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Turbo (RF Turam): 6/24 - Cutest Sleeper Ever?

 Hi Everyone! It's me, Turbo, again!!

It's good to see you again! I want to get your opinion on something today. Uncle Chris says I'm a hilariously cute sleeper. Seriously? Is this even a category of a thing?

Anyroo, see what you think...

Exhibit: A - not really that strange for a greyhound.

That first one isn't that weird, right? Just a smooshed nose?

Mouth open and dreaming away.

Again, I would bark, "Cute, but not hilarious"

Okay, I might agree with you on these.

Can't argue with those last few, I guess. But cute is cute, am I right?

Don't forget, I'm not quite ready for adoption yet as I build up a few more skills, but I will be soon!

Love and nose bumps,

Nap (Atascocita Nap): 6/20 - The Cutest

 I told my foster mom to show everyone how cute I am - Nap

Yay toys!!!


Did someone say treat??

Snoozing with my best buddy Miller.

Rusty (Rusty Nail): 6/17 - Comfort Expert

I figured out something very important this week, friends: I love naps! 

Like here, in the sunshine: ☀️ 

And here, upside down and using furniture to support/enhance my comfort: 🙃

And here, outside of the bathroom impatiently waiting for foster mom to feed me: 😩

I can make myself comfortable almost anywhere. 😉 

🤎 Rusty

Clay (L Clay): 6/15 - Is a Player!

 I like stuffys a lot and love to play tug of war with my FoSis, Rya! - Clay 

Tug of war is fun! I’m the blond guy…

Rusty (RS Rusty Nail): 6/14 - Getting Comfortable!

Hey friends! 👋🏼  I am learning so much about being a house dog. I’m getting better about knowing the rules and being comfortable with my foster humans and siblings. I like to approach new people and situations on my own terms, and sometimes my own terms mean that my foster humans have to be extra patient with me. I have recently discovered that I love to cuddle!

I like to nap in the sun on the front porch and check out everyone who walks by. I like to awkwardly stare at people and dogs, but weird things like bicycles, skateboards, and tiny humans in wagons make me a bit nervous. I especially love the FedEx man because he gives me treats. That’s the way to my heart! 

🤎 Rusty

Nap (Atascocita Nap): 6/13 - Retirement

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since you heard from me, but I’ve been working very hard at getting used to this whole retirement thing.  

My foster mom says I’m like a completely different dog than when I first got here.  

At my foster house, I have two wolfhound sisters and a crazy greyhound brother, my foster mom is also babysitting another retired greyhound and I love him the most.  This is us:

Slumber balls are the greatest thing ever made, after food of course.  I’m always thinking about snacks.  Snacks are the way to my heart. 

Foster mom says I’m like an onion, my personality has lots of layers and I’m worth the work to get to know them all.  I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean :shrug: 

I like to bark at things, like the neighbor cat that sits in my front yard or the humans when they are taking too long to make my dinner. The humans tell me I’m sassy.  

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m really good at the stairs, and I have way better leash manners than my brother Dare. That dude is a mess, but I don’t mind hanging out with him. I love all hound dogs.  

Well, here are some more cute pictures of me and my friends (I’m the redhead):  

Love, Nap.  

Clay (Clay L): 6/9 - Presenting ME!

I am enthusiastic when it comes to wanting your attention but FoMa, my two FoBros and Sis have welcomed me with open arms and paws and are helping me to blend into a family setting. I’ve made GREYT strides in sharing and waiting my turn. I am a very nice boy who loves pettins, lounging, sniffing and running around my new fenced-in backyard and I enjoy when my FoSis Rya initiates play with me. My FoBros Oberon and Raif share toys with me, too! There’s a lot of toys to choose from here! 

- Clay

Me and my FoBros and Sis! Waiting my turn for treats. 

Presenting: Me! 💛

Sharing a bed and a duck with FoSis, Rya.