfully I didn't have to share.  

And here are my ears.  FM said some people love love love us pups with the funny ears so here are mine.  They're not the best pictures of me, but you get the idea.

Like most dogs, my ears go up whenever something has my interest.

Until next time!


Penny 2/12

This is Penny again. I love big puffy beds on a a cold, wet, slushy day.

Flip: 2/12 - Hello there!

Hello there!  Flip here ready to share all the things I've been learning as I start retired life!

Lets talk about peanut butter.  Yum yum yum!  FM had gave us 4-leggers a treat.  Us big kids got our own spoons full of this yummy stuff.  I can't wait for her to do it again!

So when can we have more of this stuff?

After the peanut butter treat, FM had to refill the dog food.  She said she didn't need supervision but we helped anyways.

She even let me have a taste before she put it away.  I'm told this can't happen every day, but once in awhile is okay.

Until next time!


Coastal: 2/11

Took Coastal for a stroll to Petsmat today.  I wanted to see how he did on the tile floors.  He did great.  He was a bit tentative at first because he'd never been inside a pet store before, let alone a Petsmart.  We used some high value treats to reward him for his courage and he did really really well.  He was interested in the cats and small critters.  He was most interested whenever someone squeaked a toy and we found one to bring home with him.  He took treats from strangers and was really well mannered during the entire trip.  

Penny: 2/11

Out for a walk with FD today. We walked up and down a flight of 17 garden step without hesitation (except to look around, I am not used to this snow stuff). FD says they are not as steep as indoor steps, but I was very confident on these.

Penny: 2/10

I love to hang out right here while my foster family make dinner.  

Penny: 2/8

 Wow, here two days already. I sleep on a bed on the floor with the other hounds at my foster home. They are nice to me, the other black hound follows me around the house. 
Don't you just love black hounds?

    Foster Mom says my coat is satin soft, and my teeth are pearly white. I love to snuggle.