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Flying Dogwood: 5/11 - Training Days

Dogwood again. I didn't want my new family to think that I'm just a party jock. My foster mom has been trying to teach me other things too. She claims my new family will appreciate good manners in a pup but I think a good puppy face washing makes everyone's day. Foster Mom was still insisting I learn a couple things. She said I needed to learn self control. I don't think I have any use for that one but when it's time to come out of the crate or go out of the door I'll at least pause to make her happy.

Not bad eh. I even lay down to wait for my food bowl now.  I'm no dummy. The faster I do it, the faster I get to eat. Next up, the dreaded sit.

Turns out I'm a natural at sitting. Ok I really didn't know what it was until foster mom put a name to it and gave me a treat each time I did it.

Now I can do sit with just a hand signal. Don't forget the treats. I'm a little slow at doing down but I'm getting it.
Foster Mom mentioned something about me going to school. She said I need to learn some more of those fancy commands and hand signal things. Maybe my new family can find some classes and we can learn together. Just make sure you have pockets to put my bacon treats in.  This kid doesn't work for peanuts.

Drier: 5/11 - Ain't No Party Like a Drier Party 'cause a Drier Party Don't Stop

Heeeeelloooooo, party people! I have had THE BEST couple of days. I turned four years old on the 9th. Foster mom made sure we celebrated! She gave me one of her egg yolks from her breakfast as a super special treat, I got extra treats, she sang me Happy Birthday while I wore this ridiculous hat, we went for a long walk, and I played with every single toy in this house. It was the most awesome day that I have ever had! Also, if you're reading this and it turns out you're MY family, we can totally celebrate my birthday again at your house. Ya know... Just want to make sure YOU feel included by spoiling - I mean celebrating with - me!

Elmo and I are still attached at the hip, so he's gonna follow me to my forever home. I simply CANNOT part with him. He's my snuggle buddy. I love him. He loves me. We were basically made for each other.

My foster sister Sunshine and I have been spending as much time together as we possibly can before I start meeting families. I am sure gonna miss her, but I am ready for a couch to call my own! I am thankful to have been in this home with her. She's taught me a lot like what "outside" and "cookies" means.

Which is another thing! I am the biggest, bestest girl! (I'm a dog, not an English student - don't judge my grammar.) I know that I have to use the potty outside and not inside. I am great at letting foster mom know when I need to go potty, so if you hear my whining for "no reason" or pacing back and forth, it's "potty time!"

Anyway, I am excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow could be MY DAY! I bet I barely sleep a wink! This feels like Christmas eve!

Big 4 year-old!

Sunshine and I getting in our snuggles while we can.

Letting Elmo nap while I play with the dragon.

Now I need a nap. I like to let it all hang out.

Flying Dogwood: 5/10 - I'm Taking Up A New Sport

Dogwood here. My foster mom says I retired from racing as soon as I got started. She asked me if it was because I really don't like to be outside. That's not it at all. I just find so many other things to do inside.
Foster Mom has a plan to fix that. She pushed me by my bottom out the back door and then gave me a round ball. It was a birfday present. We all looked at it and even ran from it at first but then we got the hang of it. I actually like it and I think I'm pretty good. I could be the first doggy Beckham. What do you think? Check out this sports footage.

I think I'm ready for those endorsements now.

Flying Dogwood: 5/9 - I'm A Big Boy Now!

I had a birfday on May 3rd and Foster Mom says I'm 2 years old now.  She says I should start acting like a big boy now but I'm having way more fun acting like a big puppy.
My foster brother had a birfday too. He turned 8 which is a lot of years. My foster mom thought it would be fun to throw us both a party.

There was granola cakes and frozen yogurt and these crazy pointy things called hats. Foster Mom was insisting that we all had to wear them but I was having none of that. I just wanted all the plates of yummy food. Foster Mom said only one was for me but then she put them all on the floor.  What's a pup to do?

Everything was yummy and we all licked our plates clean.  I decided maybe it was ok to wear the pointy hat for at least a couple of seconds. Oh but then she wanted pictures but I had a hard time sitting still for those too. I can't wait to have another birfday.

Eyes of a Hero: 5/8

Hero in his natural habitat.
I'm back for another update.

I've been told there's an adoption event this weekend. I'm very excited, because I love to meet new people. In fact, I haven't met a person yet that I don't immediately like. We were just out for a walk last night when a neighbor asked about me. I didn't mind standing around while the humans talked, because I got a lot of petting. I'm made for petting!

 Foster mom got excited last night, because I attempted my first roach position. I had the back legs right, but my front end needs a little work. Foster mom leaned way over from where she was on the couch to get this picture. Sorry for the weird angle, she was trying hard to get it before I decided to change position.

Drier: 5/8 - Saturday Might be my Gotcha Day!

Foster Mom says we are getting close to a very important day - a day where I meet a few families who may want to make me an addition to their home! I am super excited and I have been on my absolute BEST behavior. My foster sister and I have been spending lots of time together gearing up for this Saturday. We are getting as many snuggles in while we still can. I'm gonna be sad to leave her and my foster family, but YAY for new beginnings!

Maybe it's you? Maybe you are the one I am going home with this Saturday? You're gonna love me! (But I might be a little biased). I promise to be the best girl you ever had. I promise to love you for always, even on your bad days. I promise to give you cuddles when you need them. I CAN'T promise you much personal space. You will be mine and I will be yours, we're gonna be attached at the hip, two peas in a pod, you and I will make all the memories and live happily ever after - adsjfilasdg;ahgasdlkfjasdf;!!!

Phew...okay, I may have gotten just a tad excited for a minute or two. Anyway, I am going to go snuggle my foster sister and get ready for our pre-dinner nap. Pre-dinner naps are the best and everyone needs to try it at least once in their lifetime.

I am so excited to meet you this Saturday. I can't wait to meet all of the members of your family, go on that first big car ride to my new home - maybe we will stop by the pet store on the way home? I can be a very persuasive pup (see my previous blog post). I can't wait to meet your friends! You're gonna tell them all about me right? Every little detail?

Oh! I almost forgot! Tomorrow is my birthday! Foster mom says we are going to celebrate my day super special. So many awesome things have happened since my retirement only a couple weeks ago.  I never would have thought this life would have been mine. This has been such an awesome experience!

Foster sister Sunshine shared her bed. Everyone says that's super special!

(Elmo is by my side at ALL times.)

Eyes of a Hero: 5/6

I have been learning so much while in foster care. I have learned how to climb steps (although to be honest, I'm living in a ranch so there's only 4 steps to climb). I've learned to walk on all kinds of surfaces: concrete, asphalt, rock, gravel, grass, wood floors, carpeting. But I have to warn you that wood floors can be slippery when I get excited to run to a door to welcome people into the house.

I've learned to use what foster mom calls the outside bathroom. She said to make sure to let you know that I haven't had any accidents in the house. I always let her know when I need to go out.

I'm ok in a crate, but I prefer to be with everyone else regardless of whether humans are home or not. Foster mom says that I've been a very good boy when I've been left alone with the resident canines. But really how much trouble can I get into when all we do is sleep while we wait for the humans to return? I've also been allowed to sleep in the bedroom with everyone else and I'm happy to report, no problems! I settle right down and go to sleep.

My favorite thing about retirement is the food: a lot of it and all of it good. I've been learning that what ever is on the counter is off limits. I've been pretty good, but there sure are some good smells there.
I try to help with the cooking but they keep turning down my offers.

So many good smells!
A lot of time all the humans and dogs in the house are gathered in the living room watching TV. I'm not too interested in TV. What I'm interested in is love and lots of it.
I mean, how can you not love someone who's so handsome?
In the end, I love to do what all greyhounds do: sleep. I've conquered this part of retirement with flying colors.
It's a dog's life!

Pitbull: 5/4

Hi it's Pit bull here. I have been learning a lot. I love walks and van rides. Foster Mom says I'm a good boy when we go. I like this retirement thing. I can eat breakfast and go back to sleep. I love toys and chew bones. I try to take everything outside. I would really like to have my own bed and toys to play with. But for now I know we have to share everything and that's alright. I love hugs and cuddling, Could I be the pup for you. If your looking for love I have a lot to give you. That's all for now. We are going for a ride and I don't want to miss that.

Flying Dogwood: 5/4 - My New Favorite Thing!

Dogwood here. My Foster Mom is finally back from her vacay. I'm back with my 2 foster brothers and 1 foster sister. They're ok but I don't really pay them much attention.
I'm so excited to tell you about my new favorite thing. Beds are comfy and toys are cool but I found something better. Grass!!! I just love rolling in the fresh green grass. My Foster Mom laughs at me and took out her picture thingy.

Having a nice after breakfast roll. Mmmm grass.

Drier: 5/5 - I am a Very Persuasive Pup

Foster mom says I am the goofiest girl! I have put many smiles on her face as I learn what "boundaries" are. Boundaries are about as good as a trip to the vet, if you ask me. No one likes either of those things. Aaaanyway, moving on...

This week I have learned that we do not knock down plants from the window sill, we do not steal chicken from the counter tops (maybe don't make it smell so good, Foster Dad!), and we definitely DO NOT steal the tiny two-legger's Tickle Me Elmo. That last one worked out really well for me though - Foster Mom gave me my own Elmo to play with! Foster Mom says I'm already "spoiled," but I prefer the term "persuasive."

Foster Mom really likes to see me happy. I make sure I thank her with lots of kisses and cuddles. Foster Mom also says she's really proud of me because I have had NO accidents in the house since my first day in the house. That's pretty good if you ask me!

I decided to post a video and a picture of me with my Elmo. I am proud of him and I like to show him off.

Drier: 5/4 - Naps, Tissues, and Stairs

Hello again! Not much has changed since I last reported in. Napping has become my favorite thing ever. I like to stretch out to get as comfy as possible. I can sleep anywhere at anytime.

My foster mom says her allergies are bad this time of year. I noticed how these little white pieces of fluff keep attacking her face. She always looks like she's really struggling to get them off of her, so I decided to help her. I ripped those bad boys to shreds so they can't ever attack her again! I'm super helpful like that.

Foster mom let me sleep in her bedroom the other night. It's upstairs. I can go up those stairs like it's my JOB, but when I go back down I notice how high up I am so it makes me a little nervous at first. Foster mom has been working with me on them. I'll get it figured out soon because I'm a smart pup.

I am a good girl sleeping on my own bed. I won't make a single peep all night! I like sleeping in the same room as my foster family.

I am having the best time with retirement. I can't wait to meet my forever family! They're gonna love me!

Do my ears make me look like a Dingo? (*Important Disclaimer*: I promise not to eat any tiny two-leggers.)

"Get my good side, FoMa!"

Drier: 5/2 - Life's Two Main Necessities: Walks and Snuggles

Foster mom keeps telling her friends that I'm a "dream dog." I have been trying really hard to be the best girl I can be! I make sure I wait to go outside to potty and I only chew on and play with toys.

I went on a walk with my foster sister (I'm on the left in the first picture) around the neighborhood. We saw a stray cat. As much as I wanted to relive my "glory days" on the track, foster mom wouldn't let me... Hhmph...

I quickly got over that though and we soon made it back home for some much needed water and post-walk snuggles with my foster sister. I really do love to snuggle and cuddle with anyone who will let me, pup or human.

Foster mom took me to my first Meet and Greet at the Celtic Festival in St. Leonard the other day. So many people came by to love on me. It was a lot of fun and I would not mind going back to a busy place like that again if it meant more pats and lots of ear scratches!

Foster mom says I am a beautiful little girl and it won't be too long until I find a forever family to love on me to my heart's content! I mean... look at this face. Who could resist these eyes?

Pitbull: 5/1

Well we had a great day outside today. Foster Mom sat on the porch with me and I just love belly rubs and all the hugs I get. She said I'm just a sweet handsome boy that just wants lots of love. I think if I stayed here I  might even be able to sleep in bed because I love to cuddle. I wake up happy and go to bed happy. I love the toys. Sometimes I get pass her with one that i can take outside and play with.
That's all for now.