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Callie (Turbo Callie): 3/31 - I love to chill

Good morning everyone!

I'm starting my day with a nice nap after breakfast.  I've settled down the last few nights for bedtime.  I know which bed is mine and I sleep through the night 😴.  In the morning, I love to give lots of kisses😘. I'm such a lovey girl.  

Yester my foster mom and human foster brother brought back a rubber squeeky toy. Oh boy did I ever love that you!  It was so exciting.  I even played in the yard with it.  

I went on another walk yesterday and even did my business. What a good girl I am!  I'll check back in with my adventures soon. 

Love, Callie

Callie (Turbo Callie): 3/29 - My first day of retirement

Hi there, I'm Callie!  I'm a young, fun loving girl just off the track.  I've had a great first day of retirement. Today we went on a walk with my two foster greyhounds. I loved it!  I'm a really good Walker and I saw lots of trees and flowers. I don't pull a lot on the leash.  After the walk I hung out with my foster family. I am very interested in countertops and I am told to not put my paws on them.

I'm really good on the stairs and I was a really good sleeper. I also love toys, especially the squeeky kind. 

I hope to meet you soon.

Love, Callie

Misty (Mystery Street): 3/29 - Don't you just LOVE ME?

So...I go by Misty, but will respond to absolutely anything because I LOVE RETIREMENT!

Okay, I know it looks like I lie around all day, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I am curious and excited at all times to see what I can eat, er...learn. Stairs are no problem. Leash walking is a piece of cake. Mmmm.....cake....

My favorite pastimes are walks, talking to the gorgeous houndie in the mirror, hugs and kisses (like, lots and lots of those...m'kay?), and eating. Foster Mom says I have the sweetest face and really know how to work it. I don't know, what do you think?

Seriously though, I do get up. I'm just so happy when I'm on my feet that Foster Mom just can't get a good picture. Maybe I'll hold still for her tomorrow...

♡ Misty

She-She (She Shed): 3/29 - Sweeter and She She-er

Hey all, I'm She-She! Say it! Five times fast! Bet you sound silly, huh? I love it, because I AM silly!
Finally arrived in Maryland to enter the world of retirement. Be jealous...I got to retire at One!

I'm tiny, but buff. I'm boisterous, but unassuming. I like my having my own toys, but need your lovins just as much. I like long walks, belly rubs, cookies, and being told I'm pretty. Pretty sweet package, yes?
This new life is pretty...new. I'm ready to learn and Foster Mom says I'm gonna be sooo good at it. For now, I love following my furry foster sisters around to teach me the ropes...they really seem to know what they're doing!

Watch me for pics and progress, and dream about this gorgeous bone structure!

♡ She-She

Kup (Atascocita Kup): 3/21 - Good news!

Have you heard the good news?! If you didn't get to see me at the last adoption event you will get to see at the next one! So I have been spending my time getting in shape to look my very best!

My exercise routine consists of walking and then stopping to strike just the right pose!

And then walking some more and striking another great pose!

And then doing it all again!

This striking a pose thing really is exhausting!  It takes a lot of time to find just the right pose and then hold it for the camera!  And yes, I always turn my head because foster mom thinks I have a striking profile!

After all that, when I get home I like to take a load off my paws and relax so I can be ready to do it all again the next day!

Count (Kelsos Countmein): 3/13 - Handsome and smart

Hi everyone. I'm back as promised to show you some things I've been learning at my foster home.

There I am learning to do what FM calls 'watch me'. Don't know what's so special about it since I watch her all the time. I just figured out that if I watch her when she says it, then I get cool stuff.

I learned you have to wait at all of the doors and even the door to my crate. I picked that one up quick!

I'm working on down but FM says I don't quite have it yet.  When I hear it I go find someone to share a bed with. Sharing is caring and technically I am laying down.

If you're looking for big handsome boy that loves to learn, then I'm your guy.

Bye for now.

Kup (Atascocita Kup): 3/13 - Prince Charming

Mr Kuppers cuteness overload!!!  A brief
montage of Mr Kuppers exploits!

Franklin (Mac's Franklin): 3/12 - Loving retirement!

I am loving retirement if you want to call it that. I’m still a big puppy, only a year old, so I’m pretty young to have retired. But life in my foster home has been wonderful. My foster mom thinks I’m just a big lovable huggable boy. I’m very smart and am doing a super job waking on a leash. I go up and down stairs as long as they don’t look to daunting and steep. Bacon treats are my favorite incentive to  push myself to learn new things. I love everything, especially squeaky toys and playing with my foster sister, Goldie.

Kup (Atascocita Kup): 3/12 - Greyt Tidings!

Greyt Tidings from Southern Maryland!

I love it here!!!  The weather is so much better than Florida for a nice cool walk on the boardwalk!
Here I am posing on the Boardwalk!

And here I am practicing my sexy runway walk for the camera!
There was so much to see and sniff on Solomon's Island!  Foster mom said that I did a great job with all of the people, traffic and other dogs that were also out and about!  But what did she expect?  I always listen to her when she tells me to do something.....well, most of the time anyway!

I used to get uncomfortable riding in the car and wanted to get up front with everyone else.  But now I'm cool and just look out the back windows or lay down for a snooze!

Foster mom says I am good at a lot of things!  I'm good going up and down stairs, I use the greyt outdoors to take care of my personal business, I sleep most of the night, I can throw AND catch toys, and of course I am a master roacher!

My professional roach pose!
I'm also good at eating!!!  I actually am a very good eater so I look for nibbles if they are left out for me to find!  After all, a boy has got to eat right?!!

I love snuggling up in the dog beds and hanging out with my hoomans!

Doesn't this look pawsatively cozy?

So if you are looking for a sweet, charismatic, loving, companion I'm the guy for you!

Aggie (BWG Aggie): 3/12 - Ready to find my furever home

Hey everyone!  It’s Aggie!  My foster dad says that I am a greyt dog!  He tells me how sweet I am all the time and I just love to snuggle up to him and foster mom!  My foster pack has accepted me with open paws and we all get along greyt!  I love playing with squeaky toys and rolling around on the doggie beds!  I am a delight!  I’ve learned to love and be comfortable in my foster home. I really just want to find my furever family!  Maybe it’s you!

Rant (Atascocita Rant): 3/12 - Happy Birthday to ME!

Hi there! Long time no talk! I've been so busy celebrating ME! It was my birthday on Monday and I turned 4 years old. Foster mom made me a DELICIOUS peanut butter apple treat.


I scarfed this bad boy down in 2 seconds flat.

More please? It's my birthday.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, foster mom took me and foster sister Selene hiking and I LOVED it. I love a good challenge and finding trails, hopping over rocks, and sniffing all the smells was so exciting.

Not only do I love my foster sister, Selene, who looks like me, but I also love my foster brother, Milo, who has sharp claws, a fluffy tail, and makes a hissing sound. I think we're friends?!?!?

Even though I had a great birthday with my foster family, the best birthday present ever would be a forever family for me to love and snuggle with every day! I just can't WAIT!


Count (Kelsos Countmein): 3/11 - Finally!!!

Hi I'm Count! I'm so glad my foster mom is finally letting me say Hi to all of you. I'm a handsome boy that's about to turn 3 next month.  I've been  working really hard at learning about retirement. I can't wait to tell you all about it.

My foster home has lots of other greyhounds so I'm learning to just follow their lead. I slept quietly in my crate the first few nights. Foster mom said I could come upstairs and sleep in her room. Well that involved stairs and I was not a fan. Now I'm not afraid at all and I kinda do them my own way.

I made it upstairs and found a bed close to foster mom.

Ok so I didn't quite get the bed thing at first but I've gotten better.

I sleep all night in foster mom's room and I wait for her to get ready in the morning before I got out. I get lots of hugs and kisses for being such a good boy.

If you think that's cool, wait until I show you some of the other stuff I've learned.

I'll be back to that soon.
See ya later

Jaelyn (PJ Stickysticker): 3/8 - First week of retirement

 Hi folks, thought you might want to see what I have been up to my first full week of retirement.  FM calls it retirement 101.
I thought I could be more helpful from
 inside the dryer. FM says not so much.

helping with laundry

helping with sock folding
helping to write my blog
learning the joys of peanut butter with my foster brother
learning about selfies

mastering the art of porch hanging
Retirement 101 is exhausting. 

Aggie (BWG Aggie): 3/6 - Just doin dog stuff

Hey,  it’s Aggie!  Just thought my followers would like to see what I’m up too today! #retirementdaze#coolstuffies#walksarefun