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Hendrix: 10/31 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Hello ghouls and goblins!  
No tricks here, I've made it to retirement!  

I've already meet some other hounds who are already in retirement; 
yup - three black dogs all in a row.

So, the best part of this retirement so far?
 I've been reunited with my litter-mate brother, Grande!  
(She "failed" Grande back in March ... which means, she just couldn't give him up!)
The foster-lady couldn't resist taking me so I could see my brother and hang out for a while together.  It's been so cool!  Look at us, we're practically twins, look how silly we both are:

Can you tell which one I am?
(Hint: My collar has more orange on it)

Hope your day is filled with nothing but treats!

Joe: 10/29 - Day 1 of retirement

Hi everyone, 
I'm Joe and I'm newly retired. I'm from West Virginia and I'm a handsome boy.  So much has changed for me in the last few days.  I'm in a totally new environment.  Everytime I go outside I discover something else I have never seen.  I'm curious, my foster mom says. I like to look out the front window a lot. 
I like my new surroundings.  They have two other greyhounds and a little white dog that I completely ignore living here.  There's plenty of comfy places to lay down and so much to explore.
I've already been on a walk and I was so good.  I didn't pull or weave around.  I really liked it.  I'm good at their stairs in the deck but in the house they are a bit intimidating.  I'm still working on mastering them. My foster parents told me I will be an expert in no time. 
Well off to bed.  Here I am upstairs, just laying on the floor next to my bed.  I like to try new things 

Sunshine: 10/29 - newly retired!

Hi Everyone!  I'm Sunshine...

Yesterday was a long day.  Early in the morning we all got in a big van and traveled for hours and hours to a place called Greyhound Central.  When we got there, we got to eat!!! I love to eat!!! Then we got a bath and got stuck with a needle, and now I am micro-chipped.  We got our toenails cut and our ears cleaned and had our pictures taken.  All of the other dogs were taken away but then I went upstairs with Karen and Lisa and hung around in the living room with seven other dogs! One of them doesn’t even look like a greyhound.  He is grey and small and barks a lot but I liked him ok.  It was fun.  Then when it was time to go to bed I got to sleep in a thing called a walk-in closet.  It was like a giant crate with things hanging in it.  I got two of these cool treats called Canna biscuits and slept all night long.  This morning I had to go out in the pouring rain and do my business, but I was a good girl.  Then I had breakfast…I love breakfast!!!  Then I hung out for a while on a really soft bed….then I got to go for a walk and I got to smell all kinds of new things.  Now I know what deer smell like, and corn and night creatures.  I was pretty good on lead but I do like to weave a bit.  I know that I will get better at that.  Oh, and I don’t like slippery floors but I promise to work on that too.  So today these really nice people named Michelle and Darren are picking me up to take me to meet my foster mom.  I don’t know what that means but things have been pretty good so far.

Whitman: 10/14 - Petoberfest

I went to a fun Meet & Greet with a bunch of other dogs last weekend. We all had a great, or should I say, Greyt time with all of my new friends!

I was a little nervous at first.

But people started to pet me, and I decided I was having fun! I like Zeke, he was looking this way, while I looked that way for people to pet us. Did you know he's trying to get adopted, too?
 Here I am looking for more people:
I found lots more people with my Foster Brother, Trent.

I had lots of fun at the Meet & Greet, and I slept all the way home.

Allie: 10/19 - friends

Im having fun at my foster home. Everything isn't scary any more. Some things are still really challenging though. Like when it comes to toys. I cannot make up my mind between the pink owl or stuffed hedgehog or the raccoon or the squirrel......I decided to take them all just to be safe.

Zeke: 10/17 - Fun Weekend Activities

Hey all! My FoMa took me to strut my stuff this weekend at a meet and greet! I hadn't done one before, but now I know why my FoSiblings like them so much! You spend the whole time getting lots of a attention and people telling you how handsome you are. I mean, I know I am handsome, but sometimes it's nice to hear others say it, am I right?

Anyway, I met some great people and made some new Greyhound friends, so all in all an excellent day!

Raven: 10/15 - Dress-up

So last night when fo-ma was trying to fix the blanket just right on my bed I ran under it. She said Silly Raven, are you trying to be a turtle for Halloween? She laughed and took my picture and scratched my ear.

Fo-ma, what's Halloween? It's when you get dressed up in a costume and get lots of goodies. I love goodies, but what's a costume? It's something you wear to pretend to be something else besides a greyhound. Why would I want to be anything besides a greyhound? You don't have to be something else, you just pretend and then you get goodies because you're so cute. Do you want to try some? Sure! Okay, we will play dress-up tomorrow and you can try on all the costumes we have.
So today.....

I'm a devil-dog but I'm a super-dorable devil!!
I'm a witch and I'll put a spell on you! 

Who is Wile E. Coyote? And what's a road-runner?

I like dress-up so much I'm trying out the next couple holidays already! 
I tried the alligator costume but it was a little too big for me and it looked scary so I tried to bite it before it could bite me!

But I showed that alligator who's boss!

I think this one was my favorite because when I put on the football jersey I got to tackle the football!

What do YOU want to be for Halloween?  Do you need a super cute side-kick to help you score all the goodies? I'll go trick or treat with you! Here's a neat trick- fill out that application and tell the GEGR people that meeting Raven would be a real treat! 

Liberty: 10/12

Liberty getting a little post PT snuggle from Libby.

Tubby: 10/12

Hi Everyone,

Mr. Tubbs here.

I had an exciting day this week.  My FM took me to a Vet appointment with my foster brother (FB).  He is older and needed some special care.  We went to this place with sliding doors which were scary at first, but then I got the hang of them.  Then we met these ladies who had lots of cookies for us.  My FB took the cookies, but I wasn't sure so I passed on them.  Everyone thought I was very handsome and wanted to pet me.  That was OK as long as my FM was close by.  It just takes me a while to get used to new people.  My FB was OK with this process, so I was too.  I laid down on a mat right by my FM and provided support for my FB.  It was a good thing I was there because they came in and stuck small needles in my FB.  WOW, I was glad it wasn't me, but FB seemed to like the needles so I was OK too.  If they wanted to hurt my FB, I would have barked at them and maybe even growled.  I have to protect him when I can.  Then they removed the needles and we got some treats.  Then we went home.  It was nice being back in my foster home where I had toys and soft beds and my FM and FB with me.

Later that day, some ladies came to see us.  They were really nice and they loved on me.  I could tell they all like dogs because they all smelled of other dogs, which in my book is good.  I don't quite understand people who don't have dogs in their lives.  What are they thinking??  One of the ladies even rubbed my tummy which is my favorite thing other than playing with my toys.

I have a good life here in my foster home, but I would like a forever home of my own.  If you are looking for a handsome guy who loves to play and run and really enjoys life, check me out.  My FM says I am the best and will make some family a great companion.

Thanks for reading about me.

Mac: 10/10

So who wants the dog who has it all?  The dog that is the complete package?  The dog ready for anything?  The dog who wakes up everyday happy and ready to face the world with his joy?

If you do, then you've come to the right blog.  Mac is available!!

Mac is doing terrific in foster care.  He is all happy and ready for anything the day throws at him.  Loves to go for walks, loves attention, loves to play with toys, loves to meet people and loves love!  Mac is housebroken, sleeps thru the night (although he's ready for breakfast every day) and has found and loves the joy of tossing toys around the living room.  He hasn't met a person he doesn't like.

I took him into the prison with me last week where I do service dog training and let the ladies handle him.  He was a trooper.  A bit overwhelmed at first but totally wanted to do the obstacle course the other dogs were doing, so we let him.  We let him do everything except climb under the chairs. He's too big for that. I will post some of those photos this week.

If you want the dog who has everything, the enthusiasm, the energy, the heart of a viking, and gives kisses then Mac is the dog for you.  The only thing Mac asks is that he not be an only dog and you have no cats.  While we are working him with exposure to cats we do not think he will safely live with cats so a house with no cats is what he needs.  That's it - otherwise he is the complete package, the whole enchilada, hook line and sinker, the whole ball of wax and the whole nine yards!!!!

Liberty: 10/10

Hi All,

I wanted to update you on Liberty and his progress.

He is doing so well!  He had 2 check ups last week.  One with his primary vet and another with the vet who is monitoring his physical therapy.  They did some measuring of his muscles and movement.  I'm happy to report that the flexibility in both back legs has increased over 25% and the muscles mass in his left rear leg has increased by 2 inches and his right rear leg by 3 inches!!!

We were really delighted to hear these results.  The improvement is slow so we don't see it as clearly as someone who hasn't seen him in awhile.  But there is no denying we are moving in the right direction.

Our ultimate goal is for Liberty to be able to stand up from a sitting or lying down position all by himself.  He's doing it more frequently but not all the time, but definitely more than when he first arrived.  To aid this we are revamping some of his PT exercised and adding a few new ones to help built core strength, coordination and balance.  I'm going to try to post some short videos of one of the new exercises.  We always keep our sessions very short and upbeat with lots of praise and treats.

Whitman: 9/30 - A Grand Adventure

Hi all, I had the best adventure that I couldn't wait to share with you! I went with my Foster Mom and Trent to a house with a bunch of other Greyhounds. They were nice girls, and we had a lot of fun playing in their backyard; they even shared their toys with me! Then, we ate dinner and went to bed in the new house. I thought it was kind of weird, because I've only slept in my own crate, but Foster Mom said I was a good boy for sleeping all night. I even met a 
cat - don't tell anyone, but I was scared! It was right there on the stairs and everything! Foster Mom said I was a good boy about the cat, too.

In the morning we went to a field and got into an X-pen. Lots of people came around and petted us all day. 
It was cold, so we all wore our jackets. Lots of people said I was sooooo handsome!
Even the little kids liked me - this little kid wasn't too sure at first...
 But he decided that I was OK.
I had a Greyt day.

Tubby: 10/6

Hello Everyone,

I have learned to use a PC so now I can blog and let you know all about me.

I am a pretty happy fellow.  I have an older foster brother who is fun sometime, but he doesn't like to play as long as I like to play.  That is OK because I can play by myself and still have fun.  I like to run in the yard and I like to play with toys.

My Foster Mom (FM) is really good to me.  She loves on me and give me tummy rubs.  I like to sleep in the bed with her, but she won't let me do that; something about rules for foster dogs.   She will let me get in the bed with her in the early morning.  We cuddle and get lots of loves and kisses.  We have a good time.

When I first came here, there was a noise outside that I did not like.  FM said it was just a wind chime, but I still didn't like it.  Why would anyone want to call the wind with a chime?  FM took it down and I am more comfortable in the yard now.

I do not like small animals.  They run around a lot and are sometimes real sneaky.  I prefer to be with larger dogs so we can play and have a good time.  I like a quiet home with large people.  I think they call themselves adults.  I am really a good boy and I am very handsome even if I say so myself.

If you think I would be a good fit in your home, give the people at GEGR a call and they can tell you all about me.

Thanks for reading about me,

Raven 10/4: Toy Time!

Now that I am getting more comfortable in my foster home I understand that I am allowed to play with the toys I have seen the other hounds play with. Hey this is fun!!

I did say sorry to my foster twin for sitting on his leg. I was having so much fun with the toy I didn't even realize I was doing that! He's really nice about things like that and letting me play with his toys but I sure hope I can find my own home and start my own toy collection soon. Maybe my very own family is reading this post right now! Is it you? Would you like to help me start my toy collection? Fill out that application on the GEGR website so you can meet me and find out if we are the perfect match! I'll be waiting to meet you! Love, Raven

Pin: 10/4 - yummy

Know what I like?  Yogurt!  FM was meal prepping the other day, and let me have the empty yogurt container to clean out for her.  I told her that I'm her guy should she ever need help in this area again.


Raven: 10/4 - The Voice

Hey everyone, have you heard of a TV show called 'The Voice'?  Me neither hahaha!! Anyway, I am such a quiet girl that my foster family was beginning to wonder what my voice sounded like or if I even had one at all. Do you know what they did? It was the funniest thing really, you should have seen them! Those silly two leggers tried to roo like greyhounds, can you believe it? Anyway my four legger foster siblings said sometimes humans do that to tell us that they are either lonely and feeling like the house is too quiet or sad that they can't really sing very well so they want us to sing for them. What was I to do? As soon as the other hounds started I knew I had to join in. So just in case you are lonely too and need to hear some beautiful music let me sing for you the song of my people! You're welcome! Love, Raven

Raven: 10/3 - Multiple Choice

Raven here with a pop quiz!!! Hanging out with my twin foster brother again, can you guess which one is me??
Aren't we cute with our matching tiny white toes? 

So can you tell which one is me?
Have you been studying my other pictures enough?
Okay, last chance, make your guess!
Are you sure?

And the answer is.... LEFT! (It was my turn on the big cozy bed!)
Thanks for playing and I hope you got it right, I'm way prettier than any silly boy! Until next time, RAVEN

Raven: 10/1 - The Yogurt Tub

Hey Everyone, Raven here. Today I learned something fun and yummy! When the big yogurt tub is almost empty foster mom lets us clean it out. That sounds like a chore but really it means we get to lick the bowl! Havok showed me the trick is to stick your snoot all the way in to get every last yummy bit. Here are some pictures of our fun

Okay Havok, I get it, now let me try!

Oh yeah, this really works!

What do you mean wipe my face?!

Do you have yogurt tubs you need cleaned? Tell those folks at GEGR you could use my help and I'll be at your service! Raven