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Artex Oyster: 10/10 - So It Begins...

Hi everyone.

Oyster is finally resting, so I'll be blogging for him tonight.

Today was his first injection to kill the adult heart worms. If you are not familiar with this process, a heart worm positive dog who goes through treatment will get 3 immiticide injections deep into the muscle. One initial injection, followed by 2 additional injections a month later. An unfortunate side effect of this is severe pain and soreness at the injection site. Our boy was a trooper for his appointment, allowing the vet to perform her tasks without complaint. He received injectable and oral pain meds during his visit, but they weren't quite enough to take the edge off. So... we returned later in the day to get something a bit stronger, which ultimately did the trick. He's sleeping comfortably now. He will have more pain meds at his disposal as needed for the next several days as the pain subsides and the muscle heals. He is still on exercise restriction, and it is more important than ever that he stays calm as the final parasites are broken down.

All I have to say for this dog is that he is so strong, so resilient and so trusting of his caregivers. He is going through a miserable time and is still the same sweet boy I've come to know despite it all. We are giving him lots of TLC and I just CANNOT wait to meet healthy Oyster when we come out the other side of this. He's a really special guy.

On a positive note, he's gained a needed 7 lbs since he joined us at GEGR. His coat is still a bit dull, but not his spirit. When he is all healed up, his outer beauty will surely match his beautiful soul. So, send your love and support to Oyster as he faces the most difficult part of his journey to being a healthy retiree. I know he will appreciate your words of encouragement.

Thank you,
Oyster's Foster Mom.

 Waiting to see the doctor today.

Back in bed with an ice pack after his appointment.

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