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Pasty Payton 1/27 What a Weekend

Hello houndies and humans,
Payton here. I have been a busy boy but I stopped long enough to get my FM to update my blog. I went to a Pet Expo Saturday. I met lots of humans. Everyone was impressed with me. I turned on all my charm and loved on everyone. I even loved on the little humans. I also met lots of dogs and other animals. There were birds and bunnies right across the way from me. I did look at them but my Foster Mom told me I could not have any birds, and definitely not bunnies. So I gave up and went back to loving on humans.
I am doing good with my house training. I do the stairs now, I always potty outside and I eat all my food. I love to play, walk, run around the yard, and chase my Foster Brother Mozart. I also love to sleep. My Foster Mom says I am the perfect greyhound. she said I remind her of her Aria. I think that is a compliment. Well it has come time for me to go. I got things to do and grass to wet. :)

Bark at you later,

Pasty Payton 1/24 Lookie at my face

Hi all humans and houndies,

Payton here. I have got to tell you some things but first take a look at this face

Does this look like the face of a bad puppy? I don't think so. The reason I ask is because I have started doing things, like get the toilet paper, stealing FD shoes, emptying the toy bins, both of them several times a day, FM finally gave up and leaves them out till the end of day. FM tells me that I am more mischievous than her three year old Mozart. It just happens I am coming out of my shell and am playing more. I think I have heard no no baddog several times this week. But FM corrects me and then I am good to go. She is also working with teaching me not to jump. I am so much better than last week. I guess you have figured out I did not get adopted last week. That is ok, cause I feel my new family is out there somewhere. I really am a good boy. I sleep  in my crate at night, and I have not pottied in the house at all. I am very loving, I would love to lay on the couch thingy and get lovin's. FM is trying to get pictures of me but the only kind she can get is when I am asleep. Well peeps, gotta go, got stuff to do, stuff to learn and oh yes, gotta rest.

Bark at you later,


Myka 1/20 - New friends, new places!

So today I got to go on a field trip! I went over to one of my foster mom's friends houses, and there were awhile bunch of other greyhounds (and 3 little dogs) there! A strange thing happened while I was there, some of the dogs were getting snuggled on a massage table and got treats at the same time! I didn't get on the massage table but I did get treats!

It was so fun! 

My foster mom says I am gonna go meet some nice people tomorrow that might love me forever, I am excited to meet them!!

Grande - 20 Jan - Adoption Day is Coming!

Hey All,

Just a quick up date on Grande.  He's getting ready for adoption day.  This curious, friendly, cuddly, affectionate sidekick is ready and waiting for his forever home! 

He we are having a macho man hug.

I now call him "Macho Grande". In fact, my wife asked me, "If he gets adopted, how will you get over his absence?"  I replied,

See you all tomorrow!  

Payton 1/20 Getting Rest for Adoptathon

Hello Humans and Hounds,

It's me Payton. Tomorrow is my big day. I am going to something called an adoptathon. My FM tells me this is where I will meet other humans and maybe some houndies to see if they want to take me home with them. I am such a good boy, well at least that is what FM says. I sleep very well in my crate, and don't cry at all. I am still learning stairs. I ran up FM stairs really fast and got stuck upstairs. She had to help me. I think I will be ok with carpeted stairs. If you have a basket full of stuffies, I am happy to empty it for you. This picy FM took after I empty the stuffie bin of all the toys. I love to run and play, I love to snuggle and give kisses. Come on down to meet me tomorrow, I will be the handsome red fawn.

Bark at you later,

Kim 1/20/17 I'm Ready!

Wow!  This week has flown by and I'm still settling in a bit to this retirement (seems to good to be true!) But, I'm ready for my forever home to complete this journey.  I've started discovering new things like soft fluffy things that squeak when you play with them.  I love throwing them up in the air and catching them before the hit the floor.  I'm so talented and the lady-mom giggles when I really get going.  Check me out:

(Hopefully you can see me)

Look at me with all the fluffies!  And no worries, I didn't mutilate them; that's the "Mela" who does that - she pulls all the white stuff out.  It's ok though, makes it easier to toss them really high!

(It's exhausting doing all this playing!)

Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow - I'm so excited!!!  Can't you tell?:

And believe it or not, these pictures are from a completely different day!  
You'd never guess that I found my favorite spot and maybe I do have this retirement thing in the bag!

So, come and get me tomorrow ... I'm ready!

Scott 1/20/17

Foster mom has been telling me about the big day. It's the day that families come to see if they want me to join their family. I've been a good boy had a few mishaps, but FM says it's okay, Im a quick learner.
I'm dreaming of that day FM says it's magical. She tells me she will have happy tears for me, to find my furever family.
I'm an amazing boy

Secret 1/19/17

I gave Secret a treat ball to see if she liked it.  Well, she loves it and entertained herself for a good hour. She was so cute chasing it and pawing at it so it would dip treats.  She's a smart cookie.

Scott 1/19/17

Scotty here on Florida's bed she's a bed hog. She jumped on the couch a place I'm not allowed so I picked the Diva bed. I think I look pretty darn good.
Yes me all laid out after breakfast with the pups. FM is making bacon. We are.not allowed in the kitchen when she is cooking.

I am to handsome for words.
Please come see me, to see if I will fit in your family. I'm a big loveable handsome dude named 

Super C Grande - 18 Jan - Grande 2, Back in the Hobbit

I made the mistake, today, of reading The Lord ot the Rings to my good friend Grande.  I think Frodo was his favorite.  Here he is, acting the part of Frodo as he flees from the Shire.  I give you...

Mr. Under Heel!  He's having a Merry (Brandybuck) ol' time. If you think those puns are bad, you don't know the Gandalf of it.  Har! That was a Pippin!

(That disembodied nose next to me is my very own Pepper!)

Ok, alright, I get it.  You'd rather hear more about Grande.  Well, he's doing great.  He's VERY affectionate and will give you a kiss if you like.  He'll lean on you when you pet him.  He'll obviously, curl up next to you for some quality cuddle time.  If happy, playful, cuddly Greyhounds are not your thing, stay away from this guy!  However, if you DO like that sort of thing, run (even though Grande is faster than you are) to the next adoptathon and meet him for yourself!  You won't be disappointed!

Myka 1/18- I have to work on sleeping all day

Hello again!!!

So let me tell you, I know my previous post said talked about the surprising things of being retired, but let me tell you another surprising thing: how amazing it is to just be able to sleep on the (elevated!) dog bed all day. 

I had no idea I was missing out on all these soft doggie beds!


Payton 1/18 Loving Retirement.

Hello again Hounds and Human's

Payton here. I would like you to know that retirement is awesome. So far I have been a perfect Gentleman. Well almost. I like to empty the stuffy bin. I play a game with my Foster Mom (FM). I empty the bin and she puts the toys back, I empty and she picks up. I don't know why she keeps picking them up I think it looks good to have the room all scattered around. I am also like to sleep a lot.
I am looking for a home with loving parents. My foster mom thinks I can be an only. I would like a nice yard to play in but I do like to do walkies. I am really a good boy, foster dad really likes me, but foster mom says not more doggies for a while as she has 6 greys and fluffy little dog. I don't even acknowledge the little dog. I am just not interested in her. My foster parents think I am the most handsome houndie. I agree 💜 Well I guess the is the point where you want to see pictures, okey doke I will oblige.

Bark at ya later

Michelle: 1/18 - This retirement thing

Hi, Michelle here, or as my Foster Mom keeps calling me Michelly-Belly-Boo-Boo.

This retirement thing is pretty cool. They have nice soft beds here.
This is Taxi, he's a foster, too. I think he likes me.💋💗

Whatcha doin' Foster Mom? Can we help you?
 Uhhh, I was going to use the bathroom, so no, I don't think you can help me right now, but I'll find something for you to do in a minute.

Taxi: 1/17

How YOU doin' pretty lady?!?!?
Foster Taxi is smoooooooooooth with the ladies...

Payton: 1/17 - It's a brave new world

Hello, my fellow hounds and the new humans following my blog. I came up to Maryland on Saturday the 14th. I had a busy day. Travelling, getting bathed, getting handled by all these people who bathed me, cleaned my ears, put a thingy in my neck and cleaned uh well you know my privates. I settled down in the crate and became the perfect gentleman. All the way to my new Foster Mom’s (FM) home I slept and was so sweet and loving. Then came the hard part, I went to the door and there were other greys and a small fluffy dog. Whoa, I did not ask for this. FM assured me I would be fine. I sniffed all the dogs through the gate. Finally, I went in and FM and FD helped me navigate the 6 greys. I felt like I had joined a secret party. Anyway, we all went outside in our muzzles and went around the property. After that, I got a bit to eat and went to bed. I slept all night in my crate, well almost all night. The new humans don’t really know what track time is so I had to explain it to them. The let me out, and I went back to sleep. The next day I slept for half the day then I let my playful side out. I keep emptying the stuffy bins, there are 2 of them. I empty them, and my FM fills it up. HMMM this must be a game if so she does not play very well. I am wearing what is called a belly band. It helps boy greys to learn not to pee inside. So far I have been great. Well, I bet it is that time when you want pictures so here you go.

Roo at you later,

Secret: 1/1

Today Secret woke up thinking she should be "Queen of the toys".  A title befitting, don't you think?

Super C Grande: 1/16 - Livin' la vida Grande!

Hello everyone.  I'm here to introduce you to Grande.  Just look at him!

Wait!  That's not Grande.  Hold on a second.,  HEEEEEERES GRANDE!

GRRR!  Ok. Ok. I think we got this.  Will the REAL Grande please stand up???

There we go... oh wait.  Well, good enough, rigbt?  So, This is Grande.  He figured out how to enjoy retirement just about 24 hours after leaving the track behind forever.  You would not know he was a track dog Saturday morning.  Most fosters take a little time to adjust to their new surroundings.  This is perfectly normal and expected.  After a couple days, they figure out dog beds.  They start looking for attention.  They open up to you and learn what it is to be comfortable, happy and loved.  Grande super-accelerated the process.  Look at Grande and decide for yourself if this is the kind of dog you want in your family!

He figured out toys!

He's good with kids (don't mind the couch)!

And, let me tell you, he loves to ride in the car.  Super C Grande is a Super Foster, see?

Scott: 1/19- Hello everyone!!


Rem's So What (Scott)
Id like to introduce you to Scott he is a big handsome young pup that came into this world on 1/15/2014.

I retired on the 14th and made the trip to GEGR with a few other pups. Well let me tell you I had no idea what the heck was going on. We got up that morning had breakfast went for a turn out and the next thing I knew we were packed up in a big white van and off we went. The ladies in the van were very nice, but I was scared. Until many hours later we pulled in this drive way and there stood all these peeps. They had smiles all over their faces I think we have arrived. We walked around and around until we went pottie, boy did I have to pee. Then we went to this room got put in a crate had food and water soft blankets. Im thinking sweet. OH NO then we get taken out given a bath, this lady then started  pointing this thing at me, to I think take pictures I think that is what they said. Let me tell you it was all a blur.
I was put back in the crate I'm thinking oh yeah baby time for a nap, NOPE wrong again. This lady said hi Scott I am your foster mom and will be taking you home to meet my pups. I settled in the back of her car nice soft bed a blanket that smelled nice and off we went another long ride. Foster mom said I did great in the car. Yay Im a good boy.
Pulled into another drive way went for a walk, I don't do to bad on the lead. I did my business, walked in the house and  stop there was this little yappy dog named Major I gave him a growl to let him know to get out of my face. Imagine that a 12 lb yapper I could eat if I wanted to I am 80 lbs.  I did mention I was a big boy with a baby heart.  Back to my first night I know right it's a lot going on. I meet the other 6 hounds and they looked just like me, Im thinking sweet I landed in a home with lots of buddies. Foster mom put me in a crate with water and another snack , Im liking this. I was eating and FM was explaining to me that we have to get me ready to meet my furever peeps. What what, I was not sure what that meant I was to tired to even remember the day.
I hope you will be my forever mommy and daddy, I am looking for someone to love me as much as FM loves me. I can get in the way sometimes, I am learning, I do a little counter surfing but I am told right quick to leave it. I  heard this lots of times. FM says Im doing good job and will find the perfect home. Would you please give me a furever home. Signing off for now please come back to read more fun adventures of Scott or Scotty which ever you would like to call me.

Your back its greyt to see you.

 Hi Scotty here told you I'd be back. I need to keep everyone intrested in the Scott boy. I continue to improve all the time. I'm great in the crate,  a perfect eater not messy like some pups. I love to be loved and would love for you to take me into your home and family so I can show you. FM says all the time you are the best. That makes me Happy.
Look what FM gave me before leaving for work.

-- now check me out. Resting until FM gets home to tell me I'm a good boy.


Kim: 1/16

Today has been very quiet because my foster mom hasn't been feeling well. But that's. I problem for me especially after yesterday's adventure! We went for a long walk in a State Park! They're lucky because they live right around a corner from it and we can even walk there! I was afraid of the things called "bikes and scooters" that the foster mom's kids were riding (ok I was REALLY scared at first) but by the end, I just wanted to be right with them! It's cold out now so I got to wear a fun jacket like the people do too!

And the kids even warmed their hands up in it too!

And I got lots of love after being so good just watching the 10+ deer run by us! I was so cool to see them running; I was mesmerized but I didn't  even try to chase them!

Here's us leaving the park - I wasn't even scared of the bike and scooter anymore!

So that was yesterday's adventure - looking for someone to take me on lots more!!