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NBs Cartier - 9/24/18 - New Beginnings

NBs Cartier here. Or Cartier. Forget that fancy name and call me Woody. That's the name I like best.  I'm a two year old fawn boy with dreamy eyes. A couple of months ago, I was racing in FL but one day they told me I was going to be what they called retired. I wasn't sure what it meant but I'm up for trying just about anything. Here's to my new beginnings.
So on Friday I told my old racing buddies that I was going to find retirement and made my way to VA. Some nice ladies met the hauler and moved me to a car for a trip to MD. It was my first time riding in something that had windows. That was great. Then we made a stop at a place everyone called greyhound central where I was waited on hand and foot. They served us breakfast in bed on nice cushy blankets. Next we took turns getting a spa treatment complete with nice warm bath, ear cleaning and nail trim. They kept saying how handsome and sweet I was. I was so comfy after a while I didn't want to come out of the crate. Surely this must be retirement.

Turns out this was not retirement. They told me first you get a foster mom and a foster home. Lucky for me, my foster mom was there and she loaded me into her car and we road back to VA. I was really good on the ride home.  Foster mom rolled the windows down when we got by the water so I could smell the ocean air.

When we got to my foster home I met a new set of friends. There's two resident pups that have already found retirement. There's also another foster just like me. He's a cool pup that promised to show me the ropes.

That's my foster brother Decker, getting to know me(all about me). He showed me all around the yard and where all the cool pee spots are. I tried them all, every single one. Foster mom says I didn't miss any of them. She was positive.

Well I got a lot to learn before I get my forever home. My foster siblings are all eager to help me.  Foster mom says I could just use my dreamy eyes and any family will fall in love with me. I'm gonna go work on my slow blink while I take a nap.

See ya later

Rico's River - 9/24/2018 Foster Mom's Cooking

Turns out Foster Mom appreciates cooking shows. There's this one show with a really funny man on it. He just yells about how awful everyone's cooking is. It makes Foster Mom laugh.

I like it when she laughs, so I've been brushing up on my burns.... like the water she is capable of burning.

She tried making an omelette this morning. It didn't turn out the way she wanted to, so I knew this was my chance.

"That looks like an 'omelet-down' if you ask me."
"I've seen clean-ups on aisle 7 look better than this atrocity."
"Did you get that out of a recipe book? You need a refund."
"I bet that tiny human in the living room with the special 'leave it' toys can flip a proper omelette."
"Kibble actually sounds a lot better than looking at this abomination for a single second more."

I actually did look for two slices of bread to put on either side of her head, but I can't open the pantry, nor do I have enough height to put them on either side of her head.

So? How'd I do? I think I could come out of retirement to be quite the food critic! Watch out Mr. Ramsay!

RPG Hometown 9/23/18

Hi Everyone!! I'm a curious and loving doggo named "Hometown", although I also answer to "Homie", "Homer", "Humphrey", "Hoto", or anything else that comes to foster mom's head when she's trying to remember my real name.
I've had an exciting first two days away from the track! First, it was a long drive to get to GEGR. And then ANOTHER long drive to get to my foster mom's apartment in Baltimore! Luckily, I love sitting in the car and looking out the window at all the exciting new sites!

This is my foster sister, Selene. We both like riding in the car together!
In Baltimore, there are TONS of things to look at and see! I've met lots of people on the street and also got to go into a pet store with treats EVERYWHERE. I met my foster sister, Selene, and she's great! I really like her and she showed me  how to get up the stairs and also where to sniff and use the bathroom outside. We got to hike together this morning, and she also showed me how to avoid the slippery tree roots. I like hanging out with her!

Here's us lounging together after a long, rainy hike this morning.

I also met my foster brother, Milo. He's a cat and that's scary. I just keep my distance and hope he doesn't hiss.

Speaking of scary things, let's talk about MIRRORS for a second. What in the what!?!? I don't get it. It's like the world, but reversed and I somehow can't get through it. See?

Along with exploring and finding new things to investigate or play with, I really enjoy snuggling too. I loooooove hanging out with foster mom and lounging around.
Have you noticed my little snaggle tooth peeping out? Foster mom thinks it's adorable!!

I can't wait to find my furever home and share my love with my new family!! I have lots to give!
Bye for now!

KC's Sam: 9/23/18 - Rain=Train, Respect the Elders, Hedgehogs>Rabbits

Hiya everybody! Sam here, living the dream (mostly mine, but partially Foster Mom's).😁

I had a great solo walkie with Foster Mom last night. She said I did soooo good (duh) that today I could go on one with my brothers and sister. Well....
What is up with this rain!? I'm cool, it doesn't stop me from doing MY business. But FM says that my brother with have a meltdown and do the Greyhound freeze. I don't know of this? Like a dance? Maybe he can teach me? ( FM here...umm, that's a NO!) Oh well, the backyard works too. And I'm getting really good at the stairs!

Rain=Train, FM says. Today, we practiced 'wait'. Not. A. Fan. I love cookies, and cookies love me. Why would you stop a love like that? I'm trying real hard, but there are so many of us! She makes me go last like, every time! I don't think I'm doing this right...
This waiting is exhausting...
I think I got it! (FM says...sorta ðŸ˜‰)

A little downtime on the squishy beds! I had one, and kindly gave it up to my foster sister. They're all older than me anyway, they need the extra squish. I'm good wherever. And happy to do so. 
We are such a pretty pack! I love being a part of one! My foster siblings are the coolest. They're helping me with my house manners, and don't always mind when I want a quick snuggle. I know we all look so similar, but I'm the only one with an all-black face! 
My foster sister is my FAVORITE. We even have the same Grandpa! Do you think that we look alike? FM says the doe eyes are a match, for sure! Not to mention that bone structure...gosh we look good.

I'm happy to say I've met my love, my squeaky, my hedgie! Why were we chasing a silly old rabbit when this guy is clearly where it's at! FM says this hedgie has been in the family for a year now and is still intact. I say, for now...😈

It squeaks, I freeze. I give the stink eye. I start all over again.

I'm totally busy here learning the ropes to be the best fit for my forever family! I'm a really good boy, FM is not biased at all, and will never stop being sweet and snuggly. I even do hardwood floors! (Like, walk on them, not clean them. Although, I guess I can do that too, if the crumbs are yummy.) I'll leave you with this gorgeous memory...

Pleeeeeease come and see me! I promise to melt your heart!

Til next time!
Your snuggliest boy,
💋  Sam

Rico's River - 9/23/2018 Humans are Weird

Foster Mom likes coffee out on the deck. Me? Well, I like to stick my snout into the neighbor lady's business. Why do humans do yard work? It's just gonna to grow again. Seems like a perfectly wasted opportunity to take a nap if you ask me.

Speaking of plants, did you know humans tend to not appreciate when you try to eat their plants? It's nature! It's everywhere. Can't they just go get more? Humans are weird. They're so lucky to have us dogs around to keep them on their toes.

Another weird thing humans care about... they have this tiny human in the house that has his own toys! What? Why's he so special? I want to play with them, but Foster Mom starts in with that "leave it" business again. What gives, lady?! I mean, I'd let him play with my toys if he wanted.

Foster Mom took a couple photos of me and my foster sisters. She definitely captured my good side. 

 That's me in the middle. Center of attention - AS IT SHOULD BE.

In a past life, I was clearly a makeup artist. Look at my eyeliner! (It's not actual eyeliner, I was just born gorgeous.) I'm so pretty...and slightly self-indulgent. Whatevs. (Note to self: Get a wig, preferably blonde, so I can flip my hair all sassy-like next time.)

KC's Sam: 9/22/18 - Meeting the Band

Hi everyone! KC’s Sam here…just call me Sam! 💗

Retirement. Is. The. Bomb.

Seriously. Super squishy beds, cookies, kisses, and cuddles for DAYS. Foster Mom already knows that I’m going to be an expert at this house-training business…I’m super smart...and let's face it, totally handsome (if I do say so myself) 😉

My foster home is packed with fun…and three other furry foster siblings! Three of us look so much alike, I’m sure we can find a way to use this to our benefit (the small, fluffy guy is camera-shy). This is me and my greyhound foster brother and sister. Nice pose, right? We’re hoping this one’s right for our album cover. What do you think? I feel like we pull off the angsty and mysterious, yet slightly quirky vibe.  

Sigh…but perhaps we're just too cute.

I'm settling in really well here at my foster home. I'm learning my manners and am enjoying exploring the house. I am having a standoff with the slumber balls but seriously, those things are CONFUSING man! And it's only day one! I'm way more comfortable on the fluffy carpet, with my foster brother never far behind (he's the coolest, and is helping me find my way).

Tonight's going to be a total snooze-fest, as today was super exciting! I'm gonna be really good at this retirement thing, I can tell already. Foster Mom says that I'll get to meet my new family really soon because I'm sooooo lovey! Can't wait to meet them and get one of those super cool nicknames that my foster brothers and sister have. Til next time!

Your sweetest boy,

Rico's River 9/22/2018 - Retired Racer, Professional Cuddler

Hi there! I am formerly known as Rico's River, but now people just call me River. I keep insisting on Riv-Dawg, but my creative prowess has thus far gone unappreciated...ANYway...

I am a southern belle from Alabama. I am 4 years old. I have a small scar behind my right shoulder that I have dubbed a beauty mark - like just now. I just made that up. It reminds me of my glory days out on the track.

I arrived to the rescue group late last night/early this morning. I was so exhausted from such a long journey to Maryland. These people gave me a soft bed, food, plenty of water, and one heck of a spa treatment! I had a bath, ears cleaned, and nails trimmed.

Foster Mom brought me home and showed me around the house and the yard. I saw a cat! I'm still supposed to chase those, right? By the way, what does "leave it" mean, because I'm pretty sure that I'm supposed to chase that fur ball.

Foster Mom introduced me to her own greyhounds. They are nice and I'm told they'll help me get a hang of this house pet business. One of them showed me what toys are and MY GOODNESS I LOVE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN THAT SQUEAKS OR SQUAWKS NOW.

 "Hello Chicken, I am River. CAN. YOU. HEAR. ME?"
"You're sure I can just squeeze it as many times as I want whenever I want? This is a thing?"

"This chicken is alright by me!"

In addition to my charm and good looks, I am a huge fan of cuddling and loves. Had a long day, need a hug? I'm your girl. Sick of adulting and need a cuddle? I'm your girl. Want to spend the night in on a Friday night and eat pizza while binging Netflix until 3 in the morning? Bring it on! I'm ready for everything!

Foster Mom says I have a good chance of finding a home soon. Maybe I'll get to go home with you! I can't wait until I can find a home and lay on the couch with my person and judge cats all day. IT'S GONNA BE GREAT!

Artex Oyster: 9/16/18 - Wait for Me!

Hi adopters! Oyster here.

I am half way through my heart worm treatment and doing really well. Foster mom wanted to take a minute today to tell you why I'm so worth the wait to adopt me as a new member of your family...

Hi everyone,

Oyster is such a special dog. He has so many wonderful qualities that will make him a perfect addition to the right family. Here are my top ten reasons Oyster boy is worth the wait.

10) He's absolutely adorable. His sad little moon eyes will talk you into sharing your snack or giving him some pats every time. His beautiful black coat is striking and people who meet him on the street always say how handsome he is.

9) He's very smart. Oyster would love a family that will do engaging activities with him. His love of scrumptious morsels would make him an excellent candidate for nose work or obedience. He's highly food motivated, which makes training all the easier. He is doing really well with the "wait" and "stay" commands, as well as "come".

8) He's wonderful with children. While, like any greyhound, he would really appreciate that they don't play rough with him, he's equally as gentle in return.  He's also a great helper at cleaning up crumbs in the kitchen and under the table. Anyone with little kids knows how awesome that is. ;-)

7) Oyster loves the rain! He's happy to go outside rain or shine and even gets a little frisky and wants to play if it's raining.  No fence? No problem! If you don't want to stand out for long, no problem either, he gets right down to his business immediately when he's taken outside.

6) He's got great social skills with other dogs and would probably love to live with another dog, but can be an only as well...as long as his people are around more often than not. He did test cat safe at GHC, but has not been living with one in our home. He does love routine, so home that can give him a more predictable schedule will make this boy extra happy.

5) He's very affectionate. No aloofness with this pup. He wants to be with you everywhere you go if you'll let him. If you lay on the floor with him, he will snuggle and give kisses, roll on his back and ask for scratches. He also loves back scratches and will do a little dance to show you how much he enjoys it!

4) He likes to fetch...ok, well we can't really do a full on game of fetch right now... but he loves toys and balls and if you roll it away he will go get it and bring it back...sometimes dropping it at your feet...sometimes daring you to come get it from him, haha. But he's always gentle about it.

3) Oyster is great on a leash. He's respectful of the pace you want to go. He's also mastered stairs and has no worries over hardwood floors. He's a good boy in the car, but prefers to have a bed to lay on in the back or he may try to join you in the front seat if you've not provided him somewhere soft to lay down.

2) He's playful, but also so happy to curl up at your feet for a nap any time of day or stretch out on a Cushy dog bed for a snooze. We don't allow him on the sofa or our beds, and he's content with that, but if you want him to join you...I'm sure he could be easily persuaded.

1) Oyster is a real people pup. If you want a dog that is going to look at you as the center of his universe, he's your boy. He has so much love to give. So if you are looking for affection, adoration and smarts, look no further than Oyster. He's so worth it.

Artex Oyster: 9/4/18 - Play time!

Oyster had some videos he wanted me to share. This boy is great inside and out.

Here he is on leash outside:


Here he is playing with his puzzle box:


Bye for now!