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Clipper: 4/25 - bed fail

FM was giggling at me today, and I'm not sure why.  Doesn't she realize that I'm perfectly comfortable laying like this?


If she would lay down here with me, she'd see how nice it is.  Oh well...her loss.


Clipper: 4/23 - eating time

FM realized today how much I like to eat.  I was good though and didn't beg when she was in the kitchen or get all up in her space when she was eating.

Waiting to see if FM would share some of her lunch with me.

I'm ready for dinner FM.

Seriously.  Is it dinner time yet?

See that's the kitchen behind you FM.  That's where you go to make our dinner.

She let me share some peanut butter with Olive and Zoey tonight.  I wasn't too sure what to think of it.  It was sticking to the roof of my mouth, but I went back for more.  Maybe if I'm lucky, FM will have a peanut butter kong for me tomorrow morning when she goes to work.  #PawsCrossed


Clipper: 4/22 - new foster home

Hey everybody!  Today was a fun day.  I went to Greyhound Central today to meet furever families.  I didn't find mine, but everyone said I just have to be patient.  The right family is out there for me.   When it was time to leave, I went home with a new Foster Mom (FM).  I get to stay with another Greyhound and a Lhasa Apsa for awhile.  FM said they like to photobomb when she's taking pictures so you may see them every once in awhile.

Since I got here, I've hung out in my crate for a couple of hours, explored the house, had dinner, and hung out with another Greyhound and a Chihuahua.  FM said that they come visit regularly so I'll get to see them again.  

Yes I can smile for you when you're taking my picture.

Testing one of the beds out for my pre-bedtime nap.

Hope everyone else had a fun day like I did!


Nice: 4/21 - Nice and Easy

Tomorrow maybe my lucky day!  I am hoping to meet my forever family and get snuggles and loves from them. Fo-ma and Fo-dad trimmed my nails today and gave me a brush to get ready to meet everyone.
They want you all to know how sweet I am.  I am an expert on stairs,  I know where I am supposed to lay at night and I don't pace.  In the morning I have a great routine of going right outside to do my business first, eat then out again.   I don't beg at the table, but I've tried to get on the couch.   I will if you let me. 
I walk well on the leash and I don't get afraid of other dogs but I am a little shy.  I was when I first came to my foster home, but I am more relaxed now and I will be with you too.  I am crated during the day while my foster parents work.   I am good around kids and small dogs. My Foster family have a little white dog called a bischon called Ernie.  He's old and blind and sometimes walks into things,  including other dogs sleeping on the floor.  I ignore him mostly, because he can't see me anyway. 
I would love to meet you and get some pets and snuggles.
Love, Nice

Pinwinnie: 4/20

So FM says, I might find my fureverhome.
I am so excited, I need to take a nap.
FM took this of me my ears are gone. And I'm blurry. But I think I'm still adorible. What do you think?

Pinwinnie: 4/19

Hi folks,
 Pinwinnie here, loving my retirement looking for a calm friendly home with a pup for a friend and a yard. I had a rough start but I think I may be ready if you are patient with me.
I like to relax and listen to music
Eyz need two pillows. One for my head the other for my body.

Don't I look comfy.
Honey is the best pup she shares her mommy with me. Florida is a little snarkie FM says she's an old fart, don't pay her no never mind. When she snarls, I move to another bed.
FM wants to tell my new family how much I love my toys. She says it's okay if I tear them up they are mine. Do I look like a stuffy killer. I hope to meet my forever family soon. Sending hugs and hope to get lots of hugs on adoption day, and a pup to share my new home with.

Nice: 4/19 - Nice, Nice baby

Hi, its Nice!
I wanted to send some extra cute pictures of me before the big adoption day this Saturday.   I am very excited to meet my future family.  I've been a good girl and learning as much as I can with my foster family.  Won't you come meet me?  I'm guaranteed to steal your heart.

4/18/17 - Clipper - Big Weekend

Hi everyone!
I had a Greyt weekend last weekend! We got up early, my Foster Mom put on some funny-looking clothes, and we went to a fun park. We saw so many nice people, and they all wanted to pet ME!

I was a very good boy! It was hard work being so handsome all day, so I slept all the way home in the car.

Bale: 4/19 ... Quick Pic

Foster Mom is traveling for work and she is taking the computer with her, so I can't blog for a day or two😔.  She said this picture will have to do for now. I really haven't been up to all that much anyway except for enjoying retirement and trying out some new ear positions.

Timpe: 4/18

Hi!!  I'm Timpe!!  And I'm a silly, sweet, fun, good good girl!!  I've figured out this thing called retirement pretty well.  I've figured out stairs, and potty breaks, and treats, and FOOD!!  I LOVE FOOD!!!!  Foster mom says I'm a rooer.  I'm not sure what that is, but I'm only telling her how excited I am to see her, or how hungry I am, or about how unfair it is that I'm not allowed to chase my little dog foster sister around.  Foster mom even roo's back!!  .....I think I've trained her well!!

I love toys too!!!  I take them out of the toy box, and then I stash them in my own secret place so that no one else gets them.  You see, I have 3 foster sisters!!  I think Foster Mom has found my hiding place though, cause the toys keep ending up back in the toy box!!

 I love a nice cozy bed......or a pillow for my head......

Or your blanket!!!  I'm learning how to snuggle also!!!  Those are Foster Mom's legs under that blanket, I gotta keep them warm you know!!

Foster mom says that I'm going to make some family very lucky!!  Could that lucky family be your family??  You'll have to put in an app and meet me to find out.

Bale 4/18: ...So...

...What's up with you?  Me?  Easter is over, kids are heading back to school.  So now I'm just hanging here thinking about what it would be like to have a furever home. Pretty amazing I imagine.  I would shower you with my kisses and snuggle up to you whenever I could.  Ah...sounds pretty great to me.  What do you think?


I just had my teeth brushed and had a dental chew too.  FM says even though I have a long nose I have a small mouth.  FM says dental health is very important so I believe her!! Tomorrow I get a pedicure!!! Always something happening here in fosterland.

Nice - 4/15/17 - Snuggle bug

Today I'm visiting my Fo-great aunt Gayle in Virginia Beach.  I was great on the trip down and laid in back of the SUV quietly. She has a small dog too and I am not interested as you see in the picture.

She does have lots of bunnies in her back yard and that's exciting.   I have already chased a couple out of her backyard.  Oh what fun.  It is Easter, after all.

I hope I meet my forever family soon!

Love, Nice

Nice: 4/13 - My Greyt Week

Hi, it's Nice,
I have had a great week at my foster home.  I am a very good house guest.   During the week, I go into my crate easily with a treat. I am used to being without my foster family during the work week. I'm an expert at the stairs and sleep well through the night.
I am also becoming more relaxed with my foster family. I would say that I have lots to offer my future family.  If you want a super sweet, playful girl then I'm the one for you.♥️♥️
Happy Easter,

Bale:4/12 ... fancy

So what do you think? Am I rockin' the fancy new harness FM just got?  FM says it shows off my beautiful long neck.  What do you think, is it a thumbs up 👍or  thumbs down👎?

Bale:4/11/17 ... hmmm

Its the oddest thing,  This little dog next door seems to be getting bigger every time I see him.   Foster mom tells me its because he's something called a puppy.  The other day he was running around with a Lacrosse stick in his mouth.  Foster mom said puppies sure are a handful.  Figured I would hang out and watch for him.  Wonder if he looks bigger or if he's doing anything silly today?... hmmm.

Nice: 4/10 - Look at me, I'm pretty

Hi there,
I had s great weekend playing outside and hanging out.  My Foster mom was "spring cleaning" around the house.   I followed her around everywhere so I could learn something new about retired life.  I was confused about the long stick thing that captured dust.  I steered clear of that thing.
My Foster brother and sister didn't seem concerned with it so they must have seen this thing before.  I will tell you I love the outdoors. You have already seen me lazing outside on the deck. I love chilling indoors too!  I love snuggling with my Foster brother and sister.   Just check out this pic.
Talk to you all soon!
Love, Nice

Bale:4/10 ...Road Trip

Bale here, 

Waiting to find the perfect furever home, I know it is out there.   In the meantime FM said we should work on learning how to jump in and out of the car.  I figured, sure I can to that. Saturday we went outside and she brought some yummy treats and threw them in on the floor of the car.  Guess what I jumped right in first time.  Sure surprised her.  I even got treats  for jumping out and lots of pets too.  We did it four times and I must say I am pretty great at it now.  FM sounded super excited, she is silly that way. Since I did so well, FM then said "Road Trip". So we got back in the car had some more treats and drove to a place called "the beach".  It was a long drive but once we got there it sure was pretty.  Later. 

Nice: 4/8/17 - Chilling with my Fo-sis

Ahh, it's a beautiful day outside and I have learned there isn't anything much better than just chilling on the deck in the sun with my Fo-sis Candy.  She's kind of taken me under her wing and shown me what being a retired greyhound means.
I love to get scratches, especially when my Fo-sis is getting them too!  I am really loving having a Fo-sis!
I get along with all the humans and animals, even the small one Ernie (The family Bischon). 
I'll report back later with more updates later this week.
Love, Nice

Nice: 4/5 - It's Nice in the sun

Here I am soaking up the sun.  I'm playful and shy, but I am working my way out of my shell. In no time I will be an expert retiree.
I went on a walk today. I was with my foster brother and sister and did very well.  I am working on the stairs and I still need a little help getting up them but I am confident on the way down.
I will check in again to let you know how I'm doing on retired life.
Love, Nice

Hi, I'm Logan... and I'm one hot dog!


I'm Logan, and I'm the official small dog tester for greyhounds for GEGR.  I couldn't let that cat Lola get all the attention!  (although she really is a very nice kitty)

This was me at Greyhound Central on Saturday.  

 I don't mind my job, but I'm usually pooped by the time we leave for home. 

Nice: 4/2 - Hi, I'm Nice!

Hi there,
This is my first weekend in a home out of the racetrack. Let me tell you a put myself.  I am a little shy right now because this is a whole new world to me. I don't know what any of this stuff is I side this thing the humans call a house.  You may laugh, but I already walked into the sliding glass door! 藍
My foster mom and dad reassure me that I will get the hang of this "retirement" thing.  I love being outside.  Here's a picture of me warming myself in the sun.
Talk to soon!

Hi I 'm Lola.....and I am one cool cat!

Hanging out at GHC making sure these needle nose dogs behave!

I am the official dog testing cat for GEGR!

And I can roach with the best of them.