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Lisa (PJ Pinkies Up): 2/17 - Weekend fun!

Hi There! I just thought
I'd pop in with a little pupdate!

I've been doing really well at my foster home, but it was kind of a crummy week because of all the rain we were getting. Sitting inside may be no fun, but walking in the rain is definitely no fun. I toughed it out, but in case you were considering a walk in the rain, I do not recommend it. 

All in all, the weekend has been much better. My foster family took me on a little drive to Colonial Williamsburg. We went for a nice, long walk. There was even this street called Duke of Gloucester (DOG) Street!  Speaking of dogs, there were a lot around. And people, too. They even had horses! There was lots to see and, of course, smell! Lots of old buildings and history. Who knew walks could be so educational!?

Once we got home, I was so exhausted I had what the humans call a "bed fail". 
What can I say, it's hard being a tired pup. 

After dinner, I got it all figured out: 
Bed ✅
Blankie ✅
Stuffie ✅
Sleepy Time 😴

Until next time, 
-Lisa 🐾

Rant (Atascocita Rant): 2/14 - Will you be my Valentine?

Hi there! It's me, Rant! I'm here to ask you a very important question: will you please be my valentine?? I just love to snuggle. I can't get enough. And I am so excited to cuddle with my forever home! 💓

Rant (Atascocita Rant): 2/10 - Treats please!

Hi there! Rant here!

I am so lucky to get to cuddle with foster mom and foster sister, Selene, all the time! I cannot wait to cuddle with my forever family!!! (My tail is wagging just thinking about it.)

Can I have a cuddle, please??
Foster sister, Selene, taught me that if we go to the pet store and look really cute, we get free treats!!!! We tried to go first thing Sunday morning, but foster mom wouldn't let us in!! She said something about the store being "closed."Am I not cute enough or something?

Do you know which one I am??
Luckily, she took us back later and we got our fix! I guess I am cute enough after all!

I can't wait to receive treats and cuddles from my forever family!!! 😄


Charley (Charley Cheswick): 2/7 - Snoot

Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop by and say how EXCITED I am about my trip to Lusby tomorrow.  I got my nails done and everything.  I was a good boy and got kisses on my snoot and some treats.  Treats are the best!  
My fur is getting shinier and foster mom says I’m filling out and getting more handsome every day but I told her I’m already pretty good looking.
I really hope someone picks me tomorrow!

Lisa (PJ Pinkies Up): 2/7 - Cute & loveable

What's that you say? Adoptathon time!?
I'm all ears!
Hello Friends! It's me, Lisa. Here are some photos my foster mom has been taking over the past few days of me being my cute, lovable self. Enjoy!

Did you know I have the cutest sit?
But sometimes I sit like this.
I eat my meals from my raised feeder. As a bonus, I know
how to wait patiently on my bed until my foster parents tell
me it's time to go eat.  
Have I told you I LOVE toys?
The squeakier the better!
I've recently discovered my foster brother's
bed is nicer than mine...and that I can take
it from him!
Foster mom thought our ears looked cute...
she calls these question mark ears because
they usually appear when I get curious about stuff.
We're both learning to share...I say, I'll do whatever it takes to
get a snack!
Are these what they call "puppy dog eyes"?
Anyway, that's all for now. 
- Lisa 🐾

Charley (Charley Cheswick): 2/6 - Charley the Great

Hey everyone, did you miss me?  Life isn’t super exciting around here, I’ve just been chilling with my foster sisters and brother and the humans.  It’s was REALLY rainy today but grandma said we had to go outside to pee anyways.  I didn’t really mind though, I like to just go with the flow.
I discovered carrots, why didn’t any of you tell me about those wonderful things?!
That’s me trying to look really cute so maybe she’ll give me a carrot.  

Foster mom says Foster dogs don’t belong on the furnitures, that’s pretty much the worst rule I have around here since my brother is ALWAYS on the furniture.  Foster mom says Cindy is going to yell at her for letting me post this picture of me on the couch but for some reason she’s not very good at taking my picture and this one shows off all my best attributes. 
That’s me looking soooo handsome on the couch before she made me relocate to the slumber ball. (Sorry Cindy, I couldn’t help myself) 

Welp, it’s bedtime for puppies around here.  

Kup (Anacostia Kup): 2/6 - Settling into retirement

Hi, Kup here!

I've learned that I like chew toys, especially after finding a favorite spot to lay down.  These past couple weeks have learned a whole lot.  I've learned I can do the stairs without a problem.  That I can walk on a leash.  That I know my name.  That I'm getting better at settling down at night and chilling out.  I know what the word no means. And that I love getting hugs and kisses and rubs.

All in all I'm pretty set for this retirement life.  I can't wait to meet you on Saturday.

Love, Kup

Keira (Atascocita Keira): 2/6 - Greyt Snapshots In Time

Foster mom thought it would be fun to get some glamour shots!  I'm not exactly sure what that means so I just stayed close to her even though there was plenty to see at the wharf today!

I loved my walk on the wharf but I am happy walking anywhere when I am with my hooman!  Sometimes I stop and sniff stuff but mostly I just like to walk and see what's out there!  But then it's nice to get home and snuggle in for a nap with a good toy!

Foster mom says that I'm a love bug!  I love hanging out with my hoomans and getting snuggles and belly rubs and ear scritches and kisses on the head and just putting my head in their lap to let them know I care!  I may steal your heart but be careful because I just may steal your socks too!

Foster mom loves taking photos when I'm all curled up!  I do think I have quite a dashing profile!

It may look like I like to lay down a lot but I like lots of things!  Like waking foster mom up in the morning with a smile, a kiss and waggy tail!  After that she gets me food!  It works every time!  I like to help foster mom get dressed in the morning!  Sometimes my foster sisters and I like to play a game called "how many greyhounds and hoomans can fit in the closet at one time"!  The world may never know!

Foster mom says I'm a perfect girl!  I can do the stairs, I go out for potty even when I don't want to go out in the rain, I take treats from her hand very gently, give her sweet little kisses and take verbal direction well! I'm ok in the car but I would really prefer to be up front with you!  If I can't for some reason I will just hang out in the back!

Tonga (Atascocita Tonga): 2/5 - Retired life

Tonga here. Just an update on my new retired life. Things are going well and I have settled in. I love my foster brother and sister. We play every day and I love all the toys we have to play. I take everything out of the basket every day. Sometimes I even try to sneak out the door with them.I love to give kisses and hugs and really want to get on the couch but that's against the rules. I love rides in the van and always willing to go.
I haven't had an accident in the house since day 1.I do  have lots of love to give and can make you laugh every day.
I also love bananas.

Rant (Atascocita Rant): 2/5 - Toys!

Hi there! It's been a bit since I've posted an update, I've been busy having fun!

I've discovered how fun it is to play with TOYS!


And snuggling with my foster sister Selene. People on the streets keep calling us 'twins', what's that?


See ya later, gators!


Kup (Anacostia Kup): 2/4 - I'm playful

Hi there,

It's Kup. I'm learning all kinds of things while in retirement.  I found out I like to play.  First off I've make a toy out of anything and I do mean anything.  It could be a sock it could be a blanket whatever it is I love to toss it around.  I even find myself getting playful outside.  

I'm settling in every day and I really know how to relax.  



Charley (Charley Cheswick): 2/2 - Super Bowl

My weekend wasn’t super exciting; we got some rain and it was super muddy outside.  What’s the best thing to do when it’s icky outside?  Nap of course!  This is me napping in my favorite spot!
Foster mom is always calling me handsome; I like it and I wag my tail so she’ll give me pets and kisses.  It works every time.  She says black dogs are way too cool for most people but I’m hoping someone sees my sweet brown eyes and waggle tail and just can’t resist taking me home.
You won’t be sorry I promise!  Time to go watch the Super Bowl!

Buff (Atascocita Buff): 2/2 - Busy weekend

Hi, it’s me again, Buff! I’ve had a busy weekend impressing my foster parents. They say I’ve really taken to retired life and I’m the perfect big buddy!

I’ve met all sorts of different people and dogs on our walks, and I’m nice to all of them. I get a little waggle bum going to let everyone know that I want to say hello and meet them! I do get a little disappointed if people walk by without stopping though, and sometimes I’ll watch them disappear down the street looking a bit sorry for myself.

It’s possible that my new favorite thing is having long naps in my bed. I’m such a quiet sleeper too and don’t even snore! Having a nap with some relaxing music after a walk around the block is the best!

I’m coming out of my shell a little bit and have been playing with my toys and doing zoomies in the back yard. That said, I’m still a bit unsure about stairs and I don’t really like it when I think I’m going to be left behind. Every time my foster parents try to get their shoes on I’ll lean my entire body against their legs or head to stop them tying their laces! I keep forgetting that half the time they are getting ready to take me for a walk!

Until next time...

- Buff

Charley (Charley Cheswick): 2/1 - Loving retirement

Hey everyone.  Foster mom said I had to stop by and share some photos with everyone.

I love my foster brother’s slumber ball, especially if I get a fuzzy blankey too.  Naps, squeaky toys and food are my favorite things.  Oh, and snuggles and pets.  I pretty much love everything.
Foster mom says I’m playful and laid back and that those are super important traits for family dogs.
My foster sisters taught me how fun it was to sing this morning, I bring up the soprano section!  Mom told us to knock it off and I listened even though my sisters didn’t.
I can’t wait to find a family to stay with forever, I hope they get me lots of quality squeaky toys and a  slumber ball!
Well, back to my nap!