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Ramesses (Ram's Jon Turner): 1/21 - Will You Be My Cuddle Buddy?

Now that I'm officially retired I finally have time for a permanent relationship.  I absolutely LOVE to spend time with my people and cuddle. Do you think you might be the ones to cuddle with me?

GOOD - Foster Brother and I

BETTER - Foster Brother & I

BEST - FoDad & I

Dresser (Flashey Dresser): 1/18 - Settling into Retired Life!

Hi! I’m Dresser! I am a young (not even 2 years old yet), tall handsome boy, that is full of energy! Fo Mom says I am a 73-lb puppy!! I LOVE all of the petting and attention I am getting! I pay back my Fo Fam with a lot of licks!! I have fallen into my Fo Family’s schedule and I hear everyone saying what a sweet and goofy boy I am! 
I am really enjoying this retired life!!


Here I am with my Foster Brother “Jake.”

Sandy (Alto Sun Sand): 1/17 -Trying Out This "Foster" Thing

Salutations! I'm Alto Sun Sand, but you can call me Sandy. I raced from Jan 2018 through the end of Dec 2020, and although I don't like to brag, I had a pretty good career! I got picked up by my Foster Mom (FoMo) and had a nice nap on the car ride to her place...my "FauxHome," if you will. After we arrived, I got to meet my foster sister and we all went for a walk. That's me up top, pretty in pink!
After dinner, I picked out a bed and took a delightful nap. Once I woke up from that, I was refreshed and ready to go to bed! It was a big day...can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Burst (Js Xplosion): 1/14 - Peanut Butter!

 I learned new words today, and they're the Most Delicious Words I've ever tasted!

It's so sticky and yummy, and everyone shares it so nicely, I just couldn't get enough!

Please tell me you'll have PEANUT BUTTER!!!
                             (They did say that some people can't have it, so I'll understand ...                                 
I'm sure there are other delicious words I still need to learn!)

Sven (K's Sven): 1/14 - Settling In

Sven again! Well, it's been a week since I started retirement. Foster Mom tells me I'm a really good boy, and I learn very quickly.

I love going for rides in the van. I still need a little help getting in. I love taking foster Mom's slippers and hiding them. Just to let you know, I don't chew on them. I want to cuddle on the couch, but I'm not allowed on the furniture. Maybe I could cuddle with you?

Glory (Lotta Glory): 1/13 - A Cat, a Dog, a Boy, a Bike and an Army Base

Glory here!  So, I went out after dinner with my foster family on a jaunt through the neighborhood and boy did I ever get lots of new experiences!  I saw a cat (not interested), a dog (mildly interested), a boy on his bike (really interested) and heard lots of loud sounds from the nearby Army base (APG - not phased in the slightest by the booms). I continue to do well adapting to my routines. I get along well with the kids and am getting ever more adventurous and outgoing, too!   When we got back from my walk, I decided to go lay down in my crate for a bit - seeing new stuff is SO exhausting, don'tcha know?

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Deville!

Dallas (Drink to That): 1/13 - Check Me Out!

 Hey y'all! Dallas here. Feeling cute and had to show off my favorite pose, so here it is!

If I come home with you,  I'll make sure that your toys are never lost. I'm the toy finder extraordinaire! You DO have toys, don't you?

Well, I'm off to help FoMa make dinner. 

Hugs and stuffies,