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Siberian (Mega Siberian): 1/12 - Retirement is Fun!

Hi Friends! I love retirement. I've learned so much during my first week in foster care. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Foster Mom says I'm tall and handsome; I don't disagree with her! Look at how good I look in my plaid coat! But, I don't mean to digress. I know you want to see past my good looks. I have to tell you, I LOVE people. I give Foster Mom kisses every chance I get, and her boyfriend is also so much fun to follow. They both tell me I'm such a good boy. So many GEGR volunteers also told Foster Mom that I have a sweet personality when she came to meet me after my arrival. I also LOVE to play. And, while I'm pretty independent, I do LOVE to hang out with Foster Mom's pups. So, if you have bigger dogs to play with at my new forever home, I'll be so excited!

When I first arrived, I had to learn a few lessons quickly. One, don't pee on anything unless I really have to go. So, that meant wearing a belly band for a few days. I'm doing much better now. They're a bit uncomfortable, so I showed Foster Mom she can trust me a bit more when I started pulling them off or pulling out the stuffing! Next, don't take food from the counter or go into the garbage. I learned quickly that those are not good behaviors. Oh, I also learned not to take food off dinner plates. I just wanted to share, but I guess it's not polite to run off with someone else's food. I know these are the rules, but you'll have to remind me when you bring me to my forever home. 

One of my favorite things to do is take walks. Foster Mom walks me often, and I've learned how to walk next to her dog, and I'm working on resisting my urge to pull when I see something exciting. But ducks are pretty exciting!