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Misty (Mystery Street): 5/22 - A Day in the Life Photo Shoot

Hey y'all! Misty in the house!!! What doing? Me? I chill. Like dis. Hoping Foster Mom sticks a yummy treat on my tongue cus I'm sooooo cute!
Things are greyt in my foster home. FM is teaching me lots of nice manners, and I really want to make her happy. I mean, I LOVE playing with my furry foster sisters, but FM is my faves. She's working from home and always takes a break when I come in for snuggles. She just can't resist this face, and I know it.

Things are pretty fun around here. I have lots of fun doin the zoomies with mah girls outside, but inside it's all toys...all the time.

This is me with my beloved tennis ball. He didn't want to pose for this picture, but I told him that our forever family would want to know what he looked like too. He's frowning, but I promise, he's a good boy.

This is me trying to take a nap. FM says I will make myself comfortable anywhere...she's not wrong. I find that a roach next to my humans increases the likelihood for belly rubs like a gazillion percent. See, beauty AND brains.

Admittedly, I do have some interesting sleep poses. FM calls me a contortionist. I don't know what that is...I think it means I love peanut butter or smething...

I listen really good in the house. I like to check stuff out, of course, but I always do what FM tells me. She knows the rules, and I am learning so good stuff here. I like routines, especially because I always know when it's time for a cookie!

I know when it's close to bed time, and I like to snuggle with my toys one last time. I'll keep practicing my sweety eyes, and be thinking about my forever family.

Gosh, I hope they have tennis balls...

❤ Misty

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