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Magic: 3/31

Having fun at greyhound central....napping.

Bale: 3/31 - Bales Tails, Furever Land

Hi from foster land.  Tomorrow is the big day, maybe, maybe, I hope I hope. It’s the adoptathon, when all the approved applicants get to come out and meet me.  I am ready are you? Maybe I can make it to furever land. FM wanted to share some info about me... She says:

  • I am a super sweet boy who loves hugs and gives kisses 
  • I sleep quietly through the night on a dog bed in her son’s room with Reese her other grey.  
  • I am learning to be quiet during the day too, I don't like to be alone but I am working on that.  I have been quiet in my crate all this week.  Yay for me!  It just took me some time to get used to it. Its only cause I miss all these nice people when they leave, so how can you be upset at that?
  • I can go up and down the stairs in my foster home, no problems there
  • I get along well with my foster buddy Reese
  • I like to know where foster mom is so I can always be close by, I think they call that being a Velcro dog.
  • I am eager to please and like my ears rubbed
  • I listen well and follow the house rules, though I do like to sniff counters when food is around so you may need to remind me not to do that.
  • I have only had one #1 accident two weeks ago and Foster Mom said it was totally her fault.  She feeds me in my crate and always puts me right outside after eating. One day she got busy and I followed her to the kitchen and stared at her hard. But ooops couln't stop myself made a #1.  So, from then on she always puts me right out after meals.  No more potty problems for me.  

Don't I sound like I would be Greyt for your family?  #CUSaturday.   #ComeMeetBale.  #PawsCrossed. #FureverLand4me 💓💓😃😃

Clipper - 3/30/17 Cuddle Bug

Foster Mom says I'm a cuddle bug. What do you think?
I like to snuggle on a dog bed, too! (I'm not allowed on the couch 😞)

Do you like to cuddle? I would ❤ to cuddle you! 

Secret: 3/30 - visiting

Know what I like doing?  Visiting!  I was able to visit with Charger and Princess a couple of days ago.  They've become my BFF's since I came to Momma P's house.

Princess let me chew on her bone, and shared her dog bed with me.

Charger even let me lay with him more than once.  

I hope I can meet more 4-legged friends when I find my furever family!


Magic: 3/30

Magic here Sat. is just around the corner. I'm getting excited. I'm ready to find my forever home. I ride well in the van, I walk very well too. Best part is that I get to chase the rabbit down the fence line every morning. Don't forget I love humans a lot. My foster brother and I are best buds. I will miss my foster Mom but she has helped me along. Now another pup can get the help that I have gotten and get their forever home. Well I must help do the laundry. See you later.

Bale: 3/29 ...Rhyme on a Wednesday

Bale is a beautiful sweet grey
and in retirement he now spends his day
for hours he sleeps
dreaming of treats
and a furever home to evermore stay

furever home dreams

Secret: 3/29 - spoiled

Let's talk beds.  Momma P has two beds for us 4-leggers downstairs and three for us upstairs.

This is Zoey's bed.  I lay in it every morning while Momma P gets ready for work.

This is my bed.  After I arrived here, Momma P realized that I would settle faster if she put a bed for me beside her own.  Now I sleep beside her every night.  

This is Olive's bed and there was this one time that she shared it with me.

Then the other night, a greyhound named Marty spent the night so she brought in another bed for him to use when it was time for bed.

After he left, I claimed it.  See now I have two upstairs that are mine.  One to sleep in at night, and one to hang out in and watch what's going on while we're upstairs.

Some people may say I'm spoiled.  I think they're mistaken. #PrincessInTraining


Bale: 3/29 - Bales Tails... morning walks

Hi from foster land, I am enjoying my morning walks. Isn't retirement is Greyt? I can go a pretty long way with no problems, almost 2 whole miles.  Pawsitively no problems with my paws. You know what the best part is?  The days we go on long walks,  I get extra food and snacks, how cool is that? We go early in the morning and today was so nice out, though now I need a nap after all that walking.  Check out some pictures from my walks.
Hurry up Foster Mom !!

Ooooh look a little white fluffy dog!!  
What's that guy running from?
It was cold this day. 
I need a nap after all that walking !!

Secret: 3/28 - walks and training

Hey everyone! With the nice weather outside today, Momma P took us for a walk this afternoon. I walked really well with Olive and Zoey. There weren't many kids out or squirrels, but I was on the lookout.

After we finished our walk, Momma P worked on my training. See whenever she takes me somewhere, I make her lift me into the car. Today she took out some treats with her and we worked on me jumping into the car by myself.

And guess what she found out?
I can do it all.by.myself.

I don't need her...I just like the free lift into the car.

See she had this treat in her hand and I wanted it. I totally forgot that I was supposed to be working her and went in after the treat. Guess I'm on my own from now on.

Oh well. It was good while it lasted.


Magic: 3/28

Magic here. It has been great staying with my foster brother and sister. But all good things have to come to and end. I'm ready to find my own forever home. I have learned a lot and I'm  ready to prove that I can be the very best pup. I have lots of love to give to that special family.One that I can call my own.

I can entertain you by jumping in the air to catch my toys and playing. I might be a little shy at first but I'll warm up. If you are looking for a tall handsome Male I'm you guy. My hair is soft and shinny and I'm looking great. Check me out this Sat. I'll be waiting.

Secret: 3/28 - snuggles

Hey everyone.  Thought I'd show off my snuggling skills.  I hear that's a favorite quality that furever families look for. 

Using Olive as a pillow.

Sitting with Zoey.

So if you're looking for a snuggler, I'm your girl!  Just put in an application at www.gegr.org.


Bale: 3/27 - Telepathy for Treats

Reese do you think if we stare long enough she'll give us a treat?  #cookie4us
BTW it worked... #cookies4all 👍👍👍

Bale: 3/26...red or white

Foster mom prefers a nice red blend in a long stem class. Me, I prefer a crisp, clear white in a metal bowl.

Bale: 3/26 ...ear salutes

...to the right, to the right, to the right.

Bale: 3/24 ...Bales Tails... mornings

Hi from foster land, so while I sit here pretty waiting for the weekend to start let me tell you a little about my foster life.
Sittin Pretty

 For now, I get to live with two big boys that Foster Mom (FM) calls teenagers.  They are fun, and have an interesting smell, FM says that’s stinky feet.  Good thing I am a sweet-smelling guy.  I thought I would tell you about mornings around this place.   Foster mom wakes us up at 5:30 am, phew that’s early!  Foster buddy Reese and I sleep in the 14 year old’s room.  It’s nice and snuggly in there, he gets to sleep till 7 though, but that’s Okay because I LOVE mornings.  I don't know why, but I am happy, happy, happy to be awake.  We zip downstairs and FM says lets 'put your hats on'.  She puts on our 'hats' and lets us out in the backyard (FM -- they are muzzles not hats, sheesh).  In case your didn't know FB Reese and I wear muzzles outside so we don’t get too playful and nip each other in our excitement. If I go out by myself I don't need a 'hat'.  After we do our potty we come inside take off our 'hats' and go get a cookie.  FM tells us we must settle for a cookie for now since she is going to walk us in a bit and she doesn't want to worry about our tummies having problems. We will get to eat later... she promises!  FM has her coffee (smells really good to me).  After coffee, foster buddy Reese and I just hang and watch all the morning craziness.  Reese and I go back upstairs to help wake up the 17 year old.   I help by giving him kisses on his face and ears, that usually does the trick.   Then there are breakfast and lunches to be made, books to pack, uniforms to find and finally the big boy is gone.  Foster Mom hooks leashes on FB Reese and I, and we head out for our long morning walk.   Those are super fun.  When we get back the 14 year old and the daddy are up.  Once the 14 year old leaves, FM goes to take a shower and gets ready for work.  Then FINALLY she makes our breakfast.  We get kibble and some yogurt and some kefir. I eat my yummy breakfast in my crate.  As soon as I am done she lets me out of the crate and I go out in the backyard because I need to 'go’ you know, I mean right away, you know?  After all that I'm ready for a nap.  Lots of comings and goings here in foster land…. More from Bales Tails next time.  

Secret: 3/24 - trying to roach

Hey everyone!  Secret here checking in to show off a few pictures of me.  Momma P giggled at me and said I looked silly.  She was hoping I'd stop and roach, but I was all wiggly.  I had an itch on my back, and her giggling didn't help make it go away.

I'm hoping my furever family doesn't laugh at me like Momma P did. You gotta do what you gotta do when you have an itch!  #MaybeOneDayIllRoachForHer


Bale: 3/23 ...more from Bales Tails.

Things are good here in foster land.  Sorry I've not been blogging, I finally told Foster Mom (FM), that if she didn't get cracking I was going to go ahead and do it myself.  Hmm, I wonder how you logon on to this thing.

Retirement is the best!, I've been going on walks every day, The other day I saw these little two leggers riding around on these wheeled things.  I wanted to run after them but foster mom said I can't chase bicycles, I guess that is what those are.  This morning I thought I saw some greyhound buddies and I wanted to go say 'hey greyhound buddies"  but FM said they were deer and I couldn't go play -- Bale sad face :-(.  Anyway there is so much to see on these walks, its quite exciting.  Back at the house I like to look out the windows, get pets and ear rubs. Click here ----> Me getting an ear rub  (FM says sorry the video is sideways.)  FM says I am a sweetheart and a very good boy.  Check back again for more from Bales Tails.

Black Magic: 3/23

I love retirement. I get to sleep in until foster brother wakes everyone up. On the good days we get to go for a ride and walk the park. I have a toy that I just love to death. It's call tug a jug. I get food in this jug and I have a good time with it. My foster sister is really smart she waits until I shake it and the food comes out and she runs in for the kibble without doing any of the work. I love my hugs and kisses on my nose. This weekend we will be able to be outside a lot. The warm weather is coming and we have yard to lay in the sun.

3/23/17 - Clipper - I help!

Hi All, Clipper here! My Foster Mom is a stay home Mom and I'm her big helper.
I help rinse off the dirty dishes.
I even help with the clean clothes!
(Foster Mom here, yeah, he's "helping" so, not really any actual help, but he's so cute ya gotta love him! He thinks he's helping, and that's what's important.)

Black Magic: 3/22

Magic has learned a lot of new things. He is a sweet dog looking for his forever home. We have been so good on our alone time. But as always my dogs are always there too. He wants to be able to see you at all times. We have not been having accidents in the house. But make sure I stay outside long enough. I sleep thru the night and stay on my bed in the bedroom. I still want to be first all the time but we are working on that. I walk on the leash very well.

Secret: 3/22 - toys or rawhides

Since I have a tendency to be a busy body, Momma P decided it was a good idea to break out a rawhide for me to keep me busy awhile ago.  Since then, it's the one thing that I always go back to when Momma P puts it down for me.  I'm not really interested in the toys that are here except when Momma P plays with Olive.  Then I have to be all up in it, and she plays tug with both of us...at the same time.  #HowDoesSheNotLoseAnArm

So note to my future furever family, can we get some rawhides, please?  #PleasePleasePlease


Secret: 3/20 - bedtime

Every night Momma P sends us 4-leggers upstairs for bed then she comes up behind us.  And every night Zoey and I wait for her to come up and join us.  Sometimes it takes her a minute and sometimes she's right behind us.   

"Whatcha doin' Momma P?"
"Why are you taking my picture?  It's bed time."

"Are you done yet?  Maybe I should go lay down."

"You're still standing there?"

"Seriously Momma P!  I've got a bed waiting for me, and you're keeping me from it."

I like my Momma P, but doesn't she know you're not supposed to keep a greyhound from their beauty sleep?