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SNL Kimmie

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!!! I'm Kimmie!!
I love life and I love people and I love my foster sister, Selene, who looks JUST like me!
(I'm on the left in case you got confused)
In my retirement, I've already learned how to go up/down stairs, sleep in, lounge around, and also jump in a pool (that, I won't be doing again). And I'm all smiles while doing it!

I am so excited to find my forever family to give me pets and smooches!

Dutch Jubilee (aka Jem) 8/19/19 (pm) - All smiles :)

Hi again!!!  I know, twice in one day!  I just had to let everyone know how greyt I'm doing in this foster place.  I'm loving all the fun here.  This is a very active place and I'm just amazed at all that goes on.  I like to kinda just hang back and take it all in. 


But, I do have my fun too!  Here's me working on some mad yoga skills, aka downward dog:

(Also practicing some camouflage techniques too - lol!)

I'm just so happy and easy going.  I love being right there watching everything.  
I'm just so happy being retired and I'm all smiles :)

Happy Day!

Burning Desire: 8/19/19 - Hi! I'm new here.

Hello Friends! My name is Burning Desire, but I prefer to go by "Bernie". I am a sweet, three year old, red boy with a greyt 5 o'clock shadow. I'm recently retired and have been getting settled into my foster home. The past few days have been a whirlwind! It may have only been a few days since I left the kennel, but I've already been very busy. I always thought retired life would be more...relaxed.
I'm new to this whole riding in
a car thing...

...But I'm a fast learner!
Anyway, I made it from West Virginia, to Maryland, and then finally to my foster home in Virginia. I've had a few long car rides, met some fellow retirees at a birthday party, learned about these scary things called "stairs", and figured out retired greyhounds don't have to sleep on the floor because we get our own beds. I've figured out quite a lot in just a few short days, but am quickly realizing I still have a lot to learn. 

Getting ready for a taste
of "ice cream"

I love the water.
Look at this giant dog bowl I found!

Ready to party

Taking in the smells of the backyard
Hanging with my foster brother, Darwin

As you can see, I'm making the most of my retirement. I'll be spending the rest of my week practicing all the things necessary for a happy life with my Forever Family. My foster mom will take lots of photos so you can keep up with all that I'm learning. 

Until next time, 
Bernie 😘

Dutch Jubilee (aka Jem) 8/19/19 - Starbursts or Skittles?

Hello fans!
I'd like to introduce myself as I just came to my foster home on Saturday.  I got to ride there with one of my other friends (Kimmie) and quite enjoyed the ride and the company (once we figured out where to settle in the car).  When we got to my foster's, there were others just like us!  One looked like my friend and 2 others that are all black!  We were a very colorful group.  This picture made them wonder if maybe we were Starburts or Skittles - lol!  (That's Kimmie, Selene, Hendrix, Grande and ME :)  We're a 100% GEGR pack!!

So, a few things I've gotten use to already:
I only hesitated for a second but then just went right up. 
(they're saying I gotta slow down just a little bit at the end 
but I'm just so proud of myself for not being afraid of them)
Those traction-free floors!  
Thankfully there are some carpets but I don't really need them, I just take my time.
My one foster friend said it's actually hot lava and he can't believe I step on it!
Breakfast and Dinner Time
I am very polite about waiting my turn to get my food and I eat it nice and slow. 
There's no rushing me to eat :)
Fluffy little furballs, not much else to say about them.
(I'm retired and have no desire to chase fluffballs anymore)
OMGosh - there is a little boy, he's 11, that is already my BFF!  
He keeps saying I need to stay and be his dog because 
I love following him around and hanging out with him. 
He's definitely my favorite part so far.
(PS - Mom says "nope, the inn is full here and there's someone else out there who needs me too")

Well, I think that's all for now.  Who out there needs me?  I certainly need you!!

MJ Cream - Back for More

Hey everyone!  MJ for the win!  I know it’s been a long time since anyone has heard from me and I’m sorry to have kept my fan base waiting for so long.  It has been a very busy few weeks!  I’ve been working hard at learning leash manners and I’ve about got it licked!  I listen to “heel” pretty good now and really love to take walks!  I still get really excited to see other people, but I’m learning to wait nicely to meet them.  Fo-pa says I’m doing greyt!  This past week I got to spend a lot of time with one of my Fo-sis and Fo-niece.  They absolutely adored me and I was on my very best behavior. I got a lot of love, hugs, and cuddles!  My absolute favorite!  The said they wished they could have taken me back to Georgia with them, but Fo-pa said I had duties to attend to here (you know - like becoming one of your furever pals)!  A new adoption day is coming soon and believe me!  I’m so ready to meet you all and find a nice spot deep in your hearts to cuddle up into and furever change your life!  Until next time!

Windy Trixie

Hello everyone, I am a 2 year old female greyhound named Trixie and I am looking for a forever home!

Today I arrived at Greyt Expectations and after some grooming I met my foster dad. I am very excited and constantly checking everything out and always wagging my tail! I do get excited an try to hop up to greet people but that’s because everything is new to me. I am able to jump into the back of an SUV and the ride to  my foster home was 45 minutes.

I did fine in the car but did not like to sit down at all. My foster dad put me in a chest harness and secured it to an anchor point so I had just enough slack to stick my head out of the window and enjoy what any normal dog would do!

When I got to my foster home I met  another greyhound plus some pretty strange looking dogs; two large Great Pyrenees, a Golden Retriever, and a little Beagle mix. After a was walked around the yard I was muzzled let loose with the other greyhound and then the little beagle was introduced. Even though he was running with us, I greeted him and we played around but I minded my manners and was not aggressive with him at all.

Inside the house I have learned to walk on hardwood and tile floors and have no problem navigating stairs. Me being the “new gal” with five male dogs checking me out, I didn’t show any signs of aggression. 

Well, today has been a long with lots of new and interesting things and I am about tuckered out. Its kinds of weird not sleeping in a crate every night but my foster dad is going to see how I do tonight sleeping free-range in the house.

Girly 8/5/19

Girly LOVES her toys but this squeaky snake is her favorite.  She carries  it around a lot.  As you can see she is fine entertaining herself.  She also crates really well.

Girly 8/2/19 out and about

Girly went to Prtsmart today.  While she didn’t meet a person she didn’t like she was scared of the shiny floors at first.  After a bit or coaxing and giving her time to acclimate she finally conquered her fears and carefully walked the store.  Then we went to Lowe’s and she also walked the floor. I’m so proud of her.

Girly 8/2/19

Just a short walk before a trip to Lowe’s and PetSmart.  Practicing leash manners and “sit”.

MJ Cream - Greyt News

Hey everyone, MJ for the win!  I’ve got some of the best news to share with all of you!  Yesterday was an adoption event at the headquarters.  I met some awesome people and got to hang with my brother, Marc, for a bit.  Man!  It was so good to see him again!  We used to really do some crazy stuff together when we were pups.  That crazy dude haven’t changed a bit...and he found his furever home!  Good for him!  Luv ya Bro!  Anyway, back to my greyt news...I didn’t find my furever yesterday.  “Well, MJ, how is that good news?”  you may ask.  Well, folks, I’ll tell you!  Since I didn’t find my furever family it means that I’m still available!  Just think, YOU still have a chance to make me your favorite family member!  Also, I get more time with the Fo-fam to practice all the dog stuff I’m learning.  So take heart, my peeps!  I’m still only just one snuggle away!  Hope to see you next time!

MJ Cream - Tomorrow

Hey everyone!  MJ for the win here!  Tomorrow will be a fantastic day!  I’ll get to meet a lot of you guys!  I love meeting new folks!  Maybe one of you are my new family!  I’m really pulling for you all because I AM a pretty good catch!  You may be very lucky to add me to your family but just know that I will be the real winner because you will be my furever family!  As you can see I’m resting up for tomorrow so I can put my best foot forward.  I’m a great boy that is eager to learn and love!  There will be a bunch of greyt dogs tomorrow (one is actually my brother-Marc) but I hope you see that I’m pretty greyt too!  I love to snuggle and play...I’m simply a real delight!  Give me a chance and I’ll show you!  SEE YOU TOMORROW!

Marc is ready for tomorrow.

Hi friends, before I see you tomorrow, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been practicing so many things that I’m told are important. Leash manners? Check. Getting up and down stairs? Check. Relaxing at home while my foster people are out? Check. Playing with a squeaky toy? Check.

Even though I’ve been working hard I still need more practice with all those things. Especially the stairs! I hope to find a forever family that will be happy to keep teaching me so I can enjoy my retirement. I’ll give them plenty of cuddles and nose ‘boops’ in return!

Bed time for me now, see you tomorrow! Marc.

Lastofthemohican Friday, 7/26 OMG! It's almost time!

Hi Everyone! It's me, Moe!!

Oh my gosh, I's so excited about tomorrow! I cants wait to meet the peoples and dogs comin' to see me! I hopes I don't get too nervous cause I wants to put my best paw forward.

I has a surprise for you! Remember when I told yous about the little "problem" I had with stairs. Well,  now I goes up the stairs and I goes down the stairs without any help at all! Sometimes, I even goes up the stairs jus cause I want to see what Foster Mama is up to! Ha! No sneakin' around on me anymores!

I also getting better on the leash. Last night Foster Mama was able to walk me with the other two hounds and I did real good on the leash. I LOVE goin' for walks! Theys amazing. Saw some deer...didn't care. Saw a squirrel...didn't care (ok, maybe cared a little). Visited my new girlfriend "Pippa" from next door again...she likes me cause I so handsome (she says my nose not too big). I likes her too and am happy I have a frend.

Foster Mama sez I mastered layin in bed. I struggled a little with the slickery beds theys got here. Here's me showin my achievement.

She sez this called "bed fail"...slickery bed failed me!
See! I gots it now! Look how small I fold up!
Wells, I thinks that's enough for now since I's seeing your tomorrow morning (dis laptop is murder on my dew claw). I hope I finds my forever family!



Peg Rio - 7/25: Rio's Top 5

Hello again friends,

I’ve only been retired for a few weeks, so I know I’ve still got lots of things to discover, but I thought I’d give you a rundown of a few of my favorite things

1.   Toys that squeak:  

I am discovering new toys every day, but paws down my favorite remains squeaky snake.  He is SOOOOO squeaky!!!!   
First we play!

Then we cuddle.


Soft foods, hard foods, dog foods, people foods (if foster mom would only let me), crunchy treats, chewy treats.  You get the idea.   #foodie


3.  KONG

What is a Kong, you may ask?  It is vehicle of magical deliciousness.  My foster mom puts some kibble inside it, then seals the top with soft food and puts in the freezer.  When she leaves for work, I get my Kong in my crate.  It’s so good; it keeps me occupied for a long time.   Why do I love it so much?  See # 2 above. #foodie

 4.  SOFT BEDS:  I am still spending some time in my crate, but as I've gotten adjusted to retired life, I'm really digging these soft beds here at my foster home.  So cushiony.

5.  PEOPLE:   I get along well with my foster siblings, but I am definitely a "people person" and love to hang out near my foster mom.  She says I have some creeper tendencies, but I don't know what that means.  

Whatcha doing foster mom?  Don't mind me standing over your shoulder.
Need any help?  Need any snuggles?
PS - Coca Cola did not pay for this product placement. 

Well friends, that's all for now.  Until next time!

Rio 🐾

Lastofthemohican 7/24

Hi Everyone!

It's me Moe! I's counting down until Saturday and not gonna lie, I's getting pretty excited!
I doin' pretty good in my foster home. Foster Mama sez I's in training to be a family pet! All I knows is there are soft beds, treats, walks, and lots of lovin's...sign me up! I wants to be part of a family!

So, I's pretty much good at everything. I eats real good, I doesn't make ANY messes in the house, I gets along good with the cat (she's nice and I feels bad I called her a weirdo in my last post). I gets along with the house hounds and the dogs in the neighborhood.(big or small). I not too bad on a leash but maybe I gets too excited and pulls for the first block, but then I good. I's good in the crate too and go in without any problems at all. I a pretty laid back boy who is silly and full of loves for peoples and pets.

That's it...get my left side. My nose looks smaller from that angle.

So, I has to tell you my secret weakness. I's been struggling with the evil stairs. I pretty sure there are monsters at the top waiting to eat me. Foster Mama sez "Moe, put it out to the universe that you are not afraid of stairs." So, I sez "I not afraid of stairs...I not afraid of stairs...I not afraid of stairs...I AFRAID OF STAIRS!" Dang it! Well, the universe must of heard anyway, cause today I went up them all by myself when Foster Mama called me. She said (and I quote) "You did it! You're the best boy Moe!" Take that foster brother Louie..I the BEST boy!

Good lookin' right? Lookit that shiny fur!

All that to say I's getting Mo' better every day (get it?!?!)...Mo' better?! I crack myself up.

Can't wait to meet you soon! Pretty sure I love you!


MJ Cream - After Action Report

Hey y’all!  MJ with the hot wash on the pet store trip.  It was so much fun!  Lots of smells and row after row of good food and toys!  I didn’t know what to do with myself!  Good thing Fo-pa was there to offer some guidance!  I was walking around the entire store on the leash really well!  Even tho I wanted to sniff, eat, and smell EVERYTHING AT ONCE (sensory overload...OMG!) I didn’t,  I stuck by Fo-pa’s side with out too much trouble.  It was quite an adventure.

          I met a new friend and I got my new Squeaky toy!
  It squeaked...                        and squeaked...                  and squeaked!
It’s dead now.