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Allie: 11/17 - Looking Forward to Saturday

Hi, everyone.  i just wanted to take the time to tell you all how great a pup I am.

I really love going for walks. I especially look forward to heading to the bus stop every morning and afternoon. I'm not even afraid of that big yellow bus anymore!

Its hard not to like me. I'm very pretty, Im cute, Im playful and Ill go wherever you go. I hope I get to meet my forever family tomorrow. Foster mom has made sure I look my very best...of course I always look fantastic but tomorrow is special. Tomorrow I want to look good for YOU!

Joe: 11/15 - It's almost time!

Hi there everyone!
I'm getting real excited about this weekend and meeting new people.  The thought of going home with one of them makes me very happy. 
Since I've retired, I've learned a lot.  I've learned that stairs aren't scary and nether are plastic bags 襤.  I haven't counter surfed in my foster home or stolen food from the kitchen table. 
I'm good on walks and doing my business outside.  I'm opening up more and more to my foster family. I live with two greyhounds and one old bischon. 
I think I could live with brothers and sisters (canine, feline or human).  I'm pretty easy going and laid back.  I hope to meet my forever family this weekend.
Love, Joe

Rose:11/14 - Puppy all the way!

OK, so I may not technically be a puppy, but I sure act like one! Rose is the name and silly adorable puppy is the game. I love long snuggles, playing with toys and being the center of attention! My favorite color is pink as you can tell by my collar, my favorite pillow and of course, my name!

Joe: 11/7/17 - Settling in

Hi everyone,
I wanted to let you all know how I've been doing.  I can now go upstairs on my own.  I figured this out this past weekend.  It was kind of funny when I did this because my foster dad didn't know where I was.  He finally checked upstairs to find me contently laying on my bed.
Ever since then I find I love to go upstairs and have some time to myself.  I like to be around everyone too.  Here's a picture of me getting some love.  I can't wait to meet my forever family and get to know them.
Love, Joe

Joe: 11/1/17 - Getting acquainted

Hi it's Joe,
It's been a few days and I'm slowly getting used to retirement.  I stayed in my kennel during the festivities last night and I was just fine with that. 
I get real happy when the leash comes out.  I know it means I get to explore outside.  I love the outdoors and all the smells and sounds.
I got a yummy treat tonight.  The foster parents call it "chicken".  I call it delicious!!  I was very pleased indeed.  I had to share and I took the treat so nicely from my foster mom's hands.  She gave me praise for being polite. 
I am still working on those inside stairs. My word there is at least 15 of them!  I can go down just great though.  
More to come on my adventures!
Love, Joe

Mac's Riley: 11/1

Time to stretch before doing ZOOMIES around the yard!

But not before hamming up for the camera with a big smile!

Ready... Set... GO!


Okay, that was fun...

Back to the doggy bed for me!

I have adjusted the home life quite well over the last few weeks. I am fine with hardwood floors and tile surfaces and can do a small amount of stairs.

I am very happy living the retired life and my tail hardly stops wagging.

Getting all rested up for the adoption day this Saturday!