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Victoria: 5/30/17 - My sweet face

Hi there it's Victoria,
I wanted to send you some pictures of myself and what my foster mom and dad call my sweet face.  They tell me I'm super loving and sweet because I love to cuddle and get ear rubs.  I even give kisses that they think are super sweet.
I also love the outside just laying in the grass enjoying the sunshine.  Life has been so great since retirement. I also want to tell you that I'm sharing a house with it small human who's 8 years old.  Get along great with him and the small white dog they called Ernie.
I hope to see you on adoption day to show you just how much personality I have.
Love, Victoria

Timpe: 5/30 - Lazy long weekend

My first Memorial Day retired.  Foster mom didn't have to work for three days so that meant more time taking walks and lounging around.  Foster mom said I'm just getting better and better on walks.  I'm also learning the word, "Wait."  Foster mom says it when she puts my food down and when she opens the backdoor.  I'm learning that it means I should just stay where I am until she gives me the ok to move.  Here's pictures of me lounging all weekend.
I really liked laying down in the grass.

Even though foster mom thought this was funny, it was pretty comfortable.

I do a good dead bug impression.

The resident greyhound shared her bed with me.

Sometimes I just hung out in my crate and slept.

I found another comfortable place in the grass.

Sally: 5/30

Little Ms Sally has been a champ through all these rainy days.  We've been letting out between raindrops and she's done great!  Right now, we have another GEGR house guest that Sally has taken a liking to.  She is a little timid at first but quick to make friends and be right there for attention when you're giving it out.  Her play-bowing is so cute and she looks to you to make sure you're still paying attention and ready to play.  Her tail is non-stop now when you're talking to her and she's even starting to show signs of smiling!  I LOVE a good greyhound smile - if you've never seen one, you'll be smitten when you do!  Hers is just starting to show and I'm hoping to catch it in a picture; but, for now, you'll have to smile at this little girl and her other fawn friend!  (She's the one on the right ;)

Hoping that the rain will hold off long enough to get a little one-on-one walk with her tonight. Fingers crossed and I'll let you know how it goes!

Vennessa: 5/29/17 - Retirement Skillz

Check me out! I've TOTALLY mastered this retirement sleeping thing, right? I mean look at me, I can roach AND bed-fail simultaneously. Mad retirement skillz, I tell ya!

Vulcan: 5/29 - Finally!!!!!!!

Hello every hound and human,
I have to say I am so sorry for the late blog, my foster human has been in a lot of pain and has been human sick. (at least that is what she said). I don't know the difference between human sick and greyhound sick. A lot has happened since my last post so here goes.....


Normally that would bring to mind a basket with hotdogs, cheese and some wine...Well all I got was to sit in this pen and greet people and let them love on me. My foster mum had to leave me there so people could see my wonderfulness. I must say I impressed at least two families. Wonder who will it be?????

I have also been doing real good at home, I don't pee. well at least FM hasn't blamed me for it, since it is a squat pee and not an aimed pee, whatever that means. I have lots of foster brothers and sisters so I kinda just get lost in all the flurry of fur. I am a very good boy. I do sleep in my crate at night but I don't really have to. Foster mom tells me I am perfect. I hope you all will agree. So come meet me on June 10th and see if I can go home with you. And now for your viewing pleasure,

Well I color me embarrassed. Yes that is my foster mum in the hot pink shirt and cat ear's, cat ear's really, this is a hound event mum you got a bit confused, Oh this is Reese he is adopted but we hung out together.

Showing some support to my houndie friend Reese.
That is my foster mum in the cat ears. Shessh it is a wonder she didn't get attacked. Also can you guess who's butt is whose?? One is mine and one is Reese's

Victoria: 5/27 - Relaxing

Hi everyone,
It's been a week since my last post.  I have been learning what retired life is really all about which is napping most of the day.  As you can see I'm really good at it, says my foster mom. 
I'm a very curious, smart and loving girl and I respond well when you tell me that isn't okay to do.  I really love my rubs and I love to give kisses.  I'm really early riser but my foster parents are working with me on that one.
I heard there was an adoption event next month and I really hope I get to meet my forever family.
Love, Victoria

Curly: 5/26 - #FlashbackFriday

Remember that time Curly needed attention and found the shortest way possible to get there?

Yes she's ridiculous.
But adorable.

TB’S Timpe: 5/23 - field trip

Foster mom took me to the flea market on Saturday. It was loud and crowded and I was a little unsure at first, but my foster sister came along and showed me it was a great place full of great smells and more people to pet you. When people found out I used to race, they had a lot of questions about retirement. I loved all the attention. On our way back to the car, we saw a blues band playing.
We stopped and listened for a while. Then it was back home for an afternoon nap.

Curly: 5/23 - Post-Picnic Catch Up!

Curly ran and ran at the picnic, but who would know when at 6:20 Sunday morning, this is what we got?!  "It's good morning time foster mom and dad, the sun waked up!"

During tent break down time, Curly waited patiently for us to get our belongings together.

  Then on the way home, she so graciously crashed out!  Poor foster brother Cajun in the back corner got the raw end of that deal!!

Sally: 5/23

Hi everyone!
Sorry it took me a bit to introduce you to Sally.  She came to us on the May 13th haul and has just been an absolute gem to have in our house!  She was very shy and timid in this big new world and our house tends to be very active.  (There's another greyhound, and 2 pitties in our pack, along with 4 cats!)  It was probably very overwhelming and pretty sure she thought she was sent to an insane asylum - lol!  She just kinda stood back and observed but was really interested in watching everything that was going on!

 But finally, her beautiful and playful personality has come through.  This morning she was even bow playing and doing zoomies (while our other hound watched her as if she was crazy because it was 6:30 in the morning!!!!)  She does great in the crate; but, she definitely prefers an open-caged one vs the enclosed type.  I even find her just chilling in it sometimes.  Let's see, what else is awesome about Sally?  Since the second she stepped in the house, she's had absolutely no interest in any of our cats ... didn't even want to sniff them or check them out!  This is her chilling out on our back porch with Mr. Rum-Tug-Tugger right there with her.

She's a champ at doing steps and does great on our laminate wood floors - there's been a couple slips but she regains her composure quickly and doesn't do the "Bambi dance".  She's great at doing retirement ... this is her taking it all in after some fun in the yard with Grande.  She was napping before we even had time to take off her muzzle!

And the best part - she loves people!  She hasn't bonded to any one of us in particular - just whoever will give her some lovin' at the time.  She is perfect with kids, even getting loved and hugged on by my 4-yr old niece!

So, that's it for now - promise you want this little gal on your list because she is amazing!

Curly: 5/22 - did someone say cake

At the annual GEGR picnic, there's always cake for everyone to have.

Image may contain: text

Of course there's always one pup who tries to help them self...

No that's not icing you see on my muzzle.  Just look the other way.

Victoria - Picnic day! - 5/20/17

Today was a great day because it was the Greyhound picnic.  I met lots of friendly people who wanted to pet me and know all about me.  They even let me run around for a while and I loved it. 

Everyone said how loving and friendly I am.  I even tried to escape the foster pen a few times, but I was corrected by Mr. Squirty and told no. I am still learning about my boubdaries, but Foster mom and dad say I will soon get the hang of it. 

I am a pretty fast learner and I have only been off the track a week.   I know to eat breakfast and dinner in my crate and I go inside with no problem. I know my name and respond when being called.  

It's time for bed.  I am ready after such an exciting day.

Love, Victoria

Curly: 5/21 - picnic like a greyhound

Yesterday was the annual GEGR picnic and Curly hung out with all of the fosters.  At one point, she decided that the shortest way to attention was to go under Nighttime.  He didn't care, she didn't care, and all of us laughed.  

Hey what's this over here?

Why are you giggling at me?

And then there was this...
Every once in a while the humans need a moment to relax and use our xpens.

Bale: 5/20 - company


What a weekend.  My FM told me we were going to have some company this weekend.  I got really excited because I like being around other greyhounds.  When the door opened, in came one dog, two dogs, three dogs.  WOW.  I didn't expect all this company.  It is working out OK except they all want to love on my FM and it is hard for me to get in there for attention.  My FM knows I need lots of love, so she comes to me for our special, private attention.  Even with all this company, I still have lots of soft beds to lay on.

To tell the truth, I am looking forward to next week when FM goes to work and I can get some sleep.

Here is my latest picture.  I sure am handsome, don't you think?

Bye till next time.

Curly: 5/18 - GRAM VISITED!

Like any good gram, my mom had to come over and visit her new foster grandpup last night.  My mother cannot have dogs at this time, but she is so in love with dogs.  Like any good gram, the pups know when she comes over, good things will happen, so my pups were especially excited to see her walk through that front door.  Curly quickly learned what the excitement was all about.  MUSHIES (aka, marshmallows)!!!!!!  All the mushies you can eat, if gram has anything to say about it.  She sat and played for a while and in that time she made sure to tell me that I needed to share that Curly is a kisser!  She got so excited with gram that not only was she giving kisses, but she was so excited that the helicopter tail was going (circular, not back and forth), and she was snorting.  It was absolutely hysterical.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Curly got her name because of her "corkscrew pig tail", so not only does she have that adorable corkscrew tail, she snorts when she is excited.  You cannot help but laugh!  Of course, gram gets everyone all excited at 7 or 8 at night and the toys have to come out again, too.  That just made us feel like maybe it was picture time.  Oh, and of course after kisses, playtime and mushies (aka SUGAR), like any smart gram, she went home and left us with 3 sugared-up pups!

Timpe: 5/17 - Enjoying Retirement!

Timpe checking in. I’ve been retired for about six weeks now and I’m enjoying retirement. I spend most of my day lounging with the resident greyhound and terrier. They’ve been showing me the ropes. The terrier has been sharing her toys with me. I sure love toys. 

Every night when my foster mom gets home from work, everyone gets to go for a walk. I really look forward to that. There are ducks on our walk that really interest me, but foster mom told me that I’m not a retriever, I’m a sight hound and should just ignore them.  

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back to tell you more soon.

Nighttime: 5/14 - What a Weekend!

Wow, did I have a crazy weekend! A loooooooong ride, a busy day getting groomed and ready for my new Foster Mom, meeting my new Foster family, and then a day meeting and greeting my adoring public!
I'm in there somewhere, getting my fair share of petting! Everyone loved me and said I was a good boy!❤️
I made lots of new friends and I'm excited by this adventure called "retirement"! I can't wait to meet my new forever family.