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Susie - Dreaming of My Own Family - 6/22/18

Dog lying sideways on a bed on her back
Bed-failing like a pro
Hi all:

Susie here! Just checking in to tell you about my day. I'm getting really good at beds—this is how they work, right? Anyway, I'm hard at work now dreaming of what my perfect family will look like. Is it yours? If you like any of walking, cuddling, or playing with toys, I might be a greyt fit.

Talk soon,

Ramon: 6/22 - little dogs and bed time

FM said that since I'm fresh off the track, it would be a good thing for me to visit with other pups.  One of my visitors was Chihuahua named Princess. 

We checked each other out, and then I found something else to do.
 I'm currently living with a little dog named Zoey.  She took my comforter the other night so I had to lay beside her.  Once I was settled, she moved.

FM has this big mirror in her bedroom.  When I finally discovered it, I kept checking myself out.  There may or may not be nose prints on the mirror to prove it.

The first night with FM, I wasn't sure about the dog beds so I made my own bed beside her on the throw pillows.  The next night FM moved a bed over beside her, and I've been sleeping there every night. 

Okay so maybe I have a thing for my FM.  I only like sleeping near her.  😊

Better known as FM's chico guapo. 

Mac's Cardinal - 6/20/18 Dreaming

Foma told me that I graduated! She said I didn't have to sleep in the crate at night any more because I sleep all night and I don't have accidents in there.  I got to come upstairs with all the other pups. Those stairs are scary but I finally did it.
I was a good girl and slept on a dog bed all night. I found a window to look out of while I waited for foma to get ready for work. I was just wondering what my forever family would be like. I hope they have nice soft dog beds and good food. I think I'd like a friend to keep me company. I hope they give me hugs and kisses every day. It's nice to dream but I hope my dream comes true.

Flying Dogwood - 6/20/18 Please Oh Please

Hey there Foster Mom. So I noticed you're standing by the snack shelf. You know where all the good stuff is. Can I have a snack? I would get it myself but I can't reach. Uh what I mean is I'm guessing I wouldn't be able to reach.

Ok focus foma. I need a snack. Yes, I did just have breakfast but that was ten minutes ago and I'm starving again. How's that possible? I'm a growing boy and you said yourself I need to gain a few pounds.

So can I have that snack now? Please oh please? Well what if I sit? See how I did that without you asking? Can I get it now?  Pppplllleeaaaasssseeee???
Ok what if I smile pretty?

Num num num.  Ma hansum smile works ebery time.

Gotta go. I need another snack.

Susie - What I Like About Retirement - 6/21/2018

Hi all:

Dog lying on its back on a dog bed
Look how well I'm doing!
Susie here. I wanted to tell you a bit about what I like about retirement. The answer is... pretty much everything! L and J have to go to work all day, but I get to hang out with Mr. G and Miss Thing at the house, which I'm pretty good at.

Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, my foster brother Mr. G and I get to go on more walks and we see more people when we are out. I like to greet everyone and it makes me sad when they don't say "Hi!" back. I've made a few dog friends too. L and J say I walk really well on the leash.

When I'm in the house, I like to explore. I've learned to go up and down the stairs, although there isn't really anything upstairs, so sometimes L tries to stop me from going up there. I also like cuddling with people and following them around to see what they're doing. When I'm not exploring, I relax on my bed. I've been working on my roaching, and I'm getting really good at it.

Ok. That's all for now, but we'll talk soon.


Ramon: 6/21 - personal space

Hey there friends!  As you'll notice, I don't have any issues with personal space.  Olive took my comforter the other day, and then I decided she'd make a nice pillow.

I heard she's not usually this tolerant so FM said that she must like me.

I heard FM saw "awwwww" when she saw my feet.  I'm not sure why she said it cause I was just sleeping, and she woke me up.  

Better known as FM's chico guapo. 

Claridge - 6/21/18 - Naps and Walkies

I like all of these dog beds, and I've been trying them all out here in my foster home.

I went on something called a "walk" today with my Foster Brother Trent. We had a fun time checking out the neighborhood. There were so many smells to sniff, and so much stuff to pee on! 

I like the birds that fly around here. They're fun to watch.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures.

VJ May Fly (Ashley): 6/20/18 - Fun Times

Hi Everyone,

Ashley here! I took over the blog for foster mom 'cause I couldn't wait to tell you what fun I've been having.

Yesterday, I went to a big place called Petsmart. It had so many smells and I had to check everything out. I saw some other dogs and people, but was most interested in looking at toys! Speaking of toys, I love them! My new forever family should be sure to have a bunch. I especially love the soft fuzzy squeaky ones and squeaky balls.

Today I went for a walk around the neighborhood and saw a bunch of those fuzzy things that look like what I chased at the track. But these were eating the grass and foster mom called them rabbits. I tried to get rid of them for her, but she told me it was best if I didn't try to chase them. I want to make her happy, so I was a good listener even though I got really excited.

Well, I've had a busy day, so it's time to lay down and rest. Can't wait to meet you forever family! I know you're out there waiting for me:-)

Woof Woof,

6/20/18 - Claridge The Dude Abides

Hi folks, Claridge here reporting on my first week of retirement. There's so much to see and do that I've never done before!

I helped my Foster Mom hold down the kitchen rug. She said I'm an excellent helper!

I didn't know about dog beds...

...but i figured it out fast!

My Foster Mom says I'm chill, like The Dude from this movie. I've never seen movies before, so I'll have to take her word for it.

Ramon: 6/20 - newly retired hound here

Hey everyone.  Ramon here!  I'm newly retired and looking for my furever home.  Here's what I've been up to since I started retirement...

That's me in the crate all the way on the right.  I was waiting with Susie and Cardinal to get checked in and start our spa day.

When I arrived at FM's home, I was brushed and there was enough hair to make a small dog!  FM said the time I spent waiting while I was brushed was worth it.  It helped pull out the pretty red color in my coat.

One of the things I had to figure out was the big box.  I kept looking at it wondering why it was making so much noise.

I'm not a fan of the dog beds FM has so I've been using the comforter that she laid down for me.

I spent some time in the xpen my first 24 hours while I figured out how things work here.

That's it for now.  I'm going to go take a nap.

Or as FM calls me, mi niño guapo.  She thinks I'm one handsome boy and tells me so every day.

Mac's Cardinal: 6/18 - So Many Firsts

Hi my name is Mac's Cardinal but my foster mom calls me Cardi. I came in from a track in WV on Saturday with 5 of my friends. There have been so many retirement firsts since I stepped off the hauler.

I had my first spa day complete with a bath, nail trim and ear cleaning. I didn't even mind the micro-chip. Then it was a long ride to my foster home in VA. I have 4 foster brothers and sisters to show me the ropes. One of them is a handsome 2 year old foster like me. He even looks like me.

That's me having my first meal in my foster home. Don't mind that food on the floor. I'm greyt at picking out the peices I don't like. Foma said that's bad manners so I don't do that any more. Foma says I have a good appetite. I think that's a compliment.

Here's my first time sun bathing in retirement. It was so relaxing after I checked out the whole yard.

My first time napping outside of the crate with my foster siblings. Thats me in the top right. Foma says I've been good in the house and haven't tried to go on the counters or chew things I shouldn't. She said that will earn me lots of free time. I like the sound of that.

And lastly, it's my first roach in retirement. Yes I'm all legs and feet like a bug. Foma says it means I'm getting comfy here. I think she's right. I'm really going to like retirement. I know I have a lot to learn but I'm ready.

Well it's bed time and I need my beauty sleep. Check back to see what else I experience in my journey to my forever home.

VJ May Fly (Ashley): 6/19 - Settling In

Hi everyone! I'm Ashley's foster mom!  I can't say enough wonderful things about this sweet girl. She's the total package and more. An A+ student in the study of retirement, and a beautiful pup to boot!

She has a gentle and quiet nature, but is rapidly discovering the fun of tossing fluffy toys through the air. She is a more submissive dog, so adhering to the tips for training greyhounds with sensitivity and a gentle hand definitely applies with this little lady. She's eager to please and is really enjoying the comforts of a cushy bed to snooze on.

She is currently the only pet in our home, and does not seem stressed by that in the slightest. She has also been wonderfully sweet to our 2 and 5 year old daughters. She's doing well practicing going up and down stairs on a leash, but still prefers to go hang out in her crate or bed on the main level most of the time. I'm excited to watch her continue to bloom this week and share any further updates.

If you want an excellent ambassador for her breed, look no further than Ashley. She's ready to make someone a wonderful companion!

Flying Dogwood: 6/18 - Leader of the Pack

Hi everyone. I wanted to tell you about some more fun I had on the picnic weekend. We got up the morning after the picnic to go on a pack walk before everyone went home. Miss Debbie said if I was a good boy I could walk with her.

I wasn't just good, I was greyt! I did so well I got to lead the whole pack.

I got to be out in front setting the pace for all those older dogs. Foma decided I was doing so well that she went ahead and recorded my walking video. Seems all the good pups get to make one. So here's mine.

I would love to have a family that could take me out for walks. If that's you, be sure to ask those nice folks at GEGR about me. I can't wait to meet you.

Mass Pike (AKA Susie): 6/18 - Adventuring

Hi everyone:

Dog in the back seat of a car
On the way to L & J's house
My name is Mass Pike, but you can call me Susie. I just moved here from West Virginia, and I'm looking for a permanent home in the area. I think I deserve one -- I just turned five in May and I raced 168 races in my career!

I spent my first night in Maryland with S and then my foster parents, L and J, picked me up the next day. In my foster home, I have a greyhound foster brother, Mr. G, and there is also a cat, Miss Thing, who thinks she is the boss (I'm pretty sure I'm the boss).

I'm really enjoying going for walks to explore the neighborhood, but L says it's too hot to go very far. Maybe later in the week we will get to go on some long walks. In the meantime, I have gotten to meet a bunch of people and some dogs on my short walks. I even met one dog who is very small. I was a little confused -- I didn't know they came that size -- but I guess he was nice.

dog lying with back legs in the air against a wall
I roach with a little help from the wall

When I'm in the house, I spend my time exploring and then resting up to do more exploring. I'm also practicing my roaching. I am pretty sure I'll be an expert in no time, even though L and J keep laughing at me.

I also like toys. I discovered them at S's house the first night. I included a video she took of me below so that you could see my skills. I hope you enjoy.

That's all for now, talk soon,

Mac's Highwood: 6/18

Well hello. My name's Mac's Highwood, but everyone around here just calls me Mac for short. I just came in from West Virginia over the weekend, and, boy, was that a long day. Between the long van ride, a bath and beauty treatment, and then another long ride, I was exhausted. My foster mom was impressed that I laid right down in the car and slept all the away home.

I've only been retired for a few days now, but already I know I'll like it. I currently live with two other greyhounds and a terrier. They've been showing me the ropes. Except that terrier is like a police officer. She's been very good at letting me know what I can and can't do. I've figured out that when she barks at me, I'm doing something I'm not supposed to do. That's how I learned that countersurfing is not allowed. Too bad. So many good smells.

On our way home from Greyhound Central, foster mom and dad stopped at the pet store to pick up some food for the pack. I've never been to a pet store before. I was fascinated. The nice lady at the counter gave me lots of pets and said I was very handsome and a good boy. I really liked the bucket of chewies, but foster mom said no treats before dinner. Maybe next time.

Flying Dogwood: 6/14 - Picnic Time

Dogwood here. I know it's been a while so I need to catch you up on what I've been doing. Last weekend foster mom took all of us pups to MD for a huge gathering of greyhounds. It was greyt to see and meet so many hounds. During the day I hung out with another foster pup name Pitbull.

We were like stars with everyone coming to see us and give us pets.

After the picnic was just as much fun. While everyone else was sleeping I got more love and attention. I checked out all the food and may have knocked over a cup or two but I'm pretty sure they all loved me.