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Kong is cool as a cucumber

Hi friends! Its Kong! I hear tomorrow is a big day. Im told I get to meet some new people and I need to put my best paw forward and make a good impression. How hard can that be for a hound like me?!

I spent my afternoon going for a walk then chasing a ball in the yard, so I’m ready to turn in for the night. See you tomorrow! 🐾 

Heart 6/28/19: Glamour Shots

Heart's foster mom here. I usually let my fosters speak for themselves in these blog posts but I think Heart is too young and naïve to understand just how strikingly handsome he is so I'll just leave these here and let you draw your own conclusions.

Maybe it's his perfect blend of innocence and charm, maybe it's the adorable ear poses and super expressive eyes. Whatever it is he has it don't you think??

Mac's Mandrill: 6/27/19 - Photo Album

Hello Friends! 
Mandy here with something a little different this time. As I prepare for the upcoming adoptathon, I figured I should share some of the photos my foster parents have been taking.  I know my Forever Family is out there and until they find me I'm sure they want to see as much of my photogenic self as possible! 

Apparently this is called "Escaped Tongue Syndrome" (ETS).
I love toys! Ducks...

...soccer balls...

...And Hedgehogs. I'm not picky!
Sorry, can't boop this snoot!

This is the life! Cooling off in a mud puddle at the ball fields.

Just a hound stretching. Nothing to see here.
It's all about comfort. No doggy bed for this girl!

My foster mom wasn't looking, so I decided to
sneak into my foster brother's crate. I don't
think he appreciated the company.

Stairs? Not a problem!

Feeling cute, Might delete later.

Heart 6/27/19: PLAYTIME!!

I love playtime!!

Cyclone Joey- Employee of the Month

Hello all!  I’ve been told that I have been selected as the “Employee of the Month”!  It’s a significant honor I’m told!  I’m excited to be selected.  I’m sure it is in no small part due to my loving faithfulness and my comic exploits!  My mantra has always been “keep’em laughing...keep’em happy!”  In the next couple of days, I’ll be making an exclusive appearance at Greyhound Central for an adoption event.  I’m very hopeful that I’ll meet my furever family there.  I really want to become YOUR Employee of the Month for every month from now on!  I look forward to meeting you and making you happy!

Kiowa P Maxwell 6/27. Greyt Adventure!

Maxwell is ready for his next Greyt Adventure!  He has mastered his retirement training like a champ and is ready to meet his "happily ever after" family!  

So if you are looking for a handsome, playful, happy dog, who loves being with people as well as other dogs Max is your guy!  He loves joyful praise from his people and will forever be your sidekick just to hear it again!  He will greet you when you get home with a big smile, a wagging tail and sweet kisses!  His sweet antics are sure to make you smile even after a long day!  He would be happy to share your food with you but will respect boundaries if promptly reminded! He responds to positive inputs very well!  He even learned where the back yard is and what it is intended for very quickly!

In short, Maxwell is the epitome of "The Good Dog"!

Girly - Lovin' Life

It's Girly dropping in to say hi again!

Fo'Ma has told me that Saturday is a very special day and I might find my forever family. I wanted to be sure you know what a great addition I would be to your family.

My alternate name could be HAPPY. Im so excited about life! I'm really starting to get this retirement thing and I love it.

I'm excited about walking on a leash and I've gotten so much better at it over the last 2 -3 weeks.

I love my foster family - I would stay with them forever but they keep telling me that somewhere out there, my true forever family is waiting and hoping and praying for me to be there forever happy girl.

I love running up and downstairs and I love exploring!

I love meeting people out on our walks, and I love squirrels (tho' Fo Ma says I should try to love them not so much).

I love eating - I always clean my plate!

I really love toys and I don't even mind if there's no squeakers left in them.

I love life so much that I spend a lot of time on my back with my feet in the air these days. They tell me that's called roaching.

If you're looking for that little spark that will brighten up your life - forever, I'm you're Girly!
Life is good when you have stuffed toys!
I roach both in and out of my crate. 

BlutooHeartAttack: 6/26/19 Hi, I'm Heart!

Hello greyhound fans, I'm Heart! My foster family said "Heart" is an appropriate name for me because I must have a really big heart- I'm such a lover! I love everybody! (Okay, maybe not cats, but everybody else!) I like to greet everyone I see with tail wags and even a kiss if they let me. I am a confident boy looking for a family of my own to love with my whole heart. (see what I did there? wink wink!) I am not shy at all and have been happily making myself right at home with my foster family from day one. (Really, day one. This picture of me roaching was taken the very evening I arrived here!)

There's a mom and dad, a teenage two-legger, and three other hounds here and I enjoy all of them. The girl hound is older so I am very respectful and gentle around her. The dad and teenager like to play though so I know I can always count on them for a game of toy tug.

Mom seems to stay busy a lot but I just watch and stay close to keep her company. I am always ready to give her some love when she takes a break.

Are you looking for a loving hound to fill your heart with happiness? Am I your guy? I hope we can meet soon! Love, Heart!

Kong likes summer

Kong here! I’ve been working on ‘dog things’ like chasing a ball around the yard and going for hikes.  It’s been warm recently so I’ve been happy to have long naps in between activities. I still need to remind myself about putting my tongue back in my mouth : /

I’ve been with my foster family for over a month now and I’m gradually coming out of my shell. I can be a little silly, and sometimes I pick up my foster parents shoes, give them a shake and throw them across the room. I also ‘help’ in the kitchen by lying flat like a log so everyone needs to carefully step around me. I also put my entire head in the freezer once to see what was in there. 

The most important thing for you to know about me is that I’m a fairly reserved boy and even a little shy. My foster parents say that’s what makes me so sweet and lovable! When you first meet me I might not seem super excited, but that’s just me being a little introverted. Once you get to know me you’ll see I’m the perfect big buddy!

Mac's Mandrill: 6/25/19 - Adventures on the Appalachian Trail

Hi Friends! 
Mandy here. I'm so glad you're back for more Tails from Retirement. My latest adventure was my biggest so far and unlike anything I've experienced before. My foster family met up with some of their friends and took me to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I got to try this thing called "hiking". I figured out pretty quickly that it's like going for a walk, but in the woods and you have to climb up and down rocks. But that's no problem at all! 
Why is that, you may ask?
1) I love taking walks
2) I'm unstoppable in these new booties
3) I'm always up for a new adventure
4) I've discovered I'm a natural 

Taking care of business before our hike and saying hello
to my foster brother's friends, Maya and Paso.

Rocking my booties as I warm up for
the hike.

All warmed up and ready to go.
Bring on the trail!
We started our day at the visitors center and warmed up with a short walk. After 3 hours in the car, I think we all really needed a good stretch. If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm great in the car. Anyway, we saw some old 100+ year old cabins and I waited with my friends and a park ranger while my foster parents learned about the way of life for the people who lived there. I was trying to be as patient as possible, but I was ready to hit the trail! 
Starting our hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Hiked my way to Cedar Cliffs.

Appreciating the view. Who knew a pup from the track could
experience a place like this?
Life really is greyt!

Enjoying a beautiful day in the Great Outdoors.

Taking a well deserved water break with my friend, Maya,
as we chat about brood mom stuff.

I was born to hike...er, run...
You know what I mean!
I had such a great day I can't believe I had gone my whole life having never even heard of hiking. I really think I'm a natural, and my foster parents agree. They said they were really impressed with how I navigated my way around all the rocks on the trail and with how much energy I had to just keep going. What can I say, I was in my element and I'm always ready to find out what's just beyond the bend!

Chilling at a dog-friendly brewery post-hike while the
humans have lunch.

The perfect end to an exciting day.
Dreaming of all the adventures I'll take
with my Forever Family. 

Anyway, that's all for now. I've been spending the last few days recovering from all the excitement of the past weekend, so I probably won't have any more outings for a few days. I know you'll want to see my pretty face in the meantime. My foster parents are always following me around snapping too many pictures. I'm sure they have more than a few to share on my next blog post. 

Until next time, 

Mac's Mandrill: 6/23/19 - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'!

I love my new boots 👢

Hello Friends!
Mandy here to tell you about these new boots I've recently discovered. These things have really been life changing.  I've always loved to walk, but found doing so to be a little uncomfortable due to the corns that develop on my paw pads from time to time. I've never let them keep me from doing exactly as I please, but that doesn't mean they aren't bothersome. Well, the good news is I don't have to worry about that anymore. These  booties have a stretchy upper that my paw can easily slide into, and velcro closures that keep them fitting snugly. The cushioned inner sole and thick rubber outer sole help keep my paws comfy and give me great traction. With these boots, I'm unstoppable!

My foster parents took me for a walk in historic Yorktown a few weeks ago to give me a chance to test out these bad boys. We walked the River Walk along the York River and I had no problem keeping up. In fact, I was up in front setting the pace and we walked almost 2 miles! I really hope my Forever Family likes to walk as much as I do. Don't worry, I won't slow you down!

Here are some more photos from my walk:

How can you say no to this pretty face?

Checking out the Coleman Bridge over
the York River.
Taking in the sights with my foster brother.
A happy post-walk pup!

Down for the count.

As you can see, I'm a great walker, especially with the aid of these boots. I'll make sure to pack them when I head to my Forever Home so we can take lots of walks together. If you love adventures as much as I do, make sure to stay tuned for my next blog post where I'll tell you all about discovering my one true calling: Hiking! 

Hiking the Appalachian Trail!

That's all for now!