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Starz 4/1/20

So Stars found his handsome friend from the fire place has moved to the bed room and he can see him much better

Then I had a zoom around the back yard with my foster sis we like to play tag

I also want every to know I don't have a problem with hard wood floors

Starz 3/24/20

Stars had another busy day in retirement

First find the tiny humans for some loves...
If you have hands you can also be his best friend too.

Getting pets is exhausting so he heads over to his favorite bed and gets comfortable
later he took a walk with some friends around to explore lots of new smells and things to see.
later we discovered toys and he finally caught the rabbit

Starz 3 23 20

Stars is quite the curious boy who just wants some pets, He tried to sit in My sons lap on the ride home from pick up .
When he got our house he found he found this handsome friend in the fireplace
Stars is not picky and will take love and attention from anyone It is safe to Stars is child safe

Turbo Callie 3/31/20 - I love to chill

Good morning everyone!

I'm starting my day with a nice nap after breakfast.  I've settled down the last few nights for bedtime.  I know which bed is mine and I sleep through the night 😴.  In the morning, I love to give lots of kisses😘. I'm such a lovey girl.  

Yester my foster mom and human foster brother brought back a rubber squeeky toy. Oh boy did I ever love that you!  It was so exciting.  I even played in the yard with it.  

I went on another walk yesterday and even did my business. What a good girl I am!  I'll check back in with my adventures soon. 

Love. Callie

Turbo Callie 3/29/20 - My first day of retirement

Hi there, I'm Callie!  I'm a young, fun loving girl just off the track.  I've had a great first day of retirement. Today we went on a walk with my two foster greyhounds. I loved it!  I'm a really good Walker and I saw lots of trees and flowers. I don't pull a lot on the leash.  After the walk I hung out with my foster family. I am very interested in countertops and I am told to not put my paws on them.  

I'm really good on the stairs and I was a really good sleeper. I also love toys, especially the squeeky kind. 

I hope to meet you soon.

Love, Callie

Mystery Street: 3/29/20 - Don't you just LOVE ME?

So...I go by Misty, but will respond to absolutely anything because I LOVE RETIREMENT! 

Okay, I know it looks like I lie around all day, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I am curious and excited at all times to see what I can eat, er...learn. Stairs are no problem. Leash walking is a piece of cake. Mmmm.....cake....

My favorite pastimes are walks, talking to the gorgeous houndie in the mirror, hugs and kisses (like, lots and lots of those...m'kay?), and eating. Foster Mom says I have the sweetest face and really know how to work it. I don't know, what do you think?
Seriously though, I do get up. I'm just so happy when I'm on my feet that Foster Mom just can't get a good picture. Maybe I'll hold still for her tomorrow...

♡ Misty

She Shed: 3/29/20 - Sweeter and She She-er

Hey all, I'm She-She! Say it! Five times fast! Bet you sound silly, huh? I love it, because I AM silly!
Finally arrived in Maryland to enter the world of retirement. Be jealous...I got to retire at One!

I'm tiny, but buff. I'm boisterous, but unassuming. I like my having my own toys, but need your lovins just as much. I like long walks, belly rubs, cookies, and being told I'm pretty. Pretty sweet package, yes?
This new life is pretty...new. I'm ready to learn and Foster Mom says I'm gonna be sooo good at it. For now, I love following my furry foster sisters around to teach me the ropes...they really seem to know what they're doing!

Watch me for pics and progress, and dream about this gorgeous bone structure! 
♡ She-She