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Ramesses (Ram's Jon Turner): 1/21 - Will You Be My Cuddle Buddy?

Now that I'm officially retired I finally have time for a permanent relationship.  I absolutely LOVE to spend time with my people and cuddle. Do you think you might be the ones to cuddle with me?

GOOD - Foster Brother and I

BETTER - Foster Brother & I

BEST - FoDad & I

Dresser (Flashey Dresser): 1/18 - Settling into Retired Life!

Hi! I’m Dresser! I am a young (not even 2 years old yet), tall handsome boy, that is full of energy! Fo Mom says I am a 73-lb puppy!! I LOVE all of the petting and attention I am getting! I pay back my Fo Fam with a lot of licks!! I have fallen into my Fo Family’s schedule and I hear everyone saying what a sweet and goofy boy I am! 
I am really enjoying this retired life!!


Here I am with my Foster Brother “Jake.”

Sandy (Alto Sun Sand): 1/17 -Trying Out This "Foster" Thing

Salutations! I'm Alto Sun Sand, but you can call me Sandy. I raced from Jan 2018 through the end of Dec 2020, and although I don't like to brag, I had a pretty good career! I got picked up by my Foster Mom (FoMo) and had a nice nap on the car ride to her place...my "FauxHome," if you will. After we arrived, I got to meet my foster sister and we all went for a walk. That's me up top, pretty in pink!
After dinner, I picked out a bed and took a delightful nap. Once I woke up from that, I was refreshed and ready to go to bed! It was a big day...can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Burst (Js Xplosion): 1/14 - Peanut Butter!

 I learned new words today, and they're the Most Delicious Words I've ever tasted!

It's so sticky and yummy, and everyone shares it so nicely, I just couldn't get enough!

Please tell me you'll have PEANUT BUTTER!!!
                             (They did say that some people can't have it, so I'll understand ...                                 
I'm sure there are other delicious words I still need to learn!)

Sven (K's Sven): 1/14 - Settling In

Sven again! Well, it's been a week since I started retirement. Foster Mom tells me I'm a really good boy, and I learn very quickly.

I love going for rides in the van. I still need a little help getting in. I love taking foster Mom's slippers and hiding them. Just to let you know, I don't chew on them. I want to cuddle on the couch, but I'm not allowed on the furniture. Maybe I could cuddle with you?

Glory (Lotta Glory): 1/13 - A Cat, a Dog, a Boy, a Bike and an Army Base

Glory here!  So, I went out after dinner with my foster family on a jaunt through the neighborhood and boy did I ever get lots of new experiences!  I saw a cat (not interested), a dog (mildly interested), a boy on his bike (really interested) and heard lots of loud sounds from the nearby Army base (APG - not phased in the slightest by the booms). I continue to do well adapting to my routines. I get along well with the kids and am getting ever more adventurous and outgoing, too!   When we got back from my walk, I decided to go lay down in my crate for a bit - seeing new stuff is SO exhausting, don'tcha know?

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Deville!

Dallas (Drink to That): 1/13 - Check Me Out!

 Hey y'all! Dallas here. Feeling cute and had to show off my favorite pose, so here it is!

If I come home with you,  I'll make sure that your toys are never lost. I'm the toy finder extraordinaire! You DO have toys, don't you?

Well, I'm off to help FoMa make dinner. 

Hugs and stuffies,



Burst (Js Xplosion): 1/13 - New Friends

Burst here again! Remember the friends I told you about? Well, I really like them, and they were so welcoming! Well, at least most of them; I'll explain that in a bit.

The ones with 2 legs let me hug them and kiss them, and they love to hug and kiss me too! I've made friends with big ones and little ones. Here's one of my favorite foster 2 leggers.

And here's my favorite 4 legged foster brother. They call him Grande, and he stopped racing 2 years ago.

And this is the one I'm just not sure about; he is a 4 legger too, they call him a cat, and they said I'm supposed to be friends with him too.  But he whaps me on the nose sometimes when I try to give him a kiss; he just doesn't appreciate hugs and kisses like the 2 leggers do. Maybe if I stop trying to sniff him so much, we could be friends? For now, I should probably try to keep my distance, I guess?

So, whatcha think?  Wanna be friends?

Siberian (Mega Siberian): 1/12 - Retirement is Fun!

Hi Friends! I love retirement. I've learned so much during my first week in foster care. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Foster Mom says I'm tall and handsome; I don't disagree with her! Look at how good I look in my plaid coat! But, I don't mean to digress. I know you want to see past my good looks. I have to tell you, I LOVE people. I give Foster Mom kisses every chance I get, and her boyfriend is also so much fun to follow. They both tell me I'm such a good boy. So many GEGR volunteers also told Foster Mom that I have a sweet personality when she came to meet me after my arrival. I also LOVE to play. And, while I'm pretty independent, I do LOVE to hang out with Foster Mom's pups. So, if you have bigger dogs to play with at my new forever home, I'll be so excited!

When I first arrived, I had to learn a few lessons quickly. One, don't pee on anything unless I really have to go. So, that meant wearing a belly band for a few days. I'm doing much better now. They're a bit uncomfortable, so I showed Foster Mom she can trust me a bit more when I started pulling them off or pulling out the stuffing! Next, don't take food from the counter or go into the garbage. I learned quickly that those are not good behaviors. Oh, I also learned not to take food off dinner plates. I just wanted to share, but I guess it's not polite to run off with someone else's food. I know these are the rules, but you'll have to remind me when you bring me to my forever home. 

One of my favorite things to do is take walks. Foster Mom walks me often, and I've learned how to walk next to her dog, and I'm working on resisting my urge to pull when I see something exciting. But ducks are pretty exciting!


Burst (Js Xplosion): 1/12 - Here I Am!

Burst here!  I can't believe it's been over a week since I got to my foster place - time flies when you're in retirement!

It's been a whirlwind of fun and I'm greyt! My new adventure started with a very pleasant car ride. I was very curious about the lady in the window giving out cups. I didn't get one, but it was still really cool!

Then I slept for the rest of the ride.... well, except for when I found a glove and was playing with that until they took it away because they didn't want me to eat it ... I mean, really, who's going to eat a glove??

Then we got to my foster home and met two other hounds like me and two little pitties that love me too; it's really neat having so many new friends already. And guess what they had? TOYS!!! I LOVE TOYS!! It was soooo much fun playing with them.

It really wore me out and I took a nice comfy nap right in the middle of them all!

So, that's my first adventure. I can't wait to have a lot more; maybe even with you?!?!

Tazz (Abington): 1/12 - Enjoying Retirement Life

Hi!  I'm Tazz.  My FOMA calls me "Split Level" because I love to stand with my front legs down and back legs up.

I'm told I also lay on my bed a little wonky.  FOMA calls this a bed fail incident.  What can I say? I love little beds!

Until next time! - Tazz

Blade (GR’s Blade): 1/10 - Smiling’s My Favorite

Blade is just the sweetest boy! The most eye-catching part about Blade is his teeth. He is always showing his pearly whites off! He smiles for treats, walks, belly rubs, and comfy beds. 

Felix (Barts This is It): 1/10 - Happy with Retirement

Hi there it's Felix again. After a week with my new foster family, I gotta say I am happy to be retired. It is nice to be able to go in and out of the crate as I please.

The beds here are so comfy, and I love staying warm in this sweater. 

I could sleep all day here.

I thought I heard a leash! Time for a walk with my foster sister!

Nathan (Cuttin Cards): 1/10 - Greyt dog!

Hi! I'm Nathan. My foster mom says I'm a great dog - even-tempered and loving. I enjoy playing with foster sisters and am amazing on a leash. I love toys! And snacks! I like to be RIGHT THERE when I'm moving around - very good practice for coordination.

I know and enjoy my crate as a comfy spot during the day, and sleep fine on a bed in FOMA's bedroom at night. I have even mastered the stairs!

I better go -- it's nap time!

Wolf (Arkan's Wolverine): 1/9 - Say It With Me...

Fish are friends, not food!

Okay, so maybe I tried to chomp a catfish through the glass once, but I was seriously just playing.

I love the aquarium, and readily provide your fish friends with social interaction. FoMa has to clean my nose prints off the glass daily, but she doesn't mind.

From FoMa: Wolfie is such a good boy. The aquarium is one of his favorite things, especially at night when it's lit up! He doesn't air chomp at it any more...just presses his nose against the glass and watches. So very cute.

♡ Wolfie

Kaia (Loyal Kaia): 1/9 - Free Hugs

Free hugs here! That’s right, come get your free Kaia hugs right here!



Glory (Lotta Glory): 1/9 - Wherein we explore Charles' Law of Greyhounds

Jacques Alexandre César Charles was a french dude born in 1746.  Some say he was an inventor, a scientist, a mathematician and, in what can only be described as being a daredevil in his time, a baloonist.  Now, I've scoured the world over for proof, but I also believe he was a Greyhound owner.  Why, you may ask?  Well, he is credited with discovering Charles' Law.  There's a lot to this law, but it is commonly understood to mean that gas will expand to fill all available volume.  Many people believe this was due to his passion for hot-air balooning, but if we look close enough, I believe we may be able to prove that it was due to an unpublished, unverified affinity for Greyhounds!   Stick with me now.  

Exhibit A:  

Here we see Glory.  She is expanding to fill more than one dog bed.  If that's not proof enough that our resident Air-Head (um, Baloonist) Jacques Charles was talking about Greyhounds with his famous discovery, I point to Exhibit B!  Greyhounds are famous for their gas.   There!  Greyhounds have gas and expand to fill all available volume of dog bed space!   Side note:  If you want this adorable little scientist in your home, you better act FAST.  Who knows how big she'll be and how many dog beds she will be able to fill in two weeks.  

Also, this morning, I got to hear her adorable voice this morning!  She sang a salute to the morning when she was reunited with her new best friends Whiskey and Pepper!  What dolcet tones, what a sweet melody!  Oh, rapture, Glory be thy name.

Also, Glory has tripled down on her ability to share!

Pepper, Glory and Whiskey, all taking a bit of snooze together!

So, there you have it.  This sweet, quiet, ever-expanding young lady is looking for a forever home and someone out there is surely going to want to expand their home.  Could it be you?

Gem (Centex Gemstone): 1/8 - Getting Comfy

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, foster sister Selene was teaching me how to get comfy.

Apparently, there's this thing called roaching where you lie on your back and stick all of your legs into the air like a dead cockroach. Well, it sounds gross, but it's actually really comfortable!

Next, I learned that I could roll around into the furniture and let that prop up my legs. I'm not sure I'd recommend this tactic for the future...

And then I learned that I could use Selene's butt as a pillow! Now THAT I'd recommend. I'm sure Selene loves it too, you can tell by that look on her face.

I love sleeping and being comfortable! I can't wait to snooze in my forever home!

xoxo Gem

Felix (Barts This is It): 1/7 - The Gentle Giant Awakens

                                                                     Felix here again!

                                                    I am really starting to dig the retired life.

My foster sisters have been very welcoming. 

We love to play.....

Speaking of playing, they shared some toys with me, and it is a blast!

All right, I got to go; I am tired from all this excitement.