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Blaze: 5/15 Life with Blaze

Blaze is working hard to learn everything a retiree needs to know.  

"They keep the good stuff in here."

"People make great pillows." 

 "I don't think I can help you, but I'll try."

"Enough practice jumping in and out, it's nap time."

"Now if someone would just pet my belly."

"Now if only two hands were petting me."

"Good humans."

A little off roadin' 

Silly ears.

Blaze: 5/14 Blaze the Bold

A shrinking violet? Not this girl. She is ready and eager for new experiences. Whether it's meeting people or dogs, car rides, visiting friends, or walking in the park Blaze is up for it.  

 Blaze enjoys a romp with friends.

Her first time visiting Split, she explores his crate. 

"Someone new! Pet me!" Blaze says.

A huddle in the back corner. What are they up to? 

I was surprised when Blaze didn't move as I vacuumed. My hounds left the room. 

Blaze: 5/12 ... Just Right.

Blaze didn't realize she would have so many decisions to make in retirement. 
But she's having fun making them, for example what bed to sleep in. 

This one is too small...

Yeah, definitely too small...

This one is too big...

This one is too tall...

This one is just right...

 Yeah, this is definitely the one. 

Check back soon to see what Blaze is up to next.

Blaze: 5/8 A Walk in the Park

Blaze has been a busy girl sniffing and discovering all that's new in her world. She has learned so much in these first few days of retirement. She was treated to a relaxing walk in the park with friends.

Blaze is the white pawed brindle sporting the scarf.

Blaze confidently walking with her new friends.

Blaze and Split taking in the sights.

You  can just make out the white blaze on her neck that runs all the way up her chin.

So tuckered from the walk she fell asleep before laying down her head. 


After 19 races two year old Blaze is starting retirement.

Willing and eager to find out what is going to happen next.

Blaze was happy to lie down and enjoy the ride to her foster home. 

Watch for more as Blaze learns the joys of retirement.