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Eyes of a Hero: 4/30

I've been off the track for a week now. It seems like everyday there's something new to learn or sniff or look at. Foster mom's daughter was in town and there were so many new smells to investigate in her room.
Then I saw a mirror in her room. Having never seen myself before I had to investigate further. What I found out is that I am pretty darn handsome.

And just in case you wanted more proof of how handsome I am, foster mom took a few more pictures for you.

Drier: 4/30 - Well, hello there!

Hi there! My full name is Drierite, but you can call me Drier. I'm not sure why, but most two-leggers tend to giggle when they hear my name. If anyone can explain to me what a "Kenmoore" or a "Maytag" is, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

I have a mohawk on the back of my neck and I love to cuddle. Kisses are probably my favorite thing in the world. Just plant a big wet one on my noggin and I'm in heaven!

Aaaaaaanyway, I'm almost a big four year old. Next month is my birthday! I told my foster mom that I want a forever family for my birthday. She says it shouldn't be a problem though because I am the "BEST girl!"

My foster sister, Sunshine, had her own birthday earlier this week. We wore party hats (I'm in the green hat), had extra treats, A L L the peanut butter, and new toys! Do all two-leggers throw birthday parties for dogs? Can I get my own party?

I like long walks - there's SO much to see and smell! Foster mom is helping me get accustomed to walking on a leash, but I'm getting the hang of it.

My first week of retirement was a BLAST! I'm not sure if all homes have this, but have you ever heard about a bed?! They are so comfy, there is not a single position I have laid in that was not comfortable. I would have retired a long time ago if I knew that this bed was waiting on me! I brought pictures for you all to see how C O M F Y  I can get.

Chevron: 4/29 - I'm Chevron!

 Hi All, it's me, Chevron. I'm coming to you from a place called retirement. I'm here to tell you that this retirement is a pretty comfy place! There are lots of soft beds for me to lie on.🛏
I wanted foster Mom to take me to the Fort Frederick Market Fair, but she said I had to stay home and hold down the dog beds. She said something silly about dogs not being allowed at the barracks, but I'm not a dog, I'm a Greyhound!!
I'm gonna go have some adventures, and I'll take some pics for you all along the way! See you soon,
💘Love, Chevron.💘

Flying Pitbull: 4/29

PitBull here. I think I love this retirement thing. I can sleep all day or just play with all the toys. I'm doing better on walks and not pulling. I can go in and out of my crate when ever I want. I sleep thru the night and I will go to the door when I have to potty. I like to ride in the van and I get right in.
If you love to have somebody to hug and kiss I'm your man.

Flying Dogwood stars in Dogwood the Dragon Slayer! 4/28

GEGR proudly presents
A House of Havok production
In association with Handsome Devil films
Flying Dogwood in:
A terrible beast has struck fear into the hearts of all the land! It is (insert dramatic music--DUN DUN DUN!) the squeaky dragon!!

Never fear people, Dogwood is here to save the day! Now where is that beast hiding? Stand back fair maiden Woodbury, I shall draw him from his lair!

Oh no, he snuck out behind me! Wait, now I've got him by the tail!

An epic battle ensues....

People and pups across the land rejoice as Dogwood has won the victory! He has saved us all and slain the Squeaky Dragon! Huzzah and Hooray for Dogwood!!
And now all the land shall fall quiet as Dogwood has a victory nap...

PG Woodbury 4/28/18

Hello everyone, my name is Woodbury and I am a recently retired athlete, four years old, looking for a family to call my own! What can I tell you about myself so we can get to know each other? I love toys, do you like toys? I like to chomp on them and shake them around real hard! My foster family has this box full of toys and I'm allowed to dig in and play with any toy I want! There is a snake that makes a nice crinkly noise when I bite it and if I can find just the right spot it squeaks too! I like that snake!

There are other greyhounds here at my foster home too, they are nice and I like having them around. They are helping me learn how this business of living in a people house works. There is only one other girl here and she says girls should be lady-like. How's this? Do I look like a princess?

Another thing in the people house I learned about is TV. I don't know how those people got in there but they are mesmerizing to watch!

Wow, so much to take in! I need a nap!!

 Until next time, I'm Woodbury and I can't wait to meet you!

Dogwood 4-27-18

Hey everyone, I'm Dogwood! I'm excited to meet you! I'm very excited! About EVERYTHING!! I have had so many new experiences these past few days and I have loved almost every single one of them!! (But one was getting a shower and we won't even talk about THAT one!! 😒) But going for rides in a car where I can see out the windows, living in a people house, meeting my foster family, and seeing myself in a mirror for the first time---- these things are AWESOME! Kinda like me, I think I'm pretty awesome too! My foster family went on a little trip for the weekend so I am hanging out with Miss Woodbury's foster family for a few days. She is nice and her foster family is okay too. Counting me there are five of us greyhounds here and I'm the youngest of the bunch so I'm trying to learn from the others. There is one other kid here about my age so he's helping to show me the ropes of living with a family. So far I have learned how to take all the toys out of the toy bin and play with them, how to go to the door to tell the people when I need to go potty because we aren't supposed to do that inside the house, and how to wait for someone to open the glass door instead of bonking my head on it. (Just because you can see through it doesn't actually mean you can walk through it! Who would've known?) I am learning that when we get in our kennels at night and have bedtime cookies and the lights go out I should be quiet and sleep until there is light again. I am also trying to learn some very important words like "off" and "leave it". Boy it's a lot for a kid to learn but I'm trying my best! Here are some pictures of my adventures, I hope you enjoy them!
This was on my first car ride that wasn't in a dog hauling truck. I was tired at the end but the people say this picture shows off my gorgeous eyes!

This is probably my favorite thing in a house so far-- it's a TOY BOX. A toy box is full of all kinds of wonderful things to chew on and play with. Some of them squeak, some crinkle, and some are just nice to chew on. I tried them ALL!!

Here I am chewing on one of the squeaky toys, I love the sound it makes when I bite it!

After so much fun I needed a rest. You can see some of the toys I sampled on the bed behind me. I wanted to keep them all close in case I wanted to play with them again as soon as I woke up from my nap! Fo-mom said this pic shows off my cute wonky ears too!
Well that's all for now, it's almost bedtime and Miss Woodbury wants her turn on the computer. Good night everyone!  Dogwood

Eyes of a Hero 4/26/18

Hello, I'm new around here and my name is Eyes of a Hero. Or just Hero for short.

I just got here from the race track earlier this week. It's a whole different world but my foster mom says that I'm not only a hero, but I'm a champ for how well I've been taking it all in. The first few days I just wanted to look at everything and stick my nose in everything to investigate. Foster dad says I am canine Velcro. Wherever he goes around the house, I am right at his heels to make sure that I don't miss anything.

Foster mom gets up pretty early so she took a picture of me in my crate. I've been sleeping there for now. I'd rather be with people, but I don't mind it because I know that the minute someone is up, they will let me out. We've gone on a few morning walks. Foster mom says that I'm learning pretty quickly to walk nicely on leash. The first day I kept bumping into her because I couldn't get enough of looking at everything around me. But I'm starting to keep pace with my foster sisters.
Well, I just wanted to introduce myself for now. I'll keep you posted on my retirement. Time for bed now.

TL Dark Skies 4/15/18

Sky has been coming along very well in his foster home. He has learned how to properly walk on a leash and has become a master on the stairs. He's crated daily when I either step out or go to work. When I return, he's very patient and quiet and waits for me to open the crate door. While he's very comfortable with the crate, he still needs to be bribed with a treat to go in. He loves toys and is very food motivated. We've been working on the "sit" command, but he's been a little reluctant. Not all greyhounds are comfortable sitters, but we're going to keep working on it.

Sky trying to figure out how beds work.

Sky's first roach!


Stop sitting on the couch and play with me!

Where's Sky?

Selene Storm 4/4/2018

Howdy! I just wanted to stop in and show you all these photos of me in my favorite lounging positions. Foster mom thinks they're funny, but I think they're pretty comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I'm enjoying my retirement!

xoxo Selene

Love ~ 4/3

Okay, I promised you lots of pictures, so hope you're ready for them this week!

Foster mom has trouble capturing me sometimes because I'm always on the move;
she says I keep her on her toes and make her smile.

My next discovery:  TOYS!!!  
I'm quickly becoming a pro at tossing them around 

You can shake them
And carry them to any place you want.

The other dogs said you can chew on them too.

Not sure of that though, I prefer tossing them (so far)

I just love playing with them and finding new ones to try out.
How cute is this one!?
Keep an eye out for the video of see me catching them in midair too!!!
Promise to get it here real soon!
Can't wait for you to come back and see some more pictures
(and to maybe come home with you FOREVER!)


Love ~ 4/2/18

Well Hello again!  
I haven't forgotten about all my admirers. 
 I've just been so enthralled with this new life!
Got LOTS of pictures and thought I'd share a few while I have a second.  
I've been discovering all sorts of new things.  Here's the first couple:

There's the big box that has little people moving all around in it - I really hope they're not stuck in there forever!

And check out this lil' dude!

All I need to do is lay my head on his lap ....
And then I get hugs and scratches!!

I'm really sorry that this is short update, 
but I just couldn't wait any longer to start showing you all the 
interesting and fun stuff in this new world.  
Stay tuned to see what my next discovery was .... you'll love it (and me)!


Selene Storm 4/2/2018

Hello again!

WOW so much has happened since my last post. I am taking my retirement VERY seriously, meaning lots of chill time on my comfy bed.

My senior dog friend, Penny, is blind and deaf so I like to snuggle with her too and keep her safe from any harm. Sometimes she walks right under me and doesn't even know it!

See my new friend, Penny!?
She's got her head stuck behind that table!
And honestly, the cat hasn't been so bad either. Him and I like to keep to separate spaces, but I'm starting to kind of like him.

And let me tell you, going for walks is just the BEST THING. There are so many new people to meet and bikes to see. I absolutely love my walks. Foster dad tried to "run" with me around the block, but I don't think these humans know what "run" means! I was at a light trot if anything. It's ok though, I appreciate his efforts.
See my ears?? I get so excited on my walks, I just can't help but perk them up!

Then foster mom took me on a thing called a hike. WOW. I was climbing over rocks and roots like they were nothing. It was like our walks in the city but with so many new sights and smells! I even got my feet wet in a river. It was so amazing, and I got to hike with my new dog friend, Bandit.
Look at the train going by! Also look at this water I jumped into!
My new friend Bandit and I
watching the waterfall.
Bandit and I liked each other so much,
we walked side by side for the hike!

With so many new friends (humans and dogs) and sights I've seen, retirement is like a permanent vacation. I am so excited to go on adventures and lounge around with my future forever family!