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Norman: 1/11 - Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Best Friend

Norman here and I just want to tell you about my best friend, my ace, my ride or die.  I'm not sure what half of those even mean but that's how FM describes me and Orson.  We've been best buds since he showed up here.
We do everything together.
We love going for car rides to anywhere.  We're always ready to go.

We go to weigh ins at the vet together. I'm the leaner and Orson is the strong silent type. Folks just love us.

We go for walks together. I check all the high places and my buddy checks out the low.

This is one of our favorite things. When we go for a long walk, we get to watch some really odd looking animals. They make strange noises and smell funny.  FM lets us watch them as long as we don't bark at them.

I just love sleeping with Orson.  He lets me share his bed and snuggle with him every night.  FM says it's a bit obsessive but we're best buds. She just doesn't get it.

I will miss Orson when he gets his furever home.  FM says I'm such an easy going guy that I'll make new friends.  I sure hope she's right.

Black Fog (Fog): Loving Retirement

Hi Friends!

Foster mom brought me home to celebrate the new year with her and her three dogs! I had no idea what to expect, but I found the best bed ever 20 minutes after I arrived at the house. My foster mom said she knew right away that I was so smart! She said she loved that I looked at the very handsome dog in the glass and admired him every chance I had when I first arrived in Lusby with my hound friends.

I started learning how to be foster mom's "best boy" as soon as I arrived. The first morning I was here, she took me for a long walk to see if I had manners on lead. Well, she said I had a few things to learn. The next day, she took me for a walk with her other Greyhound, and he showed me how to walk with manners on lead. I do much better now, but foster mom says I still need to be on a short lead.

I'll fill you in on more of my adventures next time!



Dare: 1/10 - roaches!

There’s a Greyt big roach in my house!
I’m going to need a GIANT swatter!!

Orson: 1/10 - Love My Vet

All my pup friends say going to the vet is a bad thing.  That's not true. I love going to my vet. FM takes us boys there a lot and it's always fun.

FM takes us by the vet's office to use the scale.  She wants to make sure we're gaining weight. Well each time we go in, everyone stops to come say high to us.

I give lots of kisses and they give me lots of pets.

I think she loves us

There's even fun stuff to do outside.  FM let's us look at those interesting looking animals that live beside the vets office.

I hope my furever family has a really cool vet that will take good care of me and give me lots of loving.

Dare: 1/9 - Greyhounds and Podencos

Are 2 VERY different creatures!
Greyhounds are chill, Podencos, not so much...but, they’re making it work!

Dare: 1/9 - I halp yoo!

Hey, Food Lady, I halp wash dishes with my foster brother Azor...

...Or by myself!

Orson: 1/8 - Carried Away

Sooo I have a confession.  I've been spending all of my time loving retirement.  I've been eating and sleeping and hanging out with my friends.  It's been great. And then it happened.

FM said I needed to sit up and pay attention.

Ok FM, I'm all ears. What's this all about?

FM told me that I need to stop rolling around on beds and get serious about finding my forever home. She said all of you want to know what I've been doing and learning.  You want to know if I've mastered living in a home. I promise you I have.

I know all about the house. I know that dog beds are for us pups.  I still have dreams of getting on the sofa one day though.  I'm not at all afraid of shinny floors or stairs.  I do my business outside and can hold my pee for close to 7 hours. I don't eat off the counters. I wait nicely for my food and eat nice and slow.

I love going for walks with my friends. I like car rides too. I can jump in and out of the car by myself. I love meeting people and kids and I'm very gentle.

I'm learning how to wait at doors. I learning to sit but I can only do it a few times.  FM is teaching a trick called watch me. I'm getting pretty go at it.

So you see I really haven't been slacking off like FM says. I've learned a lot. She says it doesn't count though if I don't tell everyone.

I'll be sure to fix that. I have lots more to tell you.

Dare: 1/7 - No Paparazzi, Please!

Try as I might to get a good shot, I'm getting a ton of these...
This is one sweet dog. He wants snuggles, NOT photos!

Kay's Copper: 1/7 - New Year, New Fam (Paws Crossed)

Happy New Year! I hope everyone was safe and made good decisions... * cough cough * like wanting to adopt me, for example. Whew man... I must be coming down with something. Should get that cough checked out, eh?

Anyway, did you know that people W I L L I N G L Y stay up until midnight to watch some sparkly ball drop? I mean, what is the point? You can't even play with that stinkin' ball! Why waste time watching a useless ball drop to the ground when you could be getting your beauty snooze on? Humans.... * mumbles under breath * ...and this is the superior species?

Apart from that, the holiday season was pretty fun. I appreciated all the love and closeness that it brings with families. I am hoping that I get me a family to celebrate my Christmas with in 2019! Put THAT on your resolution list this year, folks. "Adopt Copper..... check!" Fun fact: I can also help with to-do lists. Pretty fancy, yeah?

But what good are all my shenanigans and nonsensical talk without a little progress report, right? So here goes:

Look... I'm trying my darnedest to be a good boy and not counter surf. Foster Mom says I'm easily corrected. And hey, I should get SOME credit for no longer trying to get on all the furniture. Nevertheless, I will try harder to refrain from surfing the countertops....pinky pawmise. Ha!

I really like those super tough toys that dispense treats and peanut butter. I really like to work those things until I get every last bit out. They're fun and keep this fast-tracked mind from being bored.

I love to cuddle! I'll cuddle ANYONE AT ANYTIME ANYWHERE. In the rain, on a train, on a plane.... how else did that story go? Whatever, you get my drift. I really like hugs and kisses and cuddles and pets and scritches and all the things that have to do with me getting love. Pretty short list. You'll get the hang of it.

So anyway, I'm going to go catch up on all the sleep I missed out on by watching that stupid, sparkly, useless ball drop..... Copper - out!


Please enjoy these photos of me being a handsome, dapper, gentleman of a hound.

Mandrill: 1/6 - The kids are gone

Hi all, it's me Mandrill. Foster Mom (FM) sends her apologies that I haven't blogged sooner but its been a  busy first week for me.  I am a former racer and brood momma which means I had babies a few times.  The kids are finally out of the house and its time for my retirement.  I can tell you so far I am enjoying it.  I had a spa treatment my first day with a bath and massage (thanks Adrienne), a pedicure (thanks Miss Cindy), and lots of  treats, pets, and hugs.  I then rode in the car to foster mom's house.  BTW FM says I ride perfect in the car. I met her two greyhounds Reese and Kipper and we all get along greyt.  We like to go in the yard and wander around and sleep on the many comfy beds. They hang with me when everyone goes out.  We enjoy lots of yummy food like kibble, bone broth, treats, and peanut butter.  Gotta say retirement so far is the bomb!  FM says I am the sweetest and a just go with the flow kinda gal. Here are some pictures of my first week of retirement. #woohoothekidsrgone #retirementrocks #broodmommasrthebest

My first try on a dog bed, no bed fails for me

Enjoying the cozy fire place

Hanging with Reese and Kipper, thats me on the left

Foster mom says I have fun ears
another ear shot
...and another

Helping foster mom as she works from home

having a good dream

...another good dream

and another -- fm says I smile when I sleep 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Norman: 1/5 - Laser Focus

Norman here. I wanted to share one of my best tricks.  FM calls it 'watch me'.  It's super easy and I've nailed it! FM asks me to lock eyes with her and not move until she says ok. The first part was easy but I had to work on the not moving part. Once I learned, FM starting asking for a watch me when she put my food bowl down. What?! Don't touch the food? Is she insane? Does she not know how much I love my food?

This woman doesn't know my skills. I locked eyes and dared her to blink.  I stood perfectly still. Not even a tail twitch. I held that stare while she got her phone and figured out how to get a photo.
YES!!! I'm positive I won that round.  Breakfast never tasted so good.  FM keeps asking for a rematch at every meal now.  Challenge accepted.

If you need a dog that will look lovingly into your eyes, I'm your guy.  Just don't make me hold that stare for too long. Sometimes I start to drool and that's not cute.