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Mac's Redmond: 10/10 - Walks, Walks, Walks!

Hello friends!
Redmond here with more Tales (tails?) from Retirement! 

My foster family has been taking me on lots of walks. They say I'm a greyt walker, but need to learn a few manners while on leash to help me enjoy my walks even more. I'm working on walking next to my foster parents and being a gentleman/pup when other dogs come around to say hello. I've been told I'm doing a really good job and have made real progress in only a few days. I don't see why anyone would be surprised...I'm a smart pup! 

I'm also working on my pre-walk manners. I'm learning to wait patiently while my foster parents put on my martingale collar and leash and to not pull when we get out the door. That last bit is a little difficult to remember because I just can't wait to get exploring! I can see why all this is important, though. Those leashes and stairs really make for a tripping hazard! 

Come on Foster Bro! 

I usually walk with my foster brother, but I've also been going on walks with another buddy, who is also a greyhound. And he looks just like me! He happens to be my neighbor at my foster family's house. A greyhound neighbor! What are the odds of that!? We've been having so much fun exploring the neighborhood together. He knows all the best spots and has really been showing me the ropes. It's way more fun walking with him than my foster brother who just wants to turn around and go home. 

Just look at us! Two peas in a pod! 

I'm a pup on a mission!
A Walkies Mission!
Anyway, that's all for now. Forever Family, I promise to keep working really hard on my leash skills so I can go on lots of walks with you. Better get your sneakers ready so we can pound the pavement together! 

Catch ya later!

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