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Love - 2/28 - A chocolate bear?

I was away for a little bit but I am back and figured I'd catch up some new yoga moves. 

You will never guess what moved in next door while I was away?  This is pretty exciting stuff. Well it’s this little brown fun furry guy who jumps around a lot. Foster Mom says his name is Bear, he's only 10 weeks old, sort of chubby, and has really big feet. She told me he is a 'Chocolate lab'  Hmmm he doesn't look like the chocolate her kids eat, he doesn't smell like the chocolate, (I can't have any chocolate - it’s very very bad for me). That chocolate bear sure is fun to watch.  I "love" to stand by the fence and look for him to come out and play.  Foster mom was too slow with the camera AGAIN so she didn't get a picture of me and my new pal Bear. She said she will try to get one, but for now here is one of me waiting for Bear.

2/26 Grande

Guess what?  I have a little secret ... the best kept secret - it's GRANDE and he's back and ready for his retirement.  After a long month of some basic treatments from being a bit under the weather (he got pretty sick from a tick-born disease), he's 100% himself and more than ready for his forever home.  And trust me, he's already a tough one to let go because he's so incredibly perfect!

So let me see how I can sum this up; loving, silly, happy, obedient (for the most part), oh and did I say loving?  He loves each of us equally which is great - he loves following my 8-year old all around and does the "bow"-playing with him.  He is such a ham and just will melt your heart with those big brown eyes!

It didn't take long for him to get the routine and blend right it with our other two rescues ("non-greyhounds"). He hasn't had one single accident since he's been here .... seriously .... not one!  And he will even pace and go to the door when he does need to go out!  Then he goes out, does his business and is ready to come back in.  Although, those beautiful days we've had, he's quite enjoyed sunning himself on the deck!  Then, of course, it's back inside to relax. LOL

He likes knowing everything about everything - he sticks that long pointy nose in anything he can to get a good sniff .... the fridge ... the dishwasher ... behind that curtain under the counter ... he's just too much!  And, of course, he loves being near you and usually likes resting his head on your lap when you're sitting doing something; like on the computer ....

Now, that is one thing about him, if you're home, he wants to know where you are. He does great in the crate while you're out; maybe a few whines of dislikes but nothing earth-shattering or persisting.  But, if you're home he'll follow you and settle perfectly in any room that you're in; but, if you leave the room, i.e. to go to the bathroom,  he's gonna follow.  And when you do, better have the couch blocked so he can't get to it because if he's not waiting for you at the door, that's where you'll find him!  Trust me, I learned the hard way ... "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me".  After the second time, I had to gate the living room; so, new family beware - this is most likely a couch cuddler because he looks at us with those big brown eyes hoping for some welcoming room.  But, of course, he settles for cuddling with one of his foster-sisters.

Oh, got cats?  No words needed:

Well, he's getting ready to have a bath soon.  More pics to come; but, for now, I'll leave you with this:

2/26 Michelle, My FM forgot about me.

Dear Webland,
I am upset. I was sleeping peacefully in my crate this morning. Foster mom woke up, let the dogs out, ate breakfast and watched tv. All the while I was still in my crate. She forgot about me. Finally she remembered and let me out. I ran around and played with stuffies for a full 10 minutes. Oh the horror, how could she forget about me.

So a little update. I am so perfect my FM is baffled as to why I am not adopted. I guess you could tell I am very quiet in the crate. I love to go out and play, get along wonderfully with my greyhound pals. I have several times a day where I do the crazy little black dog thing and grab a stuffy and do zoomies. I have lots of pics to share and they can tell you all about what a wonderful girl I am.

Michelle 2/16/17 Wanted!!!!

Home for a CLBD

Must love a little black crazy dog that will delight you until the wee hours in the night.

Must love to get kisses.

Must love wiggly tail wagging craziness.

Must have the love to guide and direct said CLBD (Crazy little black dog) to become a loving and caring family member.

Hello Webland Fans,

Foster mom thinks she is being funny. She put a wanted sign on my post. Well maybe she is not so crazy. Those are the things I would like to have in my new home. FM says I am a delight to be with. I give the best kisses, I have the most wiggly tail, and I can play with stuffies for hours. Taking Applications at GEGR.org

Bale..Beautiful Eyes 2/15/2017

                                   Check out my beautiful eyes. How can anyone resist them??
                             Continues to do well. So excited when he hears us at the back door but
                                 Bale does not appear to be whining or barking while we are gone.    

Petey: 2/14/2017 - A Valentine' s Birthday!

Yep, that's right!  Foster mom says I'm a huge love bug, so it makes sense that I was born on Valentine's Day!   I'm turning four today.   My Valentine's and Birthday Wishes are the same: a forever home.  

Will you BE MINE? 



PD Slim Pickens: 2/13/2017 - A Petey Primer"

Hello friends, 

I've been back with GEGR for a while and apologize for being slow to get my blog going!  My foster mom had an illness in her family, so she didn't have much time to help me (my lack of opposable thumbs makes typing a challenge), but I'm ready to blog and strut my stuff and will be playing some catch up to let you see all the things I've been up to since coming back to GEGR.

To tell you a little about me, I was adopted in Oct 2015 to a wonderful family; I loved them so much, and they loved me too and worked so hard to make things better so they could keep me, but in the end, it just wasn't a good fit, so in August 2016, I came back to GEGR to find a new home.  I've been living with my foster family since then.

I'm going to turn things over to my foster mom for a little bit, and she's going to give you the scoop about me!  But first, here's picture of me just hanging out on my favorite chair.  (I was "broken" before I came back to foster care, so the "no fosters on the furniture rule" doesn't apply to me.  Woo hoo!)   Ok, take it away foster mom!  

Petey's foster mom here!  Petey is an amazing, special dog, who is looking for an equally special home where he can thrive.  I can't say enough good things about Petey:  he is super smart, eager to please, LOVES people and charms absolutely everyone he meets.  He's a huge smiler as well.  He's affectionate, loves being loved on, and is very easy to physically handle:  doing nails, cleaning ears, brushing teeth are no problem with Petey!  He is always ready to go walking and is excited to head out on a new adventure.  He greets every morning with a happy, bouncy spirit and always comes to the bedside to give me good morning kisses.  Petey does have some special needs that his adoptive family will need to be aware of and continue to manage.

Petey has some separation anxiety (SA) - this was pretty severe when he was first adopted, but his first family did a wonderful job working with him, and he is MUCH improved.  He takes Prozac daily to manage this, and may need to stay on this long term.  When he first came back into foster care, he struggled for a few weeks with SA, but once he settled, he has done well since.  He does still struggle some if left for long periods of time, and would do best in a home with a canine companion, where he is not left for longer than about 6-7 hours at a time.

Petey has some mild sleep startle and has had some issues with reactivity when he gets overly excited or anxious.  He does best with dogs who are laid back and easy going.  He would also do better living in a less busy neighborhood; all the noises of a busy city may be too stimulating for him.

Although Petey lived with cats in his first home without any incidents and is currently fostered with a miniature schnauzer, he can sometimes get overly excited with them, so we will not be placing him with cats or little dogs.

If you are interested in learning more about Petey and whether or not your home might be the right one for him, please contact GEGR, and I'll be happy to talk more with you about him!  He truly is a wonderful, lovely dog, who will be a delight for the right family.

Alright Petey Pete - back to you!

Thanks foster mom!  To be honest folks, I was a little nervous about starting my blog.  I told foster mom I was scared that when people learned I have a few "issues" that no one will want me, but foster mom told me not to worry, because there is a perfect forever home for every greyhound!  

So, I hope you will come back and follow my blog, and if you think we might be a good fit, reach out to GEGR!  

One more photo before I go.  This is me and my look alike foster brother Max.  We both love food and  peanut butter is one of our favorites!   (I'm the handsome one on the left) 

Woof for now!


Bale Lazy Sunday 2/12/2017

                                         Bale is in the green muzzle with his foster brothers .

                                                               Still sunbathing!

                          Left the door open so the pups could come and go while I was outside
                              and Bale decided he had had enough of the 80 degree temperature.

Michelle 2/11/17 Today was not my day...

Hey to all my fans in Webland,

I am visiting the Crawfords because my foster mom had a meet and greet. Today was not my day. I put on my best impression of a CLBD (crazy little black dog). Oh well, I just know there is a home for me out there. FM Sheila said I was a wiggly happy little girl. She only fosters boys, I don't know why I am doing great here. I have found my bed that I like, I get along with the little fluffy dog and I haven't had one accident, and I crate well. I know I know you want to see proof, well it just so happens FM Sheila did a photo shoot with me. So for your viewing pleasure here are some crazy photos of me having fun.

Bark at you later,

This was the first photo. See how happy I am, I can hardly stay still for the camera.

 Finally Ms. Sheila got a picture of me. Aren't I beautiful.

 Here I am with the Crawford pups. That is Sherri and Noel. They are fun to play with.

 In this picture the head dog of the Crawford clan, Mia is sniffing my but. I know she is saying hi, but really, that is just a bit private don't you think.

Secret: 2/10 - tomorrow may be my day

Hello friends!  So tomorrow is the next GEGR adoptathon. Momma P tells me that she's going to take me to see if maybe I'll get to meet my furever family. I'm hoping I do. I really want to lay on the couch like Olive does. Maybe they'll even let me sleep on their bed after we're all used to each other. It looks glorious up there! #OliveGetsToDoAllTheFunThings 

In the meantime, I'm going to lay here with Momma P and let her snuggle me.

I was giving her kisses and nibbling her chin.

This is the life.  #HappySigh


Love: 2/10 - πŸ’“Love SongπŸ’“

Foster Mom's been singing a song to me πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“....Love...Love...Love.....ba ba ba ba ba..... maybe you know it?   What more is there to say except -

 πŸ’“ "How about bringing home a little Love this Valentine's Day?" πŸ’“....ba ba ba ba ba....

Secret: 2/10 - look at me

Look at me!  I executed a perfect roach!  Momma P was so excited to see this.  I promise to show my furever family how well I can do this as soon as they take me home.


Cult: 2/11

Cult her checking in. The snow is fun to play in but this cold temps. aren't for me. I slipped on the concrete  and I have a boo boo on my foot. Where is the warm weather. I like it here at foster Mom's house. I get lots of love and cuddle time. I sleep all night in my bed. I love riding in the van.  I am still nosey that I want to know everything  that is going on. I don't really bother my foster brother and sister. My foster sister told that she was glad that I'm the one that has to dress up. She said that it was always her.
I sure hope someone rescues me because I heard her say that I have to be a Fairy next week. Help save me or you will see me dressed up again. That's all for now. I had breakfast so it's nap time.


Love: 2/9 - Stair Princess

It's official I've mastered those silly stairs.  Foster mom says that's because I am such a smart girl. Only a couple days until the adoptathon.  I can't wait to meet everyone and maybe find a furever home. Foster mom wanted me to share some facts about me.

I have not had a single potty accident in the house.
I like to eat (who doesn't) but I don't inhale my food like my foster buddy Reese
I like to play with the stuffies and then nap
I sleep quietly through the night
I am quiet during the day too, no whining or barking when alone, mostly cause I like to sleep ... ah retirement is the bestest!!
I like to go for walks, but not too far yet as my paws hurt sometimes
I can go up and down the stairs in my foster home
I get along well with my foster buddy Reese
I am inquisitive and like to know whats going on
I am eager to please and like my ears and belly rubbed
I like my crate but I also like to be out and about
I listen well and follow the house rules
I am learning to wait my turn
I am robotic vacuum safe - click here  ----> Video of Me

 Don't I sound Greyt ?   So come out and meet me this Saturday,  Princess Love of the Stairs!!  Till then here are some more pictures  of me.
Stair Princess

He's got my back 
And I've got his

need to try this yoga move next !

Pasty Payton: 2/9 - Almost time to find a home.

Hello Humans and Houndies,

Payton here. We have an adoptathon on Saturday. I will be there so come and meet me. FM is ready for me to find a home. She says that she loves me all the time. I know she is training me to go to my forever place. FM tells me I will be the perfect greyhound for some lucky people. I hope so. Not much has happened since my last post so I will get the pictures up for you.

Bark at you later,

Who says greys are not lap dogs.

Bale: 2/9 - handsome boy

Bale is relatively quiet inside but loves to walk and run outside. He loves people but have not had him around little folks. He doesn't jump up on people so would suspect he would be gentle with little ones. He is a beautiful shade of red which doesn't show up in my sun room pictures. Bale is one of the easiest fosters that has ever been in our home and he would be a greyt addition to anyone's home.

Stressed out Bale!
Getting sleepy!

How can anyone resist those eyes?

Secret: 2/9 - visitors

We had company the other day, and I was able to meet another greyhound, Charger, and his little sister, Princess.

I was all about trying to crawl up into his lap.  Have you heard that I'm all about being a snuggle bug?

I got a little too excited playing with Princess so Momma P had me hang out in the crate for a few minutes.

I love making new friends.  I hope my furever family has some to introduce me too!


Love: 2/8 - yoga

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, wait till you hear!!  I found out some exciting news today.  My foster mom told me about this adoptathon thingy where I get to meet some nice people who might want to take me home furever.  My waggy tail was going in circles when I heard that.  !! It's coming up this Saturday. !!

 Guess what else?  I went up and down the stairs all by myself, I wanted to see what they were doing up there without me.  I am definitely going to practice more today so I can be the princess of stairs!   Being the princess of stairs is sure to get me adopted, don't you think?

Foster mom took more pictures of guess who? -- Me of course -- check em out. !!.  Oh by the way do you know I do yoga?

yoga stretch #2
yoga stretch #1
enjoying the beautiful day
Love silly face 

Secret: 2/8 - fresh air

Hey everyone!  I'm still on vacation and loving this weather.  We all got to go for a walk yesterday afternoon and today.  

Something had our our eye, but we all patiently waited for our picture to be taken.

When we got home, I helped Momma P put away her shoes.  She laughed and said that they don't belong in the dog bed.

After dinner, I laid down with one of my favorite toys here.  Its nice, new, and very squeaky.