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Biscuit (WW Biscuit): 7/31- Helping with the Chores!

It's Biscuit!  FoMa says that since I'm such a good boy, I get to take on more responsibility.  These days, I'm helping with putting away groceries, getting dinner ready, and even doing the dishes!

You may also refer to me as Inspector Biscuit, because I am always checkin' out the inventory!

Krimson (PJ Shudntdoit): 7/31 - Loves Toys!

Krimson here again!
I've been with my foster family for two weeks and want to let you all know that
Big ones. Small ones. All ones.  Toys are the best. 
I sure hope my forever family has toys too.

Biscuit (WW Biscuit): 7/28 - Introductions!

Hi everyone! I'm Biscuit! Foster mom says I'm a handsome boy and I have to agree with her.

 I love exploring EVERYTHING in FOMAs house. I am especially fascinated by the gorgeous black dog in the mirror. I could stare at him for hours.

Krimson (PJ Shudntdoit): 7/18 - Staying Cool 😎

It's hot these days in Baltimore city and I'm perfecting my panting technique.

Luckily, it gets nice and cool late in the day, and foster sister Selene and I got to go for an adventure at the arboretum! I got to smell all the flowers and trees and plants and run through the soft grass.


Back at home, I'm still trying to figure out what kind of dog my foster brother is! He's smaller and fluffier than me and Selene and he sometimes hisses if I accidentally get too close. He's in the background of this picture... let me know if you have any ideas!

Jep (Lee Smith): 7/17 - I Love People and Toys and Quilts...

So Foster Mom says that I might find my furever family soon.  She told me that anyone would be soooooooo lucky to have me as their best friend.  I am told that I am lovable, friendly and well behaved.  I always love to be around people. Whatever you are doing, I will be there to support you.

Even though I retired a few months ago, I just found out that toys are amazing.  Originally I did not know what all of the fuss was about, but now my foster mother says that her family room looks like a dog toy store thew up!!!! HAHA!!!

Sometimes, if my foster mom gets too hot, she turns down the air conditioner and I get a bit chilly so my foster grandma made me my very own personalized quilt.  I love it and it keeps me warm.

Well I have gotta go for now.

Starz (SJ's Starz Man): 7/15 - Must Have Pets!

Starz here again! I wanted to send a public service announcement that I must have pets.  That is all.

Bennett (B's Bennetti): 7/14 - I Hear Something

Hey!  Bennett here again. I am a curious boy. I know I hear something outside. You can really see me concentrating below.  Yep, definitely something out there!

Bennett (B's Bennetti): 7/13 - Earsies!

Hi there! Bennett here.  Check out my earsies!
I'll come back soon and show you some more of my cuteness.

Krimson (PJ Shudntdoit): 7/13 - Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi there! I’m Krimson, and it’s great to introduce myself to everyone! After a long couple days of driving up the East Coast I finally reached my foster home two nights ago.

My foster family tells me I have a beautiful red color and that I’m tiny. They’re right about the beautiful color but I think I'm the perfect size.

I was excited to meet my foster sister Selene, and she helped me build up the courage and determination to learn how to go up the stairs to my foster family’s second floor apartment. I'm starting to get used to lounging around at home, but I can tell Selene also has a lot to teach me about getting comfy.

I’m still getting used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the big city. My favorite part so far is all the windows on the street where I get to admire my reflection. Everything's happening so fast and I can't wait to give my next update!

Sasha (AJN Sasha Banks): 7/13 - Picture Time

FoMa was trying to get a picture of the littlest 4-legger in the house, 
and I had to see what they were doing.


Yup that's me at the top of the stairs photo-bombing!

FoMa also thought you should see this cute patch of white fur I have.  
She said it makes me even more adorable.



Sasha (AJN Sasha Bank): 7/12 - And More Naps.

When I'm not napping by the front door, I like to nap in the bed under FoMa's desk.

I like this spot.  I see why the resident 4-leggers race to get in here every morning.



Sasha (AJN Sasha Banks): 7/11 - Naps!

Sasha here again! Foster mom is working from home, and she likes to keep the front door open so we can take naps in the sun.  Seems she was right about this.  It's a greyt spot to hang out.

It was my turn for the neighborhood watch.

I know. I know.  I shouldn't be sleeping on the job.  It was hard to keep my eyes open though.  Hanging out in the sun makes a girl sleepy.

This is my foster sister.  FoMa can keep an eye on us from her desk.



Callie (Turbo Callie): 7/11 - Let's Play Fetch!

Hi there!  Callie here. I really love to play with my ball- especially the squeaky ones!  Won't you come fetch with me?

Sasha (AJN Sasha Banks): 7/10 - New to the Neighborhood

Hello there.  
I'm the new girl in town. 
My name is Sasha Banks.
But you can call me Sasha.



Wish (PJ Climatechange): 7/9 - Hey There!

Hey there!  It's Wish. Aren't I just the cutest thing?  Wouldn't you love to see this face every day?

Starz (SJ's Starz Man): 7/8 - We All Have Our Moments...

Hey there, Starz here!  Someone took this embarrassing photo of me and is now sharing it with you all.  Can't a guy just take a nice nap?

Wish (PJClimatechange): 7/7 - Such a Joy!

Wish here!  My Foster Mom says I'm such a joy!  She says I will always make you smile. I love kids and water. I also love playing with my toys and doing zoomies.

Nick (Raider Forge): 7/7 - Loving Retirement!

Hi, Everybody!

I’m Nick! I live with Foster Mom; two other greyhound brothers, Oberon and Finn, and a 16-year old terrier/lab mix Slainte. It is exciting because I get to enjoy a big, fenced in backyard and a house full of dog toys!

FoBro Finn has been super awesome taking me under his blond wing (I’m the beautiful brindle) and sharing the dog bed and toys with me. Here we are together resting and me playing with the big stuffy!

I am getting reeeeeeaaallyyy used to this retirement gig! Keep in touch as I talk (woof!) more about it here!

‘Til next time!

Callie (Turbo Callie): 7/6 - Pool Time

It was so hot yesterday.  But look, I got in my very own pool!  I'm pretending to be a duck here 😄.