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Dallas (Drink to That): 11/30 - Chillin'

Dallas here! Recovering from the excitement of Thanksgiving! It was chilly,  so I'm snuggled up to foster brother! I'm the handsome one on the right. 

I know he doesn't look thrilled,  but who wouldn't be thrilled cuddled up to me? FoMa says I'm a big love bug. 

Later, I helped FoMa clean up the toys. I love toys. Can you believe she had the nerve to call me a toy hoarder? I am insulted. I am simply keeping them safe. 

Did I mention that I love toys? 



Eyes (Dyin Eyes) 11/27 - Happy Post-Yawnsgiving!

Hi everyone, Eyes here! Just wanted to *stretch* wish you all a *big yawn* Happy post-Thanksgiving *snore*

Blade (GR’s Blade): 11/25 - Meet Blade!

My name is Blade! When I started at my foster parents’ house, I was very scared. I’ve never seen this part of the world before. With time, I am becoming more comfortable.  I learned to go up and downstairs, go on walks, wag my tail, and even sleep in! 

I surprise my foster mom every day. I am such a sweet boy!


Dallas (Drink to That): 11/24 - Bananadog!

I just had to show everyone my favoritest toy. Meet BANANADOG! Half dog, half banana,  all MINE!  I even built myself a little nest in FoMa's closet so I could have Bananadog all to myself. 

Check out my Bananadogging skills! 

See you again soon!  

- Dallas

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 11/24 - Me and LeBron James

Hello there - it's me, LeBron James! Oh, wait - that's another dude who's really talented, but we're here to talk about my awesome skills. Aren't we?

It's actually me, Eyes. But I'm starting to think I could compete with Mr. James. Oh no, obviously not in basketball (though I am pretty tall), but just in comparing how good we are at our skills. Check it out...

He's good at 3-pointers, right? Well, take a gander at my version of a 3-pointer - I now sit from standing just about every time I'm asked. You say Sit? My bum hits the floor. BOOM.

Booya! That's three from way downtown!!

Swish... Nothing but Net.

Not bad from outside the arc, right? Why is this important, you might ask? Again, it helps me learn that I have a place in the family - and that place is not at the top of the pecking order. That's your job, and it helps me feel more comfortable and confident knowing that if anything happens that I'm unsure what to do, I can turn to you for direction. These aren't "tricks", these are life skills for me. I'm going to be happiest if I learn to be polite and do simple things to earn my keep. Think of it as like when your Mom or Dad or whoever told you how important it was to say Please and Thank You - exactly the same.

Now, back to the trash talk ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ We all know LeBron has some skills when it comes to getting above the rim. But I've got that covered, too. You might remember from this post that I was learning to Sit and Stay, but maybe hadn't quite mastered all the nuances. Yeah, I can totally dunk on LeBron with Stay now. Just you watch and see!

See how good I am at that now? I think that's going to be on SportsCenter tonight!

And just for fun, how cute is this puppy? I think we should meet up and cuddle a little bit - does that sound good to you?

Don't mind the purple hue - UC was watching the Ravens game.

Okay, last thing? Don't forget how much I love adventures! Maybe my Forever Family will want to take me for super fantastic hikes? (hint, hint).

I think Everest should be on the 2021 calendar.

Don't forget to check out my previous posts if you haven't seen them. I make progress every day. And I'm ready for my Forever Family to come pick me up! I'll talk to you later this week with more developments (but less basketball - sorry about all that, Uncle Chris doesn't actually know much about BB but I thought it might be fun).

Love and Sweet Snuggly Hugs,

Dallas (Drink to That): 11/23 - Staying in Shape!

I didn't want FoMa to have all the fun working out.  You can take the greyhound out of the track but you can't take the track out of the greyhound!



Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 11/19 - More Skills

Eyes reporting for duty! I heard you were interested in seeing more of my skills (and maybe some cute stuff, right?).

First, let's talk about my work from home skills. We've all had to make that transition this year, and let me woof - it hasn't been easy for any of us. But we have to persevere. I've been working hard to do my part by being a good office-mate to Auntie Kate. She has those dreaded video meetings a lot, so it's important for me to use my skills in a support capacity. So I guess I'm really her K9 assistant? She better not ask me to get coffee, though...

I'm excellent at shorthand: S...L...E...E...P...Y...

You may notice that I have my very own assistant, Skeeky Puppy. I carried him up to the office from downstairs all by myself. He specializes in Data Analytics (just kidding, he specializes in Skeek). So if you need a good work partner for all those ridiculously boring video meetings? I'm your pup!

Now, one of the really important skills that any pupper needs is to be good on a leash, at least I think so. Especially if that particular pupper (ahem, ahem) likes to go for awesome walks with all the good sniffs and stuff. 
So what constitutes good leash manners? That's easy:
  • A loose leash. This is most important. It's okay to pull a little if you see a bunny rabbit or something really interesting, but for the most part? There shouldn't be any tension on the leash (unless the person is putting it there for a reason).
  • Responding to a gentle tug and a friendly word. If I get really interested in something (like another dog, which are awesome!), just a gentle reminder tug on the leash and a "C'mon Eyes" is all it takes to get me moving along again.
  • Not jumping off the dock to go see the duckies. Well, not yet anyway - no promises ๐Ÿ™ˆ. Just kidding...
Here's a good example of my leash walking skills. Don't mind the weird video - Uncle Chris had a hard time figuring out how to film this himself.

I really like my harness - it works extremely well for me. But see how the leash is loose and I'm just trucking along with UC? That's how we do it!

Okay, that's it for now. I'll have more pics and videos of me doing awesome stuff soon. I've still got to show you my mastery of Stay. And how I sit from standing now? I think that's going to be one that I'm going to come to regret - I believe that it's going to be involved in getting to go for walkies. Blech.

Oh, and remember my new pal, Ollie the Onion, from this post? Ummm, yeah... Turns out that he's not like Miss Kitty who I am so careful with. He didn't make it.

Poor Ollie.

Hey, don't forget to catch up on all my adventures in my previous blog posts.

Love and office help,

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 11/16 - Downtown Adventure!

Omigosh, I had so much fun yesterday! Wait, right... Hi, it's me - Eyes! Sorry, I'm just so excited to tell you.

I just love interesting walks. I like to see new stuff and sniff stuff and pee on stuff... it's just awesome! Yesterday was a nice, albeit windy, day and so Uncle Chris and Auntie Kate took me downtown on an adventure.

A regal profile in the state capital if I don't say so myself.

We walked down to Ego Alley first (that's the water behind me in the pictures). I got compliments from pretty much everyone on how handsome I am *Blushing*. I even won one lady a couple bucks on a bet she had with her husband on whether I was a whippet or a greyhound. Given that I'm a pretty big boy greyhound, I'm guessing they'd never seen either one in real life in the fur.

Checking out the duckies - have I mentioned I have cute ears?

Then we got to go to an awesome doggie store down there. It was so cool! I was looking around and saw a particularly interesting toy. Auntie Kate let me pick it out for myself and I got to take it home. Who knew doggie stores were so cool? I hope I get to go back, or just maybe when my Forever Family finds me we could go to a doggie store together?

I picked out Ollie the Onion all by myself!

Then it was time to head back home, so off we went up Main Street. I sure like walkies to new places - would you like to go on cool walks with me?

Heading back up main street.

And of course when we got home it was time for me to play with the toy I had picked out - I'd like everyone to meet Ollie the Onion!!

As you can clearly see, Ollie is the most amazing onion ever ๐Ÿ˜.

In other news - I am learning to Sit from a standing position! I haven't quite got it mastered yet, but I'm sure it will be good soon. And my Stay gets more flawless every single day.

Lastly, I want to give a quick shout out to all the really nice people I met on Saturday. If that was you? It was great to meet you and thanks for all the pets and ear scritches!

Okay, time for my nap. Roo at you soon!
Love and stretching while my feet are on top of yours,

Millie (Oakland Destroy): 11/14 - Look at Me!

What do I do on rainy afternoons?  I roach and smile. ๐Ÿ˜„

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 11/14 - My Favorite Friend

Hey, Eyes here again with a quick note to introduce you to my favorite pal in the whole wide world! 

Meet: Kitty ๐Ÿˆ

I love to play with Kitty! She doesn't squeak anymore, but that's okay ๐Ÿ™‚. Snuggling with her is pretty awesome, too!

Talk to you soon, okay??

Love and Kitty Snuggles,

Dallas (Drink to That): 11/14 - My Newest, Favoritest Hobby

Toys!!! I've discovered the toy box and it has TOYS in it! Can you believe it? I love toys! Squeaky toys, crinkly toys, rattley toys. It doesn't matter. I enjoy taking the toys out and carrying them to the other room to test for squeakiness, and then I go get the next one. Gotta make sure they all work right! Hope FoMa appreciates my interior decor skills! - Dallas

Bennett (B's Bennetti): 11/13 - Can you Believe it?!?

Like the title says, can you believe it? FoMa had some nerve. To. Give. Me. A. Bath... She said I smelled. I'm a Greyhound, and we do NOT smell.

Look at this torture! Look at it!

After my bath, I did get a fluffy bathrobe, though.

(Yes, that is tape holding the strap closed...๐Ÿ˜ณ)

I did get a nice, hot dinner after, so I guess I'll be ok after all.

Sledge (Kelsos Sledge): 11/13 - Learning How to Relax

Hey all you cool dogs and puppies, I'm Sledge! Did you know that "sledge" is another term for the word "sled" more commonly used in England?

Well, as much as I'd love to carry around all of your things in the snow, I'm actually just a greyhound. Also, I'm told I'm retired now which means no more hard work for me!

That's me snoozing on the bottom while foster sister Selene pulls off an interesting maneuver on the couch.

Foster mom tells me that I'm really handsome, so I try to look in the mirror as frequently as possible to make sure she's telling the truth.

I think she must be right!

Gotta go sniff around the city and figure out what type of creature my step brother is (he's a cat [foster mom edit]). Can't wait to meet you all soon!

Shark (JS Loan Shark): 11/12 - I am a Super Chill Grey!

Hi! Shark ๐Ÿฆˆ here again! I have to say that I am not a big fan of being out in the rain...but I love coming in to snuggle up in my crate! 

My foster mom says I am such an awesome and sweet dog! I just love being with my humans ❤️!  

My foster sister loves to read me and my foster brother, Jake books ๐Ÿ“š! 

Kobe (Coach Kobe): 11/12 - All About Me

Guess what, friends?! I have been learning so much at my foster home, like how to go up and down stairs, walk on a leash, take treats from people’s hands, wait my turn (I’m still working on that one ๐Ÿ™„), and how to enjoy retirement. I have also become a professional relaxation specialist.

My foster parents say that I am the sweetest boy! I sleep through the night, do my business outside, and eat all of my food (and check my foster siblings’ bowls to make sure they ate all of their food too. See? I am so helpful!). I have never shown any aggression to my siblings or humans, even when we’re playing, eating, or getting treats. 

Things I love:

- Being close to my people.
- Being a helpful assistant for all household tasks, even vacuuming (I am so brave).
- Meeting dogs, people, and children.
- Naps in the sunshine.
- Long walks where I can stand in tall bushes.
- Ear scratches.

Things I don’t like:

- Squirrels. They are the worst.
- Also baths.

I don’t know why my foster parents call me a “nosey parker.” ๐Ÿคท‍♂️  I am simply being helpful by using my long, curious snoot to check out every little thing. I especially love sticking my nose in my foster mom’s morning coffee. I am also exceptionally brave; I heard fireworks the other night, and I wasn’t phased at all. ๐Ÿ™Œ

So now you know! I am a sweet, curious, and helpful boy who loves companionship, a good scratch, and a day filled with naps and treats. ๐Ÿงก

Dallas (Drink to That) 11/12 : Introducing Me!

Hey, y'all! Dallas here! I'm settling into retired life here at foster mom's. It's awesome!  I'm happy happy happy! FoMa says I have helicopter tail, but I'm just so HAPPY I can't help myself.  I love everyone I meet!

I've discovered a new treat. It's called "broccoli" and it's awesome!  FoMa says I'm weird but I prefer the term "unique". 

Kitty (WW Unakite): 11/11 - About Me


Hello, Kitty here. I thought you might like to know a bit more about me. Here goes...

Even though I love to nap and relax, my foster parents say I am a "busy body". If I catch them walking past from one room to another, I'll jump right up to see what's going on! I really, really, really want to be where the action is. 

I love my routine and expect my breakfast, dinner and supper to be served at the same time every day. I'll either give you my big brown eyes or start pacing around if meal service is just one minute late! The good news is that I am a very neat eater and drinker and never make any mess. I even like to go to the bathroom in the same spot in the yard!

I don't need big long walks or lots of running around, but I need to do something every day to get rid of some energy. I think I would like a forever family that is either happy to take me on regular walks each day or has a yard I can do zoomies in. Maybe both?!

I have made so much progress since I've been in my foster home. I was scared of lots of stuff when I first arrived, but I've become braver and braver each day. I'm fantastic with stairs, and now I realize the trash truck isn't out to get me every Thursday morning (but maybe the recycling one is?). New things can still be a bit scary, though. I saw someone jump on a trampoline yesterday, and that gave me cause for concern! I was fine eventually, though...

One thing is for sure: I am a sweet, funny and loving greyhound!

- Kitty

Eyes (Dyin Eyes) 11/11 - Check it Out!

Whoa, hey everybody! It's me, Eyes, again!

Everyone is always curious about how retired racers do learning to be super awesome family members. Well, as you can see from the blogs of all my GEGR dog friends (and my blog, too - did you see my last post?), we all adjust pretty fast to life in a loving home. There are a bunch of things that help us get acclimated - especially to new people. Hand-feeding us, leash walks in calm places, and learning new skills together; those are all things that will help us bond with our new family members. I've discovered that learning new stuff is so cool!

Here's a cool skill I'm learning - STAY. See, I really like food, so I get excited when it's my mealtime. But I'm learning to wait politely until my meal is put down for me. (Note that this is already after I've done DOWN for some of my kibble like you saw in the video in a previous post)

Cool, right?? Just like Down, Stay is a skill we can work on together for us all to become family. Which is awesome.

Now, you might have heard that greyhounds are different from other dogs - stuff like the idea that we don't bark, don't shed, or we can't sit. Ummm, total malarky. We're individuals when it comes to barking - I'm not that much into it unless I'm being playful (or giving that weird robot vacuum a piece of my mind), and just about any greyhound can learn to sit.

Proof, you say? Ha.

Not a Problem, UC!!

I'm still learning, so I have to do Down first, but I'm a sittin' fool after that. And I can learn to do it from standing; it just might take me a while to get the idea.

Last thing - I heard from a little birdie ๐Ÿฆ that some of you might want to meet me? Okay, but just be prepared that I'm a little shy around strangers when I first meet them, so you might not see my awesome personality right away. Okay? But I promise that as soon as we're friends, you'll be getting the best greyhound hugs a Forever Family could ever want.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my Other Blog Posts. Hopefully, I'll see you soon, okay??

Love and two paws on your lap asking for hugs,

May (PJ May I Please): 11/10: Sweet Little Girl

Hi, I'm May! My foster mom says I'm such a sweet little girl and that I'm very happy.  I want to know everything that's going on. I think I'm settling in very well to retirement. Foster mom also says I am good around my housemates.  I'm discovering new things every day. Yesterday I found out toys are fun to throw around!