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Dorie (Volando Olvera): 8/30/22 - Roaching Queen and Toys

 Hi everybody! It's me, Dorie, here again with more fun stuff about me. Have you ever seen a greyhound "roach" before? Well, let me bark, I'm pretty awesome at it!

First though, a picture of my pretty self just to remind you what a cutie pie puppy I am...

Just cute little ol' Dorie 😀

Now, back to the roaching stuff. Check it out!

That's a pretty good roach if you ask me!

And how about one showing my awesome form? Back legs a little to the left... front a little to the right... PERFECT!

I did mention I was the queen of this, right?

And let's not forget me being silly with toys. I LOVE to play with toys - especially my kitty toy that's my favorite right now!

What's that? You want to meet me? Just don't forget I need a couple of things - a fenced yard, and no small dogs/cats/bunnies/foxes/etc... Just go to www.GEGR.org and let them know you want to meet me!

I'll bark atcha again soon, okay?
Until then,
Love and greyhound kisses,

Dorie (Volando Olvera) 8/22/22: Dorie Needs a Hand

 Hi everyone! It's me, Dorie, again - and today I need your help. I need some help finding my forever family. I just know they're out there somewhere! So I'm going to take just a minute to remind you of a few of my finer points, and then tell you about my simple needs. And then? I need you to take a long look in your heart and your family and see if there's room for me in your family!

Okay, first up? Just a quick reminder of all the good stuff.

Here's a quick pic of me cooling off after a warm walk outside.

First off, I'm a super sweet pupper with my people (which is why I think you should become my people). I'm a cutie pie, know all my obedience skills, get along well with other medium and large dogs and do great with other greyhounds. You can find all my previous blog posts HERE which describe all this in greater detail.

So Dorie, you ask, if you're so perfect, why haven't you been adopted? Well, I have a bad relationship with small animals: small dogs, cats, bunnies, foxes, etc... and this makes me a little hard to walk, because I bark at those things and sometimes lunge toward them. So I need a fenced yard where I can just have my own space without having to bother with all the little critters!

Oh, did I mention that I love TOYS?

This is me playing with a fun squeaky toy!

So, do you have a fenced yard? No small animals in your house? Love sweet and loving greyhounds who will get along fine with your larger dog or greyhound(s) after a good introduction?

Then I'm your girl!

I've been in foster care since March of this year, and while Uncle Chris and Auntie Kate love me (and I love them), it's time for me to have my own home. Do you have room in your home and heart for a sweetie like me?

Just comment below if you do and we'll make it happen!

Thanks for listening!
Love and greyhound kisses,

Dorie (Volando Olvera): 6/20/22 - Report Card!

 Well hello there! It's me, Dorie, with another fun post about my cute self. I heard you might have been wondering a little more about me? Not a problem. I continue to polish up my skills here at Uncle Chris's house - and I'm not shy to say my grades are pretty darned good (with one teeny-tiny exception).

I am an *Excellent* sitter!
Obedience: A+ 

I am fantastic at Sit, Down, and Stay. I'm even starting to get the idea of Wait! When it's time for meals, or treats, or you just need me to pay attention for a moment or two? This is it. Did you see the picture above? Butt planted firmly on the floor, thank you very much! And here's one of me doing Down, which is what we do before my dish gets set down in the feeding stand...

And see how attentive I am? Good Down, Dorie!

Attachment to my People: A+

I love my people - right now Uncle Chris and Auntie Kate are my people (along with some friends who visit pretty often) - but I'm waiting patiently for my Forever People! I'm a leaner for love, and I love to curl up and just be close to you. This picture should help explain - that's me lying at Auntie Kate's feet by her chair. She shares a corner of her blankie with me and I snooze at her feet.

I might love the blankie a little, too!

Alone Training: A

I do really good all by myself in my crate when necessary. I get a frozen peanut-butter stuffed Kong when I go in the crate and I do fine for several hours.

Office Mate: A+++

This is one of my greatest skills. I have my own bed in Auntie Kate's office and I roach out all day long to show support while she is in video meetings. Think of how much you would like to look over from your meeting or horrible conference call and see this beside you...

No problem, we'll have those reports out by close of business today!

Eating, Sleeping, Potty, Etc: A

Just add a little water to my kibble to keep me from gobbling and I'm good. I sleep all night in the crate like a good girl. I stick to a regular schedule with my potties and have never had a single problem. This stuff is all easy 😀.

Small Animals: D-

This is the only thing keeping me from being the greyhound valedictorian and giving that awesome speech at graduation. Small dogs, cats, bunnies, foxes, and who knows what other small animals are just not my friends. I'm just never going to be friends with that 5lb teacup poodle who lives two doors down.

So that's how I'm doing here at Uncle Chris's house! Pretty darned good, overall, I think!

I look forward to meeting you and having you pet me soon!

Love and Greyhound Kisses,

FGF Nighthorse (Horse): 6/17/22 - Moar Snugs, Plz

 Hello - Horse here! If that sounds like a silly name for a dog, I would just like to point out that I am indeed larger than some Miniature Horses, and I think we can all agree to drop the Miniature and just acknowledge that I am the size of a horse. 

My personality certainly isn't miniature! I am a big fan of FoMo and follow her around the house to keep an eye on her. (FoMo would like to point out that the reason this post is so tardy is that I don't ever let her hands be idle. If she's not working, she should probably be petting me. I can't help that I'm good looking!) 

What do you mean, asleep on the job??

Just came to check on why she wasn't petting me.

My retirement is off to a great start. I've been able to hang out with FoSis and FoBro. I thought he was a fuzzy baby greyhound at first, but I don't quite think that's right. Seems like a Good Boy, and he doesn't mind when I take squeaky toys from his bed. I mean, how many can he squeak at once, right? 

You done with that toy?

Scaring off the bunnies

We make a good team, checking the yard for furry intruders. I like to sniff around, and then I just follow FoMo around the yard so that she can't forget about me or skip petting me. Adequate lovins are an important part of a balanced diet!

Hey! I didn't say you could stop.
Good scritches after a hard day's work!

We hang out in the yard, in the house, and we go for walks. Last night we bumped into a herd of deer. Meh. I was busy thinking about the rabbits we'd just passed. FoMo said I'd already had dinner, though. Really, I don't care what we're doing, as long as I get to be the closest to FoMo. 

Oh deer!

FoMo says I am a big sweet boy. I've learned about stairs, hard floors, and that if I'm a very good boy, I get mini milk bones. I like good naps (except for when FoMo is in meetings), breakfast, dinner, squeaky toys, treats, checking for squirrels, being near FoMo, and exploring and leaving my mark on the world. I don't like not chasing rabbits, being farthest from FoMo, and the Dremel. But FoMo has been working with me on that, and she's right, it hasn't hurt me yet. 

If you're trying to find somedoggo who looks at you like this, get you a Horse!

Jasmine (Superior Jasmine) 14 Jun 22 Lovin Living the Good Life!

 This retirement this is awesome!  I am happy playing at home or going for a long walk to check things out!  We go for a lot of walks and foster mom says that I have been doing a great job at learning to greet other walkers with less exuberance! Here are a couple of my favorite shots from my last walk!

My foster dad is in the background on this one.  He has hairy legs just like me!

And who doesn't enjoy a good bone after a long walk!!!!!

Sneaker (CET Sweet Sneakr) 08/07/22 - Sweet Retirement!

Hi, I'm Sneaker, and I’m trying out this new retirement thing. It’s pretty cool so far! I’ve got some foster brothers, and one even looks like me! 


I like soft dog beds a lot. 

My foster Mom says I'm a little bit shy, and I need some time to warm up, but when I do, I'm a sweet love bug!

Jasmine (Superior Jasmine) 11 Jun 22 Fun and Photos!

Foster Mom and I have been touring the county looking for great spots to get a few cheesecake shots so you can see how adorable I am!  This is me at Leonardtown Wharf!  It was a really hot day as you can see by my tongue extension, but I love being by the water!

I like getting really close when we are taking photos! I think she got my best side!

Ahhhhh.....finally some shade!

Sometimes I am shy when having my picture taken...like in this shot.

But at the end of the day, I love to snuggle in bed with my treasure trove!