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Norman: 12/27 - Checking In

Hi Everyone,

It's Norman. I just thought I would let you know that I haven't found my forever home yet. FM said I was still a little rough around the edges.  Technically I'm a dog so I don't really have edges.  FM has still been making me work on my house skills.  I'm proud to say I can now do the stairs all by myself.  I don't need a boost to get going any more.

I've also learned about toys.  I brought FM that pair of shorts from another room.  FM offered me a stuffy instead. Boy that was way more fun. I'm learning there's lots of toys that are for us pups and I should play with those and not human stuff like clothes and shoes. 

There's a lot more house rules to learn and your boy Norman is learning them all.

Stay tuned for more of my skills.  Just need FM to catch me doing them.

Kay's Copper: 12/5 - Where the (Slumber) Party At?

Hello, just your favorite turn-key hound reporting in! The past week or so has been pretty chill. I'm still minding my manners like the proper gentleman I am.

You know what else is gentlemanly? Cuddling. I'll cuddle all day! No strings attached!

See? Cuddles. All day. Everyday. Face to face. By myself.

I like to be where the (slumber) party's at!

Not-so-gentlemanly.... sometimes I like to let it all hang out. Sometimes... you just gotta let it all hang out...in a totally-not-creepy-or-weird-sort-of-way... this is getting awkward. Anyway, moving on!

Foster Mom made me my very own Christmas stocking! Can you believe that?! I hope it's filled up so much and so heavy by the end of it that it falls off the wall and RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH! NOM NOM NOM NOM
(*I wonder if Santa likes to cuddle? Maybe his reindeer? Surely one of the elves? Hmmm...*)

Anyway, that's it for now. There are zoomies to be zoomed and naps to be napped!


Kay's Copper: 12/2 - It's Beginning to Look a lot Like ZOOMIES

Howdy there! Guess what I just found out about? S A N T A!!! Did you know that if you are a good boy (or girl), that this strange, jolly fella breaks into your house and leaves you with all this cool stuff? NEAT, RIGHT?! I am SO excited! I wonder what Big Red (aka Santa) is gonna bring me? You know what I'd really love more than anything? A forever family! I only wish I had a narwhal pal to say "Bye Copper! I hope you find your dad!" I mean... I've seen some narwhal plushy toys at the pet store... ((hint hint)).

Just the thought of my own mom and dad (and maybe some kids, too!) just makes me sooooo excited! So excited, in fact, that I can't help but zoooooooom around the room! Watch me go! * vroooooom *

Phew! Now I'm tired... Guess I'll be off for a nap now. 

I sure hope I get to meet some more families soon! I just know my family is out there probably thinking of me too, I hope.

Until next time,

~ Coppaaaaaah