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Dorie (Volando Olvera): 5/4/22 - Let's talk Skills!

 Hi Everyone! It's me, Dorie, here again with more to talk about.

Everyone is good at something or things, right? Like basketball, for instance! Let me just woof, I'm not good at basketball - but I do have other talents!

First - LOVE. I'm really good at both getting and giving love. You can rub my tummy, my ears, or whatever.

Second? CUDDLING or NAPPING. See below for evidence...

Lying on Auntie Kate's feet with her blankie.

Next - OFFICE MATE. Oh boy am I good at this one! I sleep most of the day in Auntie Kate's office while she's on video meetings. The big poofy bed in her office is super!


Next - OBEDIENCE. You betcha! I know SIT and DOWN, and I'm good at STAY, too. 

Lastly - The only thing I'm not good at? Small dogs and cats - they're just a nope for me. And basketball 😀

How about you? What cool skills do you have?

Love and Nose Bumps,


Dorie (Volando Olvera): 4/28 - Hi, I'm Dorie!

 Hi Everyone! It's me, Dorie! I'm excited to meet you - and I have lots to tell you about me. But let's start with a cute picture, shall we?

Hi, I'm Dorie!

See how cute I am?

Want to know more? Let's see... I'm tall and lanky. I give kisses sometimes. I'm a cuddle-bug and a leaner! I love getting love from people and snuggling. All good stuff, right? The only thing I'm fussy about is other dogs - I don't get along with some of them, especially small ones. Cheese, however? I like a little piece of cheese now and then. And doggie cookies (Milkbones, those awesome Kirkland ones), bully sticks are a special treat, and maybe a little taste of your scrambled eggs? 😀

Me snuggling with my Duckie toy - I love toys

I like being out in the spring weather - these tulips were particularly pretty, kind of like me!

Sniff, sniff... Pretty!

Did I mention I like toys?

Next time we'll talk about some of my skills, okay? But for now, I'll be looking forward to meeting you!

Love and Greyhound Naps,

Gym (Iwannaquitthegym) 04/05 Going exploring

 I'm a big dog with big ambitions and I have to take a big stretch before a day of big adventures. 

Walks in the woods in the springtime are the best—there are so many smells and sounds and sights to enjoy! Sometimes the big rocks and stream crossings and fallen trees can be tricky, but I am learning to love a challenge.

I'm always ready for my next adventure!

Gym (Iwannaquitthegym) - 04/04 Learning tricks

 My foster family tells me I am a very smart greyhound, and foster sister Selene has been helping me learn new tricks like "Lie Down". Here we are enjoying our treats together!

It's great having a greyhound friend like Selene around—not only does she help me learn new tricks, but she's great to snuggle with!

Fluff (Idontknowaboutyou) 4/2

Fluff here! I'm ready for my forever home! My foster mom says I'm such a good boy, she doesn't know how anyone could meet me and not fall in love with me. I'm a pro at this retirement thing. I love napping in my dog bed in the living room where I can see my foster parents and watch their every move. I'm good at alone time in my crate all day while they're at work, and I've got my routine down perfectly. I like to run around in the yard (it's hard to reach my top speed with all the corners, but I still leave my foster brother in my dust 😉). I love to meet new people (AKA new head scratchers), I don't mind cats and I think I'd like a doggy sibling if they were at my energy level (foster brother River is wayyyyy above my level). Mostly, I just want someone to cuddle with as much as possible (and I think I'd like to try those giant dog beds called "couches"). 

Hopefully it won't be much longer for me!
Love, Fluff


Fluff (Idontknowaboutyou) 3/23


Fluff here, just daydreaming about what my future family might be like. Also, if I can put in a request, I'd like a bigger bed so my head won't hang off...

Gym (Iwannaquitthegym): 3/18 - My New Modeling Career

 It's Gym again! I wanted to tell you all that I'm coming out of retirement - but not to race! No, to MODEL!

My Signature Blue Steel *Look*