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Quick Quin: 9/30 - Welcome to Retirement

Hi folks,

My name is Quin and I just started retirement yesterday.  It was a very long day but I made it to my foster home late last night where  I met the resident hounds and the family.  Today I have been working on learning the ropes.   First I figured out the beds.

Then I found the Hedgehog toy.  I had sooooo much fun!

Foster brother Reese even let me squeeze next to him on the bed, and I was told he NEVER lets anyone do that so I must be extra special.

Then we hung in the back yard for a bit.  Foster mom says I have Greyt Earsies !!

That's all for now... I am very busy,  so much new stuff to see and do.  Later Quin.

Rico's River: 9/30 - Can't Keep a Good Dog Down

I didn't meet my forever family this weekend. Full disclosure, I am a little bummed, but some of my friends found their families and I am happy for them!

So now, I get to bless you all with more blog posts for the next couple weeks. *wink wink*

This weekend, I'm staying with one of Foster Mom's friends. Foster Mom has a weekend-long event out of town, but I'm told she's picking me up this evening. I'm excited to spend more time with her, my furry foster sisters, Foster Dad, and my human foster brothers. There's never an insufficient amount of cuddles to go around.

Now... if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drown myself in some vanilla ice cream and help Foster Mom finish that prison show that she's been trying to catch up on. Foster Mom says it helps, so we'll see. Catch up with all of you wonderful peeps in the next couple of days!

Foster Bro gives the best hugs and cuddles.

KC's Sam: 9/28 - I Am Super Fancy

Heya people! Sam here...feeling kinda weird...but good weird!
Today started out like any other. Ya know, food, snuggles, potty, crate, naps, cookies...until the afternoon.
FM came home and said it was time to do nails. Let me tell you, my foster brothers and sister are DISASTERS! So squirmy! I was such a good boy and stayed still the whole time. FM said I should have gone first instead of last to set an example. I mean, I don't love it, but it's cool. I know I'm getting cookies when it's through. And another walkie!

I love taking walks! It's so exciting to see what life is like outside the house. So many people always want to come over and meet me. And of course, I know exactly how to keep the pets going for as long as possible...EVERYONE is a sucker for a Greyhound snuggle/nuzzle combo 😇

So just maybe my foster sister Allie dug a mud puddle in the backyard this afternoon and it's possible that she may have forced me into laying in it. So I guess I could have wound up covered in mud...but I wasn't the only one! FM wasn't thinking about her camera...she put me right in the car for a ride! Knowing how much I love rides, I figured she was doing something nice for me. Or not...

Wouldn't you know, this lady took me for a BATH!😱 Evil genius, she, knowing I'd go anywhere with her. We went to this place where there were so many other dogs! Big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, loud ones, calm ones...I was so completely weirded out. FM washed me, my ears up and looking around the whole time, and my bath was over before I knew it. The bath wasn't my favorite, but the entertainment at this place was top-notch. She sprayed me with some stuff that's supposed to help my skin but honestly, I feel like I smelled like a poodle. Fancy Sam, I guess they'll call me now. Sigh...
BONUS! Good boys at bath time get liver brownies after! So delicious! I posed for my head shot while waiting at Taco Bell for my next treat... This one's a moneymaker. I'm so handsome.
It's been a busy day, I'm tired, and I smell like a pageant queen. FM won't stop snuggling me because I'm super soft and smell so good, so I guess I can get with it. She says we don't have much more time together because I'm meeting my forever family VERY soon, so I need to let her love on me. If my forever Mom snuggles me even half as much as this one does, I'll be the happiest boy ever. 

Falling asleep. FM said I'm so handsome and such a good boy. I know this so much. But I'll never tire of hearing it 😉
Til next time!

Your goodest boy,
💋 Sam

Daredevil Decker: 9/28 - Too Cool For School

Decker here and I'm have some pretty exciting news.  My foster mom says I am graduating from retirement training and I'm ready for my forever home. I came here a skinny boy who thought he had it all together. Boy was I wrong. I've learn so much about being in a house and having house rules.
I figured I should brag about some of the cool things I can do now.

I've learned that when you walk with pack, you have to stay with the pack. I really didn't see the point of that at first. Now I know I'm still going to see it all, it just takes longer this way. Guess I'll have nothing but time with my family.

I've mastered those darn stairs.  Watch me come around my new foster brother and catch up to him by the time we got to the top. Foster mom declared it a tie but I say I had him by a nose. Maybe a whisker.

I can even ring bells when I want to go outside. Technically I ring the bells so everyone knows I'm going outside. Then they all want to come too.

Foster mom says the best thing I've learned is how to be a good big brother. That's me just chillin in my crate just so I can keep my new friend Woody company.  Woody doesn't say much but I know he likes when I hang out with him and show him the ropes or hang out with him.  I promised him that one day he'll be as fast as me on the stairs and he'll be able to ring the bells on the door and have the middle spot on the pack walk.
For now that's all Me! I've learned a lot and now I'm ready for my forever home. Retirement, here I come!!

Rico's River: 9/28 - If You a Fly Gal, Get Your Nails Done

Big day tomorrow! Foster Mom says it's time to make my debut to a few families. I thought I'd be a little nervous, but I have never slept better in ages! (Notice how I slept in past my usual blog posting time.) I'm so ready! (Again, don't sweat it if you aren't getting to meet me tomorrow, I have plenty of friends for you to meet in the future. Everyone gets their time.)

Today, Foster Mom is going to make sure I am bathed and smelling good as well as trimming my nails to make sure I am good to go for a couple weeks. That way, if you're the lucky human that brings me into your family, all you have to worry about are the cuddles and the foods. So considerate, yeah?

Other than that, I'll be snackin' and nappin' all throughout the day. The human boy didn't have school today, so I'll be rotating snuggles between him and Foster Mom. Can't leave here with anyone feeling left out can I? #rude

So.... I guess this might end up being one of my last posts. *paws crossed* If you don't hear from me, thanks so much for following my journey into retirement. I still can't believe I've lived my whole life and no one told me about peanut butter, but that's beside the point.

To my readers, I hope I've brought a smile to your face every morning with my blog posts and if you're reading this and you're a part of my future family, I hope I bring a smile to your face every day for as long as my four paws meander this earth.

Occasionally, I dabble in snuggling with other pups.

Thanks for supporting me and my journey into retirement! -River

Rico's River: 9/27 - Operation: Get Adopted

Alright team listen up, time is kibble and I don't have any time to waste! Foster Mom says I am meeting some families soon so there is NO room for error. I have formatted a tight schedule for optimal adoption success. This should be followed to a 'T,' people! (jk, It's negotiable.)

Wake up at 4:30am, realize it's only Foster Dad going to work, go back to sleep.

Wake up for real this time at 6am because Foster Mom is up and if she's up, that means breakfast! But first, I gotta pee!

At 8:30, she's out the door and it's in my kennel I go... bah, humbug.

8:50 and she's back! Time to play, get some cuddles, and maybe a snackie snack.

At approximately 9:30am, I will be honing my napping skills. I'm supposed to be sleeping for about 18 hours a day, so my endurance needs to be at its prime.

Lunchtime is also known as Peanut Butter Minus Jelly Time. I get a couple of tablespoons to help me increase and maintain my girlish figure.

I go right back to sleep, no time for playing. Hold all my calls, I'm unavailable until at least 3:30pm.

At 5:30, I eat dinner - 2 cups, no more, no less. Capisce?

Promptly after dinner, I go outside for the "peeps" and the "poops." I come right back in and it's time for cuddles. Foster Momma cuddles me extra to make up for all that lost time while I was out on the racetrack. So considerate, that lady. I appreciate her. She's a dime a dozen.

At about 9pm, it's time to go night night. Early, you say? I may only be 4 years old, but I'm an old soul. Also... I don't make the rules. It's Foster Mom and Dad that are the buzzkills in this household. File all your grievances with them... I would... IF I HAD THUMBS.

Friday is going to be all about ME, says Foster Momma! She's going to make sure I'm smelling great with another bath and make sure my nails are trimmed just one more time before I go off to my forever home. *paws crossed* (Don't worry if you're not meeting me sooner than you might have wanted, you'll have your chance to meet some lucky pup, if not me. Pinky "paw"mise. You see that? See what I did there?)

Foster Mom says I'm ready for a family. I love to cuddle, haven't had any accidents in the house, I'm a good cleaner (but only if it's chicken dropped on the floor), I give the best hugs, I'm responsive to my name, I sleep through the night, and I love to please.

 Foster Mom sits in the floor and I just dive right into some snuggles. I could stay enveloped in a cuddle forever. Cuddles are the BEST invention ever.

That's me on the left snoozing next to my foster sister, Sunshine. Yes, THE Sunshine.

Rico's River: 9/26 - Werkin' on my Twerkin'

Every morning, Foster Mom feeds me breakfast in my kennel. I personally prefer to eat outside of the kennel like everyone else, but she mentioned something about it being "the rules." I guess I'm supposed to learn that good things come from the kennel? Pfffft... I guess.

 Anyway, she always tells me to "kennel up" and I know that means it's time to get inside to eat. But am I just going to waltz right in there like she's the boss? No way, Jose! Instead, I like to play bow and give her a helicopter tail. I think humans call it "twerking," but that sounds dumb, so that can't be right.

 I tell you what though, this house pet business is tiresome. I play, I eat, I go outside, I sleep, I play, I snack, I sleep.... Foster Mom has made sure that I have plenty of cushy beds to lounge around in, which brings me to my next request.

 If you're the lucky human who takes me home, I would really appreciate lounging on a couch with you, but if dogs on the furniture isn't your thing, can you find me a really soft, plushy bed to lay on? OOOOH, or both! Both is good too.

 Now, I'm not talking you just touch it and you're all like "yeah, this one's good I guess." Nay I say! Take it off the shelf, take it for a test spin! I want to MELT into that thing like I'm becoming one with the bed. Bounce around on it, leave no cushion unturned! And once you find the perfect one, be sure to put it back on the shelf and get a duplicate that doesn't have your rear end rubbed all over it. ;) 'Preciatecha!
 P.S. Might as well grab a jumbo bag of Pupperonis while you're in the pet store.

Anyway, I am off to grab my post-breakfast peanut butter and another nap. Gotta catch up on some beauty rest before we get to meet one another! Can't be seen in public with bags under my eyes. Please enjoy some pics and a video Foster Mom took of me earlier. Heads up on the video, turn your volume down, my foster sister was singing the song of her people. (Apparently her people are deaf and need her to sing EXTRA loud. *eyeroll*)

Helicopter Tail before breakfast.
(Audio in video is a little loud, I recommend turning your volume down before pressing play.)

Literal sleeping beauty. My face looks like something straight out of some kawaii anime movie.

This bed is alright, but like I said - I want to MELT into the bed that's going to be mine forever. MELT, I SAID!

NBs Cartier: 9/25 - Taking It All In

Woody here. I've had a busy past few days.  So much to see and learn. Foster mom says I have to be ready for my retirement in my forever home. I like the sound of that so I'm trying really hard.

I love the outdoors and I've learned to do all my potty stuff outside. No more belly band for this boy.

I've mastered the crate! Foster mom puts all kinds of good stuff in there so I go in there sometimes just to look for a surprise.  I eat all my meals in the crate and I never whine or bark.

When foster mom leaves for work, I go in the crate and she gives me this really cool but odd shaped ball with cool stuff inside. Today she added some peany budder!  It was great! I can get used to this.

I've graduated to sleeping upstairs.  Foster mom says I'm such a good boy that I can sleep upstairs with her and all the other pups.  There was only one problem with that. Those stairs were scary and Foster mom had to help a few times until I got the hang of it. Now I can do it all by myself.  Foster mom says I'm very smart and brave.  Really I just didn't want to miss anything. My foster brother showed me a great window to look out of where you can see the whole street. Now I need him to share that really big dog bed. I'm always the last one up the stairs and that bed is always taken. It looks super comfy and I can't wait to try it out. Must get faster on the stairs....

Daredevil Decker: 9/25 - Been A Long Time Coming

Decker here and my blog is back in action. I changed foster homes a few weeks ago and my new foster mom has been really busy. She keeps forgetting to tell people about all the stuff I'm learning and how ready I am for my forever home. No worries, I'll take it from here.

Let's start with this handsome face. I'll have you at Hello.

There's more to me than my cute face and happy smile. I've got an excellent palate and I'm a pretty good judge of great food. I simply go into my crate and wait for my food to be served up. I eat nicely and lick the bowl to let the kitchen staff know how much I enjoyed the meal.

I love going for walks and rides. Just grab a leash and I'm ready to go. I'm a little excited at first because I want to meet all of my adoring fans.  Please shower me with hugs and kisses.

Speaking of walks, I'm going to ask foster mom if we can go for one right now. Maybe I can spot a squirrel or a rabbit. Don't worry, I'll be back.

KC's Sam: 9/25 - The One and Only...

Hey y'all! Sam here, with some super exciting news!

Are you ready for it?!

FM says I have mastered the art of being a retired racer! Me...SammaBama...a MASTER!
I have conquered the SlumberBall. This thing was tricky!
I'm like, wicked good at this guys. These beds don't stand a chance against me. I will lie on them however I want, whenever I want.

The toy basket? Identified and owned. I love having a selection. I have my favorites, of course, but FM says a true master doesn't need to discriminate. I make liberal use of everything in there.

Who are we kidding. I love my hedgie the most.

FM's favorite though? My cuddles! I learned that every time FM stops moving I get scratches and snuggles. This means, as any master knows, that I must be at her side all the time. I love to press my face against hers for kisses and nose scratches (the BEST!). When she extends her hand, I put my chin in it for rubs. And, I get to put my head in her lap when she sits on the floor! I have made a pillow! Masterful!

I have achieved great things in my life, but mastering retirement takes the cake. Now, all I need is to ice it with my perfectly perfect forever family. FM says it won't take long...I am very handsome, super sweet, and a perfect little boy (her words, not mine).

I know you're out there. I'll know you when I see you. Til next time!

Your Master of Retirement,
💋  Sam

RPG Hometown: 9/25 - Snuggles and Best Friends

Hi All!

It's me again, Homie! I've been having an amazing time in my retirement loving everyone that I meet (except Milo the cat maybe, he's still scary and I stay away from him).d

Me and foster sister Selene go on the most fun walks together. Look how awesome we look together:

We've also learned to share: toys, beds, you name it!

 We spend lots of time laying around together and getting all the pets from foster mom and dad.

Speaking of foster mom and dad, I love to follow them EVERYWHERE! I just love, love, LOVE people and want to be around them all the time. I am so curious what these humans are up to! Whether it's preparing my dinner, watching tv, or watering the plants..it is just fascinating. When I get a chance, I rest my head on them just so they know how much I love them!
I can't wait to meet my forever family and give them all the love I have to offer!

xoxo Hometown

Rico's River: 9/25 - If You Wanna Be My Mother

Okay, so I've been a "house pet" for a few days now and I'm starting to discover things that I REALLY enjoy. Don't worry, I've compiled a list of everything that I like so far. This list will most likely expand so the things that I love include, but are not limited to:

  1. Hugs, LOTS of 'em
  2. Kisses on my noggin
  3. Ear massages as I fall asleep
  4. More noggin smooches
  5. Tell me how pretty I am
  6. Tell me how much of a good girl I am
  7. Pupperonis
  8. Squawky Toys
  9. Back scratches
  10. Neck massages
  11. You guessed it! More kisses!
  12. The smell of eggs cooking
  13. That little bit of chicken the human boy dropped at dinner last night. (He tried to pick it up, but I was too swift!)
  14. Trash talking the stray cat
  15. and holy heck - PEANUT BUTTER
Additionally, I have composed a song to the tune of "Wannabe" by Spice Girls, *ahem*:

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really, really want,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna,
I really, really, really wanna peanut buttaaah!

If you wanna be my mother,
You have got to kiss,
Kiss me on my noggin,
THAT'S the way it iiiiiiis!

Obviously, it's a work in progress, but that's all I have for now.

Reference for my future family to know how I like to be hugged.
(Foster Mom took me to her friend Abi's for a play date.)

"Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?"

Foster Mom bribed us with a Pupperoni to take an adorable picture. Once again, I'm in the middle because I'm amazing and deserve to be center of attention.

NBs Cartier: 9/24 - New Beginnings

NBs Cartier here. Or Cartier. Forget that fancy name and call me Woody. That's the name I like best.  I'm a two year old fawn boy with dreamy eyes. A couple of months ago, I was racing in FL but one day they told me I was going to be what they called retired. I wasn't sure what it meant but I'm up for trying just about anything. Here's to my new beginnings.
So on Friday I told my old racing buddies that I was going to find retirement and made my way to VA. Some nice ladies met the hauler and moved me to a car for a trip to MD. It was my first time riding in something that had windows. That was great. Then we made a stop at a place everyone called greyhound central where I was waited on hand and foot. They served us breakfast in bed on nice cushy blankets. Next we took turns getting a spa treatment complete with nice warm bath, ear cleaning and nail trim. They kept saying how handsome and sweet I was. I was so comfy after a while I didn't want to come out of the crate. Surely this must be retirement.

Turns out this was not retirement. They told me first you get a foster mom and a foster home. Lucky for me, my foster mom was there and she loaded me into her car and we road back to VA. I was really good on the ride home.  Foster mom rolled the windows down when we got by the water so I could smell the ocean air.

When we got to my foster home I met a new set of friends. There's two resident pups that have already found retirement. There's also another foster just like me. He's a cool pup that promised to show me the ropes.

That's my foster brother Decker, getting to know me(all about me). He showed me all around the yard and where all the cool pee spots are. I tried them all, every single one. Foster mom says I didn't miss any of them. She was positive.

Well I got a lot to learn before I get my forever home. My foster siblings are all eager to help me.  Foster mom says I could just use my dreamy eyes and any family will fall in love with me. I'm gonna go work on my slow blink while I take a nap.

See ya later

Rico's River: 9/24 - Foster Mom's Cooking

Turns out Foster Mom appreciates cooking shows. There's this one show with a really funny man on it. He just yells about how awful everyone's cooking is. It makes Foster Mom laugh.

I like it when she laughs, so I've been brushing up on my burns.... like the water she is capable of burning.

She tried making an omelette this morning. It didn't turn out the way she wanted to, so I knew this was my chance.

"That looks like an 'omelet-down' if you ask me."
"I've seen clean-ups on aisle 7 look better than this atrocity."
"Did you get that out of a recipe book? You need a refund."
"I bet that tiny human in the living room with the special 'leave it' toys can flip a proper omelette."
"Kibble actually sounds a lot better than looking at this abomination for a single second more."

I actually did look for two slices of bread to put on either side of her head, but I can't open the pantry, nor do I have enough height to put them on either side of her head.

So? How'd I do? I think I could come out of retirement to be quite the food critic! Watch out Mr. Ramsay!

RPG Hometown: 9/23 - introductions

Hi Everyone!! I'm a curious and loving doggo named "Hometown", although I also answer to "Homie", "Homer", "Humphrey", "Hoto", or anything else that comes to foster mom's head when she's trying to remember my real name.
I've had an exciting first two days away from the track! First, it was a long drive to get to GEGR. And then ANOTHER long drive to get to my foster mom's apartment in Baltimore! Luckily, I love sitting in the car and looking out the window at all the exciting new sites!

This is my foster sister, Selene. We both like riding in the car together!
In Baltimore, there are TONS of things to look at and see! I've met lots of people on the street and also got to go into a pet store with treats EVERYWHERE. I met my foster sister, Selene, and she's great! I really like her and she showed me  how to get up the stairs and also where to sniff and use the bathroom outside. We got to hike together this morning, and she also showed me how to avoid the slippery tree roots. I like hanging out with her!

Here's us lounging together after a long, rainy hike this morning.

I also met my foster brother, Milo. He's a cat and that's scary. I just keep my distance and hope he doesn't hiss.

Speaking of scary things, let's talk about MIRRORS for a second. What in the what!?!? I don't get it. It's like the world, but reversed and I somehow can't get through it. See?

Along with exploring and finding new things to investigate or play with, I really enjoy snuggling too. I loooooove hanging out with foster mom and lounging around.
Have you noticed my little snaggle tooth peeping out? Foster mom thinks it's adorable!!

I can't wait to find my furever home and share my love with my new family!! I have lots to give!
Bye for now!