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Jem (Dutch Jubilee): 8/23 - Who’s ready?

I AM!!!! And I’m so excited for so many new things - look what I just discovered .... TOYS!!!

Wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, so I decided just to hold onto this one  for now.
And I got some quality time with my foster boy - he’s just as cute as me!

 Lots of snuggles tonight! 💚💚💚
Oh and almost forgot to tell you about the HUGE BOOMS and super right lights happening last night!! They said it was an intense storm!!! This is what I thought about it:

Well - looks like there’s a busy day ahead so off to bed we go!


Wrecker (DKS Wrecking Ball): 8/23 - Take my picture!

Hi All! Foster Mom wants to take my picture for some reason, but I just wanna snuggle:
FoMa got lots of photos like this...

Some like this:

And finally, one like this:
Check me out. I'm cute!!

Bernie (Burning Desire): 8/23 - Ready for my big day!

Hello Friends! Bernie here with a quick pupdate. I've been told we're heading to an adoptathon tomorrow to find my Forever Family. I have a bit of a stoic face, so it might not look like it, but I'm super excited! 

I've been busy the last few days getting everything in order before we head out early on Saturday morning. Here, take a look: 

Learning to eat from a raised bowl

Practicing my napping skills...

...I'd say they are on point

There's nothing like a good snooze with
your foster bro after a long, hard day of
Here I am taking a walk with my foster
brother's friend and neighbor, Moby.
One of my favorite pastimes,
gazing out the window.
I'm on the lookout for my
Forever Family!
I'm all set for my big day...
See you tomorrow!

Kimmie (SNL Kimmie): 8/23 - The cow dog

Hi there again!! Sorry it's been so long since I've last written.
I've been having too much fun with my foster sister and foster brother (who is a cat...)
We were having a showdown.
Can you guess which one I am?

I am a super loving pup. Foster mom says I am friendly with everyone and I love to be around people! Foster mom had some friends over and I COULDN'T get enough love from them all!!

In Baltimore, I am learning all about the sounds of the city and I like being on my leash!

Foster mom also says I am a "cutie pa-tootie". Here's some photos to prove it!

Foster mom thinks my butt looks like the suit of clubs!
Can't wait to find my forever home!! I have lots of love and fun to share!!

xoxo, Kimmie

Dutch Jubilee (aka Jem) 8/22/19 - Upsies, Downsies

Wow!  What happened to yesterday??? Sorry to keep you hanging!!!  
The fostermom and I hung outside for a while together, just she and I.  
It was really nice being able to just chill and enjoy the fresh air.
I like exploring the yard but I'm even more content just hanging out 
and getting lots of scratches!  
I've figured out that if I just stand and stare at someone, 
scratches always come!

Most importantly, I practiced my ups and downs on the steps 
and she says I'm a pro now!  
Check me out!

Just a little break ... it looks so refreshing!!! 
But nope ... not even going to try!!

So, now back to the top!

That's my big accomplishment over the last day - aren't I amazing??  
And I'm so happy that the fostermom is so proud of me!

I promise whoever loves me, I will make you super proud too!

Burning Desire: 8/21/19- Getting the Hang of Retirement

Hello there, it's me, Bernie. I'm back to fill you in on all I've been learning since my last post. I'm on my way to acquiring all the skills necessary for a happy retired life. 

First, I've been working really hard to figure out how to properly use these things called "beds". I'm also learning to follow my foster mom's instructions when she tells me to go to my bed. I'm a fast learner, so I haven't found it too challenging. However, apparently I could use some work on my form: 
Am I doing this right?
Now I think that's better

I think I could get used to this

Another skill I'm told is important to learn is how to climb stairs. I wasn't too sure about this one. Those stairs, especially the really tall ones, can be kind of scary. Good news is I'm starting to get the hang of them. Yesterday, I was able to climb up and down without any help. It's slow going and I appreciate all the encouragement I can get, but I know I'll be a pro in no time. Here are a few photos of me when I was first learning:

Getting some help from my foster dad

What do you mean I have to
climb back down...?

...This must be a joke!
When I first got to my foster home, I realized that all floors are not made the same. I have no problem with the wood floors downstairs or the kitchen tile, or the carpet. The bathroom tile was a different story. It looks slippery, so I've been extra cautious whenever I have to go into the bathroom to supervise. 

I think two paws in is quite enough

Sometimes I need the assistance
of a bathmat island.
And sometimes my curiosity allows
me to build up enough courage to
stray from that bathmat island.

Lastly, I've discovered these things called "windows". They are fascinating features of house-life. I can stand inside and feel like I'm looking into the world outside. I had no idea these things existed or could be so interesting. 

Surveying the backyard

Keeping an eye on the
Sometimes gazing out the window is a team effort

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll sign off by saying that at first I wasn't sure how this whole retirement thing was going to go. Now I feel I'm really hitting my stride. I'm sure I'll be ready to race into the hearts of my Forever Family very soon! 

Until next time,
Bernie 😘
Nothing to see here...Just chilling with my foster bro

Exclusive Unity - 8/21 - Foster Duckie, You're the One

Okay, okay, so...
I have a GORGEOUS new friend. FoMa calls him Foster Duckie (FoMa here...he is EVERY foster's first love at my house). Maybe he's like me, waiting for his forever home? Yes, let's go with that.
I LOOOOOOVE HIM! We hug and snuggle and play and sleep...he even lets me give him kisses!
Sometimes when I'm napping, I like to burrow my head under his fluff. He makes me feel sooooo comfy, he's like a blanket!
I think that everyone should have a Foster Duckie. He is so comforting and fun and well, fluffy! I think we're already besties!

Later! We're gonna cuddle now...

❤ Unity

Lastofthemohican: 8/21/19 Moe Checking In

Hi Everyone, Moe Here.

I wanted to let my adoring fans know that I'm still looking for my forever family.  I didn't find them at the last adoption event. I did get another foster home though and that's where I've been hanging out for the last few weeks.  My new Foma said people need to see some updated photos of me so here we are.  I'm a little nervous but Foma says I'm so handsome that this should be easy.  Ok lets do this.

                                 Here's my strong silent look. Check out my dreamy eyes.

                                                  Look at my profile.  Truly my best side.

Why yes, I do work out a lot. 

Um, are we done yet? I'm getting tired of all this posing.  Pretty sure it's my nap time. Now Foma please get these posted so everyone and see my cuteness. I'll just be over here taking a much needed snooze.

Come back for more from Moe.