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Shaelee: 11/30 - closeups

While FM was away, my pup-sitter took some pictures of me.  Check out my cuteness!  You'll be glad to know that I'm as soft as I look.  :)  

xX Shaelee Xx

Shaelee: 11/28 - back home with FM

Hey everyone! We're all back home from vacation, and FM handed out treats once we were settled.  I was so excited to see her that I showed off my chatters which turned into gator chomps.  She was a little slow though, and I was done chomping by the time she turned on the camera.

In case anyone needs another reason to fall in love with me, I hope this helps.  FM said I'm just absolutely adorable.

xX Shaelee Xx

Shaelee: 11/26 - vacation

Vacations mean that I get extra special treats from my pup-sitter. 

I think I'm going to want to come back here and visit again.

xX Shaelee Xx

Shaelee: 11/24 - Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!  FM is out of town, and I get to spend a few days with my friends Tux and Candy.  Since today is Thanksgiving, their mom shared some turkey with all of us.  It was yummy!  I hope that maybe I'll get to have some leftovers tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving!

xX Shaelee Xx

Kiss: 11/17 - Kiss me once, Kiss me twice

Well I'm here tonight to show you just how lovable I am.  I'm irresistible really.  
I've been learning a lot these past weeks.  How to play with toys, leash walking, where to potty outside, table manners and alone training.   I've pretty much mastered all of these.
I'm getting on great here at my Foster home but what I really want is a forever home.   A family to love me and give me a place to call home.  My Foster mom is sure I will find that soon.
I'm yours! Love,

Shaelee: 11/17 - sharing

Check me out.  FM caught Olive and me sharing a dog bed.  Well kind of.  Maybe one day she'll let me up there beside her.  Know what's even better than that?  I'll have my own bed at my furever family's home one day.

xX Shaelee Xx

Shaelee: 11/16 - Maryland Irish Festival Meet and Greet

Hey everyone!  I had a busy weekend, and then FM was busy with work, and oh no it's Wednesday and she didn't tell you what we did on Sunday!  I know my furever family has been waiting on a blog post so I asked her to get to it!  Please.  With my cutest face.  She can't resist it.  :)

Sunday I went with Olive to the Maryland Irish Festival!  GEGR was there all weekend and lots of greyhounds from our group came to show everyone what good family members we are.

Are we there yet?  Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
It was a long card ride, and I was more interested in watching where we were going.

That's me, Jack, and Olive in the xpen with Jack's dad.

What's all that music?  I've never heard it before.

My furver family might be here.  I just have to keep looking for them!

Ike's mom and sister took me out to walk through the halls.  I showed everyone how adorable I am and even collected donations for our group. 

Meeting so many new people is tiring so toward the end of our afternoon, I finally laid down.

I had a great afternoon and got to see so many new things.  I love exploring, and can't wait to go out again!

xX Shaelee Xx

Taxi - 11/16 - Irish Festival

Taxi here, reporting on my trip to the Irish Festival. I had a Greyt time meeting new friends!
I met new people friends:

And I met new animal friends! This one was a funny Newfoundland - he really wanted to play with me.

My foster brother, Trent, has been teaching me how to charm the crowds.

There was so much going on. I was amazed!

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon!



Kiss - 11/15/16- my favorite things

So, I'm getting pretty used to retirement life.  I'm learning what my favorite things are to me.

1) I love beds.  Beds are something new since I spent a lot of time in a crate when I was racing. I love to spread out and just relax. 

2) Of course that brings me to my next favorite things- chewies.  Chewies are the best thing ever.  Where have they been all my life? 

3)  Last but not least - snuggles.  I love to bury my head in my Foster parents arms and get some loving.  Scratches, rubs and pets is where it's at!  Of course it fits me,   my name is Kiss after all.

I hope I meet my forever family this weekend.

Love, Kiss

Howie - 11/15 Giraffe or Greyhound

You decide...

Kiss 11/13/16 - Chewies are awesome

Hi everyone,

Today I got a special treat called a compressed rawhide bone.  I absolutely love it!  My Foster mom ordered for me once she saw how much I loved my Foster sister's bone.

I have been busy mastering the stairs at my Foster home. I used to need help going up and going down. Now I do it all by myself!  I'm getting used to the retired life. I hope to show off my new skills to my forever family.

Talk to you all soon!  Love, Kiss

Kelley: 11/12 - model material

Good evening all my faithful followers!!  Just dropped in to say HI!!!  FoMa says I should be a model.  What do you think??

Secret: 11/12 - Pictures!

I think if I curl up into the smallest, little ball ever, foster mom will not see that I'm on the couch and suggest I get down.

I love playing in the yard with the fall leaves.

I know there's a neighbor's dog on the other side of this fence.  Where did he go?

I love playing peek-a-boo with the covers.

Secret: 11/11 Loving the fall weather

Hello Everyone,

My name is Secret or as my foster family calls me, See See.  But I respond to either name because I like the attention.  I have really learned to like retired life.  My favorite things are:  eating, exploring, going for walks and snuggle time.  My foster mom says I walk so nicely on my leash, stopping to stare at squirrels, other dogs and blowing leaves.  I wish I could chase them all.  Pictures of my adorable self and more updates very soon.

Howie 11/11 - Out on the town

Today we took a ride to the Post Office and I decided to take Howie along for a quick stop at Petsmart.  He is a good traveler.  Once he sniffed every single piece of grass in front of the store and left his mark, we ventured inside. I was a bit concerned he might not like the shiny, no-grip floors but he didn't give them a second thought and marched into the store like he owned the place.

He met all kinds of people and tried to pursued each one that they were his forever family.  He would love a couch of his own by Christmas! 

"I know you're in the cat isle lady, but us Greyhounds are very much like cats.  We clean ourselves, like to lie in the sun and can curl up really small."

"Hi there!"

"How about I go home with you?"

He investigated ALL the treats and meaty knuckle bones. 

"Yum, Yum"

"Oh the good stuff"

"Okay, I'll have this one please."

On our way out he spotted a little dog and was pretty interested so we didn't do introductions but he walked away without any issues. 

"WHAT is that???"

Howie is a terrific dog who is looking for his forever home thru Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue.  He's ready and will be a terrific addition to your family.

Shaelee: 11/10 - pjs

It's been cold off and on, and FM has been covering me with a blanket or letting me snuggle down in the comforter. Last night she decided to try pjs. I don't know if I'm a fan of these.

I checked myself out in the mirror. #DoesThisColorLookGoodOnMe

 Fine. I'll see how these work for sleeping in. 

The things my FM does to me. Will my furever family do this too?

xX Shaelee Xx

Kiss 11/9/16 - Kiss loves her toys

Hi there folks,

I had to post tonight that I officially love toys.   My human brother gave me this one I am loving on.  I'm really coming out of my shell here at my Foster home.  My Fo-mom really loves my personality.   She says I'm super loving and eager to please.  I'm even getting better at those stairs,  which had me scared at first.  I just need her to be beside me when I go down and going up is easy once I get started.

I'll check back in a few days and let you know my next set of adventures.

Love,  Kiss 😍

Kelley: 11/9 - pup-date

Hi, everyone!!!  I'm so sorry you haven't heard from me lately.  I've been VERY busy with long days and nights working...I even have pictured to prove it!  Let me demonstrate......... 

Now, as you can see, there are many different techniques. 

Off to the right:

Off to the left:

The half fail:

And the full fail:

FoMa says I am a pro!
I always say if you are gonna do it, do it all the way!!!
Well, that all for now. I'll talk to you again soon!! 

Oh yeah, don't forget, the name is Kelley!!!  Call em up! GEGR would love to hear from you!!