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Kim (Hang Em High Kim): 10/31 - Lovin life!

I had a fantastic time at the adoption event in October meeting wonderful people and struttin my stuff!!! They say when I meet the right family we will all know it but until then I am happy hanging out with my foster sisters!

We all love going on adventures and playing in the leaves!!!

I also learned that while stopping to smell the roses is great,  but sniffing the mum's is even better!!  

And after a brisk walk in cooler temperatures what is better than a nice nap!

Well of course naps may be a close second after treats, food and kisses on my head from foster mom!!!!  Sometimes I go up to her just for the kisses!!!  She says my beautiful brown eyes are irresistible!! What do you think?!

Maine (IMH Maine): 10/18 - The cat and I are friends

Hi Everyone!

She likes me!! She really likes me!! I'm pretty sure Libby the cat wants to be my friend. She hissed at me a little yesterday, but I think she was just cranky. I'm winning her over! She'll be eating out of my paw in no time!

I'm enjoying being part of a family. Mostly, I play with toys, snooze with the other hounds, and go for walks. Foster Mama says I'm an easy girl and I'm gonna make my new family very happy. Helllooo...of course I will! Sheesh.

Sleeping and playing...good living'!
I eat well, potty well, and don't have accidents in the house. I'm purty good on a leash but sometimes I get distracted and wander a bit. I don't pull at all though cause that would be ruuuude. I sure do like to follow my peoples around. FoMa says I have FOMO...whatever that's supposed to mean!

Is it true? FoMa says I have "wonky" ears.
Today FoMa gave me peanut butter ((cue angels singing)). OMG. It was soooo good! Almost as good as cheese! So many food adventures. I love being retired.

My mouth was glued together, but it was worth it!
Well, I have to go now and get my beauty rest for tomorrow. I gotta look good for my new family. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!


Little Bud - 10/13/19 - FM's Secret Weapon

Hi folks.  I have been having a greyt week here in my foster home.   I thought I would check in and let you know how retirement is going.   I am settling into a routine of eating, sleeping, long walks, checking the backyard for squirrels, chasing my foster brothers, more sleeping, more eating, getting pets, hugs, and belly rubs.  Foster mom (FM) said I should let everyone know that I am a good boy. I have not had any accidents in the house, unless you count knocking over a food bowl from the raised feeder an accident.  FM has a secret weapon and it sure works for me. It is this spectacular substance called CHEESE.  I will do ANYTHING for cheese and so will my foster brothers.  Today we practiced jumping in and out of the car. As soon as FM pulled out the cheese and threw a few shreds in the back of that car  I jumped right in that back hatch and then I jumped out for cheese.  We played that game a bunch of times and she promises we will do more car games tomorrow.   Stairs, no problem with or without the cheese but with cheese is always better.  FM says I am about ready for a furever home and to be someone's furever pup.  I am going to have to let my new peeps know about FM's secret weapon.   ~Bud.

Bud:  Be still my heart

Bud: Did someone say dinner?
Bud: Is that a squirrel ?- FM: "leave it Bud"
Just being handsome

Bud:  can't you stop working and pet me?
Bud: I'm not going anywhere.
Bud: still here.  FM: okay Bud you win 

Kim (Hang Em High Kim): 10/17 - A Penny for your thoughts

Foster mom also wanted a chance to speak with you.  So over to you foster mom!

Kim will make one lucky family very happy!  She enjoys playing with her foster sisters but also loves hanging out with her humans!  She is open to going on adventures or just chilling with you at home!  She is a sweet, loving girl who has been an absolute joy!  For a little love and attention,  this beautiful little lady will be your loyal companion for the rest of her days!

Kim (Hang Em High Kim): 10/15 - A Greyt Day in the Neighborhood!

And this day the neighborhood included a walk in the park!  Don't I look stunning in my purple leash and necklace as I enter the trail?!!!

I couldn't wait to explore all of the sights and scents!!!!  My foster sisters and I shared many a sniff as we made our way along the trail!!!  We stopped periodically for what foster mom called photo op's but I was pretty busy checking everything out!  I am anxious to go back and explore some more!!!

At the end of the long walk, we all hopped into the SUV and went home where we could relax before dinner!   This is me thanking foster mom for a wonderful day!!!

Maine (IMH Maine): 10/15 - Looking good!

Hi Everyone! It's Maine!

Help!!! Oh. My. Word. Foster Mama will not stop trying to take my picture! Honestly, I know I'm a good looking girl, but I want someone to pick me because of my winning personality, not my good looks
My "side-eye" is strong.
Your constant photos make my ears disappear!
I'm pretty nice...just sayin'. And fun. And patient. And nice with the other dogs. And mostly nice with the cat (I forget my place sometimes and enjoys a little chase). And I LOVES people...tiny humans especially. They're awfully snuggly, and I gotta say, I enjoy pets and snuggles.
Perfecting my "lean" with the littles.

FoMa (foster Mama) says that I'm not quite a velcro hound, but I sure do like to be with my people and account for their whereabouts! Ha! No fun or food will be had without me present to investigate! She says I'm not too clingy, I'm just right for the person or family that wants a sidekick.

I'm eating and pottying well. I'm pretty good on a leash with the occasional rambling wander when I see something interesting. I get along well with the other hounds. I was wanting to get to know the cat better when I first got here, but then she made this hssssssssssss noise and I was scared and things haven't been the same between us. I mostly ignore her and she pretends I don't exist...that makes me sad.

FoMa says I may find my peoples this weekend! I so excited! I'm ready to be part of a family and can't wait to snuggle in with my new peeps!

See you soon!


Pay (RPG I Don't Pay): 10/14 - Bundle of cuteness

Hello there friends! My running name is I Don't Pay, or Pay for short, and I am a small and compact bundle of cuteness!!
Foster mom wouldn't quit taking photos of me!

I can be a little shy when I first meet new people, but once I get to know you I am loving and sweet! Foster mom lives in a city, which is a little bit scary, but I have my foster sister, Selene to help show me the ropes.
Selene and me having a relaxing morning.

I'm also a bit a curious and like to explore! Foster mom took me hiking and I loved being outside and walking on rocks!
Feeling fancy in this coat! (and notice my little white feet and tail!)

Cuddling with my sis in the tent!
Foster mom had to take photos at our lunch spot, naturally. How could she not when we look this cute!?

And once I warm up to a new home and my new family, I love to play with my squeaky toys!!

You can also see my dark brindle pattern in this light!
I'm a gentle, curious little pup and I can't wait to find my forever home!!

xoxo Pay

Bud (Little Bud): 10/13 - Hi Y'all

Hi everyone,  my official racing name is Little Bud but that is sort of silly because I am not little at all.  I am a big guy though my foster brother Reese still has about a half an inch on me. Everyone calls me Bud, or Buddy.  Retirement is new to me. I ran my last race in Florida on 9/29 just two weeks ago.  It's been a whirlwind since then with travel to the great state of Maryland. I've had spa treatments, vet visits, and met all sorts of new people.  I've finally settled into my new foster home with two foster brother greyhounds that are showing me the ropes. Things like how to do stairs, where the back door is for outs, how it is not a good idea to run full speed on hardwood floors cause you may not be able to stop.  All good things to know, I tell ya. Foster mom, dad and their teen boy are the best.   I love to put my head in their laps for rubs.  I try to climb in their laps to snuggle, but there is some silly rule about no fosters on the furniture. Since I can't get in their laps, I give them all lots of kisses instead.  I am in heaven 😍 when they rub my belly.  Foster mom says I am the most affectionate greyhound she has ever met and a happy, happy, boy.  What's not to be happy about so far retirement is greyt.

Foster mom says I am a sweet guy and so handsome. 

Well looking a little silly here, but hint hint,
sure would love a belly rub, someone, anyone? 

Ahh, retirement is the best!

Foster mom, please can't I chase the squirrel?  

Kim (Hang Em High Kim): 10/10 - It's a Greyt Start!

Hi!  My name is Hang Em High Kim but you can just call me Kim!  I came to Southern Maryland a week ago and I love it here!  Well, I'm pretty laid back and can be happy anywhere! This is me at my foster home looking out my very first front door!    I do love how the sun makes my jet black fur glisten!!!

I am a pretty confident girl and it didn't take me very long to investigate the whole house!  By the end of my first day I had seen it all, could navigate the stairs and go through the doggie door to get to the back yard to take care of essential business!  Sometimes new things require a little trial and error to get it just right....one such thing was the doggie beds!  Who knew?!! At first I just laid on the cool floor next to my foster sister.

Then I figured out that I too could partake of the soft cozy beds but getting all the way on the bed isn't as easy as it looks!!!

But like Goldie Locks I finally got it just right!  Now I am a master snoozer!

Oh did I tell you about the toys?!!  I LOVE squeaky toys!!!

I have four foster sisters! Two are greyhounds just like me and we are getting along just great! We hang out and all go for walks together!  Two are smaller and don't like to play as much but they are ok!  We all get along great but sometimes I get a little grumpy when one of my foster sisters wants to get in my bed....you see I have never had my own bed before but foster mom says we have to learn to share so we are working on it!

I LOVE hanging out with my foster mom and dad!  I like to follow them around so I always know where they are.  I also LOVE getting hugs, and kisses on the nose and rubs and scritches anywhere my humans can reach!  They say I get extra attention because I am so sweet!  And who am I to argue!!

I can't wait to meet you!  I will be watching for you!!!

Cuda (Super C Cuda): 10/7 - True lady

Cuda is a sweet little girl with a tender heart.  She is 100% cuddler so if you want a dog to snuggle with she will happily wear that title.  She’s not needy with the snuggling but she would be happiest with a family who will allow her to sit next to them on the couch and maybe sleep in the big bed at night.  She is potty trained and sleeps thru the night perfectly.  She crates well but likes a distraction in the crate and some music on.  She’ll be happiest in a home who will not crate her all day long though.  She also gives kisses and takes treats from the hand like a true lady.

Cuba’s ideal home would include her as part of the family with outings, walks, maybe even some light obedience training because she’s super smart!  She plays well with other dogs and loves a romp in the yard.

Simply put she’s the whole package, all that and a bag of chips, perfect, the real deal and available!