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Taxi: 12/23 - Tower of Towels

Foster Mom says "What happened to the stack of towels?"
I don't know, I was just flopping around on this comfy dog bed....

"Hey, thanks for picking those up for me, Foster mom!"

Shaelee: 12/16 - so much cuteness

Hi, everyone! FM has been busy this week which meant I was busy too. Following her around and making sure she doesn't need help is a full-time job when she's on a roll. 

She was in the kitchen making venison meatballs the other night. Olive and I really wanted to help taste test them, but she wouldn't let us. We even showed her our wagging tails and cutest faces. #NotNiceFM #SharingIsCaring

The next day, FM had company and had to move our beds upstairs for the afternoon. When she let us come down, there was nowhere for me to lay. Everyone laughed at me, but I'm not sure why. I was using my sad puppy dog eyes on her. #ItDidntWork 

Until next time!

xX Shaelee Xx

Shaelee: 12/13 - please FM

Please FM!  Why can't we have some of that yummy food you're preparing?

How are you able to resist the sweet faces?

Oh well.  Maybe we can convince her the next time she's in the kitchen.

xX Shaelee Xx

Shaelee: 12/11 - busy weekend

Hi everyone!  I had a busy weekend, and FM said we needed to make sure we told you all about it.  Here goes!

Saturday - There was an adoptathon at GHC, and I went along with 3 other pups.  My furever family wasn't there so I'm back home with FM.  I heard she makes homemade dog biscuits as treats for the pups at Christmas so I'm okay with spending the holidays here.  Afterward, FM took me to Lowe's where I got to see all these new things I'd never seen before.  I loved exploring and checking everything out.

Sunday - I went to St. Mary's College with Olive and Charger, and had puppy playtime with all of the students there.  There were 4 rescues there to help the students destress before finals and learn about pet ownership and the benefits of pet rescue.  

Selfies with the students.  

Tux and I were checking out the Golden Retriever Rescue.

Hanging out getting some more love.

There's nothing better than good belly scratches.

Olive and I were tired after so much attention.

I think she's the best napping companion.

Olive, OJ, and me getting some attention from our parents.

How many greyhounds can you spot?  Let's see (from front to back) there's Lola, Griff, Charger, me, AJ, and Tux.

It's been a busy weekend, but I had a lot of fun.  I spent all afternoon and this evening napping.  Being a social butterfly is tiring work.  Until next time!

xX Shaelee Xx