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Date: 9/29 - The bowl collector

Hi it's me - Date!
My foster mom had to post one last picture tonight. It's of me collecting bowls.  For some reason, I love to be surrounded by shiny metal bowls.  I pick them up one by one and bring them on my bed. I now have three bowls! See how silly I am?
See you tomorrow!

Coach: 9/29 - I'm ready!

Is it time yet ... is it time yet?

C'mon!  How much longer do I have to wait?

I reallllyyyyy can't wait for a new adventure!

Date: 9/29 - Call Me Maybe

Happy Friday Ya'll!
I just had another check up at the vet to remove my stiches.  The vet says I healed well.  It took longer than expected because I kept fiddling with it.  My foster parents finally convinced me to leave it alone 珞.
I keep thinking about tomorrow and I can't wait to meet my future family! 

Pinjara: 9/29 - waiting patiently

This is my "Hey FM are you done in there so you can come pay me some attention" look.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
I'm hoping it works with my furevery family!


Zeke- 9/28- Toys and Twins

So word on the street is that I get to meet some new people this weekend who may love me enough to take me home... so I wanted to show my best sides today.

First, if you like playing with toys, then I already like you! I like all toys, preferably ones that squeak and that are fun to chew.

Also, I am super good at blending in. See, you have no idea which one is me and which one is my foster sister!

In addition I am kissy, silly, bouncy and a wannabe shadow. I also love food and love playing in the yard. My favorite time is for sure meal time and secondly every second someone is paying attention to me.

I have a ton of wonderful traits (I mean SO many), but the best one by far is that I have so much love to give and I am just waiting patiently for my forever family. Could it be you?

Coach - 9/28/17 - Shhhhh ....

.... I'm dreaming of my new family.

My dream is telling me I'll be finding it soon.

"Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."
~Lilo and Stitch

'9/28 WW's Overload 'Raven'

Hey Everyone, you may remember  me as Overload but that's kind of a mouthful so you can just call me Raven. I picked a family a few weeks ago but it turns out I might be happier in a home without cats. No worries though, I came back to hang out in a foster home until I can find a better fit. In my new foster home there are two other greyhounds and I enjoy hanging out with them. Check me out with my foster brother, we're like twins! (that's me on the left)

My foster home has this greyt bed that I just love so much. It makes me so comfy I roll upside down and go right to sleep.

The resident hounds here like that bed too but I know how to wait patiently for my turn.

If you are looking for a sweet quiet girl in a cute little package I'm your hound and I'll be waiting patiently for you! Raven 


Hello - my name is Lacey and I'm just retired from racing. I'm using the word retired lightly because I did not like racing at all so the kennel where I was living thought it best to give me an early retirement.

 I'm just a baby girl and just recently turned one.

 I know the treats are up there somewhere.
 I am not afraid of stairs.  I am not afraid of stairs. (maybe just a little)
I like to stop and smell the flowers. My foster mom says I'm such a pretty, sweet girl. I'm a little shy when you first meet me, but I give great kisses once we know each other. I get along great with other dogs and have no interest in cats. I'm very well mannered and have so many things I'm looking forward to as I learn the ways of retirement. Keep me in mind for your family!!

Pinjara: 9/28 - Playtime is the best time!

Everyday when FM comes home, we get to play.  This time has taught me that toys are to be played with, not ignored.  I've learned some mad catching skills, and I chase the tennis balls down the hallway too!  FM was so excited to see this.  She said she's never had a greyhound play fetch before.  In all fairness, I run to get the ball but always bring it back to my bed.  I'm halfway there to acting like a retriever.  :)

I love running after the toys when FM tosses them everywhere for us.

 What do you mean I have to learn to clean up my toys?  Not happening.  You're the one who made the mess.


Date : 9/26 - Attention

Hi it's Date,
I'm looking forward to meeting new families this weekend.  Here's a couple of pics of me this week.
I'm doing great getting used to the retired life.  I like to play with toys and take my food bowl to my foster brother's bed.  I'm still waiting on the food refill!
I hope to see you this weekend!
Miss Date

Zeke: 9/27 - Roaching Lessons

Hey All! My foster siblings have taught me to roach! At first I thought it was just a dead insect, but now I know how fun it is!!

Here’s proof of my accomplishment:

Pinjara: 9/27 - helping out FM

On Sunday, FM went outside to do some yard work.  
I went with her to see what I could do to help.

She said that this was more along the lines of not helping.
I'm not sure what she means...last time I heard, she loves my kisses.


Coach: 9/26 - A quick hello

Just wanted everyone to remember I'm available for adoption :) 
I'm looking forward to still meeting lots of people!  
(and hopefully going home with my new family soon)

By the way - did I tell you I get along with everyone?
I really don't mind sharing "my" bed at all.  
Matter of fact, I was here first and had no problem at all having Ms. Roo join me!

Like I said - just a quick hello - see you soon!

Allie: 9/26 - On A Tuesday

Could someone please tell me what this thing is? They say it's a dog but it definitely does not look like me. I've made friends with this little thing and we like the same things--eating, sleeping, playing-- so we hang out together in the yard.

But I have picked another friend to take naps with and this one is so fuzzy and even squeaks sometimes. Don't I have beautiful eyes? Foster mom says I have doe eyes. I'll take the compliment.

I also love all those little people at the bus stop. They come up to me and pet me and scratch my ears and tell me how sweet I am. I could listen to that all day.

But theres work to be done in the yard so I help out--Im learning a lot from my foster sister.

Date: 9/25 - Are you ready for it?

Hi, it's Date!  Here I am being cute again.  See that dog bowl next to my foster brother?  I brought that to him, hoping  that he could put food in it.  He's giving me a confused look. 
If you are looking for someone to give you lots of kisses and be your sweet shadow, I'm your girl.  I love to watch my foster family eat dinner and sometimes they have to tell me to lay down.  I'm pretty persistent about it.  I do love food.  I'll have what you're having any day of the week.  Did I mention that I love eggs?? 
I hope I get to meet my family that will take me home for good.  I have lots of love to give! 
Love, Date

Pinjara: 9/25 - just a little bit talkative

I've been with FM a few months now, and she's learned that I'm going to tell her my opinion...whether she wants it or not.  I think her least favorite time to hear my opinion is when I want her to get our dinner.  She can tell me we still have another hour until she's blue in the face...don't care.  

 yeah scotus eff GIF
Feed me!


Coach - 9/25/17 - Most Awesome Weekend!

I'm so excited to tell you all about my weekend!
It started with the boy's game where they kick a ball back and forth on a field.  
Here we are getting ready to go:

Notice I was laying down and ready before she even got her seat belt on?
That's because I've figured out it's easier to 
just lay down rather than trying to stand for the ride.

Then it was off to a Fall Festival at Marshy Point Nature Center.
I got to see all kinds of things and people!  Soooo much petting - I loved it!
Here's one of the creatures I met:
Can you tell I'm in retirement?  The tortoise beat me by a nose.
(That rarely happened in my racing days - I was a great runner!!)

 And then look at this ginormous thing:
I wasn't even afraid of him at all!
(Of course, he didn't move much)

 Next up was some make-believe with the mom's niece 
(she's 6 yrs old and I love her)
Check out those steps I went up ... and you could see right through them.
No big deal though - I'm great at steps!

Of course, we had some chill time just laying around together.

 Even some silly time too:
I'm such a good sport - the kids love me and I love when they play silly things with me.
 I'm just so patient!

And then it was back home we go; I took up my favorite position.

Boy was I exhausted when I got home though!  
We were on that adventure for almost 4 hours!  
I know I could do it again - 
I just love being outside seeing new things!
And I especially loved hearing a couple people say 
they just might be filling out an application!

Date - 9/23/17 - Look what you made me do

Hi, it's Date!  I am still in a T-shirt these days because of my mischevious ways.  In this picture, I am helping foster mom cook in the kitchen.  I'm still learning manners, but I am a lot better about leaving the dinner table.  I get along with my foster brother and sister. I'm playing with toys and loving chewies.
I'm enjoying retirement a lot.  I love the company and attention I am getting.  I'm such a lovable girl!  I hope to meet my forever family soon.
Love, Date

Pinjara: 9/23 - hey lady

I'm still a little on the skinny side so FM gives me an extra cup of food every night right before bed.  I finally figured out that I get this nightly snack, and I like to remind her just in case she forgets.  She likes to give it to me around 9:00pm but I prefer it sooner.  You'd think all of my repeated pacing back and forth to my feeder at night would make her take the hint.  Maybe one day she'll cave to my demands.

That's me waiting on my nightly snack.