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Tori Dave: 8/31 - Breakfast please!

Dave is trying to tell me he would like some of my oatmeal!

Kelley: 8/31 - What is a SGRIL?


I have had a very exciting morning.  We all went out to pee this morning before we had our breakfast. I was out there sniffing around, looking for the best place to "make my mark" when my foster siblings all started running to the corner of the yard.  They were yelling "SGRIL, SGRIL."  I thought it was a new game we were going to play.  I was jumping around and then I saw what they saw.  It was a small creature with a fuzzy tail.  It went up the tree and over the fence.  WOW!  I knew right then that if I had seen it first, I could have caught it because I am much younger and really, really faster than the other guys.  I will have to remember to check that part of the yard when I go out again. My FM says it was a squirrel that they were chasing.  I don't think I will ever get used to these Virginia accents.  It is SQUIRREL not SGRIL.

I hope you have a good day and a great Labor Day weekend.  I am not sure what Labor Day is, but my FM says it will be a fun time and I really like to have fun.

Bye for now,

Kelley: 8/29 - Toy Box

Hello everyone,

I am still enjoying my retirement and learning new things every day.  My latest discovery has been the toy box.

I knew we had a lot of toys here at my foster home, but I wasn't sure where they came from.  I kept looking around and finally I found it!  There is this big box with all kinds of toys in there.  At first I just sniffed at the box and boy what wonderful smells.  There were some hard bones and some soft animals and some things that we could play tug with.  The tug things were kind of a mystery to me. When I would be carrying it around in my mouth, the people here wanted to take it away from me. They would take it and then give it back to me.  I finally decided that I wasn't going to let them take it anymore and WOW was it fun.  They pulled on one end and I pulled on the other.  I think they call this a game and I think I like it.

If you think you might like to play tug with me, give the folks at GEGR a call.  They know all about me and especially how handsome I am.

Bye for now,

Kelley: 8/23 - Teaching my FM

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry I haven't posted sooner.  My FM has been real busy and she seems to think her life is way more important than mine.  We are working on her priorities as evidenced by this post.

I am still learning lots of new things, but I am also teaching my foster family some new stuff.  I love belly rubs and they are getting pretty good at giving them.  They just don't do it enough.  I keep telling them they need more practice and I think they are slowly getting the message.

When I go in the crate, I have taught them to put a treat in there with me.  I used to be a statue at the door and they had to push me in.  Now, they put a treat in there and I go right in.  It is nice to have a foster family that is trainable.

I love all the dog beds around the house,  There are several in every room which makes it nice for me. I have to follow my FM all around the house and there is always a soft place for me to lay.  My FM is smart to have all the comforts available to me wherever I go.  I guess another foster must have taught her that trick.

I love my meal times.  FM makes a special meal for me twice a day and I gobble it up.  I guess that is why I have such a handsome and sleek black coat.

I am still looking for my forever home.  I like it here, but I know I can't stay here.  I need my own home.  If you think I would be a good addition to your home, talk to the good people at GEGR.  They are really good at making matches and I may very well be your perfect match

Thanks for reading about me.

Kelley: 8/16 - Still Waiting

Hello Everyone,

Well, last Saturday did not go as I had hoped it would.  I met lots of nice folks, but none of them were my forever home.  I was a little disappointed, but I am still with my foster family and I am happy here.  Maybe next time, my forever home will be there and I can start my new life in my own home.

Thanks for sharing my adventure into retirement,


Tori Dave: 8/15 - Smart cookie

Wait cookies? I love cookies!! You'll share with me?? I take treats really gently, FoMa is really impressed with my manners.

OH SMART cookie. I just figured it out. It was really hot Friday afternoon. I found the coolest spot in my foster home. RIGHT next to the a/c vent.

Kelley: 8/12 - I am so excited...

Hello everyone,

My FM told me that I am going to meet some people tomorrow and one of them may be my forever home.  YEAH!!!!  I am happy here in my foster home, but I want a home of my own.  I kinda feel like I am 35 years old and still living with my mom and dad.

I am still learning new things.  This morning, I was attacked by a plastic dish in the kitchen.  My FM knocked it off the counter and it hit the floor and I jumped up to get away from it.  It got caught in between my legs and the more I moved the more it attacked me.  My FM kept laughing, but I didn't think it was funny at all.  Finally I got away.  So to all my greyhound friends out there, beware of plastic dishes.  They are vicious!

I have to get up early tomorrow for my big day, so I better get to sleep.  I want to be at my best to meet my forever family.

Thanks for reading about me.


Tori Dave: 8/11 - News alert!

FoMa here instead of Dave. Big news. Dave was just spotted doing his FIRAT roach. And it has been caught on camera!!

look at that smile, he's proud of himself

Tori Dave: 8/11 - Posing

Hi! Dave here. I'm so excited! I'm really hoping that I meet my fur-ever family this weekend.

I'm doing my very best to learn as much as I can. I travel really week. I haven't had any potty accidents. I haven't had any problems on shiny floors. I even went to PetSmart today. I walked with zero issues there.

I'm ready fur-ever family! Let's meet soon!!

Kelley: 8/9 - I am a happy boy.....

Hi everyone,

I am having a wonderful time in my retirement.  It sure beats the grind of the track which was all train and race and train and race, etc.

Sunday I went to a place that my FM called PetSmart.  I didn't see any pets that were smarter than me so I don't know where the name came from.  It must be one of those people things that I don't understand yet.  Anyway, I saw lots of people and they all said how handsome I am.  They gave me some pats and that was nice.  I also saw some short people, some that were not as tall as I am.  Guess they don't get a lot to eat otherwise they would be like regular people.  I also saw a puppy which smelled different.  I wanted to check him out, but he kept jumping on me and so I just turned away.  I wasn't afraid of him, he just needs to learn some manners.  Some people came in with a cat in their arms.  The cat's tail was hanging down and it looked interesting, but I quickly lost interest.  There was just so much to see.  I had no problems with the tile floors.  Some have said they are scary, but I mastered them in a flash.  One section of the store had rats in cages.  I was interested in them, but I quickly learned that the cages were made of glass and I bumped my nose when I tried to get close to them.

I made my FM mad the other day by chewing up her slippers.  They smelled just like her and I wanted to just put my nose in them and get all the "innards" out.  She laughed at me and said they were old slippers anyway.  Maybe she can go to that PetSmart place and get some more.

We have had some thunder storms recently and I am protecting my foster family by barking at the thunder.  Sometimes I have to bark several times before it goes away.  I am a good thunder fighter because it always goes away.

It is time now for my evening nap.  Thanks for reading about me.  Hope to see you soon.


Tori Dave: 8/9 - TOYS!

Dave here. So we got back home from OBX just fine. FoMa says I travel like a dream. I just mostly napped, occasionally getting up to look around. Sometimes I mess with FoMa & she has to help me up But I have no problems jumping in & out of her truck. hehe

I know I've said it before but I LOVE TOYS. I love playing with them. I love tossing them around. I even love napping with them. You'll help me find lots of toys, right??

Kelley: 8/6 - Another busy day of learning.

Hello Everyone,

I have had another busy day of learning today.  I am really exhausted, but I just had to tell you what I have learned.

My Foster Mom (FM), wanted to do some cooking today, so I joined her in the kitchen.  I wanted to be close to her so she wouldn't get lonesome so I laid down in front of the that thing that has baskets in it.  FM said, "Lying in front of the dishwasher is not a good place for you to be."  I think that means she liked where I was so I just stayed there.  I could watch what she was doing as well as take a little nap on a rug.  FM and I did a lot of cooking, but it doesn't seem that any of it is for me. I would gladly be her taster, but she says I need to stick with my own food.

My foster brother is teaching me how to share his toys.  I like to play (and play, and play) but he doesn't like it when I play with his favorite toys.  We have an agreement that I can play with his toys, but I can't rip them apart like I would like to do.

We had some company come by the other day.  I was shy at first, but I soon found that they smelled really good and gave me lots of attention.  I think I like company.

I am still startled by loud noises, but I am getting used to the sounds around the house.  When I do something wrong, which is hardly ever, my FM lets me know she is not happy and I know to not ever do that again.

Yawn!!! It is nap time, so I will close out.  Thanks for reading about me.

Tori Dave: 8/6 - Toys

Dave here. So y'all know I'm visiting out of town. Well let me tell you, I'm fairly comfy. Plus, there's toys here too.

At night, instead of a bedroom, we're sleeping in a big living room. So rather than sleep in a kennel, FoMa has a created a pen next to her. I crash out & sleep all night.

I've asked that some toy pics be posted. She also threw in a pic of my me in my own little night time world. Enjoy!

My bedroom

1 toy

2 toys

3 toys

Nap time!!

Blaze: 8/6 Some Days

Blaze is a little beauty with expressive ears that look and feel like black velvet. They compliment her white paws perfectly. You must see her in person. My photos do not do her justice. 

"While I think about who my new family will be I realize that: some days everything's 'to the left, to the left'."

"Some days are a right ear salute kind of day."

"Some days are belly up, paws in the air kind of days."

"Some days are having the whole seat to myself kind of days."

Tori Dave: 8/4 - Traveling pup

FoMa & I traveled down to the Outer Banks (OBX) to visit my fo-grandparents. I napped most of the way. Another skill, I travel really well.

She took a few pictures to show me off. She promises to take more & post them. I was super curious about something called a dock & canal. 

Kelley: 8/4 - So much to learn.....

Good Morning,

I have been so busy, I can hardly believe I have been retired for almost a week.  Everyone told me I would have lots of time to sleep and rest in my retirement, but they were wrong.  There are so many things to learn and find out about.  For example, the room they call a kitchen contains food for everyone in the house, not just me.  Imagine!  There is a place in this kitchen where they open a door and a basket slides out and it has wonder food smells.  I love to lick the things in that basket, but they don't like that.  "Stay out of the dishwasher," they tell me.  It is hard, but I try to just look and not touch.

There are lots of soft beds here at my foster home.  I like to paw at them and get them set so they are really comfy. I also like to lie on my back and roll around and I can even scoot around the room on my back.  They say it is quite a trick and they laugh a lot at me.  I like it when they laugh because I know they are happy with me.

I also like all the hugs and kisses I get here at my foster home.  Who wouldn't want to love on me?  I am so handsome.  Sometimes they stop the kisses and hugs and I bump them with my nose to let them know they don't have to stop.  I know they don't have anything else to do but love on me.

They put a "thing" on me that I didn't understand at first.  They call it a "belly band" but I have gotten used to it.  Being a handsome male, I like to mark my territory by lifting my leg on things that need to be marked as my own.  I now know that I should do my marking outside and not in the house.  Now the belly band can come off.  YEAH!!!!!!!

The other night, there was this strange noise.  They told me it was thunder but I am not sure what that is.  I decided I would bark at it and make it go away.  Well, guess what?  It did go away.  I had to bark several times, but it soon realized that I was really fierce and it went away.  I am glad I could help my foster family get rid of that loud noise.

In my retirement, I am still able to take my naps several times a day.  It is now time for one of those naps.  YAWN!!!!!

Thanks for reading about me.  If you are interested in making me a part of your family, just talk with the folks at GEGR.  They will tell you all about me.

Bye for now,

Tori Dave: 8/3 - Routines

Dave here. So as I'm adjusting to retirement, I'm making my new routines.

This morning I woke FoMa (foster mom) up at 5.30am. It was already passed breakfast time (her alarm is usually set for 5am)

Another routine I like... after I empty the bowl (every time) I like to use it as a pillow.

Another post meal nap position

Kelley: 8/1 - Hello

Hi.  My name is Kells Santa Fe or at least that is what I have been called until a few days ago.  This is the story of how my name changed.

I was born on 9/3/2013 and I think I was the most handsome pup in the litter.  My training went well and I started racing in August of 2015.  I was not a champion, but I did win a couple of races.  Then BAM! I broke my leg.  I don't really remember how it happened.  All I know is that I couldn't run like I wanted to.  The nice people set my leg and I began my long recovery process.  Once I was all healed, I enjoyed being in what they called the "adoption kennel."  I am not sure what that was, but I didn't race anymore and I was well taken care of.  

Then one night, they loaded me and a lot of friends from the kennel into a truck and we took a long trip.  It was a little crowded, but it was OK.  Then we stopped and the door opened and there were a lot of people waiting to take care of me.  They walked me and I finally got to pee on grass.  After the long ride, that was really nice.  Then we got into smaller vehicles and we took another trip.  This time I had plenty of room and I even got to sleep some.  Then we stopped and nice people took me and feed me, bathed me, check me over and even took picture of me.  I am sure the pictures were because I am so handsome.  This is when my name changed.  Some suggestions were Santa, Fefe, Kells and Bubba.  Boy was I scared.  I wanted a great name to match my personality.  They finally decided on Kelley and I liked that a lot.  Then believe it or not, they put me into another vehicle and I went to what they called a foster home.  

If this is a foster home, I really like being in a foster home.  There is a lady here who loves on me and talks to me and gives me lots of water and yummy food.  Best of all, I have lots of soft beds to lie on and take my naps.  I have a foster sister (Missy) and a foster brother (Earl) and they are pretty nice to me.  They have shown me the ropes and I felt at home really quickly.  I like running in the back yard, but I still can't run like I used to.  However, I am still pretty fast.

Thanks for reading about me.  I am a really special, handsome guy.  If you are interested in making me a part of your family, just contact the folks at GEGR.  You won't be sorry.