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Bree (K's Bree): 5/27 - Water Fun

Hi Everyone,

Me again, Bree!

I'm getting used to the routine here. I get to hang out in my crate most mornings while my foster parents go off to do something they call "work." This last weekend was different. They called it a holiday and boy was it fun!

We got to ride in the van -- Have I told you about the van? It takes us to all sorts of fun places. This time we went to a park with lots of water. I thought it was so pretty the way it moved and reflected the light. 

But the best thing was how nice and cool it was. I just walked right in and got to splash and explore a bit. Maybe Foster Dad will let me go in deeper sometime!

My friend came over to play. His mom trimmed my nails that were getting a bit long. It's always sad when he leaves.

With all that excitement I was really tired and zonked right out. My foster parents think I'm funny when I sleep.

I think my foster sister is warming up to me. Sometimes she tells me to go away when I lay too close to her, but I don't think she means it. She even let me lay next to her for a little bit last night.

When I sleep I sometimes dream about my forever home. I wonder if it will be near a park with water to play in?

- Bree

Philly (Philly Special): 5/26 - Stages of Napping

Philly here!  Yesterday was Memorial Day and my fosters said it was a holiday, so I decided to take a morning nap.  F-dad said I looked like I was trying to fight my nap like a human kid, but I just have a process. You can see here my three steps.

Aggie (BWG Aggie): 5/25 - Memorial Day

Aggie is enjoying her freedom on her first Memorial Day as a retired racer!  Thank you to the fallen!

Easi (Easi Juggerrout): 5/23 - Walking, Playing and Toys!

Hey there... it's Easi! I wanted to share some of the fun I've been having. Playing with the resident hound here might not be so bad after all. She's got some spunk. Now that I'm settled in I suppose I can have some fun too.

I may collect ALL the toys, but only a few are special. This is my favorite. FoMom says that I'm adorable and have greyt ears. I have no idea what she's talking about. My ears just flop around up there.

I have been taking more walks around the neighborhood here. It's a lot more fun than I thought. So many things to sniff and pee on. You know I gotta leave my mark 😁 I take my new favorite toy for walks too.

Philly (Philly Special): 5/23 - Redecorating

Philly here! My foster dads said I should make myself comfortable, so I decided to redecorate the place. Shifting this pillow from the sofa really gives a nice punch of color to my bed and gives my head some extra lift, don’t you think?

Flash (CBJ Hot Flash): 5/23 - Happy Guy!

Hi! Flash here. I just wanted to let everybody know that I am a laid back, go-with-the-flow guy.

I also love pettins, scratches on the neck, and to be talked to. I show my happiness by looking lovingly at you with my big amber eyes, a smile, and my tail spins in a big spiral.

Being boastful isn’t in my nature but who wouldn’t want to live the Flash Life with me?

Kennedi (KS Kennedi): 5/22 - Sweet Face

Kennedi fell asleep on her favorite book, “Dogs and their People.”  This sweet girl really loves her people!!