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Coach Ursala: 7/30 - Hello World!

black dog with white on muzzle looking at camera
Hi, I'm Ursala.

Hi everyone, it's me, Ursala? Don't know me yet? You will soon, because I want to know everyone and everything.

Yesterday was the first real day of my retirement. After I got my bath and my mani-pedi, I got in a car with my foster mom, L. L says I'm a greyt passenger, because I just curled up on the dog bed and slept the whole way. On our way home, we stopped so I could meet my foster dad, J, and take a little walk by his work. L thought I might be scared because there is lot's of traffic near his work, but I wasn't; I just wanted to explore everything.

White and black dogs, on leash, facing toward metro station
Look, it moves! I wonder what it is.
When L and I got home, we took another walk with my new foster brother, Mr. G. Apparently, when Mr. G first came here, he was scared to walk, but I'm not. There was so much to see! We got to see the metro train, strollers, and bikes, and also other dogs. I wanted to meet all of the other dogs—I never knew there were so many other dogs besides greyhounds! Now, I know there are corgis and pugs and labs and so many more.

Shot down toward dog bed with dog standing on it, butt showing, and cat lying in the middle
Miss Thing has my bed ☹.
After this walk, I also learned about another new thing: C-A-T-S. The cat here is known as Miss Thing, because L says she is the big boss of everyone. I was really curious about Miss Thing, but L told me not to bother her, so I didn't. No need to focus on one thing when there are so many other things in the world to explore!

I also got to practice my alone time, which I wasn't sure about. I've never been alone before! But then I got dinner, so really, I guess it's not bad. Plus, L used my alone time to get pillows for my new bed! That was great, except Miss Thing stole the bed and wouldn't give it back. I guess that's what you get to do when you're the boss.

Black and white dogs in the back of a small car with bedding
Mr. G hogs the seat.
This morning L, Mr. G, and I took another long walk. Then we went to the Towson PetSmart for a meet and greet. L said she hadn't been planning to take me, but I then I told her I want to learn about everything! Mr. G and I had to ride in the back together. He is a space hog. When we got there, there were lots of other greyhounds, but I impressed everyone because I was so outgoing event though I just came from the track yesterday. Honestly, I don't know what the big deal is—doesn't everyone just want to explore the world?

Black dog lying on a rainbow colored dog bed with butt hanging off the edge
Bye for now!
Now I'm tired and napping on my new bed—which I finally got back from Miss Thing—while I dictate this blogpost to L. Do you think it's almost dinner time yet?

Bye for now!

P.S. I let L pick the title of this blogpost, because she helped me write it. She works with computers and thinks it's funny, but I don't get it.

Whitman: 7/26 - Conversations With a Wet Dog

Someone needed a bath and was not happy about that situation...
 "Poor, poor pitiful me!'' says Whitman
"Sorry, Man, you NEED this bath!" says foster Mom.
 Are you sure this was in my contract? I don't remember signing up for this.
The contract is irelevant when you need a bath, dude.
 You know, if I could bump this door a little, I could get outside...
That's a BIG if, aaaaaand you can't.
 Ohh, this is nice!
Yeah it is. The scrub down is the best part.
 A guy could get used to this. 
I told you it was good... Foster Mom knows.
See, my tail is still curly, even in the bathtub!
Yes, your tail is awesome, even when it's all wet.

Tubby: 7/23

Tubby continues to do great in foster care.  He's a happy, simple boy who is just hoping his forever family will come find him.  Tubby is looking for a home with no children or small animals.  He'd love a fenced in yard.  Tubby is very in tuned with his humans and just loves to be part of the family.  He doesn't want a bunch of expectations on him, he just wants to be a dog and be his humans best friend.  He continues do to well with very short walks.  He loves treats and his food and can be caught regularly doing the happy hoppy food dance at meal times.

Tubby loves other Greyhounds

Getting used to the big world, one short walk at a time.

Tubbs loves morning snuggles.  

Pinjara: 7/8 - field trip

FM took me on a field trip today!  Our first stop was her office.  I was a hit with the ladies and hope she takes me back there.  I got soooo much attention!

Hey ladies!  This handsome boy is looking for his furever home.  #WinkWink

When we were done visiting, we took a drive and went to the beach.  I'd never been there before and there was so much to sniff and check out.

I was nervous at first going up the steps to get to the bridge, but once I did, I loved the wind and looking down at everything.  

When we came back down, we walked along the beach.  I wasn't interested in the water, but I loved exploring.  There were so many things to sniff.

All that activity meant a water stop before we went home.  Yay for FM hooking me up!


Pinjara: 7/7 - bed fail

One of the things that I haven't been able to get used to in retirement are the dog beds.  My favorite way to lay on them is to just use part of them.  Sometimes I use the dog beds as a pillow for my head and the rest of the time they're used as a pillow for my backside.  



Pinjara: 7/5 - visit to the vet

Hey everybody!  FM tries to take her foster pups out to experience new things.  Lucky me...I got to visit the vet with Olive.  Thankfully, the vet wasn't poking at me.  #LetsNotGoThereAgain #IMightNotBeAsLucky

On our way to the vet.

What are they doing over there?  Is someone going to come over and visit us?

Don't worry Olive.  I'll protect you.

Okay Olive.  You see what's above the table, and I'll see what's below it.

Yay company!  

Hello there!  I'll be your BFF if you hook me up with those treats I know you're hiding behind that computer.

The doctor let me get all up in her space and loved on me!  Alright.  Maybe I'll be okay with going back to see her again.


Mac (Snake Eyes) 7/5/2017

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was the birthday of the USA.  There was lots going on including some loud noises at night that FM said were fireworks.  Some of my friends back at the track are afraid of those loud noises, but not me.  I am brave and loud noises are not a problem.  My FB and I slept right through all the noise.

I am still enjoying life here at my foster home.  I am learning to settle down more.  The best thing that I have learned is "tummy rubs."  When I first came here, I would get up as soon as my FM got up. Now I have learned that if she gets up, sometimes she get on the floor with me and if I lay there, she rubs my tummy.  That is the most wonderful feeling.  I go right to sleep it feels so good.  When she stops, I paw at her and roll over (real cute like) so she will keep on with the rubs.  So now my favorite things in retirement life are sleeping, eating, running in the yard and tummy rubs.

Are you good at giving tummy rubs?  If not, I will be glad to teach you.  Let the folks at GEGR know if you would like to meet me.

Bye for now,

Pinjara: 7/4 - company

Happy 4th of July everyone!  FM was busy today but she brought me friends to play with for a few days!

That's Sider on the bed behind me.

Me, June, and Olive waiting for FM to hand out treats.

Hope everyone has a fun 4th and gets to visit with friends like I am.  :)


Timpe: 7/4 - Good manners

I've been learning good manners since I retired.  I've learned that when foster mom says "wait", I'm to stand still until she tells me it's ok to move. She has me wait at doors and for my food.  She told me that it's safer for both of us if I don't bolt outdoors or try to start eating before my dish hits the floor. Here's a video link to show you how well I've learned to wait.


Pinjara: 7/1 - crate time

You'll never guess where FM has me eat my meals.  In my crate she says.  I don't think she understands that I'd really rather eat beside Olive, but here I am twice a day.  I tried to give her my best sad face in hopes that she'd let me eat outside of my crate.  Can you see that it didn't work.  I mean really.  How could she not give in to my squishy nose?  And I don't know why she was giggling at me when she took this picture.  I was completely comfortable using my bowl as a pillow.


Note from FM: Pin turns his bowl over after every.single.meal.  then noses it around the crate.  I think he's hoping I've hidden some more food underneath it.  :)