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Coastal - telling it like it is!

Hey everyone!  I’m Coastal (the artist formerly known as WW’s Coastal).  First, let me just say that a lot of nice things have been said about me and...well...I AM a pretty big deal!  I’m really getting the hang of this retirement thing and am super stoked to make my furever family happy and proud!  Until then, I get the chance to brighten the lives of my foster family!  What a lucky hound I am!  By the way, the dude in the white fur is my new “fo-bro” Dizzy.  He has been a big brother to me showing me the ropes.  We run and have lots of fun and he even lets me play with his toys!  I’ve got two foster sisters that are pretty chill too.  I get along with everyone in this cat free home.  I might be a bit shy at first in a new crib, but I’ll be kickn’ it before you know it. I know when to ask to go outside, I don’t mess with other people’s food, and I sleep through the night.  By the way, there has been some really stormy weather lately, but it’s no big deal...I’m a brave boy and can handle it no problem!  I hope to keep you all updated on my adventures!  Until next time!

Tempo Fusion - Happy Easter 4/21/2019

Hi everyone, this is my first blog as I have been very busy settling into retirement and recovering from surgery to my leg.  I have to say the fine folks at GreytExpectations were so kind to sponsor my surgery.  Foster mom says that is because they knew that I am such a special guy and they just had to have me become a GEGR dog.  Foster mom says I am U-B-E-R handsome and have a super nice personality to match.  I've been learning about all the new sights and experiences of being retired.  During my recovery I have to be leash walked in the backyard so I can gain strength in my leg and must refrain from doing zoomies with my foster brothers.  That's kind of a bummer cause it looks so fun when they do that.  I am being good though and following doctors orders.  Last week I discovered the toy basket.  Well I'll tell you, these toy things are so fun,  I like to take them out one at a time and bring them to my bed and make them squeak. Sometimes I throw them up in the air too!  Foster mom says in about a week we may start learning about the big stairs once my leg is stronger and also start taking short walks in the neighborhood on the harder pavement.  I am definetly looking forward to those challenges.   We also are going to do a road trip later this week to Greyhound's in Getttysburg to see some other hounds and help with some ice cream scooping.  Sounds exciting! A bunch of my hound friends found furever homes this weekend. I am so very happy for them.  Foster mom said my time will come soon and for now she is happy having me all to herself.  So that is pretty cool.  She did say she would share these pictures of me , hehe!.  Oh and BTW, Happy Easter! 

just being handsome

watching the neighbor and hoping for pets

hanging with foster brother kipper
all the toys!!

Centex Chino: 4/19/19 - Naps & Friends

Hi Friends! It's me, Cinco. I'm so happy you came back to see what I've been doing with my time now that I'm retired and all. I know I said last time that retirement isn't all fun and games, but I've been having a blast! I've discovered some of the best parts of life: eating, napping and making new greyhound friends. 

One of my favorite parts of the day is mealtime. I'm lucky I get to eat three times a day. I was told foster brother only eats twice a day. But shh! I gotta keep that a secret from him so he doesn't feel bad. Anyway, I LOVE food! I'm not picky at all. I like peanut butter (especially in a Kong when I'm working on alone training), turkey, cream cheese, etc. You name it, and I'd probably eat it. I'm always curious about all the smells in the human food prep area, but my foster parents say it's not good practice to stick my nose on the counter. I try my best, but if I can't eat what's up there you would think they would at least let me smell it! 

Enjoying my breakfast. I'm a real foodie!

The other best part of my day is when I get to take my nap...or naps. I usually take several throughout the day. I sleep in my crate, I sleep on my bed, I rest my head on my foster brother. We're quite the pair. I'm so happy he enjoys napping as much as I do. 

Foster bro thinks he's cool because he knows how to roach...

...But guess what? So can I!

Now, when I got to my current foster home I was disappointed to find only one greyhound buddy to play with. I'm used to being around so many of my friends, it was pretty quiet with just my foster brother around. What I didn't realize until last night is that my foster brother has a few friends in his neighborhood. And guess what? They're retired racers, too! Here we are hanging out in the park after we chased an unsuspecting duck. 

Hanging with my pals!
(Moby, Darwin, and Stella)

Anyway, I'm told that tomorrow I'm going to something called an "adoptathon". It's where my forever family is supposed to find me. I sure hope they're there because I've been waiting for them! 
Hope to see you soon, Forever Family!

Lots of Love, 

Bye Foster Dad! Have a great day at work!


Practicing for Tongue out Tuesday

Caught in the rain 

Cruisn Susan: # 1: BEDS !!!!!!!

Fo Ma sez tomorrow is adoption day and I'm most likely going to find my forever family.
All week long Fo'Ma and Pa have been preparing me for my forever home. And Fo' sis Opal has been doing a really great job of showing me the ropes.

Remember what I said yesterday about steps vs stairs? Fo'Ma said if I can do steps I can do stairs. She's absolutely right! Today I figured out the stairs all by myself! I wanted to find Fo' ma and I knew she was up there so I just went ahead and climbed the stairs all by myself!

And guess what I found at the top of the stairs. This !!!!!

Which leads me into my Top Ten!

# 10: checking out Fo'kitty from afar
# 9: exploring the neighborhood with Fo' sis
#8: all the sniffs
#7: all the other sniffs
#6: dinner time /breakfast time
#5: all the yummy treats
#4: all them dogs in the hood I wanna meet
#3: people, people, people!. I just love peeps!!!
#2: squirrels and outdoor kitties, oh my!!!
#1: beds!!! I want to sleep in the bed too!!!

For the record. Fo'Ma sez not everyone wants a big ol' hound in their bed. She sez, peeps will love me just as much even if we have to have separate beds. I'm ok with that. I just want someone to love me forever. I'm ready. I'm waiting. Hopes I meet you tomorrow!!

Easi Carry--OMG, OMG, OMG! Tomorrow's the adoption event!!!

Greetings Everyone,

I have had an interesting week learning how to be a family dog. The role has come surprisingly easy to me...or is it surprising? Really? Did I not mention how fabulous I am? I think I'm more like Cary Grant but Foster Mother says I'm more like Drew Cary. Pfft! What does she know about talent?!

I'm NOT rocking' the Drew Cary look. Sheesh...I said "Cary Grant!"

I still haven't had an accident in the house. Pretty good right? Not even having to wear that horrid little "belly band" she was wrapping around me the first few days. I'm very quiet in my crate and only make noise to join my fellow hounds when they sing the song of our people. When I do partake of this ritual, Foster Mother says I sound like a hound dog...a classy hound dog of course. I get along well with the natives here including the puff ball cat "Libby." I think she's overwhelmed by my classiness and keeps her distance. It's hard to live in my shadow...and it's a big shadow. Looks like my aspirations of being a glamorous, pampered purse dog aren't going to work out. Sigh.

In full disclosure, although I'm amazing at almost everything, I have to admit I am not a super-star at the stairs. It's not pretty. Most undignified. Foster Mother supervises and puts treats going up the stairs and I'm learning. I'll be graceful soon, but for now I'll settle for functional.

I'm ready to meet my new family and take on my role as cherished family pet! I hope I meet you tomorrow! I'll leave you with a head shot to gaze lovingly at until you meet me tomorrow. TTFN! Cary.

Good lookin' right?!

World View Mandrill 4-19-19

Hi everyone,  I'd like to share my favorite world view--- UPSIDE DOWN!! I like to lay on my back and look at the world a little differently. Foster mom calls it "roaching" I just call it comfy! She also says I have the cutest smile when I roach but here are some pictures so you can judge that for yourself!  Kisses,  MANDY


Cruisn Susan: Steps vs Stairs!

Cruisi' Suzi here. Just wanted to update you on how great I'm doing with steps and stairs. Fo'Ma sez there's a bit of a difference between steps and stairs, though in the end they're all the same. (Not quite sure what she means by that). Anyway, I want you to know that I'm doing great with the steps!

Fo' Ma and Fo' Pa took me to this place called a university campus where there were all kinds of wide open spaces and lots and lots and lots of steps. I was really scared at first. I mean I understand forward and back, but up and down is a whole different ballgame.

Fo' sister Opal helped by running up and down and up and down the steps to show me how. Then Fo' Ma and Pa helped me go up and down one paw at a time. If I do say so myself, I think I'm a quick learner! I had a ton of fun but the funny thing is, when I got back home, I'd forgotten how to do it and they had to teach me all over again. But now I'm totally on it! I'm running up and down the steps like nobody's business. But the stairs, that's another matter. Lets just say I'm still workin' on that. 
Fo' Ma sez not to worry. If I can do steps, I can do stairs!

Catching Up Mandrill 4-18-19

Hi everyone,
  Sorry I've been quiet for so long. I've been going through some stuff but I'm much better now! You see I had some uhh... let me put this delicately... "lady problems" but I had a little surgery and got that all taken care of. Besides all that, in more fun news I had a birthday! I wasn't even sure what that meant but my foster sister was having one too and she let me celebrate with her. I learned that birthdays are greyt!! Foster mom made me wear a silly hat but everyone else wore them too so even that wasn't too bad. The people sang to me and I got presents and a very special dinner! Yum, yum!!!

It was fun sharing my birthday with my foster sister. She's not just foster family, she's also my first cousin and we look very much alike. She lets me hang out with her and we're almost like twins!
Staying with my cousin is nice but she tells me that when I meet my forever family it will be even better than my birthday! I can't wait to find a forever family of my very own. Maybe there will be other hounds there, or maybe some other kind of dog, or maybe I'll just have the people all to myself? I hope I'll find out soon! For now it's naptime, until next time nose kisses and tail wags from me, MANDY  

Cruisn Susan, aka Snoozin' Susan !

Time to to introduce myself. I'm Cruisn Susan, aka Susan, Suzie, Sue, Snoozin' Susan. I've been in retirement now for a whole 10 days and boy do I love it!

Foster Ma and Pa are super impressed how quickly I'm settling into retirement life. Let me tell you about some of the things I've been doing since I left my racing life in VA.

First of all, I'm staying in the big city of Baltimore. Fo' Ma and Pa live in a quiet neighborhood but they've taken me out walking on some of the busier city streets. I don't mind cars and buses and trucks at all even when they're loud. Fo' Ma says I haven't heard a real siren up close yet, but I heard one not so far away and I wasn't phased at all.

Speaking of noises, mostly I don't mind them but I am a little afraid of thunder and loud rain. We had a storm one night and Fo' Ma and Pa came downstairs to see how I was doing. Well I went into the crate all by myself cuz I know that's a safe place. I didn't whine or pace or carry on but Fo' Ma says she was a bit worried about me. She sat with me a little while and gave me some of my calming treats and I did fall back to sleep again and in the morning it just felt like I had a bad dream.

So why do they call me Snoozin' Susan? Rumor has it that I don't like to go outside but let me tell you, that is SO NOT TRUE! I love going outside. Outside is one of my favorite things. There are people and dogs and smells and flowers and soft green grass and funny noises like little humans laughing and playing. I love everything about outdoors. It just takes me a moment to remember just how much I love outdoors. Think of it this way, if you had lived all of your life in an institution that's a bit more regimented than retirement, and then you suddenly got to go stay in a 5 star hotel, would you want to always get up quickly, leave your soft bed and toys and treats and go outside? But I think I'm starting to learn that the 5 star hotel doesn't go away and I can enjoy both!

Fo' Ma thought I wasn't interested in squirrels or anything but I showed her this evening. Squirrels are so cool! They're just asking to be chased. Fo' sister Opal clued me in on that one. And those city squirrels, they think they're so chill and they act like they're not scared at all and you can get up real close to them. Good job me and Opie had our leashes on!

Speaking of Fo' sister Opal, Fo' Ma and Pa sez she's being a good girl and showing me the retirement life ropes. They weren't sure how she would like having a newbie in the house but she seems to like it a whole lot, (probably cuz I'm such a great house guest). I think I would love to have a sister or brother in my forever home. Every time I see a dog outside I want to go and say hi. But I'm pretty chill and I think I'd be ok by myself cuz I really love humans too. I love humans so much, I get really excited every time I meet a new one.  Sometimes I get up on two legs and try to hug them but Fo' Ma sez not all humans like that and I could scare someone. Scare them? Really? I'm not scary at all, I'm just so full of love! But I'm learning how to be more appropriate so everyone will just love me right back.

Uh, oh. I'm feeling that snoozin' part of me comin' on.  Think I need to wrap it up for tonight. But I'll be back! So much to tell about this new retirement life. It's the best! Fo' Ma sez I should start thinking about my top 10 list of likes so far. Boy, it'll be hard to stick to only 10 but I'll start workin' on it!

April 15th--Easi Carry checking in!

Good evening everyone. I'm Easi Carry. You may call me Cary...as in Grant...as in the fabulous actor...because I'm fabulous too, so it just makes sense. You like your leading males tall, not-so-dark, and handsome? If so, we may be able to make a love match. Hate bending? Well, problem solved. There will be very little bending with me. I'm a tad on the large size. Like the outdoors? I LOVE being outdoors. I have personally catalogued every blade of grass in the back yard...alphabetically. Cause that's just the kind of guy I am. Attention to details. And walks?! Oh my word. There is so much to see and sniff it's positively exquisite! Foster Mother has sang my praises on several occasions. I'm much too classy to pee in the house. I eat all of the food put in front of me. I've been a gentleman with the resident cat. I get along well with the other two hounds...you get the idea. I'm not just a pretty face...and trust me, it's pretty. Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!
Handsome right?

Me on the right making my move on the resident female. She wants me.

Centex Chino: 4/17/19 - Hi, I'm Cinco!

Hello Friends! My name is Cinco and I'm newly retired. Let me tell you a little about myself. My racing name was Centex Chino, but I think I like Cinco better. I'm almost three years old and quite handsome, if I do say so myself. I'm a big guy with beautiful eyes that will just melt your heart. I'm also really friendly. I love giving kisses and meeting new people and pups. I love to eat and take long naps during the day. I don't need that much exercise, but I do like taking walks. I'm really excited to see what retired life has in store for me. So far, it has been greyt! Let me tell you a little about what I've been up to.

I'm came to GEGR from a track in West Virginia eleven days ago. Some nice people loaded me up with some of my grey friends and drove us all the way to Greyhound Central in Maryland. We got some TLC from the volunteers who were there to greet us and give us our spa treatment. This included a nice bath and a paw-dicure. Afterwards, I was sent to a very nice temporary foster family who had a whole pack of retired racers. It was really nice getting all that support from my fellow retirees. They taught me a thing or two about what to expect as I start this next chapter of my life. 

On my way to my second foster family. I love car rides.
Need a road trip companion? I'm your guy!

Earlier this week I moved to another foster family, and that's where I am now. They don't have as many friends for me to hang out with, but the one resident hound is not so bad. He lets me play with his toys and explore his backyard. He even lets me cuddle with him occasionally. My foster parents told me I must be a very special pup because foster brother is very picky about who he lets cuddle with him. 

Here I am helping myself to the toy basket. 
I found a Hedgie! I'm told this is a must-have toy for every
retired racer. I hope you have one ready for me!

As you can see, I love toys. I really hope my forever family has lots ready for me when I go home with them. I can't wait to have toys I can call my own. Maybe then I wouldn't have to store them in my crate for safekeeping. 

I've been told retirement isn't all fun and games, though. At least not yet. While I wait for my family to find me, I need to work on some skills that will help me navigate this new world. I promise to do my best so I can meet my forever family soon. Stay tuned for my next post so I can show you all the new skills I'm learning! 


P.S. I know you came here for the photos, so here are some more of my handsome self:

Soaking up some rays

Napping with my foster brother

Patiently waiting for treats

Brownie - 4/2/19: Party Animal!

Hi loyal fans! I would have posted yesterday, but I was too busy celebrating! You see, it was my birthday! Foster parents, their tiny humans and foster sister threw me a little party. I got peanut butter ice cream and it was sooooo tasty. I also got to spend some time out in the sunshine during the day.

I didn't ask for presents this year, because the greatest gift of all would be to meet my forever family. I know you are out there waiting for me and I'm patiently waiting for you.

Here's some photos from my special day!

Until next time!

Don't I have the most handsome eyes?!

Singing: "Happy birthday to meeeeee!" haha. I'm so silly.

The tiny humans made me wear this silly hat. The photo is blurry, because I was starting to shake it off.

Foster sister will do anything for ice cream...


I'm sooooo excited to eat my treat!