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Brownie - 3/20/19: Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

Hi Brownie fans!

It's been a while and I thought you might want an update on your main boy.

So, what can I say as Brownie's foster mom? He is a really special guy. We are still diligently working to get him 100% pain free and mobile on his recovering fractured leg. While Brownie may have galloped to victory with blazing speed pre-retirement; the name of the game now is slow and steady wins the race.  We appreciate you following his progress and patiently waiting for a chance to meet this wonderful greyhound.

So, you may be curious about this blog title. Well, Brownie's "cover" isn't aesthetically perfect. He has a little piece missing from one of his ears. He has some scars on his back and side. He has a little kink in his tail as well (no doubt from the circles he spins when he's excited to see his favorite person). He may always have a little hitch in his step, even when he's fully recovered.

But...you know what? When you look beyond those small imperfections, you'll find the most beautiful soul. His big brown eyes just melt your heart. His chocolate colored fur sticks up in all directions on his nose in the cutest way. His "helicopter tail" spins so fast you'd think he would lift off the ground when he greets you. He leans on you when he wants love, and if you sit on the floor with him, he will inch closer and closer, so he can have his paw touching you. He's patient and gentle with children. He's exuberant about meeting new people and getting petted. He sings a happy song when he hears you coming in the door.

These and more are all the reasons to let Brownie into your heart. Stay tuned for more PUPdates as his recovery continues.

Signing off,

Lara and Brownie

Coastal 3/30/19 - Renovations, what renovations?

Major construction with banging and drilling going on at our house and foster Coastal is solid as a rock!  I love this dog!!!!

So many folks overlook the black dogs but let me tell you, if you pass by this boy you are really missing out on a very special dog.  Coastal is the whole package.  Great in the crate, good on leash, and gets along with everyone (except cats).  He sleeps thru the night and does all his business outside.  He's on the smaller side for a boy but what he lacks in size he makes up for in gentle disposition.  Coastal would do best with a family who has another dog (doesn't have to be a greyhound but he enjoys a canine buddy) and a family with no cats.  He loves his toys and is totally self entertaining but also loves when I toss the fluffies for him to run after.  All that in one handsome package!!!

Brownie - 3/6/19 - Going to See the Doc!

Hi everyone! Brownie here!

I have an appointment with a specialty rehab vet tomorrow to have a look at my leg and see if I might benefit from some hydro therapy to help build up my muscles and strengthen my leg again. I'm so grateful to GEGR for making sure I get the care I need, so I'm all ship shape to meet my new family.  Foster mom says if I'm good tomorrow, I can have a treat! I know I'm always a good boy though, so this will be a piece of cake!

Look how nice I can sit! I love to lay at your feet too, so be prepared for some nice warm tootsies...courtesy of me! Check out a few of my other favorite things to do too!

Until next time!


I love to sit and check out what's going on.

 Foster sister is slacking on the job of keeping an eye on the human kids. I've got my eyes open though

 Both on kiddo watch. She's around here somewhere. 

I love my stuffies. Snuggling is the best.

Ah...nothing like roaching by the fire after a long hard day.