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Kobe (Coach Kobe): 8/31 - Welcome to Foster Life!

Kobe had a big day this weekend! From bath time to a long car ride to meeting his foster siblings (two retired greys), he handled it all with gentleness and curiosity. He loves to look out the window, has successfully maneuvered the hard wood floors and the outside stairs, and is getting lessons from his siblings about how to enjoy the retired life. He is settling into his foster home and is a very sweet and friendly boy! 

Arryn (Flying Arryn): 8/31 - Great First Foster Day

Arryn is such a great dog!

She was very excited to go on a ride with us to our house from GEGR Central on Saturday. She was relaxed and calm on the ride home. Arryn already knew our small dog, Izzy. She just needed to meet our Greyhound, Daisy, and our cat, Ivy. Introductions went very well. Ivy did the usual cat hiss and paw swipe, which didn’t faze Arryn a bit. Within an hour they were both cool with each other and in the same room.

We took everyone for a walk and Arryn already has excellent leash skills.

Arryn just wants to be near you all the time and is very affectionate.

Sunday, we worked on stairs and after a few tries she is getting the hang of it. She is quickly learning to relax like Daisy and Izzy.

I think Arryn likes the retired life.

Bailey (Super C Bailey): 8/31- Hello Everybody!

Hi everybody, I’m Bailey! Retirement just started for me, and it’s fabulous! 

I arrived at my foster home and met my new foster sister (who is the same as me), a little fluffy foster brother (whom I chill out with) and this even smaller fluff ball that I don’t even know what is but really don’t care to know about (she hisses and has what I’m told is cat-attitude). My foster mom was in awe of me as I am walking on the hardwood floors like I have been my entire life. Hey, I want to explore and a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do! Well it’s time for a walk (which I’m told I’m really good at). I really am Super!

Marcella (Psycho Suzy): 8/25 - Plays Nice

Look how I coaxed my fellow brindle FoBro, Raif to a traveling tug-of-war game! Check it out to see who wins.  Wouldn’t YOU like to play with me?

Eyes (Dyin Eyes): 8/25 - Ready to Cuddle

Eyes is posing for a quick photo shoot here in his foster home.

Eyes loves meeting new people and always wants to be cuddled up right beside you. Throw a pillow by you, and he will get curled up and comfortable nice and close. Whenever you get up to walk around the house, he will follow you around and show you how much he loves being in your presence. Even though he loves being around people and is great with all people, he also doesn't mind his alone time in his crate when you have to leave for work. That just means more time for one of his favorite activities, NAPS!

Bennett (B's Bennetti): 8/21 - Walkies Time!

I LOVE walkies time with my Foster Mom!

We walk all around the neighborhood, looking at all the stuff going on.

Then, when we get tired, we go home!

Now it’s nap time!

Biscuit (WW Biscuit) 8/18: Toys!!

Biscuit here! I have just discovered squeaky toys! So much fun! 
Why did no one tell me about these before?

Fusa (Superior Fusa): 8/17 - Relaxing

Who knew retirement would be so relaxing?  Fusa quickly adjusted to many sleeping options. Her favorite is this cozy spot near the window!  She loves to keep the humans in the house company and is so sweet and patient.

Krimson (PJ Shudntdoit) 8/16: Road Trip!

This week I took a big trip to see the vet and I just love car trips. I get to watch all the cars go by and feel the wind on my face!

The vet cleaned my teeth so they're bright white and now I'm so proud of how they look and I've been smiling all day to show them off.

I'm really getting the hang of retired life. I get so excited when my foster family wakes up in the morning or when they get home or when I get to go out for walks! It's nice to hang out with my foster sister but I also value my alone time. 

I'm so eager to meet my forever family and I can tell that anyone won't be able to help but adore my sweet and lovable personality.

Bennett (B’s Bennetti): 8/16 - Something's Out There


Seriously, the squirrels here are not too smart...

Biscuit (WW Biscuit): 8/15 - Felt Cute, Might Be Cuter Later

Voracious Biscuit here just checking in to show you how cute I am when I check the wind direction with my ears (it's going thata way, see ears for direction)... and how good I am at snuggling. 

Catch ya later, Furiends!

Marcella (Psycho Suzy): 8/14 - Marcella Sings, Marcella Relaxes

Sometimes I sing on my own.
Sometimes I sing prompted by my foster brothers.
I am independent, yet I enjoy together time with FoMa and/or a foster brother or three.

Fusa (Superior Fusa): 8/14 - Those Ears!

Fusa is catching on quickly to retirement!  She is incredibly sweet and smart!  Fusa mastered stairs in the house after being shown once!  She is patiently awaiting her forever family.

Gizmo (Bart's Gold Star): 8/13 - Loving Retirement

Gizmo is loving retirement!  He is a happy, outgoing, friendly guy.  He loves dog food, cheese, eggs and the occasional pancake.  He gets so excited when we go for walks!

Gizmo (Bart's Gold Star): 8/10 - Enjoying the Sunshine!

Gizmo is enjoying some nice sunshine today!  He's a sweet big boy!

Hanity (Keeper Hanity): 8/10 - Hi, It's Me!

 Hi there! My name is Keeper Hanity, and my foster family says my name fits because I am a real "keeper!"

I've been retired for a full two days now, and my fosters think I'm nearly perfect.  I haven't had any accidents in the house. I don't chew. I walk on lead like a rockstar, and I wag my tail at EVERYBODY!

Marcella (Psycho Suzy): 8/9 - Though she be but little she is (not at all) fierce

I am a very chill little brindle girl being spoiled and looked after by three tall brothers, a 16-year-old terrier mix girl, and of course, FoMa. I am curious and sweet.

Today I am loving some Sunday outdoor backyard chill time with the whole pack!

FoMa even put out the baby pool and waded in to show me that it was OK to get in, so not only did I step in, I laid right on down! Ahhhhhh...

Excuse me while I relax some more.

— Marcella

Biscuit (WW Biscuit): 8/3 - Relaxin'

Biscuit here, just floppin' by to wish everyone a greyt week!  Hope your week is as relaxed as I am!!