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Kup (Anacostia Kup): 1/31- Loving retirement

Hi everybody. Kup here! 

I'm really settling into retirement life.  I've already found my favorite bed in the house and I love following my humans around seeing what they're doing.  I have been known to steal some socks out of the laundry 😄. Hey I'm just having fun here.  I do well on the stairs and I'm getting better at walking on the leash. 

I look forward to every meal time so coaxing me along with a treat is certainly in my future.  I listened very well to correction.  What can I say I'm eager to please.

I hear there's an adoption event next weekend I can't wait to meet all the people.

Love Kup

Buff (Atascocita Buff): 1/29 - Winter coat dance

This thing doesn’t fit properly! Thankfully my foster parents fixed it eventually...

- Buff. 

Charley (Charley Cheswick): 1/30 - The waggly tail

Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while but alas your wait is over.  Life has been crazy but I’ve been doing all sorts of fun things.

I moved into a new foster home because my first foster parents found out my foster brother had cancer so I got to move to Hampton Roads and meet some new people.  I thought that was so cool because I LOVE people.  My new house has two Irish Wolfhounds and one Greyhound like me, I really want to play with him but I don’t think he feels the same way.  That’s okay though because my new house has a TON of toys and I think toys are the greatest thing ever.  It’s exhausting playing with toys.

  This is me and my new foster brother and sisters.

My new foster mom always tells me how handsome I am but she says it’s really hard to take my picture because I’m always running up for pets.  My human foster brother was vacuuming the floor the other day but I didn’t understand what the big fuss was.

Foster mom says I’m pretty much the best boy ever, I’m relaxed and loving.  I don’t think it’s such a big deal...  I mean who doesn’t love pets and snuggles?!  As for being relaxed... maybe it’s because I practice yoga?

Foster mom says I’m sooooo handsome and I’m going to make the best family dog.  I hope I find a new family that will give me lots of pets and snuggles forever.  

Kup (Anacostia Kup): 1/29 - I love hugs

Hi it's Kup,

It's been a few days into my retirement and I love all the perks.  I love hanging out with my human and dog foster family.  I love being in the same room with everyone and getting lots of rubs and hugs.  I even give kisses too!  

Today is going to be a great day for a walk. I love all the noises and other dogs.  The TV had a noise I had never heard before. The humans were watch a show called "Star Wars" and the laser fight freaked me out a bit do I took a break. 

I'm a curious boy and is very playful. If you love snuggles and playing, I'm your guy.

Talk to you soon.  Love, Kup

Buff (Atascocita Buff): 1/28 - Meet Buff

Hi I’m Buff! Ok, let’s make this clear from the start- I love attention, cuddles, and scalp massages! Also on the list of things I love- more attention, yet more attention, and watching humans do stuff! I’m not needy or pushy about it, I just want to be where the love is!

The thing is that I love attention so much it can be hard to get photos of anything except my handsome face! That doesn’t seem like a bad thing though!

My foster parents say that I’m pretty much the perfect dog as I sleep through the night and I’m really good in the house. Plus I’m gentle and patient with my foster sister who is so much smaller than me!

I am a very cautious and sensitive boy though, and will need a confident and patient forever family to help me along the way. I absolutely love my walks around the neighborhood, and would love to be part of a pack that is happy to give me lots of little adventures! 

- Buff

Tonga (Atascocita Tonga): 1/28 - Day out

Tonga here today I went to the post office.I was good on my ride and waited quietly in the van. Then I had my first trip to Home Depot. I so excited that I wanted to see everything. I wasn't listening to foster Mom very well but it was my first time. I loved people petting me and I'm going to work on my walking skills. I'm a very strong for a little girl.

Rant (Atascocita Rant): 1/27 - Retirement is fun!

Hello again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's me! Rant! I'm here!

Want to pet my belly? Want to? Please? Pleeeeeassee???

 I loooooveeee being around foster mom and getting belly rubs, going on walks in the city, and taking naps with Selene.


I also learned how to greet foster mom with a new trick: growing a pair of ears!

Check out this cool magic trick I can do!
I can't wait to snuggle and show my new forever family all of my fancy tricks and all of my love!
My tail is wagging just thinking about it!

Kup (Anacostia Kup): 1/26 - New adventure

Hi I'm Kup!

I'm a big sweet boy that will steal your heart.  I love to cuddle I love Rob's and I love being right next to you.  I just got back from a trip to the vet and I'm doing really well.  I'm a great sleeper I'm good on stairs and I'm learning my manners on the leash.  I love to see and smell everything and I love mirrors.  I've been known to talk to myself occasionally. 😄

I hear there's an adoption event in two weeks and I can't wait.  I really love people I want to meet everybody.  My foster mom says I'm such a good boy and I will get adopted very quickly.

Talk to you soon, 

Keira (Atoscicita Keira): 1/26 - Greyt Tidings!

I bring you greyt tidings from retirement!

This retirement thing keeps a girl busy!!!  I spent a night at the Vet after I was spayed but don't worry, they said I did just fine!  I am just going to be sore for a couple days.  But once I got home it didn't take me long to get my cozy on!!!

I even got to go for a short walk today and check out some of the neighborhood!!

Im not sure what to think about being photographed.  But foster mom says that I will have to get used to it because I am so adorable and who doesn't love to hear that?!!!  She snuck this one in on me!

Yet another new thing!!!!  Did you know about toys!??  They squeak when you chomp on them!!!  As someone once said "the wonderful thing about squeaky toys is squeaky toys are wonderful things"!!!

I am so looking forward to seeing what other wonders await!!!

Tonga (Atascocita Tonga): 1/26 - Update

Tonga here for a brief update. I'm feeling alot better today. I've been taking things slow since my spay. I was up and playing with toys and my chew bone.I love my foster sister. She slept next to me while I  wasn't feeling well.
I haven't had any accidents in the house and I let foster Mom know when I have to go out. I eat my meals very well and don't bother anyone while they are eating.
This week I'm going to the store with foster Mom to learn how things are done. This should be fun. I ride very well on the trips we have had.

Rant (Atascocita Rant): 1/24 - Handsome and happy!

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! My name is Rant!

Foster mom tells me I'm a good boy and that makes me so happy! I learned all about the city of Baltimore and I get to go up and down stairs and walk around in the city every day! It makes me so excited I can never stop wagging my tail.

I love my foster sister, Selene, and my foster brother, Milo...although he is not like me??? He has sharp claws and makes a strange hissing sound. What IS he?

I also can't stop looking into a thing that foster mom calls "mirror". There is a DOG in there! And she won't let him out.... I like to wag my tail at him and see him wag his tail back.

I also like to do this thing that foster mom calls "roaching". She seemed so excited, but why WOULDN'T I stick my legs straight in the air and let people pet my belly???

To my forever family: I don't know you yet, but I already love you and am so excited to meet you!

Gotta go snooze, byeeeeeeeee!

Tonga (Atascocita Tonga): 1/22 - My new life...

Hi all,

My name is Tonga and I came from Florida on Saturday.  Man is it cold here!!!!!  I have been a really good girl.  I love toys,snuggles and hugs and kisses.  I have been getting along really well with my foster brother and sister.  I travel great in the car and today made the trip back to Lusby so that I can have my spay surgery tomorrow.  My foster mom says that I am going to make a wonderful companion.  I hope that my new family will let me get on the couch because that looks like a really good place to hang out.

Keira (Atascocita Keira): 1/22 - Greyt Start!

Hi!  My name is Keira and I have been retired for 5 whole days! This is me on my ride to my foster house!  I must be pretty special to get the whole back set to myself!!

Of course, after all of the traveling that I have done to get from Florida to Maryland I was very interested to see where we were going and what was going on outside!

When we got to the house I was excited to investigate my new accomodations!  I am a little reserved at first but I'm pretty smart and figured out where all the important stuff is like the water bowl, the backyard for potty and of course where the coziest seats in the house are located!

I'm here with five foster sisters!   They have been very helpful in helping me learn the ropes of life in a home!  Three of my foster sisters are my size and two are smaller.  They are called English Cockers.  They are pretty interesting but are not really interested in playing so I just leave them alone.  I am happy spending time around my foster sisters but I'm just as happy being around my foster humans getting petted, kissed on the head and told how cute I am!  Foster mom says she cannot resist my wonky ears!!!  I think they are pretty normal but she says they give me character!

I have already been on several walks with my foster sisters!  Foster mom says I walk like a dream!  I usually stay by her side or slightly behind her most of the time but I can still see everything!

After a long day I usually find my spot in the living room to take a snooze until we can do it all again the next day!

Lisa (PJ Pinkies Up): 1/22/20 - This is My Year!

Hello Friends! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you're having a greyt new year so far. 
I sure am! Did you know 2020 is MY year? Why's that? 
It's because this is the year I go to my Forever Home! 

In the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy. Check out my retired greyhound routine...

Helping my Foster Mom clean out the
peanut butter jar.
(I'm helpful like that 😉)
I LOVE to walk! 
Stair climbing pro? Check ✅

Helping my Foster Brother look cute so we can both
get something yummy 😋

Post-walk snuggles in the car 

Taking lots of naps...
...and more NAPS! 😴

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates! 

-Lisa 🐾

Still on the lookout for my Forever Family...
I know I'll find them soon!