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Carina: 2/28

Hi Fans!
You will never believe what happened last night!!!
The Grande hound took my favorite bed ~ the nerve!
But, foster lady says I need to share sometimes,
so I settled for the little bed right next to it.  
She was laughing at me because I barely fit.  
Good thing I'm a tiny lil' girl.

Did you happen to notice how tiny I am? 
 I only weigh 56lbs - foster lady says I'm such a cutie.

Your cuteness overload,

Carina - 2/27

Hello New Family!
(I know one of you reading this won't be able to pass me up)

Going to try to say Hi every day this week! 
(I've challenged the foster lady to see if she can keep up)

Have I mentioned that I like being a part of everything with everyone?
I'm always watching and learning about this retirement thing.
When ever the foster lady leaves, I like to stand right here and say bye.
And then I run to the window with the others and we all watch her pull away.
(No worries, I do great in my kennel; she just leaves before the foster guy)

Can't wait to be able to see you when you get home.  
That is one of the most exciting parts of the day!  
And when you get home, I'll just wag my whole body while you come to get me.  
I don't bark or whine or try to open the door myself.  
I know you won't forget me!

See ya soon,

Carina - 2/26

Hello Friends!

Just a quick hi to send some hugs!  
I love hugs and I give amazing kisses. 
 Even though I can be bouncy, I can also be super gentle.

And I do love kids!!!  
This one gives the most perfect hugs.  
I could stand here all day for these.

There might be a lot of hustle and bustle in this home but I can happily keep up.  
It's definitely times like this that make retirement A-OK!
If you have any hugs available, I'll gladly take them! 
Oh, and while you're hugging, feel free to give my belly some scratches too :)

Hugs to all,

Carina - 2/25

Hi everyone!
It’s been a pretty drab weekend with all this rain - our yard is almost under water! 

We can’t really stay out long and then have to get our feet wiped as we come in. 
It’s hard waiting in line, but I patiently wait for my turn. 
(I do try “the eyes” in hopes that it’ll help me get to be the next one .... hasn’t worked  yet) 
so I’ll just keep being patient for now. 
We get treats if we stand nicely and I always get 2 because I’m so good at it!

I’m still LOVING these soft squishy toys!!! 
Of course, I’ve been told that the best parts of them are gone 
because there are dogs that think it’s fun to take fluffy stuff out of them. 
I like floppin' them all around so either way works for me!

Well, it's a bit late so I’m heading off to bed .... 
I’ll be looking for my forever home while I’m dreaming .... 
and I know there will be a TON of toys there too!
Sweet dreams,

Pad lock 2/25

Here I am again. I don't mind the rain but I wish it would stop and get nice outside.I would like to go to the park again to walk. I really like this retirement thing. I get to just lay around and sleep. My foster Mom tells me I'm a good boy all the time. She even tells me I'm perfect .I haven't gotten into anything bad or eaten anything that was bad for me. I get crated when she leaves but I don't know why because I'm a good boy.Who ever ADOPTS ME is getting a real treasure. Tomorrow I get to go Lowes and see what is going on there. I'll let you know how I do.

Kenya in the Hood - 2/24

It has been a busy week here in fosterland learning all about retirement. Foster mom says she will post more about my adventures  later as she has been super busy this week  Not too busy though, to let me explore the neighborhood and practice my leash skills. She says I have a nice peppy walk so I will be a greyt walking companion for my future furever family. I hope they like to walk, I love my walks, there is so much to see. #kenyastories #lovemywalks #dontshopadopt.

so much to see

silly girl

me and foster brother Kipper ❤❤❤❤

foster brothers Reese and Kipper, and then there's me  (right)

Volando Olvera - 2/23, Earning My Retirement Wings

Hi everyone!

dog standing behind gate with a happy expression
Trying to use my puppy smile
to speed up dinnertime
Today marks one week since I left Alabama on my way to retirement. I can't believe how much I have learned!

Even though I haven't lived in a house before, I've learned I really like it. There are lots of beds and interesting things to explore. I like toys too, but I always move them really fast so L can't get a picture of me with them. I don't want them to get away!

Dog looking through the metal edge of a bridge
Looking off the bridge
All day during the week, L and J have to go to work, so Mr. G and I stay in our crates. I'm good at that, but I'm mostly excited that it's the weekend now. I hope we will do some fun walks. Last weekend, we went to a lake, so I got to walk on a bridge and see lots of bikes and runners and stuff. I walk pretty well on a leash and am starting to learn not to chase all the squirrels because I never get to catch them anyway.

dog lying on a dog bed next to a gate while a cat stands on the other side of gate
Maybe Miss Thing and I can work
together to speed up dinnertime
I am also really enjoying getting to know all the members of my new family. I like Mr. G of course, because I have always known a lot of greyhounds. However, L and J are introducing me to how greyt people can be. They give me lots of treats and brush me, which I really like and is making my coat soft. Now when I see them, my whole body wiggles because I am so excited. I am also getting to know that Miss Thing, the cat, is not that scary. I don't know if we're friends yet, but, as you can see from the picture, we do work together.

Ok, that's all for now. I'll catch you later.


Pad lock 2/22

Pad lock here. I'm a very sweet boy. I stay out of trouble and I don't get into things. I like too see what's going on and then I do my own thing. I ride great in the van and my foster sister hasn't grumbled at me so I know I'm doing ok. I like to hang out with Stripes my foster brother  sometimes. My foster Mom tells me how handsome I'm all the time. Well that's all for today.

Kenya 2/20 - Snuggle Bug

Foster mom has taken to calling me something called a snuggle bug.  Not sure exactly why. 

Carina: 2/20 - Time's Flying!

Hello New Friends!

Wow - it's Tuesday already?  I can't believe it was just 3 days ago that my whole life changed - and I'm loving it!  Hasn't taken me long to fit right in.  I have the schedule down to the minute now!  Here's how it goes:

Wake up and head straight to the back door for first outs (me and Hendrix race to see who can get there first ... he's not as good as me on the hard floors so he usually slips and I pull ahead 😏 but sometimes he's quick to catch up!)
Come in, run right back to the kennel for breakfast!  I love my meals and lick the bowl clean!
Few minutes later we're back out and saying our good mornings to everyone.  The other CLBDs bounce but I just wiggle my way to the front and put my head right into whoever's hand is there so they have no choice but to pet me!  

Then it's a bit of playtime; this morning, I discovered a toy!  And I got big smiles for it because it was a smiley face.  Picture attempts kinda failed because I was having so much fun I could barely stand still.

Next, the foster lady leaves for work and we all stand at the window to say bye. Then back to playing for a while again.
Then it's time for last outs before foster guy goes to work and the little boy goes to school.  I love being outside so I'm always the last one back in but come right away when they say it's time.  Plus, by now, I'm ready for some down time - there's lots of excitement in the mornings!  We hear "kennel" and if you're the first in, you're the first to get a treat! Yup - me and Hendrix are always trying to be the first ones in (but then there's this 3-legged dog that squeezes ahead of us and I still haven't beat her yet! It's crazy how fast and stealthy she is!)
So we all chill for a while and it's really quiet and quite relaxing.  I'm just fine hanging out - I haven't even barked or whined about it.
Then the boy gets home after he gets done at school and we all get to go outside and it's time to explore and play again. Next, foster lady comes home and we all stand at the window and bark at her to let her know we're home too!  I just love being a part of all this - it's so much fun!
We get more outs and then dinner time!  After dinner, I go straight to my favorite bed and we all take naps again.  The foster family settles and has their own dinner then we just all hang out - sometimes they play cards - sometimes they watch tv - all the time I get to keep playing and getting those awesome scratches!
Finally, it gets dark outside again - last outs and off to kennels for bed time.  I happily go in, get my treat and cuddle up for awesome dreams of the day and what the rest of my retirement will be!  Not a peep from me - it was just that first night that I sang everyone to sleep.

So, that's the routine and I'm so happy to be part of it!  
Can't wait to see someone else's day and spend it with my forever family!

Love, Carina

Kenya: 2/19

Hi folks,  I had to set my foster mom straight, she kept calling me 'O Girl' but I let her know that I really like to be called Kenya.  So she said "Kendya it is!"   More Later. 

Earsies !!

Dan 19 Feb, 2018 - Oh, Danny Boy

Oh, this Danny Boy is a hoot!
 Gotta flop this way...
 Gotta flop that way...
Ahhhhh, finally comfortable! This retired life is Greyt. I could get used to this!!

Carina: 2/18

Hello New Friends!

Had a reallyyyyy long and exciting journey yesterday and finally made it to my temporary destination until my forever one is found! Pretty sure that’s going to happen pretty darn soon too!!! I’m being told I’m such a good girl and it’s so easy for this family to be telling me that all the time!
So, I was a perfect passenger on the way to go to their house and slept the whole way; I even had to be woken up when we got there.
We did make one stop on the way; it was a place that had a ton of shiny new things that drive on 2 wheels! I wasn’t afraid of them at all and weaved in and out while we walked all around (I’m already a pro at walking on hard wood floor - they were pretty impressed that I didn’t even hesitate! I’m just such an easy walker on the leash .... don’t care to pull or zigzag, I like being next to someone while I’m walking.
Finally got to the house and got to meet 2 other black greyhounds just like me! (They say we’re CLBD - crazy little black dogs 🤣) and then I got to meet this little kid and I loved him and gave him a big huge snuggle-lean! I don’t even jump up - just love to drop my head on your lap and lean in for those scratches!
Needless to say, I settled right in! I tested every comfy bed they have all over the place on the floors here and finally found my favorite! And I slept right through the night (I did sing a little bed time song but just for a few minutes and then I was fast asleep until almost 8am!)
I can’t wait to share the pics but my foster-lady said she’s having some difficulties,  so keep checking back to check them out!
Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you soon!



O Girl: 2/18

Hi my name is 'O Girl' but you can call me 'Girl' for short.

Hi I am 'O Giril'
I had the most amazing 24 hours, so very different from the last 3.5 years of my life.  First I took a long ride from Alabama to Maryland with a couple of my gal and guy buddies.  After that ride I met a bunch of folks called volunteers who took us for walks and let us stretch our legs.  Then we hopped into a couple of vehicles and took another ride to a place called Greyhound Central.  That was a fun car ride as I got to look at all the sights from the window.   Then oh my gosh, I got some water and yummy food, a short rest, and then on to the best part,  a SPA treatment just for greyhounds.  They gave me a warm bath complete with a massage. That was just the best, I could have stayed in there forever !!!  That massage gal had some magic fingers, I tell ya.   I had a nice rub down, got my ears cleaned,   my nails done, and something called a microchip.   After all that I was introduced to my foster mom and one of her teen boys.  They put a snuggly coat on me,  took me for a walk and then I jumped into the car and off we went.   I was a trooper and stayed a wake a bit to watch the sights but then I was so sleepy from the day's excitement I took a quick snooze.   They stopped for  the teen to get a Chicken sandwhich from something called a drive-through.  Wow did that sandwhich smell yummy, but alas apparently no sharing that sandwhich with me as I am on a speical diet that is good for my tummy the first couple days of my retirement.  These volunteer folks sure are good at taking care of greyhounds though I would have really liked some of that sandwhich. Then I arrived at my foster home and met my foster brothers Reese and Kipper.  They sort of look like me since they have spots like I do but there's are brown and mine are black.  I think its going to be super fun here.  Will update you later lots to smell and see.

Getting my Massage
Checking out the sights. 

Taking a Snooze

Wish I could have some of that Chicken Sandwhich!
Meeting my Foster Brothers  - thats me on the left.

Volando Olvera: 2/17 - Smooth Landing

Hi everyone! I'm Volanda Olvera. I just got to Maryland from Birmingham, Alabama, and it was a long trip! I'm very glad to be resting now. I'm a pretty good rester, and I have already figured out dog beds.

I was a little nervous this morning when I was getting my bath and grooming, but by the time we got to my foster home, I was rested up and ready for anything. I met my foster brother, Mr. G, right away, and I think we're going to be friends. There was something that my foster mom, L, called snain (snow/hail) coming down when we went for a walk, but I didn't mind it.

I really wanted to meet the other dogs on the bike path and the squirrels, but L said we have to wait for that. (I'm not sure she'll ever let me meet the squirrels.) Even though the weather was bad, we saw some bicyclists and walkers, but I wasn't scared at all, even when the bikes were close to us.

Once we got home, I explored the whole house, including the bathtub, which made L laugh. I don't know why. I also met Miss Thing, who L says is a cat. I'm a little afraid of her, so I just let her sniff me until she goes away. Now I've had a busy day, and I'm tired, so I'm going to take a nap. I'll write more soon!


P.S. L says I should tell you that I rode in the car like a champ, and she would pick me for a road trip companion any time.

Abby: 2/9 - I'm All For Sharing

Foma says all the time that sharing is caring. I have love of caring then because I just want to share with everyone. My favorite thing to share is beds. The boys here aren't really into it but Dolly lets me join her as long as I don't lay on top of her.

Joe: 2/9 - New Family Checklist

So my foster mom tells me that soon I am gonna meet some folks who might make me a part of their family! Well I have a few small requests...

1. Soft dog bed- I LOVE my dog bed and love to sleep and watch everything going on in the house from it. Definitely a must.

2. A crate- I like the safety of my crate, I don’t hang out there much but I like knowing it’s there if I get scared.
3. Lots of love- I LOVE people and I definitely require lots of love and attention from my new family.

Hope I didn’t miss anything on my list, and I hope that my new family can check off all of my items!!!

Abby: 2/8 - Training days.

As promised my Foma made a couple of videos and pics of me doing my manners. Getting her to post them, well that was hard.   She kept saying there wasn't enough light or her room was messy or her hand is in the way. I promised you guys would ignore all that and focus on the cute dogs, especially me in the bright maroon collar. So here goes.

This is me waiting to leave the bedroom in the mornings. We all need to pee but we can't go if we don't wait. Makes no sense to me but I do it. My bff Dolly doesn't care. She just bumps me with her toy trying to get out. She's special

This one is me waiting at the back door. Did I mention, this last makes us wait when we all have to pee.

Helen: 2/9 - help needed

Need help holding down your recliner? I'm your girl!

I just need help getting up there if its one of those ones that spins around.  :)

Until next time,