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Helen: 1/29 - weekend adventures

You'll never believe what I got to do this weekend!  FM took me to a meet and greet at the World of Pets Expo at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium.  I was so excited when we got there with all the new smells, so many people, and even more dogs to check out.  Olive and Secret helped show me the ropes, and introduced me to meeting and greeting.  I got the hang of it pretty quick though by the end of our shift, I was tired.  FM was able to bribe me and get me up from my comfy spot a few times with treats from the little kids.  

From left to right: Olive, me, and Secret

Did someone say treats?
They're handing out treats.  Why did you call me? 

I was actually resting my head on Olive, but FM was too slow with the camera.

Getting some lovin'. 

Resting between visitors.

Is there a little person out there to give me treats? 

Why are you giggling at me?  This works just fine for a pillow. 
We're all ready to leave.  It was fun, but can we go home and take a nap?  I think we deserve it.

Until next time,


Helen: 1/28 - new place to hang out

Hey everyone.  Two weeks ago, I moved i with my new FM.  I'm going to hand out with er and the 4-leggers that live with her for awhile.  Things are going okay so far.  FM promised me that she'd be better at posting pictures of me so that you can follow my adventures.  In the meantime, here's a pic of me that she took the first day I arrived at her house.  It took a bit for me to settle after exploring and having dinner.

Later on, FM thought it was okay to wake me from my sleep to get another picture.  Thankfully this hasn't become a regular thing.  If it had, she and I would've had to have a chat about it.

Until next time,


Abby: 1/18 - We Have A Situation

Abby here and I need to post a complaint. See I woke up and went outside to do my girly business and something was wrong. There was just white stuff everywhere. It was even falling from the sky. I didn't know what to do. All the other dogs seem so calm but I was confused. I mean where am I suppose to my business.

Abby: 1/12 - Shopping Spree!!

Abby here and I just wanted you to know about my best day ever. After being cooped up with all the snow, I got to go someplace special. Auntie Carroll called this place PetSmart but I called it the land of all things wonderful. I didn't know where to start. I wanted to see it all. I checked out all the toys and treats but couldn't decide on just one.

I may have gotten up close to check out some things. It all smelled so good!

Hi there bunny. You don't look so fast now.

I checked out the birds and cats too. None of them really wanted to play with me. I even saw my first non greyhound. The first dog was ok and just wanted to sniff. The little tiny one seemed like way more fun but auntie Carroll said she was too small for me to play with, especially with my feet. I just wanted to see if it squeaked.

I hope my forever home will let me go shopping sometime. I'm sure I didn't see it all.

Abby: 1/11 - I Don't Always Sleep

Hi I'm sure most of you think us greyhounds just sleep our days away. Well, not me. I like to spend my day visiting with all the humans in the house. I just walk right up and stand there. Before you know it, I'm getting eat scratches. Then I check out everything in the room. They all say I touch things too much but I don't think so.

Once all that's done, I find a toy to play with. Only after all of that done, I take time for a nap.

Ellie: 1/8 - Gone visiting

Ellie went visiting to a friend's house and met the resident Greyhounds. There was sniffing, running, and playing. Then, there was toy chewing, and some napping.
 Lots and lots of napping...

Ellie: 1/5 - Ellie's Snow Day

Ellie had a fun snow day - her first one!
She wasn't too sure about this cold, white stuff at first.
 What's going on here?
This stuff is kind of weird...
She eventually decided to run and play. Fun was had by all.

Buster: 1/3 - Checking out the pet store

I tagged along to the pet store with my foster mom and dad and one of the resident hounds. I wasn't sure why we were hanging out there. Foster mom said it's good for me to get out and see the world. Well, there were a lot of interesting smells. But the best part was that I was very popular with other shoppers, so I got a lot of pets from people big and small. And a lot of treats for being a good boy.

Looking around to get the lay of the land.

See how handsome I am?

Cat toys?  Where's the dog toys?

No kittens home, but it sure still smells good.